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  • News Natsume Is Selling Vintage Factory Sealed Stock Via Its eBay Store

    Sealed copy of Pocky & Rocky recently sold for $1,691.66

    Buying vintage games on eBay is a tricky business these days, as collectors have pushed the value of many sought-after titles to eye-watering levels. You'll find a robust market for factory-sealed releases too, some of which can sell for many times more than their original retail price...



  • News Nintendo Launches eBay Store for North America

    No amiibo for a hundred bucks, surprisingly

    The last time we wrote about eBay we were probably despairing at scalpers flogging limited edition consoles or amiibo at ludicrous prices in the height of demand and low supply. The topic is Nintendo once again, but this time it's an official store on the marketplace - without a $100 Gold Mario amiibo to...






  • News Mega Video Game Fan Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Norton Auctions Gaming Goldmine

    Coins and rupees incoming?

    If you thought your gaming collection was something extraordinary, think again. eBay enthusiast reel.big.fish — perhaps better known as Aaron “NintendoTwizer” Norton — has decided to auction his entire collection of consoles, games, and gaming memorabilia. This includes more than 5,700 games, with systems (and...






  • News The Seller of this Golden GameBoy Pocket Wants $1,200

    Is crazy

    GameBoys, bless them, have been through the wars – literally, in the case of this unit displayed at Nintendo World in New York – but not this unit, which may be the rarest GameBoy of them all. A golden GameBoy Pocket to commemorate the 100th issue of Nintendo Power magazine, it's unknown exactly how many of these machines exist, but...


  • News Nab a Life-Size Samus Statue on eBay

    Auction site sells heroine

    Ever wonder what happens to all those amazing life-size statues and installations in game shops after they're taken down? They usually end up on eBay, of course. That's the fate of this Metroid statue created to promote celebrated first-person adventure Metroid Prime, currently on sale for a measly £65. Standing 190cm tall and weighing some 50kg, as you'd expect the..


  • News Start Saving as Famicom Box Surfaces on eBay

    Rare machine up for grabs

    Back in 1980s Japan, Nintendo's Famicom was doing the business, but the company wanted to get more gamers to experience what it could offer. The answer was the FamicomBox, a machine used by retailers to allow customers to try out a selection of Famicom games, with some models even featuring a coin slot to allow gamers to...


  • News Now You Can Buy That Goomba Head You've Always Wanted

    "But Goombas don't really have heads," you say

    You know Goombas, right? Mushroom things from the Mushroom Kingdom that get flattened very easily. Well, yes, but you may remember they looked a little different in the classic Super Mario Bros. movie: in fact, you'll probably never forget that unbelievable film. Now you can keep a piece of that unforgettable character with your very own bust. It's not..


  • News A $50,000 Cure for Virtual Boy Headaches

    Play it on the TV with this handy accessory!

    3D gaming is on the cusp of being cool again after some of the remarkable damage done to its reputation by Nintendo's less-than stellar Virtual Boy machine. The onset of eyestrain and headaches did the machine no favours, but if you've picked one up and fancy playing it on a more comfortable surface, such as your prize gaming TV, your time has come..


  • News R.O.B. Display Unit Sells for $4K on eBay

    Someone obviously has very deep pockets

    Some rich retro collector has just gotten their hands on a one-of-a-kind auction thanks to eBay. The auction was for a display case containing a Nintendo Entertainment System and a Robotic Operating Buddy (better known as R.O.B.). The final figure? $4,150. Sweet. "These are extremely difficult to find, and this unit comes 100% complete in the original..

  • News Rare NES Game Sells for $41,300 on eBay

    Stadium Events strikes again!

    Some of you may be aware that an auction on eBay several weeks ago saw an old NES bundled with some random games sell for a staggering $13,105 USD (approx. £8,744 GBP). That's because one of the games was a copy of Stadium Events; a track and field sports title from Bandai. What's so special about Stadium Events, you...


  • News Nintendo Cereal System Sells For $200

    Indigestion medication not included

    Do you remember the Nintendo Cereal System from 1988? It let people who just couldn't get enough of Mario and Zelda to pour them into a bowl and eat them, keeping their spirits (but, sadly, not powers) with you all throughout the day by way of two different types of cereal: fruit-flavored for Mario, berry for Zelda. It came with some neat collectible cards, and..