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Talking Point: F-Zero GX HD Could Boost the Franchise onto Wii U

Posted by Michael Westgarth

We're ready

While Nintendo makes great efforts to release high quality Mario, Zelda and Kirby games on a regular basis, the development of games in the Metroid, Star Fox and F-Zero franchises, for example, is approached more cautiously. In the case of F-Zero, Nintendo's reluctance to create further sequels seems to stem from fears that the series has simply run its course, as recently explained by Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto last month.

Nintendo's concern over potentially producing a sub-par F-Zero game is commendable, but surely a compromise could be made that would see a modern F-Zero title appearing on the Wii U? In that respect, a HD remake of F-Zero GX would do quite nicely.

Of course, a brand spanking new F-Zero game would be desirable, but with a bit of tender loving care, the GameCube classic F-Zero GX could easily be updated for the much more modern Wii U with minimal risk and cost to Nintendo.

F-Zero GX was an incredibly modern title to begin with, despite it being released a decade ago. With its irresistibly luscious graphics, fluid controls, electric guitar infused techno soundtrack and infamously brutal difficulty level, the ambitious game was hard to put down, let alone forget about. Considering the critical and reasonable commercial success it enjoyed, an expanded remake, if handled properly, is sure to garner a similar level of success among its HD remake brethren, including the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

A graphical overhaul of F-Zero GX would be a given in our hypothetical HD remake. Online multiplayer would also be an essential addition, even if the dreamed-of frantic 30-player matches aren't technically achievable. Other unessential but nonetheless welcomed additions would be the ability to share custom created craft online with friends as well as easier access to content from the game's arcade counterpart, F-Zero AX.

The entirety of F-Zero AX was found hidden away on F-Zero GX's disc and the individual components of the arcade game were available to play legitimately in the GameCube version, although the process to unlock the various tracks and racers meant beating each grand prix on the “Master” difficulty; a ridiculously nefarious task for even the most hardened of F-Zero GX veterans. Considering the wealth of content that has remained unseen by the majority of players, integrating F-Zero AX into a HD remake would dramatically increase the appeal of the game to fans and newcomers alike. But even if Nintendo could make the game, why should it?

The non-simulation, futuristic racing genre has fallen by the wayside in recent years due, in no small part, to the closure of Sony Computer Entertainment Studio Liverpool and the end of the iconic WipEout series as we know it. Sony's official statement regarding the matter didn't specify as to whether the performance of WipEout's recent instalments where a factor in the studio's closure, but either way, the niche that both WipEout and F-Zero once shared is now wide open for Nintendo to occupy.

Not only would an F-Zero GX HD remake grab the attention of futuristic racing deprived gamers, but it would also offer an inexpensive method for Nintendo to quickly bolster the selection of quality racers on the Wii U and lessen Nintendo's dependence on Mario Kart 8.

The original version of F-Zero GX was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi, and developed by Amusement Vision, a second-party Sega developer that has since merged with Sega Japan. With this in mind, Nintendo and Sega's recently formed partnership would make putting the F-Zero GX band back together and getting those anti-gravity gears in motion significantly easier.

Although the aforementioned partnership specifically concerns the release of three Sonic the Hedgehog titles exclusively for the Wii U and 3DS, including Sonic Lost World, those are by no means the only Sega games that'll be appearing on the Wii U. Of particular interest is Yakuza 1 & 2 HD, a Japan-exclusive collection of two PlayStation 2 games “remastered” for modern HD consoles and now on its way to the Wii U. And who's directly involved in the production of Yakuza 1 & 2 HD? None other than Toshihiro Nagoshi himself.

The close proximity of Nagoshi to Nintendo was evident in the Japanese edition of May's Nintendo Direct, in which the famed producer stood alongside Satoru Iwata to promote the collection. With Yakuza 1 & 2 HD on its way to Japan and Wind Waker HD sailing its way to Western shores, F-Zero GX HD would be in good company.

But as Shigeru Miyamoto suggested, Nintendo probably isn't going to announce an F-Zero related project any time soon, regardless of how badly the remaining F-Zero fans yearn for another super-sonic, anti-gravity extravaganza. The only chance of a F-Zero GX HD remake materialising is if Nintendo believes there to be a significantly large and passionate consumer base for it. But does a substantially strong F-Zero fanbase still exist? And is it vocal enough for Nintendo to take notice of its pleas? These are the questions that only you yourself can answer.

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SmearyToast said:

As much as I liked F-Zero, I say NO! Its time for new IP's. Even Nintendo agrees. I don't want them using valuable resources on another remake of game. - unless its Zelda (not talking about windwaker) which they are already working on



Eien1239 said:

I just hope when fans get it that it will eclipse the sales of the previous series without marketing. Don't get me wrong I would like marketing I just wanna see how much of a vocal minority we are dealing with.



Dogpigfish said:

I think Miyamoto is right, the franchise is weak. Last year The Wipeout developer was liquidated. Gone is 'Extreme G' and others are hesitant. I think these racers may be dead, replaced by Forze, NFS, and open world car games. In my opinion, f zero went down hill after the super nes.



DePapier said:

Currently reading the article and no. For real, no. And that's from someone who used to finish every F-ZERO GX cup in Master just to get every character's ending video.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@Dogpigfish Weak franchise? Went downhill after the SNES debut? I would like to know what you have been smoking, must be strong.
If you don't like the genre, leave it to other who do. But F-Zero GX is the best one (it's the best racing game ever, period), and F-Zero X on the N64 is a huge step up from the original too. NFS, Forza open-world racers... I laugh at those. F-Zero is so much better. The only decent racing franchise that remains nowadays is Burnout.
I think I would KILL to get a new F-Zero on the Wii U, at this point. Yep, I'm dangerous and twisted.



Savino said:

Yesterday nintendo announced on facebook the release of that Smurfs 2 game as if it was the most anticipated game of the year!
I dont know if they are really getting the picture here...



