Our good chum The Gaming Historian is back, this time bringing us a detailed and insightful look at the train wreck that was 1993's The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Billed as Nintendo's first step into the world of Hollywood after dominating the gaming sector, it famously cost $48 million to make but only grossed $21 million, and was savaged by critics at the time. By most accounts, it was a disaster from start to finish, but the video above outlines in terrifying detail just how many things went wrong.

We interviewed Super Mario Bros. Movie director Rocky Morton back in 2014 and he gives his side on the humiliating debacle which saw lots of last-minute script rewrites and studio meddling. While it seems Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel weren't the most popular with the cast during filming, it's hard not to have a little sympathy for them taking on the first ever video game movie adaptation.

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