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  • News The Latest Super Mario Bros. Speedrun WR Is A Definitive Breakthrough

    4:54.948 may be the last time a second barrier is broken

    If you follow the retro gaming scene on Twitch, it's likely you spend a decent amount of time watching speedrunners. It can be fascinating to see how older titles are manipulated, streamlined and mastered over hundreds of hours, and if you happen to catch a world record live it can be an...

  • Random The Low-Poly Animals Twitter Account Is A Must-Follow

    Why is Ditto shaped like a T-shirt

    The low-poly days are far behind us, but many of us still have a soft spot for the work that artists and modellers had to do back when consoles couldn't handle curves. Low-Poly Animals is a (relatively) new Twitter account celebrating and chronicling some of the creatures that we might have taken for granted back...

  • Random If You're Curious About How They Made SNES Music, This Is Worth A Watch

    It was a free-for-all

    Many of us have favourite SNES-era soundtracks, especially as they have that distinct sound of Nintendo's 16-bit machine. Of course, the actual technicalities of how those soundtracks came together can be fascinating, as composers and sound designers were working with resources a thousand miles removed from the range of tools...

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  • News Nintendo Collector Recreates Company's First Building In Stunning Detail

    Wanted "a tribute to Nintendo and its history"

    A lot of gaming enthusiasts dream of going on a trip to see Nintendo's old HQ, from the time when it was primarily a playing card company. It's not the full original company building, though, as the traditional wooden construction of that site was knocked down in 2004. In a rather lovely development an...

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  • Review Doshin The Giant - A Chilled-Out Cult Classic That's Still Fresh In 2021

    Sorry America

    God simulators were a big deal back in the day, but it has to be said that in recent years they’ve not been as prevalent. That's not about to change with this game either, because Doshin the Giant is a GameCube game from the space year 2002 exclusively released everywhere except the US. As this rare and oft-forgotten game reaches its...

  • News The Analogue Pocket Has Been Delayed Again

    Now coming in October

    Analogue has just revealed that its FPGA-based handheld system, the Analogue Pocket, has been delayed until October this year. It was scheduled to begin shipping next month, a release window that had already been pushed back once due to the effects of COVID-19 (it was originally expected to arrive at the end of 2020). The...

Wednesday31st Mar 2021

  • News Super Coder Speeds Up Yet Another SNES Classic

    Konami's Axelay benefits from the FastROM treatment

    Remember Brazilan coder Vitor Vilela? He's been making it his quest to fix SNES games that are plagued with slowdown, and he's already worked his magic on titles such as Contra III, Super R-Type and Super Mario World. The issue is that th

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  • Poll Box Art Brawl #79 - Kuru Kuru Kururin

    Helirin on Earth

    Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, the series where we pit regional box art variants against one another in a fight for your vote. Last time, the turn-based battle between Super Mario RPG and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Unnecessary Subtitle came to a head with North America ultimately walking away with 69% of the vote. Nice, indeed...

Friday19th Mar 2021