Nintendo Power Line

One of the most notable features of the days of the NES was the existence of the Nintendo Power Line. Seeing as it would be several years before the internet became usable to the world, obtaining information back in the day was mostly related to schoolyard discussions and advice from that one kid whose dad worked for Nintendo. The Nintendo Power Line was thus formed to help aid gamers who found themselves stuck in many of the difficult games of the day; anybody could call in and they'd be given advice for what to do next.

In light of the NES Mini's release, Vice recently got in touch with David Young – one of the original operators – to ask what it was like being part of the call center. It's a fascinating watch to be sure, and reminds us of how Nintendo was even then dedicated to delivering a gaming experience like no other.

Also, if you're interested in hearing more about this, we conducted our own interview with a former operator last year.

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