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  • News Sky Skipper Project Aims to Revive a Rare Nintendo Arcade Game

    It'll take off in 2017

    Nintendo's video game history is well documented, with the original Donkey Kong arcade helping to kickstart the career of Shigeru Miyamoto and provide the company with a notable success outside of Japan. The rest, as they say, is history, though sometimes the smaller details are forgotten. One of these is Sky Skipper, one of...

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    Review Picross 3D Round 2

    Pleasantly puzzling

    A wise gentleman once said that every puzzle has a solution. In Picross 3D Round 2, finding those answers may have players tearing out their hair while simultaneously cracking a smile. Picross 3D Round 2 is a game that is as addictive as they come. Like its predecessor puzzles are in 3D (as the name so helpfully points out) and...

  • Video Take a Look at the Nintendo Game Counsellor Guide

    A tough job

    Nowadays it's pretty difficult to get stuck in a game - a lot (though not all) of current day game design helps you along, and there are also guides everywhere online. Before the internet, and back when a number of games went out of their way to be secretive and baffling, it was very different. In North America, famously, NES and Game...

  • Poll The GameCube is 15 Years Old - Pick Your Favourite Games

    Can you handle the pressure?

    The GameCube arrived in Japan on 14th September 2001 in Japan, meaning the handle-boasting wonder is 15 years old (even though it's 15th September in Japan as we publish this, thanks to time zones). To date it holds the dubious honour of being Nintendo's lowest-selling home console, though Wii U looks likely to take that...

  • Hardware RetroUSB AVS Review

    The NES advantage?

    After years of enduring sloppy imitators which offer patchy performance and incomplete compatibility, we're finally seeing clone consoles come of age. The RetroN 5 leveraged the versatility of Google's Android platform to offer HD visuals and save state support, while the super-premium Analogue NT took existing Nintendo chips and...

  • News Suda51 Would Love To Revisit Killer7 At Some Point

    "It’s up to Capcom to allow something like this"

    Killer7 was one of the fabled "Capcom Five", a selection of titles that the Japanese publisher pledged would be exclusive to the GameCube. As we all know, that claim didn't last long; out of the five, only P.N.03 remained Nintendo-only, with Dead Phoenix being canned in 2003 and the remaining three...

  • Random Walking 10km With Pikachu As Your Buddy Creates A Stronger Bond In Pokémon GO

    Just like Ash!

    Pokémon GO's latest update introduces the Buddy system, which has to rank as one of the most significant changes since the title launched a few months ago. Using this system, you can assign a 'mon as your buddy and they will walk alongside you, earning candies as they go. This new mechanic also introduces a cool Easter Egg which...

  • Random Someone Has Created A SNES Mini Out Of Clay And A Raspberry Pi Zero

    Nintendo, take note

    The NES Mini is coming this year and looks set to be quite a popular Christmas present, but a great many Nintendo fans will have their fingers firmly crossed that the SNES Mini follows shortly afterwards. For those of you who can't wait - and don't mind getting your hands dirty - there's always the unofficial route. Modder Hugo...

  • Weirdness Fans Think They've Found Mario And Luigi's Father

    Just who is "SR"?

    They may be entirely fictional characters but it's fair to assume that in Super Mario canon, the famous Italian siblings must have a father - but Nintendo has never really acknowledged the fact. Or has it? Reddit user l33tredrocket appears to have found evidence that Mario and Luigi's papa does indeed exist in some form - the form...

  • News Microsoft Blocks NESBox Emulator On Xbox One

    That was quick

    The NESBox saga appears to be drawing to a close with Microsoft "unpublishing" the app after it was submitted for launch on its Xbox One console. Many questioned whether or not the company would allow it to stand, given that NESBox effectively turns the Xbox One into a NES. However, on Friday it looked certain to be on the way as it...

  • Video Learn a Little More About Super Mario World

    Did You Know Gaming digs up some neat information

    It's likely that many reading these pages know an awful lot about Super Mario World; after all, it's one of the standout and iconic games of the 16-bit era, and is often in the conversation when considering the best Super Mario games. In any case, it's always interesting to learn a little more about...

  • Video A Modder Has Made Super Mario Run 64

    Of course they have...

    For some there's no escaping from the 'good old days', which in the Nintendo scene means - for some - delving into Nintendo 64 goodness. Nintendo's powerhouse console (at the time) was home to iconic games that are still much loved today. Super Mario 64 is right up near the top of the list when considering the most beloved...

  • News Super Pitfall Gets The Fan-Made 30th Anniversary Makeover It So Badly Needed

    Turning A Lump Of Coal Into a Diamond

    The adventures of Pitfall Harry are a big part of many a gamer's childhood. His escapades were the closest we got to play (outside of licensed games of varying quality) as Indiana Jones on second generation consoles such as the Atari 2600. However, one particular game in the series was a lot more Kingdom of the...

  • News Xbox One NES Emulator Passes Certification, Could Hit Console In The Next Few Days

    Your move, Nintendo

    We reported on the development of a NES emulator for the Xbox One console a few days ago, and we're now hearing that the app has passed certification, meaning it could arrive on the system any day now. NESBox will allow Xbox owners to play classic NES titles on their consoles, as well as load up fan-made games. ROMs will be...

