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Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Summer Edition

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

E3 has shaken things up

You should now be fairly familiar with our quarterly tradition of looking at the biggest games coming to the Wii U. Our Spring edition had some games that have since fallen out of a 2014 release, as it was pulled together at a time when 'TBC' was far too common as a release window on Wii U games — alternatively, some projects previously given a '2014' window have also dropped to 2015.

It's time for another update, of course. Previously released games that now drop out by default from the last list are Mario Kart 8, NES Remix 2 and Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails; on top of this, Xenoblade Chronicles X is now a 2015 release for the West, while FAST Racing NEO has been off the radar for too long to still be considered a likely 2014 arrival at this point.

Games confirmed or very likely for 2014 are the key, then. Following E3 we also have more enticing retail games — some of which are new — to include, though one eShop game does make the cut ahead of some big-budget rivals; more downloads will get mentioned or linked at the end, too.

So, without further ado, here's our updated list of what we consider to be the biggest games still coming to Wii U in 2014.

Not a great deal needs to be said to hype this one, as we said before. Due in the Holiday season — no firm release date like its 3DS brethren — this was extensively shown during E3, and since our last list we've had confirmation of the GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U to keep dedicated players happy. With more challengers and stages filling out the content side of this title, and the accompanying range of amiibo toys playing its part, this is likely to be at the top of many Wii U wishlists.

This Dynasty Warriors / Zelda mash-up is arriving relatively soon, and is getting extensively shown off by Koei Tecmo and Nintendo. It'll be button-mashing mayhem, though the setting and fan-service will likely help it to a decent number of sales, while it's set to offer plenty of playable characters — even Agitha.

This was on our list as a speculative entry for a long time, but we've now seen much more of the intense action sequel and been given an October release window. It's certainly shaping up well, and E3 brought the happy news that the original Bayonetta is also coming to the Wii U with new outfits and GamePad touch screen controls — it'll be a freebie with retail copies in North America, and will feature as part of a dual disc edition in Europe. Both of these titles should keep Wii U gamers busy this Fall season.

A recent reveal, this takes the basic concept of the popular puzzle levels in Super Mario 3D World and expands them into a full adventure for the heroic Toad. Early footage and hands on time bodes well for this one, as there appears to be plenty of variety and clever design at play so far. Due in the Holiday season, it'll also support the amiibo toys.

After the hype of its original reveal earlier this year, Developer Big Red Button is now facing the task of delivering on promises made with this Wii U iteration in the new spin-off for the Sonic universe. In our first impressions article we tackled the slower-paced, co-op adventure element and came away with some cautious optimism, though that same demo has received some criticism. With a cartoon and toys joining this and the 3DS title, there's plenty of pressure as Rise of Lyric approaches release.

A long-term resident on these lists, this is now being published by Bandai Namco and will arrive in November. It's aiming for impressive realism and depth, not to mention stunning visuals, and will also be one of very few car racing games on the Wii U. Though it's a multiplatform game this could fare reasonably well on Nintendo's system.

The LEGO games may have had variable quality of late, but the Batman iterations are normally among the best, with the home console versions standing out. There'll be some attractive visuals and co-op mayhem, undoubtedly, while this one will have over 100 characters from the DC universe along with an outer-space setting.

This one edges out Disney Infinity 2.0 and, in truth, you can swap them out in your own mind if you so desire — both high-profile toy / game products are returning this year. This latest release from Activision is hitting 3DS and Wii, as well as what will likely be the strongest version on Wii U, and the gimmick this time is that you can trap villains and use them on the side of good. With a lot of toys no doubt joining it, this will likely be another major success, and this is a market Nintendo is entering in its own way, too.

We actually excluded this from our Spring list, partly in a bout of disappointment and frustration at the Wii U version being shoddily delayed beyond all other iterations. Ultimately, and with Ubisoft insistent that a Fall release is still on, this will still excite gamers that only own a Wii U or have held off from buying any of the other versions. We hope the system and GamePad — for which this game should be ideal — will be treated well, though we'll have to wait and see.

This earns a place as an eShop wildcard. There are plenty of eShop games on the way this year, though this gets on this list by virtue of being a Wii U exclusive and, more importantly, full of promise. We played this recently and were impressed at its potential to provide an immersive, unique experience, so it should certainly be on your radar. We'll have an interview with Nifflas — who's co-developing this with KnapNok Games — and some hands on impressions on the site soon.

So there you have it, ten games that we think represent some of the best of what's still coming to Wii U this year, with confidence that they'll all actually arrive before 2015 rolls around. We shouldn't forget that Just Dance 2015 is a thing too, for those of you that like the series, while on the download front there's plenty on the way, including a certain Wii U / 3DS release from WayForward that may just make it onto our equivalent 3DS list. Don't forget that we've also provided some full on guides to the biggest retail and eShop games on the way this year, too, with lots of titles to consider.

As for this list of ten Wii U games, let us know what you think and which others you think should be included via the comments, while you can also vote for your favourite in the poll.

What's your most anticipated Wii U game of 2014? (575 votes)

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


Hyrule Warriors


Bayonetta 2


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


Project CARS


LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham


Skylanders Trap Team


Watch Dogs


Affordable Space Adventures


My choice isn't on the list


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User Comments (166)



Hy8ogen said:

Titles I will buy day 1 this year,
Smash bros Wii U+3DS+All the Amiibos
Project Cars

I already set aside $300. Come at me BRO!



Blast said:

Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros U, Hyrule Warriors, Watch Dogs, and Sonic Boom! So many games....



