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Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge Starts to Take Shape

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Microsoft, Sony and others start to show their cards

Yesterday, as we're sure most — possibly all — of you are aware, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, the company's offering for the "next generation" of gaming. And so we finally have a situation where, piece by piece, the rumours, leaked design documents and outright fibs are making way for hard facts. Nintendo has already launched into its new generation with the Wii U, so the three manufacturers that have defined home console gaming in recent times — since the departure of SEGA with the Dreamcast — have all pitched in.

Of course, in the case of Nintendo we're up and running and, give or take some surprise new feature or game announcements, have a good idea of what to expect in the coming months. For both Sony and Microsoft we have two very different reveal events to consider, though much information continues to emerge as executives and developers talk up their respective systems. Looking at the landscape from a Wii U perspective, it's increasingly evident how the system differentiates from its rivals; let's attempt to break some key areas down.

Hardware and Operating System Capabilities

As we've suggested before, and as is reinforced by various technical breakdowns and the system specifications available to the public, the Wii U doesn't match up to the Xbox One or PS4 in terms such as CPU and GPU speeds, RAM capacity or on-board memory. Nintendo's system isn't a slouch, and it's only logical that as developers become more accustomed to its GPU-centric architecture it'll produce ever-improving results. When lined up alongside its rivals in pure technical specification terms, however, the winners are obvious.

Yet we don't consider hardware capabilities to revolve completely around how many polygons can be produced at once, or the varying degrees of dynamic lighting that are on show. It's about more than that, so the controllers come into play. Sony has arguably been rather conservative, in that its new DualShock looks largely the same as its predecessor, thought there's a touchpad area and a coloured strip, which will allow it to be detected by a camera for some motion control elements. Microsoft's approach is similar with its controller, with rumble added into the shoulder triggers; it's really about an upgraded Kinect, which will be bundled with the One and seemingly be absolutely integral to the platform. With Wii U, it's the GamePad, which incorporates motion control but also second screen, off-TV and asynchronous gameplay opportunities not necessarily possible on the other platforms. We expect a lot of Nintendo messaging to emphasize these points, with an argument that the GamePad screen — which is sort of aped by Xbox SmartGlass and potential Vita/PS4 integration — can innovate how we play games, while everything needed is in the box and integrated into the system.

Then we have social aspects and the operating systems, which will likely continue to evolve as the months and years progress. The Wii U has seen Nintendo evolve a great deal, most notably with its bespoke Miiverse platform, which provides a solid structure and is reliably moderated to foster a friendly, inclusive environment; with screenshot posting and a browser-based beta live, it's a pleasing community for Nintendo gamers. Social interaction is something that Sony and Microsoft have also shown off, with both featuring a trump card with video footage sharing; in each case gamers can capture footage in-game, with a suggestion that it can be easily shared. Assuming you have a decent web connection, that's a big plus; on Sony's part much was made of an intuitive social aspect, whole Microsoft gave a particular focus to Skype calling — Wii U does have its own bespoke console to console video calling system with Wii U Chat.

In terms of the user interfaces themselves, the Wii U adopts the clean, channel-based approach of predecessors, with the main interaction in various apps being through the GamePad touchscreen. What we've seen of the PS4 looked reasonably slick, while Microsoft dedicated much of its presentation to portray its operating system as an all-in-one entertainment platform. While Wii U has various streaming apps for TV, as will PS4, the One will attempt to go beyond that with a greater focus on TV and multi-functionality, even going so far as to include a HDMI-in port for plugging in set-top boxes. It should be noted that the complexities of different providers and hardware do mean that making the Kinect-enabled TV interaction stick for all users will likely turn into a challenge that goes beyond the One's launch.

So, where does Wii U stand in this, generally? Right now we'd say that, while a major improvement over Wii, Nintendo's system will lack some of the flash of its rivals in social media and entertainment mediums, and will obviously not have the same CPU and GPU horsepower under the hood. To take a more positive outlook, we're yet to learn how the social aspects of Sony and Microsoft's system will pan out, in terms of the communities that inhabit them. Miiverse has become a fun, quirky and largely clean environment, especially in areas such as eye-catching illustrations made with the GamePad, and Nintendo can rightly promote it as a social resource suitable for all.

Another point causing a stir today is the online requirement of the Xbox One, with suggestions that the system will need to connect every 24 hours, though features, games and TV will supposedly work while offline. Neither Wii U nor, it seems, PS4 insist on connecting at specific points, though arguably being online is vitally important to any modern gaming system. There's also confusion around the Xbox One's treatment of second-hand games, with vague messaging not serving it well; again, indications are that PS4 won't have any kind of license system, while the Wii U has kept it simple; insert disc, play game.

It seems to us that Nintendo knows that, in an arm-wrestle over multi-functionality and all-in-one entertainment, it's unlikely to win; especially as it lacks a Blu-Ray player, which the others have included. The early marketing message was about the Wii U being the centre of the living room, but in recent times it's become all about the games, with Nintendo's financial reports also highlighting Miiverse as a key driving point. Nintendo TVii isn't exactly at the forefront of marketing and still hasn't been implemented at all in Europe. The Wii U offers strong performance in many areas, but it's becoming noticeable that Nintendo is moving to a battleground focused on gaming experiences — we suspect that'll suit plenty of the Nintendo Life community just fine.

Games, Games and More Games

In this respect, Wii U has an unfair advantage, merely through its progressing maturity in the market. We've had the first six months of the system now, which involved a reasonable launch line-up and, some notable exceptions aside, a fairly substantial dip in output. There have been games, let's not overlook that fact, but not experiences to shift substantial units.

The big N is shifting up a gear, however, and it's becoming increasingly evident that the second-half of 2013 is going to be full of big-hitting releases, with the company banking on at least a few reviving the console's momentum. To name just a few, there are first-party titles such as Pikmin 3, Nintendo-published releases such as The Wonderful 101, while 2013 release dates are expected for the likes of Mario Kart and, if rumours are correct, a new Super Mario 3D release. A number of big-budget multi-platform releases are also coming from Ubisoft, in particular, there's a partnership with SEGA that'll deliver exclusive Sonic games, while others such as Activision and — to a lesser extent — Square Enix are joining in. EA has also gone from working on no Wii U games to working on a few in the space of a week, though those releases are unlikely to include big-name sport franchises such as FIFA and Madden.