King47 said:

GX was amazing. I've always thought they should just update it for the wii u. Good article, thanks.



sleepinglion said:

I agree, an F-Zero sequel once per platform would be most welcome. Nintendo claims there is nothing new they can do with certain franchises but when I see Mario Kart 7 and New Super Mario Bros 862, I really don't buy that argument.



Savino said:

@Dogpigfish I agree!
Not about the franchise going downhill, because the gamecube was the top!
But those kind of racing games are dead! Today people want, as you said so well, real racing games or open world games and fzero fits none! Ridge Racer is another kind of game that is dead nowadays.



JonWahlgren said:

@Adam I never found a cabinet One of those arcade machine tracker websites told me that one was nearby but when I went over there was no such thing.

I dunno about a remake but maaaan we're overdue another F-Zero.



DePapier said:

@Samurai_Goroh As a HUGE fan I need to support you right here, Goroh. This franchise is one that has done nothing but evolving. Anybody willing to prove this wrong needs me to teach him a thing or two about this outstanding series.



Bass_X0 said:

Make a Captain Falcon game where he gets out of his F-Zero machine and goes out exploring the cities and worlds that F-Zero is set in doing what he does best - bounty hunting. His allies and enemies would all be from GX/AX in this third person action shooter / fighting game. And of course, there would be the token F-Zero races.

Is that a new IP enough for you even if it does star an old character?



Whopper744 said:

Gosh I used to love this game. I beat all the chapters on Master too (which is not something I do often in was that Gran Prix Chapter 7 difficult!).
The arcade was really really cool too, but hard to find.
Sadly, I don't think I see them continuing this series by the way they have talked about it recently...



DePapier said:

@Adam #11 Yep. Tried it several times in Houston, went back to France and came back several years later, the arcade was gone.



Savino said:

I wonder how Fzero could evolve to fits today's tastes!
Seriously, I am not sure if I wanna play a game with 15 tracks and 3 levels of dificulty! But I fail to see how the series could evolve beyond this!



DePapier said:

@Joshers744 I see I'm not the only one who played this game seriously. Chapter 7 was in Very Hard was one of the hardest, you just could NOT win unless you managed to take out Black Shadow right at the beginning. And even then Blood Falcon was a fierce opponent.

The best for me was Chapter 8 against Deathborn: drifting and boosting the hell out of that lava road, strafing left and right to reduce damage to a minimum...

It's the best racing game ever, period. There is no point to even consider arguing.



unrandomsam said:

I don't like any games where you get cheap wins especially online. Think I prefer all stars racing transformed to modern mario karts.



DePapier said:

@Savino 25 tracks, 4 levels of difficulty, 9 story mode chapters, 42 wacky characters, customizable machines... Did I forget something?



unrandomsam said:

I like the look of those Namco Mario Kart Arcade GP's though.

The Japanese parts of all the old Arcade dev's are still quite decent (Sega / Namco / SNK / Capcom even just the Western parts who are utterly useless).



Ecto-1 said:

I would love to see a new entry in this series, even if it were just a remake. Make it happen Nintendo!



LordJumpMad said:

As a proud owner of F-ZeroGX, it was the only GameCube game I could not trade-in.
There no game like F-Zero, and the fast pace action that it brings.
I think Nintendo can bring F-Zero back in a big way, if its done right.



Quickman said:

The original still looks amazing today, just release it on the eshop already.



Azikira said:

If they won't give us a new installment, I will be very disappointed. But I do have F-Zero GX, F-Zero X, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and the original F-Zero to play... Does this constitute me as part of this fanbase?



Retro_on_theGo said:

Hell, give me any new F-Zero and I will personally buy everyone I know a Wii U and a copy of the game,



SonataAndante said:

The amount of people saying no to a new F-Zero or a port of GX and talking about how it was bad or needed changed is bothersome. Did people even play the game? As for the notion that people only want realistic racing games like Forza now, holy crap did you forget MARIO KART exists? There is a market for non-realistic racing games. It's there. You can't even possibly begin to assume there's no market for a new F-Zero game when we haven't had a new one on a console for TEN YEARS. The last F-Zero games we got were on the GBA, and I don't think anyone remembers the GBA for its racing games. Nintendo's excuse is also incredibly lame. I'd personally like to see a new F-Zero game come to the Wii U but if they need to do an HD remake of GX to gauge interest or anything like that first, do it. Don't let the series rot for no reason.



Shambo said:

A detailed track editor and the gamepad gyro as a steering OPTION, local and online combined, and next-gen neon-lit graphics. Some new faces, maybe some extra combat possibilities like basic weapons, and ghost data downloads. Gamepad screen as rear-view mirror or cockpit view,... Some ideas that could and WOULD take F-Zero to the next level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: gameplay changes MUST be optional, since many of us, myself included, just want more of the same in this particular case!

The genre may be dying a slow death, but F-Zero can outrun death. It's always been ahead of any competition.

@sleepinglion Mario and Mario Kart are considered casual - with pretty hardcore options. F-Zero is hardcore to the bone. It's much more delicate to balance that series to its audience. And the risk is way higher...



KaiserGX said:

I'm gonna go ahead and say this now. I think F-Zero is overrated. I enjoyed the SNES version, the 64 one was ok. I think this is an Earthbound effect. Just because we haven't had anything F-Zero released in a while, everyone's all whoop whoop. Same with Star Fox.



MegaWestgarth said:

Such a great reaction. I'm really glad to see people considering both sides of the argument. Keep the comments coming and thanks for reading!



Shiryu said:

Breaking my vacation Internet silence just to say I support this cause... GO FAST!

But not a HD remake... an HD upgrade! All the original content doubled with new tracks and machines. Free DLC every month with new champioships. And online multiplayer, of course!



