The NES Mini / Classic Edition is a 'hot' item, as Nintendo admits, and we're running out of time as the big N attempts to meet demand for festive shoppers; it's looking like a long-shot, sadly, but hope remains.

In any case, for those still enjoying the system early next year - or who decide to grab one once stock is more plentiful - there's an interesting third-party accessory on the way to put original controllers to work. Though the system comes with an excellent recreation of the original pad, it only includes one in the box, and some would no doubt love to dig out their old controllers to bring back happy memories. The Pro NES Controller to NES Classic Edition Adapter, by Retro Fighters, should make that possible.


It already has an Amazon US listing for a 15th January release date and a $14.99 price tag, with Retro Fighters confirming to us that it is indeed due out next month. As the product listing shows, it supports retro pads and can even be used with Wii and Wii U; in the case of the latter two systems we assume it'd have to be plugged into a synchronised Wii Remote (or two) and thus operate as a Classic Controller adapter.

- Play your favorite retro games using classic gaming accessories
- Pro Retro Adapter is compatible with NES Classic Edition/Wii U/Wii
- 2 Player design allows up to 2 players to use the adapter on the NES Classic Edition or Wii U / Wii
- Easy plug and play design, simply plug in your favorite retro NES accessory and play
- Works on original and 3rd party NES accessories, controllers and joysticks (some functionality may vary)

Retro Fighters also tells us that it'll include nostalgic extras, "like an NES-style instruction booklet and a Retro Fighters character keychain".

Is this a tempting accessory to you? Let us know in the comments.

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