NES Mini
Image: Zunoss

Though online reaction to the NES Mini has been extremely positive, there has been almost universal backlash to the cord length of the controllers that come with it. The cord is barely three feet long, roughly a third of the length of the original NES controller, though the ports on the front of the NES Mini do allow you to connect Wii Classic Controllers if you have them. It seems that the extra buttons on these controllers actually have some additional function as well.

Typically, you'd have to get up and press the reset switch on the console itself in order to back out of a game to pick a new one, but it's been discovered that the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro's home buttons allow you to do the same thing. You may not be getting the full authentic experience by using different controllers, but some may prefer the mild convenience that this offers.

What do you think? How are you enjoying the NES Mini? Do you think Nintendo will eventually release controllers with longer cords? Share your thoughts in the comments below.