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Mon 4th Feb 2013

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Yoshi3DS commented on Live: Nintendo Life Plays Mario Kart 8 on Twitch:

rage quit after only 3 races since i knew i needed to win every race to win a prize, and on the third race the stupid coin item came up after I'd blocked a blue shell! Sadly I don't think any fair racers will actually win, with so many people jumping in/out of games!



Yoshi3DS commented on Nintendo Has A "Continuing Relationship" With ...:

seriously, why don't they just make it a full retail game on Wii U and add a ton of new items/features. i think that it would be better than Mariokart 8 financialy, as MK8 will make all the nintendo fans get a Wii U but not hardcore gamers. honestly, i own an Xbox 360 and pretty much the only games everyone plays is CoD, GTA, FIFA and guess what, MINECRAFT. this really would boost the Wii U's sales. plus, as everyone else is saying, the Wii U is perfect for this game. JUST DO IT MOJANG PLEAAASE



Yoshi3DS commented on Peter Molyneux Reveals His Favourite Zelda Tit...:

The first Zelda i played was OoT 3d, and funnily enough this wasn't the game that got me hooked, i thought it was good, but not amazing. It was actually my next Zelda game, Spirit Tracks, which got me hooked. I loved riding around on the train and the last boss was epic. Then I got Phantom Hourglass and i enjoyed it just as much as Spirit Tracks. Now I've given OoT 3d another chance and lets just say that there's no going back now. I love each of those games equally and I can't wait for WWHD. I'm 99.9% certain that Majora's Mask 3d will be made sometime in the next couple of years and I can't wait for that day. I'd love a sequel to Spirit Tracks but that seems unlikely.



Yoshi3DS commented on Soapbox: 'Vintage' Used Game Prices Do Nothing...:

its annoying because these 'vintage' games are the exact games i want. I'd be willing to pay £40-50 on the metroid trilogy, but not on xenoblade. super mario all-stars on Wii is also becoming harder to get but that would make sense since it was a 25th anniversary thing.



Yoshi3DS commented on Satoru Iwata Cites Poor Basic Wii U Sales To R...:

i don't own a Wii U and i think there are enough great games to keep me hooked for a few years, (i never owned a wii so i've got plenty of games to get through) and the price doesn't seem too bad so why don't i own a Wii U yet? I'm not sure.

You'd think the Mario Galaxy games would have persuaded me into getting a Wii U but i think what i really want is an amazing Wii U game, and i think we'll see a couple in the next year or so. Personally, Mario Kart 8 is the game to make me buy a Wii U, and I'm planning on getting by the end of the year. Sure, a price cut would make me buy, but that would be silly i think. I just don't think the Wii U is appealing to anyone besides Nintendo fans. I think the gamepad is the thing that makes the Wii U the best console right now, and dropping that would be absolutely stupid. Apart from maybe ZombiU nothing is going to persuade any 'Hardcore Gamers' to buy a Wii U because everything else is already on other consoles. I would love to see the Virtual Console getting N64 and GAMECUBE games. that would quite easily make me buy, besides, then maybe i'd get to play the one starfox game i never got to play, Starfox Assault



Yoshi3DS commented on Retailers Preparing Multi-Region Shiny Legenda...:

believe me or not i've found 5 wild shinies in my lifetime, - wurmple, ekans, zigzagoon, lilipup and jigglypuff - none that spectacular, although my orange cascoon was amazing, but i don't own any right now even though i have been searching for the past 6 months! plus i'm not a fan of being given pokemon, but i'll never turn down an event.



Yoshi3DS commented on Picross e2 Set For July Release in North Ameri...:

i own the other 2 but i haven't really enjoyed them that much. i hope they do some nintendo based puzzles in the new one, a bit like pullblox did because, as far as i know, there aren't any in e and e2. i'll still be getting e3 though, because they are quite fun.