HeatBombastic said:

@SmearyToast It really wouldn't take too much valuable resources. Like what the article says, it could revive the series, make cash, and since it being a remake, the development costs would be way less.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@KaiserGX I respectfully disagree, sir. Even to this day, being a ten-year old game, the F-Zero GX disc has a eerie propensity to fly from the box and land on my Wii slot-loading drive. After years I haven't played a better racing game. Nothing comes close, the best of the bunch for me is Burnout Paradise.
The one thing that should be corrected it's the difficulty, it does go out of hand. Not saying to eliminate the insane "Master" modes, but specially in Story Mode there should be a easier setting than "Normal". Because "Normal" really is very hard for most people who never got to complete the game. And that's sad.
Also, the AX content should be unlockable in some new way. I never ever found an arcade.
@ Shiryu Nice to see you around, man. You probably don't know this, but was your passionate comments about the game back in 2006 on the Gameover blogs that convinced me to buy it for my Wii.



Ukulele_Wizard said:

F-Zero GX was a beautiful game, and, if for nothing else, Nintendo should do an HD remake or make and entirely new game just to show off how capable the Wii U really is, because despite the fact that on paper the PS4 and Xbox One destroy it, I don't think that there's that big a difference in real world performance. Also, I heard that the large cache of EDRAM would make it be able to compete head to head with the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. But that's just what I hear from and indie developer I know, so I could be totally wrong/big studios won't take advantage of that and won't care.



KaiserGX said:

GX you almost have to memorize the tracks in order to know when to turn because of how fast everything is happening.



Shiryu said:

@Samurai_Goroh Ah, the Wii in 2006, a time where no one in our country believed it would be a success... 7 years later, who is laughing now? Thankfully I still have my original one, so GC compatibility is ever present. I am away on vacation but I did not bring the Wii U, I brought the Wii with small selection of Game Cube classics such as "Rogue Leader" and... "F-ZERO GX"!

Oh yeah, go grab this:



Obito_Sigma said:

The Wii U just got released last November! We don't need every franchise coming to the Wii U within the next two years! Give Nintendo time for each game to be released, we don't need every game released at the same time. Sure, we have F-Zero, Metroid, Kid Icarus, and Kirby, but those games should be released in a while for the Wii U. The Wii U should last all of us until 2017-2020 for a new system. (I expect a new 3DS squeal in 2017 or 2018)

I'd prefer to wait for the second half of 2014, the year 2015, or the year 2016 for any of those games, otherwise there won't be a point in buying anymore games in the later years.



rmeyer said:

The only good f zero and star fox were the originals. Everything after was sad. Only Retro pulled that off with Metroid.



Arminillo said:

Bass_X0 said:
Make a Captain Falcon game where he gets out of his F-Zero machine and goes out exploring the cities and worlds that F-Zero is set in doing what he does best - bounty hunting. His allies and enemies would all be from GX/AX in this third person action shooter / fighting game. And of course, there would be the token F-Zero races.


This is what ive thought all along. I want to Falcon Punch on his actual series!



MeloMan said:

I saw the title and got giddy they were releasing F-Zero GX HD

I noticed that the "band" is back together, so the possibility IS there even though Miyamoto shot it down. I smell that Ninty is aware of the demand, and if it wasn't a project before, I think it will be soon. Fingers crossed



rmeyer said:

I wouldn't mind a Wii U version of Icarus Uprising. As long as they fix the controls



ricklongo said:

I'm not a huge fan of F-Zero. I would certainly prefer to get a new IP instead, although I wouldn't complain if they released a new F-Zero that significantly helped sell the console.



SuperCharlie78 said:

"Nintendo's reluctance to create further sequels seems to stem from fears that the series has simply run its course, as recently explained by Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto last month."
Oh really Miyamoto?
And what about New Super Mario Bros. 2 and New Super Mario Bros U?



Jonny said:

F-zero GX is still a common game in my gaming nights, a HD version would be loved.



Marshi said:

Heres what you need to do nintendo,are you listening?you dont need to do a f zero hd remake.heck much as im so excited for it we dont even need a windwaker hd.This is what you need to do though and it would be so ready? BRING GAMECUBE GAMES TO VIRTUAL CONSOLE!You dont need to redo them in hd,you dont need to add anything. And you could charge £15,id pay it for games like f zero gx, killer 7, veautiful joe, mario sunshine, waverace and many others. It would cause minimum cost on your part and maximum profit would be made. Its so simple,why has it taken this long?!



NintyMan said:

I'd be all for a F-Zero GX HD remake considering the game did so many things right and Nintendo wouldn't have to worry about trying to bring too much new to F-Zero. It would ease the F-Zero fans hunger somewhat, and if the game sold well enough, Nintendo would consider making a new game further down the road. I think after a decade of waiting, F-Zero fans would want just about anything.



JebbyDeringer said:

I didn't find GX that fun though, it was punishing. I'd much rather see a new game that an expensive re-make of a game I already own. Graphics were great in the game, framerate was great, control was mostly good. Like a lot of Nintendo franchises it started focusing on what wasn't important. F-Zero never needed 50 cars that were almost the same. The cheesy voices/SFX/Music were never a welcome addition for me after the first game. The difficulty was un-necessary. I like a challenge but I found it just as entertaining having a track you could complete without frustration and then constantly try to improve times. It's like Mario Kart & Zelda, both franchises seem to have forgotten what made the early games fun and they keep adding things that don't all while not evolving the core game play which they should be.



TruenoGT said:

I would go absolutely nuts if they updated either one, but I'd almost prefer the N64 game over the GC edition. The level of glitz and detail (feature and graphics wise) in GX is/was amazing, but the original X was so pure and I enjoy its balance of the control and track design a little bit more. If they added in the 64DD features and some online features, I would go nuts for it, even for 3DS.



Yoshi3DS said:

a hd remake of the 2 gamecube starfox games would also do nicely, as the only other way i'd get to buy them at a good price is if they made them on the wii u eshop



Sanqet said:

@Yoshi3DS that is not going to happen i think rare made starfox adventure and there now owned by microsoft i cant think of the other game though



Bass_X0 said:

if they were to do a new F-Zero game I'd like to see them get rid of Falcon and all the other characters entirely. It's a racing game, it doesn't need characters.

