FUN FACT: In Arabic, Baten Kaitos means ""belly of the sea monster/whale"

Speedruns of classic games are commonplace on Twitch, with veteran players seeing them as an entertaining challenge as well as a way of popularising their favourite titles years or even decades after their original release.

However, not all of these speedrun attempts go according to plan, and that's certainly the case with the GameCube RPG Baten Kaitos. To get 100 percent completion in the game you have to wait for certain items to evolve. In normal play with no pressure, this would happen in the background while you were enjoying the game, but for a speedrun - where time is of the essence - it's quite an issue, as Julien "Baffan" Jaffrès found out recently.

To get every item in the game and therefore scoop the 100 percent complete accolade, Jaffrès had to leave the game idle for a while. One particular item, "Shampoo," takes approximately two weeks to turn into another item, "Splendid Hair." Jaffrès has already proven that he can complete the game in every other regard in around 80 hours, but another 260-odd hours are needed to obtain that final elusive item.

Aware of this issue, Jaffrès decided to break up his attempt into chunks over the course of a few weeks, leaving the game running during the night in order to allow items like Shampoo to evolve.

Unfortunately, the fact that the game was idle for large periods of time led to Jaffrès getting his Twitch account temporarily suspended due to posting what was confusingly deemed to be "non-gaming content" which resulted in a "terms of service violation." Thankfully it was only a 24 hour suspension, but it does beg the question - was Twitch right to perform this action given that it's impossible to 100 percent complete Baten Kaitos without leaving it idle for long periods?

Share your thoughts on this rather unusual predicament by posting a comment below, and don't worry - we won't punish you for taking your sweet time.