King Bob-omb

How could anybody forget good ol' King Bob-omb? The rotund ruler is the first boss you ever encounter in Super Mario 64 and grants you the game's first star upon his defeat,but he's appeared in or been referenced to numerous times over the years in subsequent Nintendo games. Of course -- as the game's first challenge -- King Bob-omb puts up about as much resistance as a wet leaf, but an interesting fan theory has sprung up regarding the fate of the deposed king.

If you notice, when running up the mountain on the first star, there's a pit containing two rolling balls that you must avoid to continue your ascent. However, after defeating King Bob-omb, the pit contains three rolling balls. Considering that one of the Bob-omb Buddies remarks that the king is a 'dud' after the fight, it's assumed that he ended up as the third rolling ball in the pit. It's a rough way to finish out his days for sure, but such are the fruits of being an ally to Bowser.

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