MegaScizor said:

SSB4, Captain toad. I'll wait for review for project cars and watch dogs. Ubisoft screwd Splinter Cell blacklist's online so bad, that i can't trust them without a review.

EDIT: I hope the autumn edition has COD AW (assuming its announced by then)



SFR79 said:

@Hy8ogen and @readyletsgo I'm glad you guys are getting the game, and if possible I will also get it on day 1. It just looks so amazing.
My worry is that Nintendo won't help promote the game and it's sad because I've read the developers are giving a lot of love to the Wii U version. It might even show the the best of the console's capabilities a la Mario Kart 8. Let's hope Nintendo is smart on this one and they help with advertising the game.



Tsurii said:

I'm most excited about Hyrule Warriors and I guess Bayonetta and Captain would be close behind that.
My hype for Smash Bros is almost completely dead by now. They just started way too early with the daily updates.
I will still get it, but...probably not day 1. Especially since they announced, that not all characters will get Amiibos right away (no Ike "tamagotchi" :/ )



Nintenjoe64 said:

@SFR79 I am! It's not my most anticipated but I voted for it because I knew it wouldn't get the love it deserves. Although there is still a chance it might be a horrible port.



Yosher said:

Super Smash Bros. + all of the amiibo!
Hyrule Warriors!
Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker!
Bayonetta 2!
My wallet am cry!



FernandoMachado said:

Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker is the only day-one for me. I have a huge backlog behind me! I'll grab Smash U and Bayo2 too!



ValiantPixel said:

I'll be getting Smash Bros. for Wii U at launch, but that's about it until Christmas. I'll only get two amiibos rich people who can afford all of them are no friends of mine I'm just kidding, I love you.



sinalefa said:

I want all the first part of the list, up to Project CARS, and Sonic Boom depends on reviews (which most likely will be mixed, as it is Sonic), and also getting Affordable SA. I gave my poll love to Captain Toad.



Zyph said:

I already aware of the Smash hype. So I'm going with Hyrule Warriors.



0utburst said:

Smash Wii U, Bayonetta, Captain Toad, and Project Cars since I skipped that EA published NFSU.

@ThomasBW84 isn't Devil's Third coming out this year?



wayneyrob22 said:

project cars is a deffo for me, seen a demo on youtube and looks the buisness and lets face it wii u needs a decent serious racer, then bayonetta and smash.



0utburst said:

Anyway, Sonic Boom U doesn't look that good. I'll wait for reviews. If it'll get at least 8 on NLife, IGN and some other sites then I will get it.



cookiex said:

I need Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1+2, Smash Bros and the GCN adapter and then I'm all set.

Captain Toad and Project Cars go on the Christmas wishlist.



MrGawain said:

Top 4 Ninty published, top 4 I want.

I guess that makes me a predictable fan boy. Oh well.



ToniK said:

Watch Dogs and Affordable Space Adventures for me please. Also Bayonetta 2 but don't know if it's a day-one purchase.



kingston589 said:

I want all the games haha but my number 1 is smash. Im also gonna get all the amiibos (i hope the choir boys are announced so they get a figure to)



Jazzer94 said:

Super Smash Bros 4, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and maybe Project Cars (but I'm worried about the Wii U version might just go PC).

Edit: SSB4 was obviously going to be top on poll.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "I gave my poll love to Captain Toad."

That sounds so bad, needs an emoticon

I picked B2 b/c the first was so good, but HW is a close 2nd. B2 really needs to be released on Halloween Friday, she's a witch

Really looking forward to the late Aug Nintendo Direct when we can finally get some actual dates for these games. Just hope Iwata doesn't want us to "please understand" about SSB and the amiibo being delayed. That 2014 holiday schedule looks awesome, but SSB is still the ACE. And toys sell best around the holidays.



SuperMikey said:

It depends on format (Download or retail), cost, amount of content, and variety whether or not I'll pick up Captain Toad. Even then, I'm not sure...



Gold said:

Watch_Dogs is confirmed for November. Sonic Boom Wii U is confirmed for November 14.
Smash Bros. 4 me.



StephenYap3 said:

I am the most excited for Smash Bros Wii U, but I did not vote for that one since that game is an obvious no-brainer when deciding to get that or not. Instead, I voted for Sonic Boom since while it doesn't seem like a Sonic game at heart, it looks to be an intriguing and fun game...especially after how "amazing" Lost World was on Wii U. I think it's about time the Sonic formula needs to start shaking things up because faster speeds and new Wisp powers aren't going to cut it for me anymore.



Plasma_3 said:

I want to get
Smash Bros. Wii U + 3DS + Amiibo's
Hyrule Warriors
I still need to pick up Mario Kart 8.
Possibly Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker



darkswabber said:

I will definitely buy hyrule warriors and smash U. Also project cars but I will buy that one for my ps4.



FilmerNgameR said:

Smash FTW! lol Sonic Boom only has 1%. I'm a big Sonic fan but tbh it just doesn't look too much to be anticipated. I'm only anticipated for the next multi platform Sonic. Now that will be more interesting to see.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Definitely all 1st Party Titles. Sonic Boom is very likely no matter what reviews say. Project CARS is catching my interest more and more. Will get Skylanders later on but will collect figures beforehand (as usual). LEGO Batman is becoming tempting.



Octane said:

Captain Toad and Hyrule Warriors are both a day on purchase. I'll keep an eye out for Bayonetta though. Never cared much for Smash Bros, and Ubisoft doesn't deserve my money.