Sure it does. F-Zero having characters is what sets it apart from other racing games. The characters need to be expanded upon even more during the games themselves, like on the GBA F-Zero games which have extensive story modes.



fortius54 said:

There is a huge debate at this time about bringing in new IPs or to rehash old franchises. As much as I like the idea of new IPs, we have not done a very good job as consumers in supporting them. As much as we say we want ZombiU, we do not support it. What is the top selling game on Wii U...New Super Mario Bros. U.

I would love to see a new F-Zero game. For me, that is a game worth purchasing a system for even before you add in the touch screen. It is far enough removed from the last iteration that I think sales would do well. I agree. Now that WipeOut is no longer around, Nintendo would own that niche of the futuristic racing market. The big question is whether or not others would feel the way I do.

I am afraid that F-Zero would find sales on par with Pikmin 3. That isn't bad. It just isn't as astounding as Nintendo might hope. Like it or not, F-Zero does not see the wide audience that another Mario Kart will bring, and right now, Wii U needs Mario Kart type numbers. Of course, we can always keep our fingers crossed.



SCAR said:

This game was a heck of alot better than those other future racers. That's the difference.
This was my most favorite racing game of all time. Even more than any Mario Kart.



The-Chosen-one said:

Maybe they should do something new with F-zero, make it an openworld game, with all the F-zero characters, do missions, do races, play online, and give C.falcon some powers like very fast in running, a strong hero etc. they can do something new with F-zero.

they should keep the vs races in and the GP mode, together with an openworld Action/adventure.
the WiiU 25gig discs have alot of space. lol



dMo said:

I think a remaster would be great! This game really was ahead of it's time. Mark my words, nintendo will make a f-zero for this the wii-u. They won't do it yet, that would cut into Mario Kart too much. I can foresee them using some of the new Mario Kart physics to make this a wii u year 3 game. Their big focus right now is getting a U in everybody's living room. Then we'll see some of the more hardcore titles and orginal Ip's.



Doma said:

For some reason i never even owned GX. I may have only borrowed it from a friend, briefly. But i did have the 64's X.

Apart from the standard GP racing, time trails and such. I thought that other mode (Death Race?) was great, where wrecking your opponents was the main goal. Imo, that was something which should've been improved on in a sequel - fleshed out, given more options/objectives etc. It was good but kinda too basic as it was. I dunno if that mode existed in GX? probably not, cuz nobody mentions it...

Nintendo shouldn't just remake GX, i've gotten real bored of them doing that constantly... Make a new entry or don't bother, ffs. No old game (regardless of whether i've played it) will ever get me to buy this failing console.




1) Was Master REALLY that hard for Grand Prix? That was the first thing I aced as soon as I got them. The story mode on Master was WAY harder. I'd spend hours on just one or two levels. Never beat level 7. Shouldn't of sold that damn game.

2) I think they shouldn't make an HD version of this game. I know it wouldn't sell. If a NEW F-Zero came splashing in with decent PR work (a commercial or two, some hype vids here or there), it could definitely sell ONCE THE INSTALL BASE IS UP. I don't think F-Zero is a system seller like that, but it should sell quite nicely once the install base goes up a tad, after Mario Kart 8 settles in for a bit.

3) F-Zero isn't about gimmicks. It's the Nintendo racer for those that don't want gimmicks. Just speed, hazards, gravity-defiance, masked racers, sharp controls, and a ton of new tracks (20-30 would be swell). They don't need weapon pick-ups or blue shells or random factors. Just some hardcore racing so you can say "Yea, Nintendo's got some hardcore games. CHECK THIS OUT!" zooms off at 2.5k km/h

Just meh thoughts.



BATRA said:




Rafie said:

Will there be any chance we get a that Mario Kart GP in a form of DLC for Mario Kart 8? I would love that.

On topic, this game was straight FIRE!!! Loved it and would welcome it back with open arms!



unrandomsam said:

The Wii and 3DS Mario Karts are a complete waste of time. (The Namco ones were ok). Don't know about the gamecube one the N64 and SNES ones were more reasonable.

Wouldn't mind a combat racer if it was good. K.O. Drive looks pretty good rather have one tested in the arcades first.



SomeBitTripFan said:

I want to see Nintendo do something with F-Zero. I've only gotten to play Maximum Velocity, but that little game was fantastic. Nintendo needs to take some risks with their games, not just their consoles.



hYdeks said:

Get a different studio to do another F-Zero, possibly SEGA again, Namco, or even Platinum, I don't really care who.

Nintendo should focus on making a completely new ip, which it sounds like Miyamoto hinted at.

On a sorta side note, Nintendo and Sega, BRING YAKUZA HD COLLECTION TO THE WEST!



Neram said:

I would definitely buy that. I'm sure they would add a casual mode or something for the more modern audience, which would be welcomed to those who want to enjoy it without pulling their hair out. F-Zero GX would look fantastic in HD, and running in that silky smooth framerate. it's one of the most under-appreciated F-Zero games, in my opinion.



DePapier said:

@unrandomsam "The Wii and 3DS Mario Karts are a complete waste of time. (The Namco ones were ok). Don't know about the gamecube one the N64 and SNES ones were more reasonable."

Oh no you didn't... I just... I have heard BS in this lifetime but, no NOBODY comes around saying Mario Kart 7 is a waste of time (nor 30M-unit-sold Mario Kart Wii).

...I should just leave it at that.



Turbo857 said:

Yup, they should release an F-Zero GX+AX HD for the Wii U w/online multiplayer ranking feature like Mario Kart Wii = instant hit classic!



LeVideoGamer said:

I hate HD remakes but I'd buy this day 1. F-Zero, and Nintendo's more creative games in general, need to be supported.