  • News Unreleased Game Boy Color RPG Infinity Gets Unexpected Soundtrack Release

    A unique situation

    Usually video game soundtracks are released because a game becomes a commercial success and the demand therefore exists for such a product, but in the case of the unreleased Game Boy Color RPG Infinity - which we reported on a while back - the situation is a little different. Originally intended for release over 15 years ago, the...

  • Retro Remember When Nintendo Ditched The Headphone Socket?

    Paving the way in more ways than one

    In case you missed it, Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on stage at Apple's 2016 conference yesterday to announce Super Mario Run, a brand-new Mario game for iOS. As if that wasn't shocking enough, Apple also revealed its new iPhone 7 which - as had been rumoured - does away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone socket...

  • News The Dolphin Emulator Can Now Play the Entire GameCube Library

    Many years in the making

    Most that have been following Nintendo over the last decade will have heard of the Dolphin emulator at some point. Over the course of many years it's offered a means to run the GameCube library, and has even been used by enthusiasts to test out Wii games in HD. It's actively used by various communities; earlier this year...

  • News The Xbox One Might Be Getting A NES Emulator

    Nintendo's legal team, take note

    Given this is a Nintendo-focused site many of you may not be aware that it is now possible for Windows developers to submit their applications for release on the Xbox One. It's all part of Microsoft's overarching plan to unify its business interests and should - on the whole - result in benefits for console users...

  • News Lost Nintendo 64 Racer Rev Limit Rolls Out Of The Garage

    The Gran Turismo beater that never was

    Seta is a name that will be familiar to SNES owners thanks to the firm's well-recieved Exhaust Heat / F1 Race of Champions titles and the Castlevania-inspired Nosferatu. During the N64 era the firm pledged its support to Nintendo with a raft of titles including Wild Choppers (Chopper Attack in the west) and a...

  • Random How One Of Sega's Worst TV Ads Sparked An Epic Quest To Track Down A Fictional Barber

    "In truth I was really surprised - in a good way"

    Sega and Nintendo's history has been well documented in the past, with the two firms being bitter rivals during the 16-bit era. In recent years things have become a little more rosy, what with Nintendo publishing some of Sega's games on its consoles. Sega's transition from hardware maker to...

  • News Turns Out Nintendo Came Up With Metroid Prime's Most Compelling Feature

    "Nintendo was like, this is going to be about the scan visor"

    The Metroid Prime sub-series has to rank as one of the most beloved of all Nintendo's franchises. The three mainline Metroid Prime titles are sublime pieces of software, yet it's easy to forget that the public reaction to early footage of the first instalment was met with widespread...

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    Review Pokémon Stadium 2

    Second gen magic

    After all the groundbreaking success that Pokémon's first generation had, it would've only been wise for the powers that be to capitalise on the franchise's journey to the top. How was this done? Pokémon launched a new set of games – Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal – in the years of 1999-2001 (depending on the region...

  • News Collector 'Metal Jesus' Reveals More About His Rare North American Nintendo 64DD

    Breaking down the mysteries of the system

    A while ago we spoke to Jason Lindsey, who's well known on YouTube as MetalJesusRocks, about a remarkable discovery for his collection. He picked up a North America Nintendo 64DD, which was seemingly the first of its kind. The 'Lot Check' sticker suggested it was used to test games at Nintendo of America,...

  • Video Remembering Trevor McFur, Atari's Not Entirely Convincing Answer To Star Fox


    1993 was a bumper year for gamers, and Nintendo's groundbreaking Star Fox was possibly the cream of the crop. Powered by the Super FX chip and offering intense 3D graphics, it set a new standard for visuals on home consoles and gave its host platform a new lease of life. Also released in 1993 was the Atari Jaguar, the veteran company's...

  • Poll What Are Your Favourite Mini NES Games?

    30 for the 30th Anniversary in Europe

    Here's a fun fact that fell under the radar on a rather busy day - the NES turned 30 in Europe on 1st September. It celebrated the equivalent North American anniversary nearly a year ago, but the system took a while to arrive in Europe and, actually, struggled to gain much of a foothold - initially at least - in...

  • News Retro-Bit Generations Game List Contains Capcom, Irem And Data East Classics

    Rest easy, Super Noah's Ark is included

    Clone consoles are all the rage at the moment, what with Nintendo's own NES Mini and RetroUSB's AVS arriving on the scene to remind everyone just how great the NES was, and still is. However, Retro-Bit is taking a slightly different approach by not focusing on a single system but instead creating an "all in...

  • News Devs Look Back At The Original Street Fighter, The Clunky Classic Which Birthed A Genre

    "It's bad and Ryu has red hair. I played it for like 5 minutes"

    Street Fighter is one of the most famous video game brands in the world and has sold millions of units as a series, but ironically the game which began the franchise in 1987 is often totally ignored in favour of its much more successful 1991 sequel. The original Street Fighter is...

  • Feature Pay A Visit To Rare's Local Indie Video Game Store

    "They used to come in to buy their latest game to go in their vault"

    The English market town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch can chart its history as far back as the 11th century and owes its rather unusual name to the Norman Conquest of England around the same time, when the settlement - then known as plain old Ashby - became the property of the La Zouche...



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