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Thu 21st March, 2013

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ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Review: Metroid: Zero Mission (Wii U eShop / G...:

Once again aother week same old story from SEGA we get a better then the arcade release of outrun on the 3DS and what do we get from Nintendo Metroid Zero Missions which is already a hand hold game but does it come out on the 3DS no the put it on the Wii U. What are Nintendo doing . :(



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Review: 3D Out Run (3DS eShop):

SEGA have do it again they just keep getting better and better hope they keep this up. Now Nintendo need to step up to the mark and show us how good they can be. It`s a bit like back in the days of the Megadrive and SNES which one was better last time it was close but this time SEGA are way out in front this time.



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Review: 3D Fantasy Zone (3DS eShop):

This is cool I think Sega should start look at the mega CD back catalogue I know most where not great but to play games like Nighttrap,Road Rash,Sewer Shark, Silpheed,Road Avenger would amazing



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Review: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Wii U eShop / ...:

Another GBA game I know not a great one but it is a GBA game that should be coming to the 3DS why Nintendo why are you doing this to us? Where are the SNES,GBA and N64 and even GAMECUBE games come on Sega are do MegaDrive and even Arcade games so why not Nintendo



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

OK here we go with my list this is not in any order Wave Race, 1080 Snowboarding,Extreme G, StarWars:Rogue Squadron,Conker's Bad Fur Day,Golden Eye,Perfect Dark,Blast Corps,F-Zero X,Forsaken 64,StarWars:Pod Racer,Turok 2 Seeds of Evil,WWF No Mercy. sorry for the long list but there are so many great games that could
and should be remade



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Review: Kuru Kuru Kururin (Wii U eShop / Game ...:

WHY OH WHY can Nintendo get things right all this GBA games should be coming to the 3DS they keep being out the NES games but why not GBA or how about the SNES games. I have always liked Nintendo but I feel they are starting to lose thier way now with the Wii U and not using the 3DS in the right way even Sony know the the Vita is good for retro gaming



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on UK Retailer Argos Drops Wii U Premium to £179.99:

Sorry to say this but we could all see this coming, I think Nintendo should forget the Wii U and look at what they are really good at Handholds and games, They have a very good handhold that they know can run some great games. It can easy run SNES, N64,GameCube games and much more so come on Nintendo lets do this



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Talking Point: F-Zero GX HD Could Boost the Fr...:

They should get a 3DS FZERO out I know there are people out there with a Wii U but I feel Nintendo is starting to forget about the 3DS now the Wii U is not doing as good as it should have yes I know there have been some great game this year of the 3DS but they need to keep that up to keep up with the handhold. Why not bring FZERO out on both i would be happy with a remake of FZERO 64 and more remakes of N64 game for the 3DS



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Review: Aqua Moto Racing 3D (3DS eShop):

Well I have this game and do not feel its as bad as the review say I do not play with the 3D on so the removes 1 of the problems I find it enjoyable yes it not great and no where as good as WaveRace but it a lot cheaper and maybe a bit more time would have helped but I would give it a 7/10



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Aqua Moto Racing 3D Developer Keen to Bring it...:

Got this on my 3DS and from what I have played its not bad at all they have done a good job. With Nintendo not making WAVERACE it fills the gap nicely I have heard there are other games in the Moto Racing series but I have not seen them but if so I hope they bring them all to the 3DS very soon.



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Don't Expect Retro Games to Play in New Animal...:

@MeloMan like this make a game which would be like old games but not they could do simlpe games like game and watch type of game or driving games where you just move left or right to miss other cars just to get high scores and when friend come to your town they could try and get better scores



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Talking Point: Looking Ahead to Nintendo's E3:

I know we all want Smash Bros. but we all know that is coming sometime I want Wave Race 1080 Snowboarding, or F-Zero it would not matter to me if they were in 3D or just remakes and more games we do not know about. I know it will never happen but if Nintendo came out a said MegaDrive or SNES games coming to the 3DS that would the best thing ever



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

If it did just homebrew that would be great I can remember someone doing a homebrew of Rick Dangerous an old Atari ST game for the DS which I saw once a it looked great and more games like this would be great or even better would be Nintendo looking into Atari ST,Amiga or old PC games of release themself but stop piracy why do people have to do this.



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Remake Request: Captain Blood:

@Damo They could make it for the E-Shop and make it a double pack both games in one I think there are lots of old games out there from the days of the Atari and Amiga that would be cool remakes for the E-Shop



ANGRYBALDMAN666 commented on Remake Request: Captain Blood:

It was a great game but if we are talking remakes how about Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back I played both on Atari ST and think they would be great on the DS or 3DS with the touch screen for your spells and backpacks.