Japan and Europe will get a separate physical disc of Bayonetta with their copy of Bayonetta 2. NA will receive a download code for Bayonetta, so no physical release of Bayonetta in NA. The eShop version of Bayonetta 2 will include a discount (free as well) for Bayonetta, in all regions.



ejamer said:

Bayonetta, Captain Toad, and Affordable Space Adventures all look good to me. Will be buying at least one at launch, maybe more.

C'mon 2015! That Xenoblade sequel can't get here fast enough.



Spoony_Tech said:

Project Cars all the way for me. Wonder why Watch Dogs isn't getting as much love. Maybe because of the long delay. I still want it though more then any other on that list except for Project Cars.



BigH88 said:

I'm gonna buy almost everything on the list even though I really don't want Sonic Boom but I gotta show support for Sega really sticking with Nintendo on the 3rd party front. SKylanders does'nt need anymore support so not buying that.



sinalefa said:


I did not use an emoticon because it is serious business

And I see your fear of Smash U not making it to the holidays is alive and well.



Windy said:

Hyrule Warriors might be enough to finally push me over the top for getting a Wii-U. That and Xenoblade creeping near



SavoirFaire said:

@Octane Thanks for the info. This means I can just buy it, instead of hunting around for the dual physical model!

All this list tells me is I've got some backlog clearing to do!



HaNks said:

wii U is owning 2014...bayonetta 2 (could be best action game ever) and smash. more than enough for me. i love that toad is getting his own game but will have to wait for that one.



Ralizah said:

Not a fair vote when SSB is up as a choice.

SSB of course. Nothing else touches that.



ULTRA-64 said:

I voted bayonetta but it was 50/50 with captain toad. I don't find driving games without green shells fun no matter how pretty! I've tried to like smash bros many times in the past but can't get into it and my intrest in watch dogs is waining.....hyrule warriors and sonic are definitely in the waiting for review category.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Hyrule Warriors and SSB 3ds day one. Project Cars, Captain Toad, and SSB U with amiibo for Christmas.



bizcuthammer said:

Really looking forward to Smash Bros. It's the only remaining Wii U game I'm for sure getting this year. Interested in Captain Toad, Sonic Boom and Hyrule Warriors, but i have serious questions about all of them and will wait to decide after i can read some reviews and opinions. Cautiously optimistic on all those. But, Smash Bros and Pokemon Omega Ruby will keep me busy even if none of those games pan out.



FragRed said:

The only titles here that I am truly excited about, and have pre-ordered, are those either developed or published by Nintendo. I will wait and see how Watch Dogs does in the reviews before taking action in purchasing it. And I got bored with the Lego games a long time ago.



brandonbwii said:

I'm tired of picking Smash Bros. all the time on lists like this, so I'm likely the only one to choose Affordable Space Adventures.

I wonder how many people on this site actually know about ASA? I would be looking forward to Watch Dogs, but I fear that it will lack DLC, leaving the package incomplete.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "And I see your fear of Smash U not making it to the holidays is alive and well."

Not fear, more like an obsession. I'm still waiting for MK8 to be delayed.

And to be fair to Nitneod it's not just them, PS4 has had some delays. It's an industry wide phenomenon. You know something on that list will be delayed. DKTF got delayed last year. But HW Sept, B2 Oct, Capt. Toad Nov and SSB Dec does make a really nice end of 2014 for Wii U. And MK8 is still in the public eye, Wii U should be a holiday gift this year for the masses. Plus I'm sure there must be a Just Dance game coming out.

And Sports Club in July. How can Wii U NOT sell this holiday? No SSB before for Christmas, that's how.



Link41x said:

I was really looking forward to Bayonetta 2, until I heard about the digital only Bayo1 news. I can't in good mind support the game because NOA is giving us the gimped version. That was a bad move Nintendo....



Gen0neD said:

Bayonetta, Smash and Hyrule Warriors. All day one. Project Cars I'm gonna do on PS4.



VIIIAxel said:

Smash U is easily the game I'm looking forward to the most this year. I'm really looking forward to Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad, too.



PlywoodStick said:

Monster Hunter Frontier G5 and Dragon Quest X: All-in-One pack for me...

Oh, wait... no localization and region locking... Silly me...



Twilight_Crow said:

Hyrule Warriors all the way! Can't wait to play as Midna. I'm also gonna get Captain Toad and Bayonetta 2, I really don't mind how they give us Bayo1, it is a plus I wasn't even expecting, and I have the PS3 version (yes, is not the best, but it worked for me). And Affordable Space Adventures is a must buy too.

Will wait for the review of Sonic Boom. Getting 3D Sonic games is a guilty pleasure of mine but, I heard that playing it by yourself won't be worth, because it is multiplayer focused, and, if that is the case, I may simply pass.

Everything else on the list I doubt I'll buy. After watching several let's play of Watch_Dogs I know it's not for me; and sorry but I don't like car racing games, other than quirky, karty, cartoony ones, so I couldn't care less about Project CARS in any format.


... Oh yeah, and I'll get the new Smash as everybody else.



dumedum said:

Year of Bayonetta. Also excited for Toad, watch_dogs, affordable s adventures, hyrule warriros and smash... basically everything.



3DSfan134 said:

Bayonetta, Hyrule Warriors and Smash U with the Gamecube adapter and controller are on my what to buy list.



Jorzha said:

I'm looking forward to super smash bros, hyrule warriors and Bayonetta 1/2 =P



AJ_Lethal said:




TheRealThanos said:

@SFR79 The official poll on the Project CARS site shows something different. Vote and see the astonishing result...
@Link41x the only thing that is gimped is the cover image on the DVD box. Other than that the game is complete and the first game is even expanded and slightly improved graphics-wise.
@readyletsgo A PS3 won't do you any good concerning Project CARS, since it won't be released on that console. But maybe I misunderstood what you meant to say.
@Nintenjoe64 It's not going to be a port, let alone a horrible one. All versions are developed side by side, not on a PC first and then ported to the various consoles, so the Wii U version has it's own team of developers.
@everyone that voted Project CARS: here's an interesting interview with lead developer Andy Tudor. I've linked to page four, which is where the interview starts in English. For those of you that rather read it in Spanish, just select the first page.