In Sony's recent PS4 reveal, there was a significant focus on games. There were some exclusives, of course, and a number of multi-platform titles — some of which are coming to Wii U and others, such as Bungie's Destiny, which probably aren't. There'll be a bit of pressure on the manufacturer at E3 to show a bit more in terms of solid, confirmed projects; announcements that have trickled out have helped to distract from the fact that the presentation showed plenty of graphic engine demonstrations, but not all for confirmed games. That said, the system is lining up some compelling titles.

As for Xbox One, its reveal has been widely criticised for doing the opposite, as games took a back-seat to TV, Kinect and showing off the console's multi-tasking. EA came on stage to announce a notable partnership — we've heard that before — which included four new entries in its various sporting franchises; the sizzle real was vague in terms of actual game footage, however. And then there was a new Forza game, along with Call of Duty: Ghosts, with the One's scoop being timed exclusivity on DLC. Broadly speaking, a lot of gamers have voiced discontent at the priorities shown, but it was a reveal that targeted U.S. homes, particularly. We'll have a better picture after a supposedly game-focused E3.

One interesting point that has emerged today is that the Xbox One will still prevent indie developers simply self-publishing on the console's online platform, much to the tweeted dismay of those indies. Nintendo has certainly gone the opposite way in recent times, recognising the importance of smaller developers by offering free Unity development tools, web platform functionality and generally seeming to bend over backwards to tempt developers towards the eShop; we've seen early rewards with more confirmed eShop projects in recent times. Sony seems to be taking a similar path, making a big play of independent developers at its reveal, so that's a clear dividing line from Microsoft.

Another is backward compatibility. The Wii U plays Wii games and supports all of its controllers, which is simple. The PS4 hardware won't play PS3 discs, but the suggestion seems to be that PS3 games may eventually be playable over the cloud, using web streaming technology through Gaikai. The new Xbox won't play 360 discs — nor will it transfer download-only games — so backward compatibility seems to be out, though a cheap as chips 360 hardware model is rumoured.

Much is yet to emerge from Sony and Microsoft in terms of specifics with games, and we'll undoubtedly be blitzed with information at E3. From the perspective of the Wii U, there's a palpable sense that we're in the quiet before the storm, with a list of — on paper — big name franchises and exciting games on the way. The Wii U will be approaching the Holiday season with a year of platform maturity behind it, and a fairly meaty mix of multi-platform titles, the odd third-party exclusive — particularly if Sonic: Lost World arrives in 2013 — and some recognisable franchises. The unanswerable question is whether this mix, particularly experiences with the Mario and Zelda branding, will prove to be the retail winners they have in the past. Naturally, we hope they will.

Pricing, and the Unknown Newcomers

At $300 and $350, the Wii U models have struggled to date — and undergone aggressive price promotions in Europe, particularly — but then it isn't the first new console to have lost momentum after an early surge. Much speculation and analysis will rest on whether Nintendo's upcoming software will elevate the value of the system in the eyes of the public, therefore making those price points a success. Parallels to the 3DS — which are uncanny — are naturally being drawn, prompting easy speculation as to whether Nintendo will combine big software with a price cut to push the Wii U's marketability over the edge. Nintendo's ruled it out — though we recall similar noises prior to the 3DS drop — so only time will tell.

We think it's a safe bet to say that the Wii U will cost less than the Xbox One and PS4. That's speculation, as neither has announced prices, but it's an educated guess. The hardware at play in the PS4, particularly its RAM, is pricey stuff, though by avoiding too many extravagances with its controller it should avoid PS3 levels of pricing insanity. As for the Xbox One, there have been rumours — quashed in some areas — that two price points will exist, with some pegging them at $499.99 for the unit or $299.99 with mandatory subscription payments, we assume for Xbox Live. UK retailer Zavvi has bizarrely gone very early with its pre-order price, offering £399.99 (on the same site a Wii U Deluxe model is £269.98) — that UK price could equate to $400-450, but the retailer's gone so early that it may be entirely speculative.

At this point we'll highlight some other 'alternative' game consoles, notably the Ouya and GameStick — these are both Android-based systems designed to bring the platform's tablet and smartphone games to TVs. Both gained initial funding via Kickstarter, but both have secured retail distribution in the UK. These are systems that will ultimately be around £100 or less, with cheap mobile-style games populating their stores; quite what impact they'll have on the mainstream market is unclear, yet it'd be churlish to deny that Android and iOS, in wider terms, haven't influenced the gaming market and moved some audiences away from what we could term the 'big three'.

We may not have firm proof, but we'd be amazed if the Wii U isn't less expensive than Xbox One and PS4 this holiday period. Even if Sony and Microsoft swallowed significant hits on hardware costs to come in relatively low, we doubt Nintendo would see that happen without responding. An example we'd highlight would once again be the 3DS — Sony announced the Vita at a competitive price with a smile, before Nintendo sucked up the losses (and some pride) to bring about a price cut. Whether evasive maneuvers are needed or not, we expect Wii U to represent the more affordable option. It's not all about the price tag, of course, and the factors we've highlighted above — along with others — will surely impact on the value that consumers find in each respective system and, in all likelihood, the last-gen systems being flogged at discounted rates.

What do you think?

We still have more to learn about the Xbox One and PS4, while we doubt Nintendo's finished with its tactics and releases to revive the Wii U. It's going to be a fascinating E3, and beyond, but with Microsoft starting to break cover, we at least have an idea of what Nintendo and its system will be up against.

Plenty to debate, and we'd love to read all about your thoughts in the comments below.

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SuperSah said:

Hardware wise, Xbox and PS4 has blown the Wii U away, by a long shot.

I.E: 2GB RAM on Wii U and 8GB on PS4/Xbox.

Wii U also lacks most of the entertainment features you can get on a Xbox/PS4.

HOWEVER, Wii U might be able to combat that with decent 1st party games. Nintendo needs to address sales ASAP.



DarkLloyd said:

@ramstrong now 3D on skype just sounds alittle bit silly why might anyone want talk or text someone with thier face in your face sounds little bothersome if you ask me lol



ThomasBW84 said:

MS owns Skype, so we can all rule that out. I don't think Nintendo will go beyond Wii U Chat, to be honest.



ThumperUK said:

Now that Microsoft has announced they will be killing off the 2nd hand market, it is expected Sony will now follow suit (they wanted to anyway, and now MS has bitten the bullet it makes it easy for them).

If Nintendo stick as is, and do not restrict 2nd-hand games, then it could easily end up being the winner of the new gen (as they did with the Wii). Microsoft has overestimated gamers' loyalty to the xbox brand.....if we cannot trade in games for new ones at a sensible price then the xbox one is highly likely to fail to keep its customer base.



manu0 said:

@ThomasBW84 Well, Skype is on Vita, Apple devices (incl. Macs), and why shouldn't it be on Nintendo's devices?