Nintendo need to take more risks. I'm starting to get a little bored of their over-reliance on the Mario and Zelda universes, while they ignore a ton of interesting IP they've created over the years.



turnmebackwards said:

As much as I like the Gamecube game I'd rather not have a HD version of it. It's time Nintendo made a fresh F-Zero game for the Wii U. Will Yakuza 1 & 2 HD be coming to Europe or it only going to be released in Japan?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Honestly, neither a HD remake nor a completely new entry is what F-Zero needs right now.
Nintendo should put some effort into releasing F-Zero X as a VC title for WiiU. That way, they'd bring a great game to all WiiU owners and have a comparably safe way of watching the communities' reactions. If it does well, and the feedback is positive enough, they'd have proof enough to consider F-Zero for an HD version.
Doing a HD remake straight away would be possibly suicidal, since it failing would seriously hurt both Nintendo AND the F-Zero community.



JaxonH said:

@Kaze_Memaryu But they already have F-Zero for the SNES on VC to gauge demand. How many F-Zero games must they release on VC before we can actually get a Wii U game?! Enough is enough. We went an entire generation without F-Zero or Starfox, and were further led on by Captain Falcon's Twister Race in Nintendoland and F-Zero on VC 30 cent promotion. It's time to shut up and start puttin' up. I don't care how long it takes, even if it's 2017. If Nintendo would just confirm we have some type of F-Zero Wii U coming, whether it be a new title or GX remake, I'd chill out about it.



Relias said:

I am not sure F-Zero would do so well in the current climate... to many racers.. and racing fans ignore this sort of stuff... Nintendo fans may or may not flock to it.. if they did it would do well... but they need to focus on Zelda, Metroid, something that will push systems.. a F-Zero is another one of those that solidifies the line up but won't make people buy the system..



onlyaman said:

@Samurai_Goroh Completely agree! GX is my favorite racing game of all time. Amazingly fluid. I like this article's suggestions a lot. With a minimal amount of work, Nintendo could put together a very compelling HD GX that expands on the original game with the AX tracks, miiverse, 30-player races, and rear-view in the gamepad. They could sell it for $20 on the eShop and still make a tidy profit. For such a game-starved system, this seems like a no-brainer.



swordx said:

Do a new game. A new mechanic could be a blaster that takes energy from your ship in the same way that boost power does. You could also use the Gamepad as a rear-view camera, so you can see shots coming at you.



pikjon said:

I remember buying the game on import to get it early and I was blown away by the amazing graphics (still good today). Yes I would pay good money for a HD port, imagine playing it online - it would be amazing!



rastamadeus said:

F-Zero GX HD? No.
F-Zero X HD? Hell yes!
The N64 version is superior in every way (bar visually, obviously). Being that one back.



Goginho said:

Speaking of Mario Kart, F-Zero might provide some healthy, productive competition to MK, meaning that they'd clearly have to stay on their toes at all times when making future MK games.



AllAroundGamer9 said:

A HD remake sounds nice but I would rather have a new game in the series instead. If they wanted to make it next gen they could have a hub world in the game. Captain Falcon could walk around the world(s), explore ruins, catch bounties(He is a bounty hunter) and of course race in the Grand Prix.



QuickSilver88 said:

Nintendo is just pissing me off.....I mean come on why not make another 2D Mario or party game compilation for WiiU and screw using great classic franchises like Star Fox, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Eternal Darness, or Kid Icarus. Jesus Nintendo please get your head out of your asses and give us what we want. F-Zero GX is awesome and looks nearly modern when running in 480p @ 60fps. If they won't do an HD update or new version then please get us GC VC soon on WiiU so we can get many of the great GC classics. Also imagine a new FZero on 3DS....the 3D and speed would make your eyes bleed. Also speaking of Nintendo neglecting its racing franchises why not a nee water racers ever and also why not a new take on Excitebike 64. I just hope Nintendo wakes up and uses these great IPs before they piss themselves out of existence.



Yosher said:

Don't think putting this game out in an HD layer would do the series much good, not nearly as much as a Mario/Zelda HD remake anyways. But -should- GX be remade in HD, I suppose it'd be better than not getting any F-Zero love at all. This really is one series I miss having around, I played X and GX a crapton (and would have done so with the original as well if I could properly figure out the controls back in the day).

I'll be glad with any kind of F-Zero love we'll get at this point, outside of as a mini-game (Nintendo Land) or a VC release.



SnackBox said:

Please just develop it! 4 player local play. 30 player online. HD rendered tracks and James McCloud!



DudeSean said:

I gave up on GX because it was too hard. If they remake it they should definitely add an easier difficulty. Whether they make a remake or a new one, I don't know if I'd get it. It's certainly not at the top of my most wanted list.



Ren said:

yeah, nice idea but that would be more games that people love and that just doesn't make sense. Instead just keep making mario games every year or so and that'll surely get the next gen crowd throwing money at you. Put 5 or 6 people on a mario or zelda game for 3 years or so at a time and don't worry about advertising or putting out any of the like thousand classic games in your library. that should spell success. If the Nintendo Life staff were making business choices for Nintendo, my guess is they wouldn't be in the pickle they're in now. These are nice ideas though and a fun read.



Yrreiht said:

I would love a new F-Zero. So far, the only other racer I like and play is Mario Kart but I want something different. I dislike "realistic" racers since they are all the same.



strongest_link said:

I have been aware of the F-Zero franchise for a long time, but haven't played any of the games until the original was released on the Wii U eShop a few months ago. I can see why the series has so many fans and would love the opportunity to get my hands on some other games in the series. An HD remake would be very cool indeed.



Senate_Guard said:

I'm dying for a new F-Zero; an HD remake would be good enough for me. Please do it Nintendo! I need more than another Mario Kart for my racing needs. MKW wasn't enough on its own. Heck, GX is the only GC racing game I have.



tripunktoj said:

I'd prefer a brand new one, but this with with AX content would also be OK. I'd prefer GP Legends HD, I loved the story and characters but I know most people didn't like it.



Dpishere said:

As much as I and other fans would love a new F-Zero game, it is unlikely at this point in time. Nintendo is surely focusing on boosting sales and though the F-Zero series has critical acclaim, I highly doubt it will shift many units. There very well could be an new entry in the series some day, just not now.



