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  • News The Nintendo Virtual Boy Could Be Getting New Software

    Virtual insanity?

    The Nintendo Virtual Boy may have gone down in history as the company's grandest folly, but it's clear that there are many fans out there who feel it didn't get a fair crack of the whip.  Team VUEngine is a group of Virtual Boy enthusastis who want to resurrect the failed console with a series of new homebrew titles. A...




  • Random Of Course Seinfeld's George Costanza Was A Virtual Boy Fan

    It makes perfect sense!

    Poor old George Costanza. This neurotic, self-loathing character from the popular comedy sitcom Seinfeld never did have much luck in life. It turns out in addition to being unfortunate in love (and virtually everything else) George also made equally terrible choices when buying video gaming hardware. While idly relaxing at...


  • Video A Modern Take on the Virtual Boy is Still a Bit Ridiculous

    But we love it

    A short while ago we shared an episode of the The Ben Heck Show where he deconstructed and repaired a Virtual Boy; it was an interesting look into how the machine works. Now, as promised, a follow-up episode rebuilds it and tries to modernise the device, dispensing of the infamous 'stand' and redesigning it as a head mounted display...















  • Hardware Classics Nintendo Virtual Boy

    Nintendo's nadir, or misunderstood masterpiece?

    According to the history books, the Virtual Boy is Nintendo's biggest failure — both commercially and critically — in the hardware arena. Launched in 1995 to almost complete consumer apathy, it bypassed Europe entirely and was discontinued the following year. It is also thought to be the reason...


  • News Virtual Boy Port of Faceball Is Getting A Physical Release

    ROM will be uploaded to the net for free once all copies are sold

    It would seem that Nintendo's much-maligned Virtual Boy console is undergoing something of a renaissance at present. Last month we reported that Bound High - a Virtual Boy game which never saw the light of day when the console was originally released - had gone into production...


  • News Virtual Boy Title Bound High Goes Into Production 16 Years Late

    Better late than never

    Bound High was originally shown at the 1996 E3, but like all of the other Virtual Boy games demonstrated at that event, ended up being cancelled when it was clear that the console's fate was sealed. Since then, the game has become famous with hardcore Virtual Boy fans, with its source code floating around the web and a...



  • News Miyamoto: Virtual Boy Games on 3DS Could Happen

    Keeps a strange photo in his console

    Late last year, Reggie Fils-Aime invited Virtual Boy fans to speak up if they wanted Virtual Boy games on the 3DS, and lately the question came up again, this time pitched to Shigeru Miyamoto. GameSpot asked Miyamoto-san if there was interest in bringing Virtual Boy games to 3DS, to which the great man replied:...


  • News Discover Nintendo's 3D Legacy with Our Virtual Boy Coverage

    3DS's granddaddy featured

    You might be getting all geared-up for the new 3DS, but it's not the first dedicated 3D console from Nintendo: that honour belongs to the good old Virtual Boy, the now notorious machine that launched in the mid 1990s. Now is the perfect time, with 3DS just around the corner, to revisit the machine's creation, games and its...




  • News Gunpei Yokoi Gets The Legacy Treatment

    The father of handheld gaming gets remembered in a hands-on tribute

    Gunpei Yokoi pretty much created the handheld gaming market. His line of Game & Watch systems eventually paved the way for Nintendo's full-fledged portable gaming system, the Game Boy, also created by Yokoi. Before making video games though, he created a slew of toys that helped...


  • News Unfinished Virtual Boy Game Bound High Finally Released

    Unfinished title sees the red light of day at last

    There's nothing we love more here at Nintendo Life than a good story of triumph against the odds: a plumber defeating a fire-breathing lizard; a hedgehog stopping the plans of an evil genius; and the continued hard work of ardent fans that finally saw Bound High, an unreleased Virtual Boy game, to a playable status. A few years ago, the game's..


  • News A $50,000 Cure for Virtual Boy Headaches

    Play it on the TV with this handy accessory!

    3D gaming is on the cusp of being cool again after some of the remarkable damage done to its reputation by Nintendo's less-than stellar Virtual Boy machine. The onset of eyestrain and headaches did the machine no favours, but if you've picked one up and fancy playing it on a more comfortable surface, such as your prize gaming TV, your time has come..


  • News Retro Gamer Looks Back at the Virtual Boy

    Nintendo's much-maligned machine gets the retroinspection treatment

    Here's some good news for those of you that have been keenly following Dave's excellent Virtual Boy reviews and are now thirsting for more information on the machine. UK-based magazine Retro Gamer recently ran a 5-page feature on the platform in issue 64, which leading Virtual Boy site Planet Virtual Boy has kindly scanned and put..