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  • News The Amazing Story Of How One Man's Fib Created A Nintendo Empire

    The lie that gave birth to Bergsala

    If you're a Scandinavian resident then there's an excellent chance that the name Bergsala will mean a great deal to you. This company has been instrumental in distributing and marketing Nintendo's products in countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and, more recently, became an investor in SteamWorld...

  • Random Remembering When One Company Ruined Christmas For Some NES Owners

    A chastity belt, but for your console

    This Christmas, we'd imagine plenty of Switch consoles are going to make their way under trees all over the world, promising a legion of new players a pretty incredible holiday season. However, let's spare a thought for the kids back in 1989 who got a NES from Santa, only to find that their parents had also...

  • News Polymega Slips Into Early 2020, But It's Bringing Some Cool Stuff With It

    Intelligent patches! New screen filters! Impressive compatibility!

    Polymega's been in the oven for quite some time now, and, like so many new hardware projects, has been subject to a few growing pains. This ambitious system is aiming to be the ultimate retro box, allowing you to not only use your original games and controllers but also download your...

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  • News Yo-Yo Shuriken Is A Brand New Action Game That's Just Released For The SNES

    What year is it?

    We're positively swimming in new Nintendo Switch releases every week at this point - our constantly overflowing inbox serves as a regular, major indicator of this (send help) - but we don't expect to see new games arrive for the nearly-30-years-old SNES. That's exactly what we've been treated to today, however, with the launch of...

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