Grumblevolcano said:

I'll be getting Captain Toad, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Wii U and Bayonetta 2, not sure about Sonic Boom but it's bound to be at EGX this year (hopefully) so I'll see how I find it then. Last year I started off with Rocksmith 2014 and Sonic Lost World so I'll probably start with Sonic Boom this time



andrea987 said:

Definitely Affordable Space Adventures, that game is so much win. I'll pick up Project Cars too, of course.



MaseSco said:

Bayonetta definitely. Confirming the first one bundled in was what got me as I haven't finished the first one.....W101 also helped since it's the same studio.



TheRealThanos said:

@DiscoGentleman My thoughts exactly. I wasn't expecting that when I voted. Most people seem to want to give another third party a reason to leave the Wii U because of any one of the next three stupid reasons that I've come across so far on various sites: the Xbox One/PS4 version has better graphics, the Wii U controller has no analog triggers, the loading times on Wii U will probably be cr@p.
Of course, all these reasons are too dumb to be taken seriously. The graphics won't differ that much. Lead developer Andy Tudor himself has said as much in an interview, so differences will be minimal and will more than likely be reserved to technical features/special effects looking slightly better on the more powerful systems. As for analog: you can use the old classic controller and maybe someone (third party or Nintendo themselves) will release a new pro controller that does have analog triggers, and of course there will always be the steering wheel and pedal sets from third parties. Maybe there will even be an option to use the GameCube controller adapter for Wii U. And loading times are a matter of optimization; something that Slightly Mad Studios have also promised to take the utmost care with.
But maybe the most important thing is that if you have a Wii U besides your Xbox One/PS4, then you should STILL go for the Wii U version because it will not only show Slightly Mad Studios the appreciation that they deserve, it will also show Nintendo and third parties that there actually is success to be gained for third party titles on Wii U.



WaveBoy said:

Smash Bros U, Captain Toad:TT, Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors for me! Too bad Kirby Canvas 2 won't be arriving this year, i can't wait for that one. The DS original was a groundbreaking innovative masterpiece. I was absolutely blown away by the fact that i was actually using a stylus to to control kirby via lines and interacting with the screen. The DS(lite) still remains as my favorite hand held.



tovare said:

We need multiple choice questions here

I'll buy Bayonetta 2, Watch Dogs and probably Sonic Boom too and maybe Super Smash Bros with a bunch of figures.



NintyMan said:

I have to vote for Smash Bros. Wii U as my most anticipated Wii U game. Other games I'm looking forward to are Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Hyrule Warriors, though I'll have to read a review for the latter.



arnoldlayne83 said:

@TheRealThanos same thoughts here too about project cars.... Everyone is crying for the lack of decent third parties... Then when a studio gives special care to a wiiu version, a lot of "meh, but, if...." I Start to think that we r getting what we deserve.... Anyway, i ll support project cars and slightly mad studios by getting it at d1



Iggly said:

Smash and Hyrule Warriors, you'll be having a date with my wallet.



TheRealThanos said:

@arnoldlayne83 Yeah, it's too bad that all the good people that WILL buy the Wii U version have to suffer for every single multiple console owner that doesn't buy the Wii U version. Perhaps they just don't get how important choices like this can be and that you sometimes have to make choices like that for the greater good, which in this case is survival of third party support on Wii U. Oh well, what can you do? We can hardly force people...



Pokefanmum82 said:

Getting Bayonetta 2 , Captain Toad, Smash, Hyrule Warriors and probably Sonic Boom. Probably not Project Cars as I have to buy another copy of Mario Kart 8 since my youngest snapped the disc in half. I'm not happy about that, let me tell you.



TheRealThanos said:

@Pokefanmum82 Snapped the disc in half? What are you feeding them kids?
On the bright side: I do believe that your misfortune will give you the opportunity of selecting another free game if that MK8 promotion deal is still running.



arnoldlayne83 said:

@TheRealThanos even cos xbox one and ps4 will already get their own exclusive (forza and gt) so.... Btw, saw the link to the poll u posted....i was happy to see all the people and comments pro wiiu.. Plus some ridiculous haters....



Pod said:

I'm pretty sure Shinen has decided to fly a little low with Fast Neo right now, as to not compete with bloody Mario Kart. Maybe they're even reconfiguring parts of the game, to live up to F-Zero starved people better, now that Mario Kart took over a couple of that series main stays.



TheRealThanos said:

@Pod Would be nice, as they have a lot to live up to with all the info that they have released so far on how good they themselves think the game is going to be. My expectations are very high for that one.



Shambo said:

All of them probably, but not all at launch. Still have the previous Skylanders in my backlog so if I'm still interested after that... Lego the Movie Videogame also on backlog. Too many indies right now, and Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta are probably going to distract me from time and space... So the others will be for in 2015 I guess... Unless they get some special preorder treatment maybe.



TromboneGamer said:

During the treehouse demo of affordable space adventures one of the devs said that they're probably going to let it slip into 2015 to add more content (or something like that).



SleepyCrossing said:

Smash Bros. U, Bayonetta 1+2, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad. Waiting on Project CARS review and have Watch_Dogs already.

