With Christmas almost here, many of you are no doubt wondering exactly what gaming goodies Saint Nick is going to leave under your tree. These days it's all 3DS, Wii U and perhaps PS4 and Xbox One, but back in 1994 there were only two real options: Nintendo and Sega.

The guys over at iretrogamer.com have put together another vintage home movie classic, this time focused on the Christmas of 1994. At this time the war between Nintendo and Sega was in full flow, but it was something of a transitional period for the industry; Sega had released in its CD-based add-on and was about to launch the 32-bit Saturn in Japan, while Nintendo had given the SNES a shot in the arm with Donkey Kong Country, the Rare-produced platformer which used CGI sprites to make the visuals really pop.

Both the Sega CD and Donkey Kong feature in this latest video, which revolves around a family member getting their dream present after waiting a full twelve months. The footage is interesting in that it shows just how much of a presence Sega had in the US market at that time - but, as we all know, this wouldn't last and the Saturn marked the beginning of the company's downfall. It would eventually leave the hardware sector for good following the release of the Dreamcast, moving into third-party publishing instead.

Give the video a watch and let us know what your memories of Christmas 1994 are - if you were around to see it, of course.