While the brand name has been put out to pasture these days, the Game Boy line of consoles is legendary with gamers of a certain age. From the bulky monochrome original to the super-sleek Game Boy Micro, this line of portables defined mobile gaming for an entire generation of players, offering amazing entertainment on the road and some truly essential titles, such as Tetris, Pokémon, WarioWare, Golden Sun, Zelda: Link's Awakening and much more besides.

There are a wide range of options when it comes to playing the Game Boy today, from playing the original versions to using the Super Game Boy or playing via clone consoles like the Retron-5 and Retro Freak. There's also a growing number of modders who sell customised Game Boy consoles with improved screens and front-lights. If you're looking to get into this arena then it can be confusing - which is why this hour-long episode of My Life in Gaming is so welcome.

The team goes through the various Game Boy models as well as options for playing on the big screen, covering practically every aspect of the process - right down to making sure you get the perfect picture when playing on large-scale TV. It's superb stuff as ever, and well worth a watch - just make sure you've got a spare hour first.