NES Classic edition.jpg

Remember the '80s? The Goonies, leg warmers, Duran Duran and most importantly the Power Line. Yes, back when there was no internet (not even dial-up!) Nintendo fans struggling with a particular game could contact the call line for handy tips and hints from "Nintendo Game Play Counselors" (imagine having that on your CV). Now with the release of the NES Classic Edition on November 11th, Nintendo of America is going all retro and bringing back the much loved service, sort of.

From November 11th to 13th, between the hours of 6am to 7pm Pacific Time, the one-of-a-kind service returns to help those in need of game progression. Okay, not quite. This time around dialing (425) 885-7529 in the US will put you through to an automated version that recounts some recorded tips actually given out when the service was live. There is even the chance to hear behind-the-scene tales from original Nintendo Counselors. Gnarly dude!

Alongside the Power Line, fans that are lucky enough to visit the Nintendo NY store will be treated to a radical '80s-themed event to celebrate the release of the Mini-NES. On launch night (Nov 10th) the first 250 visitors will have a chance to try out some of the included games. There'll also be a costume contest that will allow people to dress as iconic gaming characters or '80s figures (a rare opportunity to have both Mario and Mr. T in the same room) with an ultimate retro quiz to show off knowledge. That'll start at 9pm ET if you're in the vicinity; it might be worth grabbing your Walkman and skating on down.

Lastly, NoA will be continuing the celebrations on social media, hosting a "Remembering #NESterday" campaign. From November 10th the hashtag can be used by fans to share their fondest memories of Nintendo's original console.

Will you be joining the totally righteous celebrations? Are you old enough to actually remember when the NES came out? Confess all below.