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Sun 10th Oct 2010

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KodaSmooss commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

I think they have other plans with this app. The storage on the cloud might come in handy with a Wii U game. It would be very nice if you could transfer your own Pokémons to another game on the Wii U. A fighting game maybe?



KodaSmooss commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

Well, it is not a mandatory fee so I cannot complain but I woud have more willingly paid the application 5 to 10 € only once and have the ability to use it at least during the 3DS era. I don't like the idea of having to pay regularly for something.

Let's say I'm not playing Pokémon after a while, I will still have to pay the fee just to be sure I don't lose anything. With a fixed price, it's done once and for all and I don't have to worry about it anymore.



KodaSmooss commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes C...:

@ferthepoet The main problem with Wii U's launch was more on the marketing aspect. If you got plenty of TV advertisements during the end of the year for these games, maybe along with an official 50€ price drop, it will surely sell better. There has been too much confusion around Wii U since its launch. It's time to make it clear with better advertisement and new games for everyone.



KodaSmooss commented on Feature: A Brief History of Pokémon - Part One:

Very nice article! I still remember the old days when it was not known and I was already playing it. That was a kind of "dream come true" game. 151 monsters which can evolve, gain abilities... That is still awesome actually!



KodaSmooss commented on Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Re...:

It is interesting to watch even if I don't think I'll buy the console. My gaming time is pretty reduced now so I don't see myself owning multiple systems. But still, it is pretty big news for the gaming world so I'll follow closely.



KodaSmooss commented on UK Gamers Rate Wii As "Best Ever" Console:

Haha, the fact that the 3 current consoles are "the top 3" shows that customers are mostly familiar with those 3 consoles.

My vote goes to the Super Nintendo: huge number of games in almost every category, great gamepad, games still look pretty nice (compared to the NES or N64).



KodaSmooss commented on Review: Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Tita...:

@belmont M. Shibata announced during the last Nintendo Direct that it will be coming spring 2013 in Europe. So there's not a long time to wait now!

Anyway, I definitely consider it now that I'm more into dungeon crawler games (Chocobo's Dungeon on Wii was a good way to start).



KodaSmooss commented on The European Version Of F-Zero On Wii U Virtua...:

I'm afraid that, in the future, games running at 60 Hz will be chosen on a case by case basis only. The problem is the different languages spoken in Europe. For games with translated texts, there is a good chance that they will still release European versions...



KodaSmooss commented on Rumour: Kid Icarus Planning a Wii U Uprising?:

I am French and I think Amazon made a mistake based on a French website ( Something was misunderstood during E3 2011 conference by this website and they stated that a Wii U version of the 3DS game was in the pipeline (

However, I think the error was made because they introduced Smash Bros. for Wii U after saying that it was directed by Sakurai and will only start after the development of Kid Icarus for the 3DS. The entry on was created since back then, so it is safe to say that they based it on the French website news.

French trying to understand English can be quite awful sometimes...