Nintenjoe64 said:

pure weirdness:

I posted this exact thing on the forum earlier
Nintendolife run an article on it
Wikipedia have FZero GX as their featured article....




Ichiban said:

As sad as it is, Ive come to realise that Nintendo today aren't the same Nintendo many of us grew up with. The fact that we are even having this discussion speaks volumes. I accept the fact that Nintendo are just a corporate Mario-making machine these days, as much I don't agree with it.
I would LOVE a new F-Zero, Waverace, Starfox, etc as much as the next guy, but hey Ive only been a Nintendo head since I was 5, what the hell do I know?! haha



yttrium13 said:

I'm a huge GX fan (like X too) and would love to see another one.

The problem is that F-Zero doesn't sell. GX was a really big-budget game and it flopped saleswise, and then the next couple GBA games sold badly enough to kill the series or at least put it into hibernate. And the futuristic racing subgenre is basically dead (even Wipeout is gone) - while F-Zero would have no competition in the field, it also means people aren't very interested in that type of game.

That is why Miyamoto says "we need to do something new" while they're content making iterative Mario Kart games - F-Zero sells badly and would need something new to attract more fans, and it would need to be something that wouldn't betray the basic feel of F-Zero.

So l want F-Zero to continue, but I understand why Nintendo is hesitant about risking it. If we ever see a new F-Zero game, it will probably be smaller budget than GX. Don't expect FMVs and voice acting, for example (that stuff was probably bad for the long-term health of the series - gave the game big sales burdens).



Truelovetat said:

Well said yttrium13. I'm a huge GX fan as well. I would love to see an HD remake of GX but that is just me. I still to this day play GX quite a bit. SO my favortism is of course for them to give me a better version. But since they are not huge sellers, I would like to see an all new F-Zero come from Nintendo on the Wii U. I'm sure they so have people that have brought it up and have some great ideas for an all new game.



Bender said:

@Adam We had one for a bit... Unfortunately it had to go in order to accommodate a new two-player Ferrari arcade simulator... That and the replacement parts for that machine are DIFFICULT to come by...



Blues said:

It's not a bad idea but the first thing they have to do is lower that damn difficulty by a lot.

And if we're talking going downhill, that didn't quite happen. I couldn't even play GX because it was like training at ten times gravity or 100 or 500(too loving hard is what I'm saying), but it was graphically beautiful.

My favourite is the N4 one, which can't be compared to the super nintendo one. They are basically two different games. Not just two different entities but the gameplay is so different. It's even more monumental than Mario kart and mario kart 64.

So this might be a good cheap way to do it if it was a downloadable title but GX WOULD REALLY TURN PEOPLE AWAY. Maybe compromise doing a download title with the GX engine.

watch the profanity please — TBD



Jeremyx7 said:

F-Zero GX was my favorite out of the entire series. A new F-Zero game would be amazing with 30 racers online at once!! New Tracks, maybe a new game mechanic or two, random weather effects, maybe on going traffic special courses just for fun, ect.

They can do allot with the franchise if they just try! Nintendo's always kept things fresh and new with all their other franchises throughout their video game library. Nintendo can do the same for F-Zero!!



RantingThespian said:

I'd buy a F-Zero GX HD remake. Mainly because I never owned a Game Cube, and so I never really played it that much.



ACK said:

Just do it. I don't care. I just want F-Zero... Topping GX is a dubious proposition. And that game still has lots to offer, particularly with added online multiplayer.



TheAdza said:

F Zero GX HD could be a brilliant online only offering. It could even be a f2p game.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

After some deep thought, I'd be up for an HD remake if it didn't take away from one of Nintendo's crucial first or second-party developers. Perhaps have Sega do it again, this time in HD, after they release the M&S Olympic game. Sonic Lost World is looking really good, so I trust the upgrade in their hands.



LavaTwilight said:

There's a strong base for it, but it's difficult to hear them because the majority of them are currently vying for a Metroid game or Starfox and F-Zero is kinda third in that list. It's first for me but.... well a new F-Zero game would be awesome!



dumedum said:

I got it used for the Game Cube recently and playing it. I think Nintendo will do a new entry sometime in this generation, but not right now - they have Mario Kart coming up and it has the gravity thing, and they won't release them together.




They should get a 3DS FZERO out I know there are people out there with a Wii U but I feel Nintendo is starting to forget about the 3DS now the Wii U is not doing as good as it should have yes I know there have been some great game this year of the 3DS but they need to keep that up to keep up with the handhold. Why not bring FZERO out on both i would be happy with a remake of FZERO 64 and more remakes of N64 game for the 3DS



KodaSmooss said:

Great article. I totally see Nintendo pushing a HD remake instead of creating a new experience. It would be less risky. Still, I'd be nice!



Mario-Man-Child said:

Some of the comments like @KaiserGX "GX you almost have to memorize the tracks in order to know when to turn because of how fast everything is happening." and @Dogpigfish "In my opinion, f zero went down hill after the super nes."
You sound like casual gamers lads. F Zero is an epic franchise, GX is an incredible game and I still have it on disc. My favorite is still X and its a purebred made by Nintendo.
I don't want a remake although online would be good. I want a new game are you listening Nintendo? Make a F Zero U for the core gamers NOW...forget about shareholders just make the game.



Doma said:

@BATRA Don't be ridiculous...

Mario Kart DS was the pinnacle of that series. Now they're just slow, randomized party games, more suited to only casual play. No skill required.



element187 said:

No I don't see a new F-Zero being a smart move for any of their major studios... the last version sold maybe 200 thousand copies? That's not going to move any consoles.

Nintendo's best bet is to let one of their official indie devs work on ... i'd like to see Shin'en or Frozenbyte take a wack at one of NInty's old franchises.

@Eien1239 200k if that... just look at the sales of the last few F-Zero titles, its no wonder Nintendo doesn't want to put any of their major studios on it.... can Nintendo really take the risk of dropping 10 million into a game that would barely break even?

@Savino Nintendo doesn't own that franchise.... and they aren't developing it. What are they supposed to do? Tell a third party they don't want their money?

