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The NES Classic Mini is one of this year's biggest gaming releases, and is currently very difficult to find in stores at its original price. Hover your mouse over eBay however and you'll notice that there are plenty of consoles up for grabs - but not at the official retail price.

eBay scalpers have been capitalising on the insatiable demand for the micro-console since launch day, but it would appear that eBay in North America is now encouraging price-hikers by assuring sellers that they will get a guaranteed price for their console.

Image: imgur / Whoisnotwo

The way it works is simple; should your NES Classic Mini sell for less than the price noted by eBay at the time of listing, then you'll get the difference back in a coupon (not cash). The price has fluctuated over the past few days, with Polygon reporting that it was offered a guaranteed price of $193. It should also be noted that you have to following the recommended listing details provided by eBay in regards to auction duration and starting price.

eBay's desire to ensure that sellers get the best possible price for their goods is something that should be commended, but in the case of the NES Classic Mini - where demand has dramatically outstripped supply - it can't help but leave a bad taste in the mouth.

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