Pirate Pop Plus recently launched on the 3DS and Wii U eShops, and the game received a hearty recommendation from us. Produced by dadako, this bubble-popping action title uses Game Boy-style visuals and audio to create a unique "faux-retro" experience which has predictably enraptured players old enough to vividly recall burning through packs of AA batteries back in the early '90s.

After another gruelling play session in the Nintendo Life office, we pondered if Pirate Pop Plus could actually work on the original Game Boy, and even went as far as asking developer and designer Hawken King if it was really possible:

Of course this is quite some way away from being an official confirmation that anything like this is happening, but would you be interested in buying a physical copy of Pirate Pop Plus for your dusty old monochrome handheld? Let us know with a comment.