You Nintendo fans complain about third party support and then turn around and rail against a third party game coming.

@Samurai_Goroh The Wii U wouldn't be able to pull it off... I love my Wii U but it was made with 720p/60fps in mind... so most games will be that. Smash Brothers really isn't very demanding, so that will be 1080p, but a real 3D game like a racer would choke the system.

@HeatBombastic Agreed, way too expensive for a title that would be lucky to surpass the last one in the series in sales.

They should let another studio do it. Give them a small $500k to $1m budget and let one of those talented indie studios have a crack at the franchise. Shin'en would be perfect because of their other futuristic racer they put on the Wii Ware Shop, practically felt like a F-Zero title as it is.... They already proved that they can get some really impressive visuals out of the Wii U with Nano Assault... then said they only scratched the surface of the Wii U's power with that title. Reading their comments on the capabilities on the machine, I would be very confident that they could very well push the console to its limits.

I can only imagine what they could do with a big publisher behind them.



allav866 said:

At the very least, should Nintendo decide to release GameCube games on Virtual Console, this should be one of those games.
I can't see why people are asking Nintendo to create a brand new IP, as that will inevitably happen whenever Nintendo gets a new idea (either that or they slap Mario on it). But if an idea already exists—such as a high-speed, antigravity, racing game that lets you eliminate your opponents—then Nintendo doesn't need a new IP for it.
And as far as Mario Kart 8 goes, I can say right now that it is not a viable substitute for an F-Zero game. It has the anti-gravity, and the similarities end there.



MegaWestgarth said:

Once again, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read the article and leave a comment.

For the record, I too would much prefer a new entry in the series, but Nintendo isn't interested right now. I also think that another developer should handle a hypothetical future F-Zero game, be that a new title or a remake. Maybe Sumo Digital?



Samurai_Goroh said:

@element187 Firstly, I think F-Zero GX sold over 650k copies (VgChartz number, not really trustworthy).
And second, about the 1080p, 60 fps compromise, haven't you seen the same E3 Direct that I did? Pretty much every upcoming game Nintendo announced for Wii U is 1080p, 60 fps. Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, Project X, Bayonetta 2... Are they not real games? The Wii U is capable of much more than you think.
I agree the 30 racers online stuff is isn't realistic though(it's just part of my wet dream), they would have to trim down the number of racers. But apart from that 1080p, 60 fps for sure.
I would rather have a new F-Zero game for sure, but after so many years, I'll take whatever they would give us. HD port, you're welcome.



Dr_Corndog said:

The arcade tracks aren't that hard to unlock if you build yourself a good custom machine.



ThumperUK said:

So Nintendo are concerned about releasing a new F-Zero in case it is less than amazing. Is this the same Nintendo that is happy to release Game & Wario, a massive disappointment from the previous Warioware games? I feel cheated after buying G&W!



MattTaylor said:

F-Zero GX HD could also contribute to nobody giving a doodoopoopie about Nintendo any more, most notably Nintendo themselves. The introduction of the VC on Wii, was a really welcomed addition to the console, and served to back up the Wii's first rate line up of full price retail titles. With the Wii U, Virtual Console IS THE SOFTWARE LINEUP. This really is a joke. I mean how many times can we pay for Donkey Kong on NES? Remakes and re-releases can love off, invention is what we need.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I think a new F Zero would shift more consoles than Pikmin 3. Nintendo is famous for its classic franchises but if they just want to make Mario and Wii fit U it's no good to anyone, except maybe the moms, sad really.



Stark_Nebula said:

@SmearyToast #1 "No! We need to keep them working on those (bi)-annual Mario and Zelda releases! Because they're already working on it!" F-Zero GX has been out for 10 years today. I think it has some leeway with those "new IPs".

@Eien1239 #2 Hardware to Software sales (H/S sales) F-Zero X 1:29, F-Zero GX 1:33. Everyone blows it up as if it under performed, but it is on par in terms of profit considering X was on pricey cartridges.

@Dogpigfish #3 Opinions.

@Savino #10 Perhaps it is dead, but this is talking about an HD re-release. Remember in 2006 when the side-scrolling platformer genre was dead and Nintendo came out with New Super Mario Bros.? It revived an entire genre from the grave. The thing is people didn't know they wanted it so bad. Same story with Kid Icarus.

@Bass_X0 #14 Perhaps as a spin-off, but F-Zero is about the thrill of speed. After all, the name comes from the F-Zero Grand Prix. F-Zero anything else isn't actually F-Zero. I'm all for something new, just something that fits a little more.

@Savino #18 F-Zero has 4 difficulties. X had 24 tracks (36 with the EXpansion Kit) and GX had 26 tracks aside from 9 Story Mode missions. Sure, you had to put time and effort in, but Challenge is the seed of reward in these games.

@Samurai_Goroh #19 1080p is a long shot. Lots of Wii U games come out at 720p 30fps, so I wouldn't get my hopes too high. Even if it's possible, the best bet is 720p. It'd help out multiplayer a lot.

@unrandomsam #21 There are no cheap wins in F-Zero.

@Kodeen #22 Sega was a publisher (AX) and development house owner. Amusement Vision made the game and have since dissolved. Sega Japan might pull it off, but Sega of today is not Amusement Vision of 2003.

@DrSlump #28 "No more remakes! New IPs!" You could release a new F-Zero today and pass it off as new IP for the current generation of gamers. If you don't like the game, fine, but let me tell you: It has been a long time coming.

@Azikira #32 You can be a fan of things you haven't played. I'm a fan of Skullgirls yet I've never played it.

@unrandomsam #35 AX is the incomplete version of GX with missing sound files, more generic sounding boost effects and a custom made physics engine for a steering wheel which it's peripheral counterpart costs upwards 100$.

@Shambo #42 It's a nice thought, but weapons don't mix with F-Zero. It's not a part of the game's core and would detract from what's makes the game iconic in the first place.