Midnight3DS said:

Microsoft's new plan is hostile to gamers, but I do think it will be a device that can attract more casual 'all in one' types. Times are a changin'. I see it as having a perceived rep of more variety.



Madmanonfire said:

Judging from the xbox conference alone, the One will probably not be a threat. The PS4 shows promise so far. While everything can change at E3, right now I don't think NIntendo has much to worry about.



Fingeldor said:

It's unclear to me why I need more Skype. I have Skype on my computer. I have Skype on a tablet. I have Skype on a phone and for that matter, FaceTime to boot. I have so many ways of showing my face already, I'm not sure plastering it on the television while I lounge on my couch is an attractive feature to me. More importantly, the only thing I've read in terms of gaming is about another Call of Duty game. Is war simulation really so exciting it can capture an entire onslaught of new Xbox loyalists? I mean, war simulation already looks pretty good in the 'current gen'. I suppose if I need to see my enemy combatants' guts hanging out after I've mortared them, perhaps more polygons are in order. Is ultra-violence the only thing capturing the minds of the Western audience anymore? We like what we like, I guess. Worst yet, if I want to loan the game to a friend or trade it in, it looks like I probably can't. Years from now, there may be a separate landfill just for Call of Duty game boxes in some corner of the world.



TheAdrock said:

XboxOne: can't play old Xbox games, can't take game discs to a friend's house, can't use XboxOne unless connected to the internet (what about rural buyers?), must continue to pay MS a fee to connect to the internet which makes it a monthly user fee just to use the darn thing... unless I'm incorrect, or unless they change these features, I'd say this new Xbox is a total failure out the gate!



Mario-Man-Child said:

There is not one thing I like about Xbox one. PS4 and Wii U for me. I actually dislike Xbox one and the fact it needs to connect to the net at least once a day and the fact MS will release details of how you can play second hand games.

I hope it fails miserably and MS gets a good kick in the nuts because it has a sniff of the 'beginning of the end' of gaming as we know it. Don't like it.

@Madmanonfire I agree.



Beppeoioi said:

I state that I am a nintendo fan, but this time the WiiU can not compete with competitors.
Nintendo has remained tied to the past when things were simpler, now the nextgen is between us and makes clear the limits of nintendo engineers.
Certainly in the past we had our fill of fun, we'll probably see a few more fun game, but you have to realize that the technology goes ahead, nintendo can no longer rely on nostalgia and the glory of the past.
Do you really believe that this winter when a consumer will be faced with the three consoles, will decide to buy the WiiU?
We are realists, back on earth .....



Burning_Spear said:

Wii U is already at a significant disadvantage because Nintendo royally screwed up the launch and allowed six months of near-total negativity. The non-loyalists — the ones who will truly choose the console they deem best — are already making decisions based on what MS and Sony have promised versus what Nintendo has failed to deliver.



brucelebnd said:

I think Microsoft just took themselves out of the console market. the Wii U will be fine. the basic model is $240 now and will probably be around $200 around Christmas. parents will probably buy their kids a Wii U, this Christmas. the PS4 will attract the "core gamer" who slobber or graphics and power and will be willing to $399 to $499 for the PS4. if you're a parent the Wii U is a lot less expensive and the games on be $70. Sony will keep the "core gamers" and Nintendo will keep the family/kid gamers. MS is will probably pull out of the console business all together if the Xbox 1 fails



Mario-Man-Child said:

@Beppeoioi How much power do you actually thing is needed to play a video game? Its about the games and Wii U plays Nintendo games, that's the selling point.



TrueWiiMaster said:

"some of which are coming to Wii U and others, such as Bungie's Destiny, which probably aren't"
That's rather pessimistic. After all, Activision's publishing Destiny, and they have a pretty good track record of supporting Nintendo's platforms. Plus, the developer came out recently and denied the rumor that Destiny was coming to the Vita, but made no mention of the rumor that it was coming to the Wii U. The fact that they came out to deny rumors, and didn't deny the Wii U, bodes well for a Wii U version imo. Also, I still question whether that "Is your body ready" statement they used in the reveal was simply a coincidence. I don't think I've ever heard anybody say that without Nintendo being involved.



ScreamoPichu said:

Microsoft is, openly, going for more than just gamers. But they also seemed to have rustled up many fans, in a bad way. By everyone's reactions (on the internet) it was very very rare that I came across a positive post. I don't know how Microsoft will fare with a console that tries to reach outside of gaming. As for games, Xbox One definitely needs to step it up for the release.

Sony has a good line up, and seems to have much excitement among their fans. Even I have some interest in it. A decent line-up of exclusives are on PlayStation 4's horizon, well, hopefully by horizon it's release week.

Concerns I have for both are how backwards compatibility and price affect them. The no backwards compatibility is what scares me about spending $300+ on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Just as a comparison, I've spent more time in Wii Mode on my Wii U than I have playing Wii U games. Oh yeah, another concern, Mario. Mario is probably the hardest game anything can compete with in sales. And if there is a Mario Kart out as well on Wii U, there is going to be some strong competition. I also think they, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will hurt themselves in their fight. With most games coming out "cross-gen" what's the use in upgrading? Why spend $300+ on a game you can get on a console you already own?

Assuming everything I brought up will be released this holiday season, it's going to be a wild ride for us gamers.



Datasun_7 said:

@Beppeoioi they might do, it all depends on price let's be honest. If the PS/box are £400/500 then expect to see a lot a new Wii u owners this Christmas



Einherjar said:

If nintendo didnt screw up the launch window, the headstart would be really good. Microsoft is out of the picture if you ask me. A camera that spies on you even if the system is in standby, no used games without paying, main feature: watch television...with a device hooked to a television -.- There is no competition to be found here. The only competition they are gonna have are themselfes.
The PS4 on the other hand, although nothing spectacular feature wise, is at least a very solid console without major flaws. This can become quite a challenge, but a nintendo console will still be a nintendo console. Come for the 1st party titles, stay for them. Thats how its been for years. It may not be on par with the other 1.5 other consoles, but it has its right to be where its at



Deadstanley said:

@ramstrong Skype is now a Microsoft asset. It's one of the key features of the Xbox One. It will never be allowed to license against competing consoles.



Melkaticox said:

Considering Xbox One's overwhelmingly negative reaction...Nintendo shouldn't worry about it.
The PS4, however...Nintendo only needs them to make ONE mistake. ONE mistake, and Nintendo will make sure it falls from grace.



