Mega Man 2 has to rank as one of the best action platformers in the NES library, if not the entire genre. Regarded by many as the pinnacle of the 8-bit series, it's the only Mega Man release to make it onto the NES Classic Mini, which speaks volumes about its quality.

Our friends over at clearly feel the same way, and in the second part of their new Level Selects series - the first of which was devoted to Sonic Adventure's opening level - they speak about the wonder of Bubble Man's watery domain.

Boasting amazing music, challenging platforming and massive enemy sprites, Bubble Man's stage is a definite highlight in Mega Man 2. It's also an incredibly important level, as Bubble Man's weapon is vital to your success later in the game.

Let us know what your memories of this level are like, or if you've played it recently on your coveted NES Classic Mini.