Handhelds like the Game Boy may be as old as the hills these days but they're being supported by an active community of modders who are adding new features such as screen lights and prosound functionality. We've covered these mods extensively in the past and always wondered why the Game Boy Color never got as much love.

Up until now, modders have been limited when it comes to fitting lights to the console. LED front-lights don't tend to work that well as colour screens really need backlights to make them look their best.

Thankfully, it would seem that we won't have to wait much longer for the perfect Game Boy Color screen modification. BennVenn has managed to get a Game Boy Advance AGS-101 screen to work with the Game Boy Color, and the results are pretty stunning.

It's not quite the final product yet - the difference in screen aspect ratios means that there's quite a lot of blank space around the image - but it's certainly a start and hopefully BennVenn can take things to the next level and somehow get that screen inside a GBC shell.

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