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Monday30th Nov 2020

  • News Sega Just Showed Off A Prototype Handheld For The First Time Ever

    You're my Venus

    Sega turns 60 this year, and the company has been celebrating that fact in a wide range of ways – one of which is a special video history lesson which runs through the company's home hardware lineage. This particular seminar was held by Sega producer and manager Hiroyuki Miyazaki and takes us from the early days of 1983's SG-1000...

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Tuesday24th Nov 2020

  • Video 21 Nintendo 64 Games Everyone Should Play

    In no particular order

    The N64 may have failed to reach the same dizzy commercial heights as the NES and SNES, but it's unquestionably home to some of the finest video games Nintendo has ever produced, and rightfully holds a special place in the hearts of many gaming fans. On that topic, do remember when we asked you, our lovely readers, to rank...

  • Feature GBA Mod Company Creates The Game Gear Sega Should Have Released In 2020

    Showing them how it's done

    The Game Gear Micro was a neat little product and all, but it wasn't exactly practical – it's absolutely tiny, so playing it for longer than five minutes is an exercise in pain, and the fact that Sega only included a handful of games on each unit means you have to buy five different consoles to get the whole collection...

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Saturday21st Nov 2020

  • Hardware Classics The Super Famicom Is 30 Today

    Still super after all these years

    Originally published way back in March 2013, we thought we'd re-share this feature on the Super Famicom to commemorate its 30th birthday today. To many, it's the greatest video game console ever made. The Super Famicom — or Super Nintendo Entertainment System as it is more commonly known outside of its native...

  • News Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros. 3 Sells For $156,000

    We've got another new world record

    Earlier this year in July, a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for NES sold for $114,000 USD. It set a new record for the most expensive video game ever sold. While most probably expected it to hold this record for some time, the highest price paid for a video game at auction has now been broken (again). Heritage...

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Monday16th Nov 2020

  • Soapbox Here's How I'd Fix The Pokémon Series

    Alex decides to pika-part the mainline games

    Soapbox features enable our individual writers to voice their own opinions on hot topics, opinions that may not necessarily be the voice of the site. In this piece, senior video editor Alex Olney explains how he would "fix" the Pokémon series... Pokémon is a series that has always been extremely dear...

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  • News The Game Boy Is Getting A New Wonder Boy And Ys-Inspired Adventure

    Say hello to Coria and the Sunken City

    Remember when we recently reported on the fact that the Game Boy was getting a brand-new RPG title in 2020? Well, if that brought a smile to your face, then you're going to be very pleased to hear that the plucky little console (and its more powerful sibling, the Game Boy Color) is getting another new release...

Sunday8th Nov 2020

Monday2nd Nov 2020

  • Reminder Rate Your Favourite Wii Games

    Help us assemble the top 50 Wii games ever

    Reminder: This is a final call to rate your favourite Wii games before we publish the top 50 very soon. You'll still be able to rate the games and affect the ranking after the list goes live, of course, but there's nothing quite like the moment of anticipation, is there? We've added several games that were...

Saturday31st Oct 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #66 - Resident Evil 0

    From hero to zero

    Welcome to Box Art Brawl, the battle between box art variants from around the globe scrapping to win your vote. Last time we lost our collective minds in the company of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, although we regained our composure enough to see the metaphysical North American and European version win with nearly...

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  • News 2020 Isn't All Bad, Because The Game Boy Is Getting A Brand-New RPG Called Dragonborne

    And you can pre-order it right now

    2020's been a pretty torrid year by all accounts, but there's some light at the end of the tunnel – for those who love Nintendo's legendary Game Boy, at least. Indie studio Spacebot Interactive has announced that it will ship a brand-new RPG for the monochrome marvel early next year, and that pre-orders are open...

  • Video The History Of Nintendo's Game & Watch Range

    Pocket power!

    For many people (your humble scribe included), Nintendo's Game & Watch series served as an introduction to the wild and wacky world of video games. These pocket-sized devices familiarised a generation with the likes of Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong, and were one of Nintendo's biggest successes in the games sector until the NES and...