If you're a regular reader of Nintendo Life then you'll already be aware of HyperPlay RPG, a UK-based fanzine devoted to covering retro RPGs and Nintendo titles.

The fanzine has seen three issues so far, and we've just taken stock of the latest instalment (issue 2, but it's actually issue 3 if you include the "zero" release), complete with an exclusive cover by legendary artist Wil Overton, the man behind the art of Super Play magazine in the '90s - a big point of inspiration for the fanzine.

While previous issues were black and white, this new entry has a full-colour cover which really gives the impression that the publication is going places. Overton's artwork is superb as ever, showcasing the characters from the SNES RPG Seiken Densetsu 3. The game is covered inside thanks to an in-depth review, and fellow retro role-players Super Mario RPG and Terranigma also get the review treatment.

Elsewhere, there's a playtest of Star Fox Zero on Wii U, a look at Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection and a fascinating look at the history of Role Call, a UK fanzine from the '90s which, in the days before the internet, was a vital source of information for British RPG fans.

At just 40 pages, it might sound a little on the light side but the majority of those pages are taken up with text, so there's plenty of content to read through here - and it's created with a passion and insight that is so often missing from modern print media. The team behind the magazine clearly love the subject matter, and it shows.

Hyper Play RPG may feel like a step backwards in the days of the internet, but anyone who appreciates the lasting appeal of the printed word - and also has a preference for RPGs and Nintendo - should support it as much as possible to ensure that future issues get made.