Ryno said:

All I can say is that I'm looking forward to E3 is finding out what is in the Wii U pipeline.



QBertFarnsworth said:

@brucelebnd That's just it. The Wii U sold last Christmas to hardcore Nintendo fans and some parents smart enough to distinguish it from its predecessor. X1 and PS4 will sell to hardcore fans, but few parents will spend $400-$500 on a gift for a kid. Drop the price of the black unit to $250, include Nintendoland, exclude stands and charging stations if necessary, but if it can sell for $150-$250 less than the competition, that's a big win for Nintendo. They should also do an ambassador package for the early adapters and give us something to feel special like being able to download Earthbound or GameCube games months before new system owners.

If they want to avoid confusion, discontinue the Wii. Repackage Wii Games as Wii U games like they did with Wii Remote Plus, and market them as "Wii Classic" games with a lower price if they want to keep selling them. Don't give people an option. If you want Nintendo games, you need a Wii U.



Nintend0ro said:

Nintendo knew what's coming and done very little to stand against competition. Yet again MS and Sony will make Wii U look like a toy. I love Wii U but fear than once the other two come out, it'll end up sitting under TV without a use..



Varia01 said:

It appears that the Wii U has had some victories over Xbox One and PS4, like Miiverse and backward compatibility. Though prices are a bit confusing. It seems reasonable that the Wii U costs $300-$350, but I dunno about Xbox One and PS4. I joked after I watched the Xbox One's presentation that it would cost $750, but it will probably be $300-$400 cheaper than that, lol. The controller for the Wii U is just awesome and I like the Wii remote and nunchuck too. The Xbox One controller is simple and neat along with an improved KInect bar is great too. Both the Wii U and Xbox One can do multi-task, however, Xbox One seems to do so better while the Wii U's multi-task deal seems to just playing games on the gamepad and watching TV on the TV's screen. I hate how EA hates the Wii U and will never add any of its major games to it. I had trouble playing an EA hockey game demo on the Xbox 360, but I just need some getting use to. When it comes to online capabilities, I actually don't know who wins. The Wii U has a free internet connection while I hate the paid Xbox Live subscriptions. The online gameplay is pretty much similar for both consoles. I don't have much info about PS4 and I don't really care about it. The Wii U and Xbox One seems to be at a similar pace of victory.



dumedum said:

The truh is and for a while now, 360 and PS3 have been pretty inconsequential for Nintendo. The real 'threat', and Nintendo addressed it, is phones and tablets. PS4 and XBOX1 will be niche consoles for gamers, but Wii U represents an evolution of the Wii, and can have a bright future with the right games. It just takes a while and patience.

Nintendo does not need skype, but just because Microsoft bought it, does not mean it cannot be on Wii U in theory. It's like Google apps appearing on iphones. There are legalities involved, but it's not something that can just be ruled out. It's like microsoft games that appeared on DS.

Above all, I agree that the gamepad is amazing.. the multitasking with the game, the excellent interenet browsesr with youtube support, the drawings on miiverse, the quick tap, all that makes Wii U a true next gen machine and really has nothing to feel inferior about, only superior. It also has 4 times more RAM than ps3 and 360 which is plenty and already provided developers with the ability to create superior versions over that gen.



SkywardCrowbar said:

PS4 and XBox One are running off a cliff on the graphics train. They will never catch the PC. Wii U will win this console generation by providing something unique.

We've been through this song and dance before when people wrote off the Wii for being less advanced than its competitors. Look how that turned out. Which is aside from that the gulf between the Wii U and its competitors is much smaller than the one between the Wii and its contemporaries.



Steveovig said:

I don't think Nintendo will be able to beat the PS4 but I think they can compete with the X-Box, after that abysmal reveal yesterday. As long as Sony does the exact opposite of Microsoft with the PS4, they'll be fine as the leader. Nintendo should focus on marketing the U as the only true gaming console and maybe they can take away some of the idiots who are actually on the fence about buying an X-Box.



ramstrong said:

@DarkLloyd If you notice, on 3DS, the stereo cam points outside. So you don't see 3D of people's head. You see 3D of the environment outside. Would also be nice if you can switch back-and-forth inner-outer camera while shooting.

I said Skype, but that's just a short hand. I think WiiU already has something similar (Panoramic video?) where you can see video and look around you, except in this case, the connection would be live, and you can chat with somebody holding a 3DS device.



Omarsonic9 said:

@SuperSah Nintendo didn't release Pikmin 3 or other first party games before June because they wanted to make sure that the games are 100% addicting.
They don't wanna rush up things. which is good



cuba444 said:

Looking at the comments on regarding Xbox one, many have stated there dissapointment, and are expressing a desire to buy the Wii U and possibly ps4.



rmeyer said:

Don't expect any decent games for ps4 or Xbox for a couple of years after launch.



gsnap said:

Well if Microsoft continues to dig its own grave with gamers, then Nintendo should be in a pretty good position. I expect Xbox One to sell fairly well to casuals because of its fancy living room experience, but its software sales will probably end up being less than stellar. It'll hurt Microsoft's image, and word of mouth will bring people to the Wii U and PS4.



Peach64 said:

I can't wait for E3. It should be amazing for all 3 consoles. Despite Wii U having been out over 6 months already, PS4 actually has more announced games that I'm excited for than the Wii U does (pretty much just Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101). However, if we do see a 3D Mario this Christmas along with another big game that's not yet revealed, then I'd be surprised if PS4 could match that with 4 must haves at launch.

As for Xbox One, I'm reserving judgement til E3. I thought the reveal was lame, but I don't think that automatically means it's a bad console. They just showed off stuff I had no interest in. They revealed the specs to be what we've known they were for 6 months, and it's plenty good enough to be a gaming powerhouse, and the controller once again looks fantastic, so there's no reason why it can't be a great gaming machine.

Exciting times ahead, especially for multi-console gamers.



ThomasBW84 said:

@manu0 In theory Skype could be on Wii U, but in reality I think it's extremely unlikely. Nintendo would have to pay MS for the privilege, and I doubt there's the will or enough demand. Heck, the Wii U doesn't even use a standard Blu-Ray player, as the company often goes proprietary to avoid paying too many third parties.



idork99 said:

My thought: It's a glorious time to be a gamer! Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, will all become excellent systems in their own right! They will all provide excellent games with exceptional, yet different, UI and, in the case of the Wii U, power. Personally, I feel like it's 1991 again. The Wii U is the SNES and the PS4 and Xbox One is the arcade experience. In the case of the EA games, the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be the superior experience while the Wii U will be the inferior version. The experience will feel somewhat the same, yet, one with an eye for detail will know the difference. It reminds me of Mortal Kombat in the arcades vs. the SNES/Mega Drive version. All in all, whichever your gaming system preference, everybody wins .



zool said:

Nintendo should separate the Wii U controller from the Wii U. Use the pro controller for good WII U games and keep the game pad controller for downloadable new and retro games.



