One for all

As any child of the '80s will tell you, Transformers were amazing. We're not talking about Bay-formers here - we mean Generation One, the series that started it all. We mean toys which actually looked like real vehicles, and boasted just as much die-cast metal in their construction as cheap plastic. We mean "The Touch" and Optimus Prime dying (and mysteriously coming back), that kind of thing.

Another cool product of the '80s is of course the NES, and its Japanese sibling, the Famicom. Designer MOUNTAIN GRAPHICS has pulled these two amazing things together to create a truly stunning shirt, dubbed G.O.D. Fighter.


The T-Shirt features a Famicom console (with its Disk System attachment) morphed into a butt-kicking robot. It also features the unforgettable slogan "YOU MUST NEVER FORGET MIND IN EXPECTATION AND THE LOVE OF THOSE DAYS!" Quite.

If you fancy owning one of these amazing shirts, then point your browser right here.

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