@KaisreGX #43 F-Zero has been becoming relevant starting this year, so I would not say it is overrated. You just happen to read a website where the authors are all huge fans of the game. It's one of the few games you can never truly master. CGN, a world record holder for many things in GX, told me himself: Despite how good he is (5 years of serious involvement), he will never master the game. Longevity in itself. Fun because you will always find challenge in it.

@Shiryu #45 More content would be nice, but then again anything at this point would be nice.

@Samurai_Goroh #47 You can unlock all AX content in Gx without an arcade machine. Beat Story Mode on every difficulty and you'll have all AX characters, and beat Master for all 4 cups and you'll unlock the AX cup, then beat AX on any difficulty to get Sonic Oval.

@KaiserGX #49 You DO have to memorize the tracks to be great at it. The game is about speed, but it is just as much about memory of the track layout.

@rmeyer #52 Opinions. Most people would be happy to say that they enjoyed them all for what they're worth and not perception of what they should be.

@JebbyDeringer #64 " I'd much rather see a new game that an expensive re-make of a game I already own." Do you know what it would cost to make a new game in comparison? And while I see your point of "focus", GX focused on Gameplay, hence all the cheesiness of everything else. You won't find sleeker tracks and controls anywhere else.

@Sanquet #67 Rare is owned by Microsoft but it is a Nintendo owned IP, so Nintendo has all the rights.

@Doma64 #74 Despite note there not being a solid "Death Race" mode, Chapter 4 "Challenge of the Bloody Chain" is in essence it.

@Kaze_Memaryu #90 Unfortunately X only appeals to 40% of the F-Zero crowd. They'd need to bring the last F-Zero to light to truly get a sense of what everyone thinks of the franchise. Using a game 5 years older won't have that same effect as getting GX up there.

@DudeSean #103 Clock in more hours than a JRPG and you'll get why it's so high on so many people's lists.

@yttrium13 #113 Despite what everyone says, GX didn't sell horribly. I posted the same ratio as X and arguably had more revenue in comparison, though the budget was higher. All in all, it wasn't a flop, but sub-par at worst in terms of sales.

@element187 #139 It sold 650 000 copies worldwide.

@MegaWesgarth #141 I was thinking the same thing if they had to pair up with anyone.

I am aware this post is tremendously huge. Sorry about that.



Stark_Nebula said:

@SonataAndante #41 100% that. It's like the case with Kid Icarus and the first New Super Mario Bros. game, no one knows these dead games/genres will appeal to anyone because there aren't any on the market.

Now, as for the article itself, I will agree that gauging the market with GX or an HD port would be wise and alleviate any financial issues from the GC days. But if they go all out, I hope they simply make a new F-Zero. If the experiment fails when they could have simply made a new one, then I'd be sad. Hopefully, as I've said many times, by 2015/16, they will celebrate F-Zero's 25th with a new Wii U or 3DS title. Also, side note, AX is not "completely" inside GX. You've been repeating my early editor's notes from TCRF. The only AX remnants are the Checkpoint/Countdown timer, menus and graphics. It lacks A LOT of what makes AX unique. If you want to experience AX first hand, google Quadforce.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@JaxonH, @Stark_Nebula,
That's exactly what I was aiming for. X might not be the most demanded part, but its the next major F-Zero game after the SNES one, and it serves well in keeping F-Zero up and running while giving newbies a good way to possibly get into it, even if most fans wish for GX instead.
Before taking any possible risks, they should go the 'test route'. If there's enough demand for it, F-Zeor X would surey spark enough interest to warrant consideration of either a GX remake/VC version or a completely new entry to the series.



JaxonH said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Fair enough. More exposure is always good. But I wonder how many ppl buy VC games in the first place, and of those that do, how many buy a game of a franchise they've never heard of, much less tried before



NeoZuko said:

Here is an idea, put Mario & Co inside F-Zero's hovercrafts!! They all just received their hover drivers licenses in Mario Kart 8



Prime604 said:

@unrandomsam honestly I don't know what you're talking about but you're wrong with f-zero, it's one of the most competitive and hardest racing games ever, when playing in standard for beginners it's already a bit dificult and even worse on expert, on master even if you boost al the way you won't be able to pass the other racers easily and online there are even better players than the bots so don't talk about it lightly



Luffymcduck said:

As much as I want a new game, F-Zero GX HD with online would be pretty damn sweet. Just finally give us a new F-Zero, it´s been almost 10 years.

"Considering the wealth of content that has remained unseen by the majority of players, integrating F-Zero AX into a HD remake would dramatically increase the appeal of the game to fans and newcomers alike."
But that´s what made the content so epic: it was for once hard to get. It´s one of the few Nintendo games where beating all Story Mode missions on Very Hard felt really good when you got all tose AX characters. I miss that feeling.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@JaxonH true that... that's where the idea ends. I guess Nintendo isn't up to taking the risk of possibly losing the demand for new F-Zero stuff on a title that is received poorly. Time will tell...



gojiguy said:

I would buy it 8 times at full price.


Heck, I would prefer this to a new game since I don't think Nintendo can make a game as sharp as GX anymore.



atomicjuicer said:

One of the reasons wii u sales are low is that only titles for children are made.
Nintendo need to remember their other fans who don't like Zelda.
Starfox was a success because it was cutting edge (the characters were never the main focal point). It was an exciting space shooter.

Metroid was a lonely meditation on an alien planet. A soul searching exploration of a forgotten ancient, advanced civilization.

Fzero no longer has wipeout as a competitor.



jets10893 said:

I don't understand why Nintendo won't make a new F-Zero. They said they don't see how the franchise can grow, but I haven't seen anything really innovative about any Mario Kart games. The fan base is larger than they think, and we deserve to have our voices heard. I would actually buy a Wii-U if Nintendo announced a new F-Zero title. Even something like a greatest hits game.



kalvarix said:

Oh boy... It wuold be really bad for me if they put out an F-Zero game on Wii U. I am mostly not interested in buying consoles (play mainly in my computer), but every time nintendo puts out a new F-Zero I go like crazy and buy the damm console.....

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