Sir_Deadly said:

I think its funny how some people think they will still drop the price of the Wii U!!! There might be a sale for the U but not a permanent price drop seeing how Nintendo is already taking a loss on it. I believe even if they didnt do a price drop, it still looks cheaper to the consumer because with all that stuff inside the X1 and PS4 you better believe they'll be between $399 to $499! But here si wut i fear from each system: Xbox One has no backwards compatibility, haveing to pay a fee for online play also for used games. PS4 has no backwards compatibility, probably more expensive of the 3 and probably will have a weak security as it did before with the PS3. Maybe they learned there lesson from before. Wii U needs to get more 3rd party devs on board, as alot people buy Wii U for the Ninty games I feel like they need those other devs to have more people to buy. But I dont think the devs really know how to use the tech of the Wii U either. I do fear for the next gen of consoles but excited as well.



SanderEvers said:

@zool: WHY? So they can be exactly like the PS4, XBOX 1? It's the Wii U GamePad that makes the Wii U unique. As it should.



PopeReal said:

XBox One: Pretty negative reaction so far. Their emphasis on TV and sports backfired. The console is gigantic and looks like an old DVD player. Kinect 2 sounds cool but still is a separate device, most people expected it to be integrated into the console. Games must be activated with access key online before you can play them. No used games, all purchases are tied to XBox account. Must be signed in every 24 hours or you can't play games. Microsoft is going back and forth on this but this close to a console's release I have to believe they have made their mind up.

PS4: Pretty positive reaction so far. They have shown less about the console and more about the games. Microsoft will probably learn from this for E3.

Wii U: Struggling but still has Ubisoft, Warner Bros, and Activision support with Nintendo's big guns starting to come out this fall. EA is flipp flopping but we will see how that goes. I am guessing they can still regroup and finish 2nd this gen. But they need a huge Xmas.



gavn64 said:

The ONE prioritize's other elements above gaming and SONY's top developer's dont float my boat at all. Even if they did they dont have EAD TOKYO or EAD 3 or RETRO STUDIOS or INTELIGENT SYSTEMS on there payroll so ehhh yeah i will stick with NINTENDO thanks.



ungibbed said:

The other factor is still the PS3 as well which I'm sure Sony will support to its last breath (much like the PS2 slim before). Nintendo Is in a tight spot as they have two stigmas to shake. One is the awful quality control of software allowed to be released on the original Wii. It was extremely hard to find a decent game in a sea of crap budget titles that hurt the system badly. If the Wii U can escape the shovelware problems of the past, it's one step for the better.

The second step is to get more M rated releases for the system even if they are a multiplatform release. Getting to the core gamer and the hardcore gamer is the largest challenge Nintendo will ever face. Even if its ports of various games from current generation systems. Will we ever see the full potential of the Wii U in action? Nobody knows as only the best visuals on the original Wii were games from Nintendo and not any third party. I hope we don't have a rerun of the same situation.



MasterWario said:

For me, it's always been about the games, and I've said this before, but Nintendo is the only company that consistently makes games I want to buy. Sony will only make a few games that I like, and Microsoft pretty much makes no games that I like, at all. I'm just glad the Wii U can use HD graphics now, so I don't have to buy a game for my PS3 because it's in lower quality on the Wii



SanderEvers said:

@ThomasBW84 The Wii U does use a standard BluRay player, however they don't support other bluray discs than Wii U discs (or Wii discs, which are regular DVDs)

As they really don't like to pay BluRay and DVD playback royalties to Sony.



NintyMan said:

From what I've read of reactions to Xbox One, there seems to be plenty of disappointment to go around and Microsoft seems to be going down more of the "casual" route, which I find ironic. I think the PS4 will be the bigger rival against Nintendo. We all know Nintendo has some very big games in store. Games are where it should matter, so we'll see.



Captain_Toad said:

PS4 has got some good impressions so far due to me shaking in fear. (A sign that they may have got this.)
Microsoft has some making to do if the games are as good as they are and why some of the console features and drawbacks are a good thing, apparently Rare has a game to be shown off at E3.



Rei7 said:

I have a Wii U but i'm not quite sure how it could really be called next gen. The specs and everything are current gen and the only thing that makes it good would be the gamepad as a 2nd screen.. and then you could see the PS4 has Vita for that and Xbox One has Smartglass(phones and tablets) for that. So unique is the Wii U besides the Nintendo Exclusives? I know i'm in the wrong place to say this but just how in the world are Nintendo going to win this? Against Xbox One maybe, but the PS4 maybe not.



SuperCharlie78 said:

"MS owns Skype, so we can all rule that out. I don't think Nintendo will go beyond Wii U Chat, to be honest."
Because they seem to simply don't care about these things.
Have you been able to organize a multiplayer match with any of your friends, just from the WiiU?
If you deliver a system for the gamers, then you should provide the standard features, I can't believe I'm still unable to send a private message to my friend with him being advertised about that, because they completely ignored the opportunity to put a pop-up, on screen message saying who is online, who sent you a message, who wants to play with you, non to mention the lack of an integrated inviting system...
They don't care about this stuff, and this is really disappointing.
Games will arrive like they always did, and I will own some other system (a PS4 by now), so no problem here, but when it comes to services (profile based account system anyone?) I've just given up hoping in Nintendo.



Fel09ktl said:

I wasn't impressed with the new Xbox revel yesterday. Too much TV and Kinect, not enough games. It felt like MS was trying to compete with Comcast and Direct TV and not Nintendo and Sony.

Anyways, going back on topic, Nintendo needs to step up their game. WiiU's hardware might be inferior to the PS4 and XboxOne, but Nintendo got amazing exclusives. If they release SSB, Mario 3D and and a new Zelda game and a price cut this year, the WiiU will be just fine. Might not sell as much as the Wii, but I think it has a good chance of winning this gen.



MrGawain said:

Nintendo is still in a niche at the other 2 can't provide- there really isn't a platformer that can compete with Mario, and not an RPG that can compete with Zelda, not to mention Kart, Smash Bros, Metroid etc... I still think a lot of PS4/Xbox1 owners will also invest in a Wii U when those games become available, especially if (when) there's a lack of AAA games to appear early on. And 'casual gamers' will be drawn to these IPs and the lower price of the Wii U.