My wallet is really angry. I have such more important expenses coming up this year too >_< Oh, and amiibo..



bmprsvz777 said:

Great, that means that by the end of this year there will be approx. 100 Wii U games on disc and approx. 200 in e-shop, no software drought this time. You should add Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath to your list.



SahashraLA said:

I agree, Oddworld New N' Tasty should be on here (the PS4 version has a release date with 5 months to go in 2014).
ASA, due to neither of the devs making any game I've found enjoyable, gets a 'pass' in my book.
As many repeatedly delayed and underwhelming indies are getting from me these.
Smash is another pass. Frankly, the Wii U doesn't have any enjoyable control options for either 3D fighters or racers. Not that I'd spend any sizable amount on either. So, that makes Project Cars another pass. Toad? Maybe. If it's substantial enough.
Hyrule Warriors is one I'm curious about, but I'll be waiting for reviews. Dynasty Warriors are all garbage but maybe this time it works? Team Ninja will probably ruin it and Twilight Princess for me, so I'm cautious.
Bayonetta 2 is my most likely purchase and definitely my most anticipated. The controls are what I'll be wary of. From one handed Bayonetta to terribly finnicky Wonderful 101, I just hope Kamiya keeps it tight and traditional.
Every single unmentioned indie? For now, they're all just a PASS.



SahashraLA said:

Oh wow, I totally forgot about Watch Dogs.
Aka, the game I played for half an hour at a friend's house this week while recovering my broken hand.
Aka, the game I wouldn't own if I were given a copy.
Like every other Ubisoft game since the first PoP remake, it middles in mediocrity while clinging to the coattails of better titles. From Assassin's Creed, Rayman and Just Dance to the last two PoP's and Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft is a dying spider, spinning a paper thin web, waiting for a gust of web or some rain to finish it off.



TheWPCTraveler said:

I'm actually looking forward to getting everything in the list.

Believe it or not, I'm actually giving Watch_Dogs a chance.



Franklin said:

Captain Toad looks to me like it could have been made for 3DS or even GameCube. It would be alright if it were released on e-shop for a tenner, but it doesn't seem to be what the console needs right now.



0utburst said:

LOL I never let my kid handle the discs or the gamepad. I tell him I and his mom are the only ones who will change the disc. Plus I keep the games out of his reach.



0utburst said:

Also good luck for those who will buy watchdogs. I have a feeling Ubisoft won't be bringing watchdogs 2 on the Wii U.



Donutman said:

7 of those games I will be buying the first week. The others probably never. (Lego, sonic and sky lander). Can't freaking wait for amiibo. I know there are other games not on this list I'll get too.



citizenerased said:

2014 looks just "okay" to me, but I've got plenty of games in the backlog. 2015, on the other hand, looks stellar, even if Zelda will be delayed (which it will).



KryptoKrunch said:

Great list of games. Smash gets my #1 followed by Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, Hyrule Warriors and Sonic Boom.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I do put the discs up and my oldest, my hubby and I are the only onss who can handle the discs. I didn't really see my youngest break it, I was cooking dinner. He brought out to me broken. My oldest got a talking to about it and I'm making him wait awhile before I will replace it.



Wonky_Kong said:

Gotta be bayo2, platinum always deliver great quality. Apart from that im going to buy smash, affordable space adventures and pikmin3 because I only got a wiiu recently.

I will wait on reviews for hyrule warriors vecause I hear it is just like a re-skinned dynasty warriors8, which i've already played. Project cars will be bought for my PC.



audiobrainiac said:

I'm def getting project cars, smash 4, hyrule warriors, bayonetta, watchdogs, captain toad, and sonic boom!!!



Chunky_Droid said:

I love that everyone complained that all the games are coming out in 2015 when we have THIS list of awesome games.



JaxonH said:


Well, this was just a poll of what people are MOST excited for. I chose Bayonetta 2, but I'll probably buy every game on the list except Skylanders, LEGO Batman and Sonic.

Same goes for Watch Dogs. It's not what people are most excited for, but I bet it still sells a decent bit. I mean, it IS Watch Dogs after all.



JaxonH said:


Well first of all, it's not about what the "console needs" its what gamers will enjoy. And a LOT of people enjoyed Captain Toad from 3D World and wanted to see a full game. That's the difference between Nintendo and the rest of the industry. They don't focus their games on corporate needs. They just make fun games. If it's what the console needs, cool. If not, oh well. In their eyes (and I would have to agree with them), what the console "needs" is fun games. In any shape or form. And this most definitely constitutes a fun game.

Second of all, what part about HD graphics that outclass 3D World says "3DS or Gamecube equivalent"? Cause from where I'm sitting, the game looks every bit as good as 3D World and then some. Who cares if a game "could have" been made on those consoles anyways. The game looks as good as it can feasibly look. What more do you want? Pores on Toad's face? Or should I say, spores? And what are you using to determine it's a ten dollar downloadable game? Did you play it and complete the game from start to finish and have inside knowlege that we don't? When Nintendo says it's a full game, that's what it is. They're not gonna sell us a ten dollar eShop game for $60, that I can assure you. It's probably going to be just as big as 3D World was, only with different types of stages in place of the platforming- 3 of which include the traditional Captain Toad levels, first person levels, and boss levels. And that's just what we know about so far.



Pod said:

Being a huge fan of Nifflas' games, I'm turbo excited for Affordable Space Adventures.



ricklongo said:

I'm honestly not sure how much I'll enjoy Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors, but I'll still get both.

Super Smash Bros, on the other hand, I can't wait for.

And finally, Project Cars, Watchdogs and Sonic Boom are all third-party games I'll definitely give a try.

