Today sees the arrival of the NES Classic Mini in North America and Europe, a modern-day reimagining of the classic 1985 system which truly kick-started Nintendo's dominance of the living room.

As you excitedly rip open the packaging on your shiny new NES console, it's worth taking a vintage look back at how Nintendo really made Christmas for some players. With that in mind,'s Tyler Esposito has yet another home movie to share, this time for 1990 festive season.

Having secured his NES from Saint Nic the year before, the young Esposito had a solid list of titles in mind for Santa to bring. Like pretty much every major event in the Esposito household, this was filmed by his late father and Esposito has been kind enough to share this heartwarming moment with the world.

Do you have any fond memories of NES-related presents from back in the day? Feel free to share them below, and also let us know if your NES Mini has arrived and made you just as happy as Tyler was on Christmas day, 1990.