The real fight is between the Xbox1 and PS4 because the offer very little different between the 2, and are asking a lot more commitment with the price for most people to own both. The Wii U could sit alongside either console as something different and a change of pace from the FPS/ultra detailed sports mode. But I very much doubt people shelling out for both flash graphic consoles. And at the moment with neither of them released, PS4 is beating the Xbox1 if only due to better PR with the thickness of their smoke and placement of their mirrors.

P.S: I very much doubt anyone will own all 3 this generation.



FritzFrapp said:

The only interesting thing to me about the PS4 "reveal" was the absence of the console itself. And that was obviously because, as it will need to dissipate a load of heat, that it's going to be another huge box. If the latest version of the PS3 is an indicator, then the PS4 might make Xbox The Last One look almost attractive. Sensibly, they went for the big tease and threw in some choice tech details to attract early interest from the easily-swayed. The games they showed were desperately underwhelming. I really hope Naughty Dog have got something good to show at E3. But I'm not enticed at all by the general direction that Cerny and his team are taking PlayStation.
Xbox One is a catastrophic misjudgment of the market.
For me, the 3 things wrong with WiiU at the moment are software prices, absence of marketing, and loss of momentum. It's just like the 3DS's launch year. A steady slew of great games can change everything.



Nintex said:


yes xbox one and ps4 have 8g or ram compared to wiiu's 2, however those 8g's have to be divided between 8 cores. wiiu has a 3 core, so once all the ram is distributed, they will perform about the same per core as wiiu albeit just a tad higher. Game wise there won't be much of a difference. Another thing to think about is how how of that 8g on those systems have to be dedicated to system operations- all the multitasking. Functionality wise those systems will be beast but game wise it's more of an equal playing field



scrubbyscum999 said:

I think Xbox one is going to lose a lot of their audience, and I NEVER thought I would ever say that. Nintendo should really win the console war at this point, they're the only company offering something truly unique. Marketing and games and the big N will be fine. Can they do that? Time will tell, Nintendo is known from straying from obvious and logical decisions...



bassoongoon said:

I think it is a mistake that Sony and Microsoft are not including backwards compatibility. I just do not understand why they would opt to leave it out. This seems like it might anger fans of their previous consoles. I know if Wii U had left out backwards compatibility I would have been pretty disappointed.



thepitt said:

One might want to remember that the last generation of "next-gen" consoles where revealed at shows touting "features" that never made it into the final consumer hardware or those features were soon removed with many hardware revisions.

I don't buy into rumors before an official press release nor do I buy into advertised features from the manufactures anymore. I wait until I see what is released then what happens to the hardware; like how high of a failure rate they have. RROD and YLOD ring a bell?

Then again, I buy consoles depending if they have a game that I can invest many hours into. Considering the 3DS is going to have a new Link to the Past game I shall play it and if it is indeed a good game I shall invest money into a 3DS.

I do not discriminate against consoles. Games are what I'm after and it doesn't matter what device delivers them. Even with the many features and specifications that are "in the air" per say, if a game comes out that I want on the new Microsoft and Sony consoles I shall purchase either or, but I also can wait a long time so they don't break my wallet. I'm in no hurry for the cat and mouse "next-gen" races and have plenty of games to play in the meantime.



SCAR said:

Guys, the Wii U is still developing. It would be naive to be judging the console this soon, and over what? A touch pad, neglected Move controllers, last gen Kinect called the PS camera, and Vita is the $250 extra screen? The only thing PS4 will have is better graphics right off the bat, but even Xbox One should be able to match or pass it up.
Xbox One has a new Kinect, better controller(than PS4), and will have tons of features that PS4 has already failed to show.
Nintendo hasn't even tried to make their console appealing, so it's no wonder lots of people don't like it. That's not a bad thing, either. The summer update will come in summer(duh), and games like Pikmin amd Wonderful101 will be out in August. Not to mention E3 demos are going to be playable at select Best Buy stores.
In conclusion, as far as Wii U goes, it hasn't done s*** yet, because Nintendo is preparing the console still, PS4 is Xbox One minus Kinect minus Wii U GamePad, and Xbox One really hasn't shown anything either.
Are people really going to judge these devices off of one hoir of info that was supposed to msinly show you as little as possible? Look at the potential, not what's in front of your eyes. You're gonna be disappointed if you don't think past the obvious.



thepitt said:


At that point in time Sony was showing the PS4 powered by machines built around the target specifications thus they had no console to show. The specifications are irrelevant due to the ever changing faces and dropped features of consoles Sony produces. It's as pointless to discuss the "final" specifications or design of the consoles itself as it is to argue about unconfirmed rumors months before anything is drawn in sand by these console makers.



Zellybeanie said:

I think Wii U will get great, truly unique games and possibly be a haven for indie developers. Nintendo will always continue to game to the beat of their own Donkey Kong bongos (I still have those!). It's the quirkiness and vision of Nintendo that I most enjoy.

I feel the other two will ALWAYS cater more towards those who love shooting and blowing stuff up.



thepitt said:


Do not kid yourself. The PS4 and XBOX1 are power horses, but not so much compared to a $500 x86/64 PC. Even with all of that power it comes down to the games. I shun the rest of the "features" due to not being related to "games". I buy a game console to play games and that is about it. Nintendo has a really good grounding on how to make fun and enjoyable games with much replay value, but can also throw out enough total flukes as the rest of the companies do. The next-next-gen consoles are much powerful then the Wii and will be able to pump out all sorts of eyecandy, but if eyecandy is all that you're after then, well, you need to do some serious thinking about being a gamer.



DreamOn said:

Mobile games have given birth to many new gamers. As these new gamers mature in their gaming skills and look for more immersive experiences, the cheaper Wii U (and 3DS) and its Nintendo style games could be very appealing to that group in the future.

And I think Nintendo knows there will be an "evolved casual gamer" market that they can capture possibly better than Sony and MS.



zool said:

@SanderEvers I think the game pad is to gimmicky. It's OK if you can play the full wii u game on it rather than the tv but not many games allow you to do this. And any way why wait all this time for the wii u and pay inflated prices for the games so that we can play them in HD and then don't.



thepitt said:


Have you played a "casual" game yet? I have. They are stuff that should be featured on a show called "What is NOT a game". Casual games are for the general masses and not gamers. Yes, some of them might start to wander across the line and discover the magic real games can produce, but get real. Most of these casual gamers will never cross that line and if Nintendo starts to embrace this rather small market (per capitol) then they are reverting backwards. Let the baby boomers and the people who shunned technology and they people who didn't (Atari, NES, 80286) keep their I-this and that games. I surely do not want them around a real game or a real gaming console. Aren't there enough people who don't get gaming already present in this higher circle (remember the Super Metroid stuff, anyone)?



