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Wed 12th Feb 2014

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Andyliini commented on Nintendo Download: 28th January (Europe):

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a tough one for me. I didn't really enjoy it back then, nor di I have much time to play it now. But if this game's seccuss or failure decids wether Square-Enix releases more Virtual Console games in Europe, I feel like I have to get it...



Andyliini commented on Review: Drill Dozer (Wii U eShop / GBA):

I'm still a bit confused if the European languages were translated for this release solely, ot if they were done back then and just left unreleased. Seems like an odd game to localize this late.



Andyliini commented on Nintendo Download: 10th December (Europe):

I'm really not into racing games, but I'll het FAST Racing Neo to support the dev. I'll also grab Game & Watch Gallery Advance, as I love those games. Especially as Virtual Console has save states, makes the gameplay much easier.

Other than that, I'm interested in Steamworld Heist, but I'll rather get it on Wii U.



Andyliini commented on Nintendo Download: 8th October (Europe):

When I was a kid, I remember reading of SNES game Pocky & Rocky from a local Nintendo Magazine, and liking the look of it.

Maybe I should see if this GBA-version is as good as that preview back then.



Andyliini commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo Closes in Europe on 30...:

Just used my last stars.
As I can only get digital content, I decided to get Aura-Aura Climber for 3DS, and the three sets of wallpapers there were.

So yeah, there we go. I was anticipating a Nintendo Direct to show off the new system just as the previous closes, but it seems like it's not happening.



Andyliini commented on Mario History: Super Mario Sunshine - 2002:

This is the worst Mario game ever, when it comes to platformers. The controls are off, it has water everywhere and collecting 100 coins is a chore, for the coins are sparse in this game. And the blue coins... Hoo boy. Tried playing it twice, and quit both times.

Never again.



Andyliini commented on Nintendo Download: 7th May (Europe):

I already have Yoshi's Island DS as a cart, and have no interest in Kirby, so I'll skip this week. If I ever want to LP Yoshi's Island DS, I'm glad I can easily do it by downloading this from eShop.



Andyliini commented on Rumour: Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima Is Lea...:

@minotaurgamer I agree wholeheartely. I never see this hype towards the man. His games aren't bad, but they are certainly not the god-tier games people praise. I mean, Metal Gear series has reached a status where critisizing it is pretty much forbidden. Nothing negative can be said about it without dozen of people jumping at you.

That said, I too wonder why this was even featured. To me, Hideo Kojima is nothing short of Nintendo-hating prick, and therefore not on my whitelist.



Andyliini commented on eShop Games Added To The European Club Nintend...:

I'm not from UK, but have Stars regostered in their CN. Do they really send you the download codes via post or does it arrive in your email?

I tried purchasing a download code for Hana Samurai, but it asked me a delivery address, which I do not have, naturally.



Andyliini commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Visuals Stand U...:

Looks good to me. While I have already played this game, and finished it on Wii, I'm thinking of actually picking this up to show my support to Monolith Soft and Xeno-series in general.

Same reason I have Shulk-amiibo preordered.



Andyliini commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

What people seem to forget, that this game is developed and published by Koei-Tecmo, Nintendo are not the one's in charge for this game.

So if you really feel disappointed about no online co-op, most of you are barking at the wrong tree here.



Andyliini commented on Devil's Third Will Feature Chicken Gathering, ...:

Hmm... Sounds interesting.

I love how there ase still developers who put out a game like this but don't take themselves too seriously. Perhaps that's the reason I generally like more Japanese games. They are not all dark and serious.



Andyliini commented on New Fatal Frame Will Be Spooking The Wii U In ...:

Say what, which one of the Resident Evil producers? I highly enjoy those films, but it has quite a few producers, from the top pf my head:
Robert Kulzer
Samuel Hadida
Jeremy Bolt
Paul W.S. Anderson
Don Carmony

I really wonder...