Music to our ears

The idea of someone releasing a chiptune album on a Famicom cartridge might seem strange if it hadn't happened once already, but that doesn't make the impending launch of 8bit Music Power Final any less exciting or unique.

Riki is the developer and Columbus Circle is the publisher, and the cart will hit retail on 31st March 2017 with a price of 5,378 Yen.

18 tracks are included, and as was the case with the previous album, it features compositions from some of the chiptune world's most notable acts, as well as musicians who have worked in the games industry in the past:

01. Bit Shift Girl 【Sntrr】
02. Black Tokyo 【Yu Shimoda】
03. Mysterious Shrine 【ZUN】
05. Shooting Starlight 【Tappy】
08. Star Falsion 2 【Norio Nakagata】
09. KiraKira 【Junya Nakano】
10. AI Bomb 8MP Edit 【naruto】
11. Red-White Planet 【hally】
12. MONKEY MONKEY 【Hige Driver】
13. Nostalgic Reverie 【Motoaki Furukawa】
14. KS2?VirtualStage1 【Bun】
15. I am seeing things 【Manami Matsumae】
16. fera giganto #1 【IPPO】
17. Power of Music 【Takeshi Yokemura】
18. Believe It or Not! 【Yasuhisa Watanabe】

Play-Asia will be taking pre-orders shortly, but in the meantime you might want to check out the 8bit Music Power book, which has recently been published in English.