Typical. You wait years for someone to do a decent, in-depth video guide to the Super Game Boy and two come along at once.

A few weeks ago we reported on Pug Hoof Gaming's excellent three-part series on the popular peripheral, and now our old chum Norm "The Gaming Historian" is back with his increasingly luscious hair to teach us everything we need to know about the Super Game Boy and the translucent Super Game Boy 2.

If you are somewhat of a retro connoisseur you'll no doubt know this device let you play original Game Boy carts on the big screen with the help of your Super Nintendo. What is most fascinating however is the ability to apply colour palettes to the original games. Norm gives a great explanation about how the technique was used in Donkey Kong '94 to make it really pop on the screen.

Be sure to check out the video and let us know if you learned anything new with a comment below.

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