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Male, 35, Canada

Love anything Nintendo. Been playing since NES came out. Own a Wii U and can't stand MS fanboys. All they care about is FPS and grafix.

Sat 2nd Feb 2013

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Truelovetat commented on Mighty No. 9 Passes Wii U Stretch Goal With A ...:

I supported Mighty No 9 as well with 20 bucks. I think this will be on alot of people's list and will bring alot of life into Wii U. Too bad this couldn't have been something Nintendo and Keiji planned together to be a launch title. Could have been a great situation for Wii U right from the start.



Truelovetat commented on Talking Point: F-Zero GX HD Could Boost the Fr...:

Well said yttrium13. I'm a huge GX fan as well. I would love to see an HD remake of GX but that is just me. I still to this day play GX quite a bit. SO my favortism is of course for them to give me a better version. But since they are not huge sellers, I would like to see an all new F-Zero come from Nintendo on the Wii U. I'm sure they so have people that have brought it up and have some great ideas for an all new game.



Truelovetat commented on Video: New Nintendo Direct Mini Broadcasts Rel...:

What nice surprise to have Earthbound on the eshop. I'm sure having that game alone and being able to play it on the gamepad should generate sales for the system. I'm still waiting for this Chronicles of Mystara to get a Wii U release! But overall Nintendo is stepping up thier game and is nice to see that. I have never been dissapointed with Wii U and look forward to getting 4-5 of the games set to be released this year. But I'm sure I'll end up getting more cause being a collector, I need to have them all. lol



Truelovetat commented on Preview: Rayman Legends:

As much as I wanna say how much I hate Ubi about this going multi-platform, I still wanna play this game on Wii U. I have a nice group of people that would say from what we have played so far, it might be one of the best of it's kind as far as platform/adventure game. I myself have not missed a daily or weekly challenge and right about now I am getting sick if the same few levels to play. But at the same time the controls are great and the touch screen control is even better. I wanna hate on Ubi but play this game all in the same sentence. So I'm going to swallow my pride and get this dam game on release and probably enjoy it greatly.



Truelovetat commented on Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara For ...:

Wow there's lots of trolls on here. I can't wait for this game. I have a 360 and PS3 and still have no interest until it gets a Wii U release. The second screen option is by far the best feature and would rather wait and play this while my wife watches Dr Phil. LOL



Truelovetat commented on Pikmin 3 is Playable Next Weekend At GameStop ...:

TreonsRealm, you said it best. I think the same and Nintendo is holding off on those titles. They know that there alot of people just waiting for a new Metroid, Galaxy and I also want a new F-Zero, so I still think they will have these titles releasing on Wii U, just not right away. But when that day comes it's going to be sweet. I have said it before.......Come on Nintendo F-Zero GX or AX HD!!!



Truelovetat commented on Mario Kart 8 Team Talk GamePad Features, Track...:

F-Zero GX HD is what I would love to see on the Wii U. So many would love to see this happen. But if not a remake of GX, I would like to see Nintendo do something similar to GX since it was the best in the F-Zero library. IMO.