SanderEvers said:

The gamepad is exactly like the bottom screen of a (3)DS. Like how it's used in Zombi U as a scanner and map. It's not just a second screen to play the game on. If used correctly you can have awesome immersive controls using the GamePad which are ONLY available on a WIi U or 3DS.

It's not a "gimmick" (I so hate that word), it's an awesome feature.



QuickSilver88 said:

Ok first to those that say gamepad will be mirrored on ps4 with Vita and X1 with tablet glass......uh Vita is $250 and a seven inch andriod is abot $200 so those are not included and therefore will not get the same developer support. People keep saying WiiU this and that vs the other as yet revealed systems......ok hold tight. WiiU is out and has already had two major OS updates with another coming this summer. So the user experience has improved greatly and will continue to. Meanwhile $ony has struggled with SEN and the new versison sucked and was sooooooo slow and cluttered that eShop is a dream by comparison. So all you people act like these new systems will just come out and shine and not have to go thru an infancy stage.....uhhhh history would say NO. Also all 3 systems will run at 1080p so the fidelity difference is not going to be whats people think either between WiiU or ps360 and these new models. Look are these devices supposed to be game consoles or do everything and braid my hair devices? I have so many devices that do social media, stream video, play brd/dvd and provide dvr and pip features do I really give a crap that X1 does all this? I think this is more M$ attempt to strike back at Apple for taking away the home PC market, the mobile phone market, and the tablet market, and Apple TV. They are trying to strike back and are losing focus on gamers. I am sure $ony and Nintendo are salivating. Also others have said this and it is surely true which it will take a few years for devs to really show these new platforms off....we will see a lot of multiplatform support for a while as ps360 has too much of a base to just drop. I think the next few years is Nintendos to lose. They will have a price advantage, a software advantage, and an installed base advantage vs the other two. Also $ony and M$ will be fighting head to head while Nintendo has a seperate path. Personally I am somewhat worried for the future of gaming, but hopefully Nintendo will again surpass expectations and keep some reminants of what we all love alive



Boxmonkey said:

The biggest mistake Microsoft have made is having no backward compatibility. Doing that throws away the install base that own millions of 360 games. Stupid!



Farmboy74 said:

At E3 Nintendo need to focus on games, games, games, and more games. Also make a big deal of backwards compatibility, that it does not require an internet connection all the while and that you can play used games.
Microsoft have shot themselves in both feet and are teetering on the edge of commercial suicide after a horrendous Xbox 1 reveal.
The door has been left ajar and Nintendo now need to make the most of this situation as they might not get a chance like this again



DreamOn said:

@thepitt all you've written is just a shoddy stance against mobile games. I now wonder if you have knowledge of the array of mobile games out there?

We are already seeing Nintendo try to blur the divide with strategies like Nintendo Web Framework.



sr388survivor said:

@Fingeldor wrote: "Is ultra-violence the only thing capturing the minds of the Western audience anymore?"
I know, right? Guess that's what the masses want but to me that doesn't make it mature. That's honestly one reason I enjoy Nintendo so much. They make it work without the need for excessive violence. And that makes it only for children I guess. lol



Ren said:

I was ready to be excited but really backwards compatability is a big deal. I was saying days ago to a friend that if it doesn't have it it may be out for me. I'm new enough to xbox and theres so much to play why would I dump it so I can use skype on my tv and pay crazy prices for some shiny war games I can talk to? Why do they think skype is such a big selling point?
PS4 looks nicer to me now and WiiU too, if they can bring some really nice games soon. I'm not sure playing old Wii games is a huge plus but there are still nice prospects especially if the price goes down, might as well get both of those some day.



Nintex said:

@ thepitt

I'm not saying that ps4 and xbox are not power houses. I know they are. What I'm saying is that a vast majority of their power is geared towards system functionality that has nothing to do with actual raw videogame performance. Things such as ps4's share thingy that records game footage and whatnot and xbox's dashboard and tv functionality incorporated with a steady 2gs worth of data that the kinect is actively processing. These functions are power hogs and ram consumers. After all of that is out of the way there is only so much power left for the dedicated game side of the console and when you are splitting those 8g's between 8 core processors things get a tricky. So yes xbox and ps4 will be beasts of systems, but they are not drastically out wiiu's league. wiiu is sorta like the ps2 of gen6 compared to xbox and gamecube. Ps2 was not as powerful as the other two but still had great looking games.



ajcismo said:

Nintendo absolutely needs to embrace their past catalog, the VC, and the fact that all the parts and controllers that you bought for your Wii will work for your Wii U. Exploit the backwards compatibility of the system, and show the gaming public that your machine is for playing games.
This trend that systems need to be all-in-one machines that happen to play video games is really strange to me.



Smug43 said:

With XBONE I can finally give my TV a name!! I can't wait to take the XBONE with me so I can continue this new found relationship!

In all seriousness.. the new Xbox is the single most anti consumer electronic in the last 30 years.. It's going to be busy scanning you and your family to mine data in order to sell all your information to companies in order to target ADVERTISEMENT! NO THANKS MS!!!!!!!!!

Also, everytime I turn on a console, I pretty much just play games and I don't want to be interrupted by grandma calling me over skype or streaming a movie while I play. Are people that ADD now a days?!?!?! Pathetic.. I'm sticking to my traditional experience.. all this extra crap has NOTHING to do with VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!



HawkeyeWii said:

The Xbox 720, I mean One, poses no threat.
This is complete seriousness. I would rather buy an Xbox 1 at the price of the new one instead of the Xbox One. Confusing yes, because MS doesn't know how to count.



HawkeyeWii said:

Yes exactly! Now is the chance to go for the jugular and knock MS out of the competition for good, but I'm pretty sure they just did that themselves lol



Peach64 said:

I think people are deluded if they think Nintendo shouldn't see MS as a threat. Nintendo have a very real problem that almost nobody cares about the Wii U right now. I expect revealing a 3D Mario at E3 will help, but Nintendo has it all to do. I'd be amazed if the Xbox One ever sold under 40k consoles in a month (unless those sales were limited by stock shortages, an issue with is certainly not a problem for the Wii U at this time).

