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Wed 26th Jun 2013

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yttrium13 commented on Talking Point: F-Zero GX HD Could Boost the Fr...:

I'm a huge GX fan (like X too) and would love to see another one.

The problem is that F-Zero doesn't sell. GX was a really big-budget game and it flopped saleswise, and then the next couple GBA games sold badly enough to kill the series or at least put it into hibernate. And the futuristic racing subgenre is basically dead (even Wipeout is gone) - while F-Zero would have no competition in the field, it also means people aren't very interested in that type of game.

That is why Miyamoto says "we need to do something new" while they're content making iterative Mario Kart games - F-Zero sells badly and would need something new to attract more fans, and it would need to be something that wouldn't betray the basic feel of F-Zero.

So l want F-Zero to continue, but I understand why Nintendo is hesitant about risking it. If we ever see a new F-Zero game, it will probably be smaller budget than GX. Don't expect FMVs and voice acting, for example (that stuff was probably bad for the long-term health of the series - gave the game big sales burdens).



yttrium13 commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

First of all, Steam does not generally deep-discount games at launch. In fact, major retail games generally start at the same price as the physical version. Discounts come later.

Second, Steam has other download services competing with it. Services like GoG aren't as big, but they still matter. There are many ways to get a game digitally on PC, and they drive each other's prices down. This is part of the reason Steam's sales are so big. Any console platform has only one digital shop and does not have as much outside pressure to lower prices - the only competing digital services are on other platforms, which obviously isn't the same thing.

I do agree that Nintendo should do more sales with all their digital content (not just retail) though.



yttrium13 commented on Your View: The Issues of Collecting and Owning...:

"... PC Gamers have been playing largely digital-only for years though, and all we get is sale after sale. Seeing as you can get 75% off most games on Steam during the Summer sale, I'm kind of just waiting for console gaming to move past the awkward digital-only introduction so we can get to the actual benefits."

Steam has other digital services to compete with such as GOG and GamersGate. None of them are as big, but they still get a lot of customers. This is one of the things that drives the big sales - Valve (and GOG or the others, they do sales too) want people to buy from their platform instead of a competitor's.

For the forseeable future, consoles would only have one digital shop, so it is unlikely the prices for console games would go anywhere near as low if they went digital-only. Sales would be smaller and less frequent.



yttrium13 commented on Ouya Heralds Emulation By Tweeting Image of Su...:

@tanookisuit You are misinformed about copyright laws. Buying a copy of a game does not give you a license to download ROMs and emulate it whenever you want. ROMs are only legal if you obtain them from a direct dump of your own legally purchased copy. Almost no one does this, so the number of ROMs being used legally out there is very small indeed.

Honestly, with classic games on every platform getting digital releases for low prices, the number of justifications for emulation (or "abandonware" on PC) has grown pretty thin. Maybe you could argue that rare games with no digital release or localization are okay because there's no other way to play it (I'm not sure though - my thinking has shifted). But it's still illegal regardless.

That doesn't mean Nintendo has handled its VC service well, but that's a separate issue from the legality of ROMs.