All in all, should be a pretty exciting six months for retail. Possibly even better for the e-Shop, if the current too-many-awesome-games trend continues.



RantingThespian said:

1- SSB
2- Bayonetta 2
3- Hyrule Warriors
4- Watch Dogs
5- Captain Toad

Those are the 5 that are on my "Must Have" list.



Andyliini said:

About Projet CARS. I really don't want to buy it, but want to support 3rd parties that put out a good gae for Wii U.
I don't even like racing sims, but...
Man, this is too difficult.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Bayonetta 2 Special Edition with the first game included will be my nº1 priority this Christmas. That being said I want to get Smash and Project CARS (we need a racing game like this on Wii U!), but only if my wallet allows. A big IF at this point.



gojiguy said:

Bayonetta 2 all day err day

EDIT: isn't Devil's Third supposed to come out this year too?



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH The reason they are doing it is because it will be easier (Hence the time between first showing it and releasing it) than another 3D World with all the variety that had. (Which would sell better - I didn't mind a bit of Captain Toad but I don't like puzzle games). They keep on going about games for everybody but puzzle games are on of the very few genres I almost never like.



RFox182 said:

Not on the list retail release of Wii U Sports out in August idk why excited for this release....on the list Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors! Project Cars also looks badass



JaxonH said:


I understand everyone has different preferences, but Captain Toad isn't what I would consider to be a pure "puzzle game". Puzzle games are like Tetris, Pushmo, stuff like that. Captain Toad has puzzle elements, for sure, but it's not purely a puzzle game. More along the lines of like, Luigi's Mansion.

Idk, you may not like games with puzzle elements but a lot of people do. It's why games like Zelda and Metroid, and even Armillo, are so fun to play. Mental challenge is popular on Nintendo platforms, whereas physical challenge (twitch reflex games) are more popular on rival platforms.

Just keep in mind, everyone likes different things. There are going to be games that some people like and you don't, and other games that you like while others don't. You may not like Captain Toad, but I know I do, and a lot of others here as well. "Take what you want and leave the rest" is a good motto to go by.



IronMan28 said:

Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, and Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition will be mine. Yes, the last one counts because I switched it w/Skylanders in my mind, which is allowed. Besides, how can I resist cool Marvel toys?



Alucard83 said:

None of the games give me the "i must have it" feeling. Super Smash is IMO overrated. I played/tried and it's just not for me.



IceClimbers said:

Smash Bros for sure, which will be a Christmas list game. I want Bayonetta 2 really bad, but Smash 3DS and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are getting in the way, as well as a Disneyland trip next year. Otherwise Bayo2 would be a day one purchase. Same goes for Project CARS.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire might have to be a Christmas list game as well, because I'd choose Smash 3DS over it to buy on day one. If I put Smash 3DS on my Christmas list, then I'd end up getting it over Smash Wii U, cause it's the cheaper game and they will think it's the exact same game. Gonna be weird not getting a Pokemon game on launch day though.



IceClimbers said:

Also, Bayonetta 1 does come free with the digital version of Bayonetta 2, for those of you wondering.



Sleepy_Icarus said:

I definitely have my sights set on both versions of Smash Bros. I'd love to get Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta, but my wallet's already suffering as it is...



WanderingPB said:

Bayonetta 2 is the game im most excited for next to Captain Toad but i must say im actually excited for all these games minus Sonic Boom…i really hope they surprise us with a better sonic game than what they had for their demo.



Dpullam said:

I'll be picking up Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, and Hyrule Warriors without a doubt. I might even pick up Affordable Space Adventures too. It looks pretty interesting as well. There will be plenty of games for me to play on Wii U this year, especially considering I still haven't played Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze or Super Mario 3D World yet. Just got my Wii U last month after all!



DenisNinja said:

the thing I most desire and want you to do Nintendo, restart launching the SNES Donkey Kong Country Trilogy again for the Wii U shop, until today in this world no one could have the capability to create a best game platform for me than the Donkey kong's series for Super Nintendo. Donkey Kong Snes series is the best game in the world in gameplay and etc... i am very revolted with this miserable ridiculous Rareware, I hope you Nintendo give us hope and release for real again these games for the wii u, i want very much the donkey kong snes anthology for Wii U



Gabjazz said:

@Hy8ogen I will get, day one: bayo 2, smash bros wiiu-3ds, project cars and maybe captain toad maybe. And after release ill see how hyrule warriors looks like, I'm not sure about that game ill like to play a demo first it doesn't look soo cool for me.



CaPPa said:

Bayonetta 1+2, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad and Super Smash Bros. U are all day one purchases for me.  I'm not really in to racing sims, but I'll keep an eye on Project CARS anyway. I'm also interested in Lego Batman 3, but could wait for a sale on it. Same goes for Sonic Boom. I'll wait for a review of Watch_Dogs, as it looked pretty bad on the PS3, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out on the Wii U.

The games on the Wii U are certainly stacked up for the final 4 months of the year.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH That would be fine if this list was for say this week or this month however it becomes more problematic when it is for the next 6 months. 2015 looks more interesting but how many things originally planned for 2013 ended up delayed ?



Franklin said:


First of all, it is about what the console needs, the Wii U is failing badly. It's worth a small e shop title at best. Nintendo clearly cares about the bottom line, and not just about making fun games. If they were purely focused on making fun innovative games, we wouldn't see endless New Super Mario Bros. games. They sell.

