The Super Game Boy accessory might seem a little pointless to modern gamers who are used to playing retro titles in a wide range of ways on various systems, but back in the early '90s it was a wise investment for the typical Nintendo fan.

On the surface, the selling point was simple - you can play your portable Game Boy games on the big screen via your trusty SNES console. However, there's a lot more to the Super Game Boy than that, as this excellent video review from Pug Hoof Gaming proves.

If the host strikes you as familiar, that's because he is - Lee Garbutt is a former Nintendo Life video contributor and now does his own thing on YouTube, aided by some of his four-legged friends.

As the title suggests, this is the first of a trilogy of videos devoted to the Super Game Boy, so keep your eye on Pug Hoof for parts 2 and 3, which deal with the Japan-only Super Game Boy 2 and Hori's Super Game Boy Commander controller respectively.