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On 11th November people around the world finally get the joy of opening and enjoying their brand new NES Mini, or NES Classic Edition (or Nintendo Classic Mini as it's known in Europe). It's been a long wait, but for those of us in Japan you could say Christmas comes one day early as today, on 10th November, the Japanese equivalent arrives - officially called the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer, of just Famicom Mini for short.

For a while it looked like there was not going to be any kind of Nintendo micro-console released in Japan, as the NES Mini news hit in July with no formal Japanese announcement. Things turned out fine, though, as a September announcement led to a full Japanese release, complete with its own original Famicom design, tiny controllers, and a set of 30 games, with some being different than what the west will get. Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong Jr. Castlevania 2, Final Fantasy, Kid Icarus, Punch Out!!, StarTropics and Tecmo Bowl are out. In place of them are NES Open Golf, River City Ransom and Solomon's Key, as well as games never originally released outside Japan: Atlantis no Nazo, Downtown Nekketsu Kou-shin-kyou, Final Fantasy III, Tsuppari Ozumo and Yie Ar Kung Fu.


A few things to note as well are that the Famicom originally had a microphone on controller 2, but this is NOT included on the mini version, so no killing Pols Voice the fun way; the controllers were also wired, which has carried over to this mini design. Also the Famicom originally did not come with an AC adapter, for obscure tax reasons. So, the Famicom Mini also does not come with an AC adapter in Japan, but one is sold separately. If you happen to import one though, don't worry, any USB wall plug will do. For those lucky enough to have pre-ordered on Amazon Japan, the Famicom Mini also comes bundled with 30 cards that feature the original box art of the 30 games that play on the unit.

Check out the video below to see the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer unboxed, as you possibly get ready to carefully open and save your NES Mini box tomorrow.

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