Secondly, for me to buy a home console, it needs to be able to do what the previous iteration, and the current handheld cannot in terms of gameplay. A good example of this is the N64. I do not want to spend the money on the Wii U for games such as 3D World, Captain Toad, and a plethora of 2D platformers that barely utilise the new controller. I won't even need to get it to play Smash Bros. Zelda sounds intriguing, and could be the game to persuade me.

Regarding graphics, the type of people who care about HD graphics are not the people who buy Nintendo consoles. I don't care if Toad looks better than on 3DS, the game could easily be on the handheld. When I'm enjoying open world games like Kid Icarus on the 3DS, I'm not going to spend money on the Wii U for the current and upcoming games.

As for the idea of it being an e shop game for around a tenner, that's the size I think it ought to be. More than that I consider a waste of Nintendo's time when they could be developing games such as (whisper it) F-Zero.



IceClimbers said:

@Franklin You contradicted your own statement with the F-Zero bit at the end.

What the console needs is fun games and VARIETY that are exclusive to the system. The games coming provide that. You may not be interested in Captain Toad, but there are many who are. Variety sells. Doesn't matter if Captain Toad could have been made on the 3DS, it's exclusive to the Wii U so you will have to buy that system if you want to play the game. It is easily a $50 retail game.

By the way, we don't see endless New Super Mario Bros games. There's been 4 of them across 4 systems. One per system. That's not milking it. Sales of the NSMB games have gone down each iteration anyway.

Kid Icarus Uprising is NOT an open world game. There are no open world or sandbox games on the 3DS actually.

The Wii U is not failing badly. Poor sales, yes, but it is recovering thanks to Mario Kart 8, Nintendo's killer E3, and the upcoming lineup. It's outselling the PS4 every week in Japan.



JaxonH said:


Couldn't disagree more...basically, what @IceClimbers said.

I'm pretty sure everyone in the world likes HD graphics. You don't have to be a graphics whore to appreciate playing games in crisp HD. The only thing I "need" to buy a console is fun games that are not present on a console I already own.

Idk what to tell you. Captain Toad isn't gonna be ten bucks- it's looking like a full retail release. So, yeah. Sorry to hear you won't be enjoying the game with the rest of us.



Sampras said:


Me too. I was split 50/50 between Toad and Bayonetta, except I leaned Toad. My thought was because Toad seemed slightly more original as I am still in mild disbelief reacting to the e3 announcement. "They made this into his own full-fledged game?? That is GENIUS!!!



Sampras said:


Absolutely, everyone enjoys games regardless of HD or not.

There will always be a few insecure people who want bragging rights and split hairs or invent techno advantages that only the likes of digital foundry can notice (or even care about).

Back to the distinction between HDness vs enjoyable. Consider this. Everyone LOVES:
GameBoy tetris - extremely low res.
All the (great) NES games that haven't aged at all - pixels very visible.
16 bit era games that haven't aged at all - pixels still very much discernable.
All the Capcom 2D fighters - you can see pixels, nobody cares though.
3DS games - hit after hit after hit after hit - not as high res as other competition - nobody cares. (Oh btw did I mention freakin 3D is available????)
All the indie games regardless of platform that go out of their way to retain the old pixel look - HD not an issue here.

Let's face it, HD is not required for a fun game. HD is only required if you want...HD.



JaxonH said:


Of course HD isn't required for fun games. I still play NES games to this day.

But that's not to say it has no importance, or that people wouldn't prefer to play games with better visuals as opposed to worse. Too often Nintendo fans dismiss the value of visuals in favor of gameplay to the point of thinking visuals don't matter at all. They do matter. No, they're not required, but if I can, I'd prefer to play all my games with the best possible visuals. It's why each console generation brings better visuals than the last, even on Nintendo platforms. Because people care. If people didn't care about better visuals, Nintendo would never need to make a new console each generation. They could just keep making games for the same 20 year old hardware. Now, how much "better visuals" improve the enjoyment is all relative. A jump from an already HD experience on Wii U to slightly better visuals on PS4 will have little impact. But a jump from meager sub-HD, pixelated 3DS hardware to crisp, HD visuals on Wii U is substantial.

Saying great visuals aren't a necessity is one thing. And I'd agree with that. But saying they have no importance at all is, well, it's kind of naive. People like good visuals. I know I do, and I know most gamers do as well, even Nintendo fans. No, not to the point of being graphics whores and demanding it as a requirement of enjoyment, but given the same game on 3DS and Wii U, I'll go with Wii U every single time, with the exception of retro games that look the same on both. MH3U is a good example. Sure, it's fun on 3DS, but it's more enjoyable on Wii U with better graphics and HD.

I see this kind of thing all the time. 3DS gamers who don't own a Wii U will be quick to dismiss the benefits of playing games with better visuals and HD... until they actually end up getting a Wii U, and then they start singing a different tune. It's easy to dismiss what you don't own. But how many people who actually own a Wii U and 3DS would feel the same way? Few, if any. Better graphics, better resolution, better frame-rate... none of these things are required for game to be fun. But they sure do make the experience more enjoyable.

There are two extremes- the folks that say visuals are everything and the folks that say gameplay is everything. Neither are correct. Now, gameplay is more important- it's the foundation of any good game. You can have great gameplay and poor visuals and still have a great game. But, visuals do enhance the experience. I enjoy playing DKC Tropical Freeze on Wii U many times over DKC Returns on Wii or 3DS. The games are about same as far as fun gameplay, but the excellent, crisp visuals elevate the experience of Tropical Freeze. Mario Kart 8 is a better game than Mario Kart 7. But, it also benefits from the crisp, HD visuals and better graphics, which stack on top it being a better game, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

In the end though, I didn't buy my Wii U just for the visual advantage over 3DS. I bought it because I love Nintendo's games, and Wii U has separate games that are not present on 3DS. And I bought 3DS (despite its visual inferiority- because I agree, games can be fun regardless of visual fidelity), because it has separate games not present on Wii U. Both have great games not offered on the other.



