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It's been easy to get distracted in recent times, but one of Nintendo's most important Holiday releases is around the corner. We're not talking about Pokémon Sun and Moon, that's still to come, but rather the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe). Let's just call it the Mini NES for convenience from here on out.

For Nintendo it's a key product for multiple reasons - it's stocking sized with a price to match, and it also taps into the nostalgia that can be such a powerful driving force with the company's fanbase. It's been getting quite a lot of publicity, too, particularly in the US with some broader mainstream media and TV coverage. For a variety of reasons - the low price, the retro vibes, the Nintendo brand - there's been quite a lot of interest in the cute little system.

As is typical of Nintendo nowadays, getting hold of a much demanded system isn't always easy. Pre-orders have been tough to get for some in Europe, and in some cases a second wave of pre-orders promises pre-Christmas deliveries, albeit after the 11th November release date. In North America most retailers simply haven't had many pre-orders to offer or have avoided them entirely, meaning shoppers will need to head to stores and online on launch day and hope for the best. We trust that Nintendo has enough units to match demand, but it's easy to fear the worst.

In any case, after the excitement that accompanied the Mini NES announcement earlier in the year we're curious to see how much hype remains in the Nintendo Life community. With the little system one week away we should, in theory, be excited and ready to go with it.

Let us know where you stand in the polls and comments below; for those wondering our series of features looking at the system's pre-loaded games will get back underway this weekend.

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