The fact that the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, if you prefer) is no longer in production hasn't stopped companies from creating new games for it. Pier Solar was one of the first to kick things off, but since then we've had other studios getting in on the act of resurrecting Sega's seminal 16-bitter.

The latest company is Metal Cat Studios, which is seeking $10,000 to fund the creation of Coffee Crisis, a side-scrolling fighter which blends (no pun intended) heavy metal, aliens, coffee and - according to the developers - "awesome".

Coffee Crisis is Mega Cat's first major release, and comes with the usual range of funding options. The lowest level is $25, which nets you a download copy of the PC version. $49 gets you a physical Genesis cartridge, while the top tier - a cool $1,000 - gets you the PC port, a limited edition Genesis cartridge, full color instruction manual, mouse pad, limited edition vinyl of the game's music, your own level and sprite in-game and - perhaps most excitingly of all - a 1lb bag of DEMON blend coffee by Zeke's.

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