Captain_Toad said:

@midnafanboy I haven't heard a peep from that one, though that depends if Activision decides not to like legends of Korra.
In fact I hope they do so devil's third'll get more attention XD.
And I hope that Smash U bros makes it before this year's end.
Thank goodness for that E3, the WiiU got some good titles this year and ESPICALLY next year.



IRNBRU115 said:

I hope Watch Dogs is a better port than AC4. While I prefer Nintendo games, I do like assassins creed, but don't have any other next gen consoles, so I got the one on Wii U. There was two problems with it. 1. The game is rubbish anyway and 2. The Wii U port is awful, frame-rate is worse than on 360/PS3, so an EXTREMELY lazy effort on ubisofts part, seeing as the Wii U has 4 times as much ram as the 360 and 16 times as much as the PS3. Not too much of a let down, because I didn't buy a wii u to play Assassins creed, but still. It would be good if this was 60 fps, which I think it could be, seeing how it looks on PS4 compared to Bayonetta, or HYRULE warriors (which is 30, but there is 100s of characters on screen at one time). So I REALLY hope its good and I hope Nintendolife do an article closer to the time so we know what the improvements are



Sampras said:


I think you're mixing up "graphically impressive" with general enjoyment or fun.

Two examples:

1) Have you seen the evolution of the graphical impressiveness of Tetris games? I have. And you know what, they amount to squat when it comes to making the game more fun or enjoyable.

2) Have you seen Super Street Fighter II on SNES vs arcade? I have. Here is an example where graphical impressiveness actually added to the general enjoyment or fun. Because you can see detail in the character's face in smaller characters such as Fei Long. In this specific case, the amount of detail mattered because it allowed the game to impart the emotional content as expressed on Bruce Lee's face ...I'm sorry "Fei Long"'s face. But that was SNES vs arcade. WiiU vs 360 and PS4, no such significant difference. But then again WiiU differentiates itself in different ways.

"Too often Nintendo fans dismiss the value of visuals in favor of gameplay to the point of thinking visuals don't matter at all. They do matter"
No one disputes that. It's just not the deciding factor for enjoyability or fun.

"Saying great visuals aren't a necessity is one thing. And I'd agree with that. But saying they have no importance at all is, well, it's kind of naive."
No one said that. At least I didn't.

Your examples about WiiU sequel version of a game vs the Wii version of the game speaks to my distinction between "graphically impressive" and general enjoyment or fun. Without even talking about the gamepad....just the TV screen graphical the games you pointed out the bigger and badder visuals were made possible by the new console. But notice how you are comparing WiiU to Wii - huge difference in power. But WiiU to ps4 or 360? That difference just isn't there. Even if you notice, it's splitting hairs - NOTHING close to the difference you mentioned with WiiU vs Wii visuals.



JaxonH said:


So we're pretty much in agreement. Except for the fact I consider prettier eye candy to add to my overall enjoyment of the game. Enjoyment comes in many shapes and sizes. And a better looking game always makes it more entertaining to play, at least it does to me. It's not so much about being "graphically impressive as it is looking aethetically pleasing and believable. I know a lot of Nintendo games are cartoon-like characters, but when you can't distinguish the game between a Saturday morning cartoon, it adds to my enjoyment. And I'm pretty sure that stands for most people.

I've been "graphically wowed" before. I'm not talking about that. I'm just talking about a game that is more aesthetically pleasing adds to my entertainment. DKC TF wasn't really "graphically impressive". Takes a lot to impress me nowadays. It just looked more awesome, and since you're kind of buying into that world you're playing in, it's always more entertaining to play a game with more "believable" visuals, even if they are of mascots and cartoon characters.

And ya, PS4 to Wii U difference is marginal. I passed up buying Watch Dogs on PS4 to get it on Wii U. BUT, I will say that the PS4 definitely has a noticeable gap in power, and it does make games more enjoyable. It's just that, compared to other HD systems, it's marginal, as I said.

EDIT: Even Tetris, I enjoy more in crisp HD visuals and modern graphics, just for the record. It's just a basic human emotion I think. People like movies with better visual effects. People like games with better graphics. I'll still always pick the funner game with lesser graphics, but I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I didn't enjoy games more in HD than in sub-HD, or say I don't enjoy a game with better graphics more than that same game with worse graphics.



Sampras said:

Prettier eye candy can add to overall enjoyment. I agree. But what is pretty? If you mean more realistic visuals = prettier, I disagree.

As a designer myself and artist, "realism" is the lack of visual art style. In other words if the visual presentation is "realistic" the artist did nothing a Polaroid couldn't do. Mind you the Polaroid is way faster at rendering "realism" and you don't have to pay for its health insurance either.

Cartoon style or watercolor style or paper cutout style or yarn aesthetic or anime style, or comic book style, or whatever other art style is much more interesting depending on how well it's executed.

Consider Bayonetta's visuals or Wonderful 101. Both graphicaly very impressive, but not anywhere near "realistic" or "believable". I'd argue that's exactly why it's so impressive and creative visually.

Lastly, when you say "it's always more entertaining to play a game with more "believable" visuals" I'd have to use my Tetris example again. All the updated "improved" graphics since the gameboy amounted to squat in terms of making the game more fun for me.



SFR79 said:

@TheRealThanos well seeing the results on that poll just makes me happy! it would be great if the biggest sales for the game come from Wii U!

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