Nintendo have to work very hard to turn this around. I just hope the people in charge there have a bit more sense than everyone claiming MS is no threat. If Nintendo coast along with this attitude of 'we'll just wait for everyone else to screw up', the Wii U will end up with hardware numbers that make the Sega Saturn look impressive. Thankfully I'm 90% sure Nintendo know they need to work their heiney off to turn this around.



ArkOne77 said:

@Smug43 ...Yep! I agree! It kind of reminds me of George Orwell's book 1984. Where the masses are being watched in their homes by camera and convicted of "thought crimes".....The new XBOX is cool for lazy people who want "ALL IN ONE" social media devices, but no thanks....I'll pass. I like my gaming console for gaming!



JuleyJules said:

I vaguely remember talk a few months ago that there will be Wii U Chat to mobile devices. If that happens then the chatting would be more useful. For now I have yet to use it. The usual topic that more games are needed continues to come up but I think that starting with Wario in June to the end of the year we'll see lots of games a lot more often. At the moment the talk is that there are not enough games; later on I think it'll be there are too many great games to keep up with.



bunnyking said:

Price is where it's at for all systems. Cheap systems cheap games and bigger value.

At $300 the Nintendo's Wii U is at no place to compete, even without a competitor to market yet, $300 is way too much for a system that is running on hardware that should be way cheaper. This is disregarding the Gamepad. The Wii U console unit is way too expensive.



JuleyJules said:

@Peach64 I completely agree. Sony and MS continue to be threats and competitors. I think Nintendo know what they need to do to turn things around just as they did with the 3DS. If the big games start coming out and there's still low sales then yes Nintendo would be in trouble with the Wii U. I don't see that happening though.

One thing I don't think fans of Sony and MS foresee is trouble with convincing the public to upgrade. I think they have a steep hill to climb just as Nintendo did. The marketplace is different than before, they're still supporting PS3/360 with no backwards compatibility and the price could be high based on specs. After the fans rush out to get them it'll be interesting in 2014 to see what happens. I've read so many times in articles that people are planning to wait to see what happens. Time will tell.



HawkeyeWii said:

So is the Xbox One. Thing is I don't even know the price, but I know it s too expensive. That thing isn't worth $99. I'd rather get an Ouya.



drunkenmaster76 said:

Nintendo have nothing to worry about there in a class of there own and xbox one is just a media centre pc



Williaint said:

I believe they said you don't need the internet, but your X-Perience would be limited.
Great points. Don't "X-pect" the PS4 and X1 to be completely perfect day one.
You pretty much summed up the presumptuous claims people have against WiiU. Not all of these hold truth's.
You are pointing out some great... points! Especially how It won't be a solid 8 GB spent on games.
The vast majority of people who claim to be Hardcore gamers are casual gamers. People who can't spend a lot of time playing a game. The Hardcore title is thrown around way too often. Hardcore can be applied to people who are gamers, not what games they play.
The WiiU has lost a lot of steam. And Xbox one will sell, taking market share. It just doesn't seem appealing to those who don't. Stock shortages were an issue at Wii U's launch! People who have Wii U, like it a lot (Well, I do...).
Some thoughts on "X1"
Like the IGN reporter's mentioned, it was all quicktime events.
I feel that showing showing the dirt under fingernails is a little pointless, as is having fully rendered audience members in a stadium. If you are spending a lot of pointless time on rendering these, and skype calls, you could say it's a waste. Though the idea of Kinect 4's (or Kinect 2...) is quite post-modern, it isn't revolutionary. Niether is monitoring heart rate, and such (vitality sensor). I can't imagine this will work as 'Korrectly' as they say, especially the voice commands.
I was under the impression that the "ULTIMATE CONTROLLER OF EVER" had some sort of motion gyroscopic motion stuff, but it may just have thumbstick-rumble. Microsoft is moving forward in the introverting and laziness of... everyone (Wall-E had predicted it; a bunch of fat zombies). Trending...? I don't care. I'm not part of the "hard-core-casual" crowd. If I needed to care, or to remember what I played last, my Wii U does that. 15 exclusive games in the first year? 7 of them will be NFL titles.

When Sony Revealed the PS4:
I Thought it was a decent display of what it could do. Could be I'd get a PS4; maybe when the price was right... I can't recall much, other than some flashy stuff, and insisting the developers could do anything, with the boosted poly count (Just like Microsoft said... at least 20 times). Vita as a second screen?

"Wii U Is Crap"
The comment was really sad to hear, since it came from a person who turned out to be lying (EA are developing games?). The Wii U was made to be compatible with 3rd party developers (that's actually stated in one of their last E3's). The gamepad is fantastic for FPS games, outrageous for RPGs, perfect for puzzle games, sensational for sports titles, and pretty keen for parties! It seems Nintendo has to do something first, before any company will attempt it.
Also, my views are that graphics aren't import etc, and it's all gameplay etc, and fun etc, and if you are complaining Nintendo has no games, well, go play an older game; You can play Wii on Wii U, and even trade games with friends.
Also, rumour has it that Nintendo has developed a WiiU pro controller, launching November 18, 2012.



Smug43 said:

I thought MOST people buy a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE for... you know... VIDEO GAMES!!!!! Why did MS decide to stroll in with the XBONE and now have to compete with apple, google, android devices, raspberry pie.. all these other devices that already do it and UNTIE you from the TV.. it's soooooo backwards.... then to top it off they crush used games... if xbox division ever shuts down, good luck ever playing ANY Xbox One games.. WHAT A JOKE!!!!! MS, you did this to yourself! Good luck with the next Atari Jaguar!!!!!!!!



WiiLovePeace said:

Personally I don't see why a large number of people across the internets seem to be hating on the Xbox One reveal simply because they didn't show games straight away. If they did, what would they have for E3? To expect MS to put all its eggs into one conference is just stupid. Any hate towards MS because they're spreading the news across multiple conferences is definitely unwarranted. Of course they will show off more about its future games in due time.

It's quite ingenious of MS to 'future proof' their Xbox One console with the cloud imo (same for Sony). Technology moves quickly, who knows what kind of crazy CPU, GPU etc. will be found in mobile phones & tablets so on a technical level Xbox One & PS4 could be outdone quickly except for the ability of the console to send the processing of applications & games to servers for "infinite" processing power potential. Although I imagine that wouldn't be cheap to maintain, hence I think Nintendo have chosen the right route to not go into the cloud. I also wonder on the reliability of the cloud, especially if millions of users are on the servers in the years to come, with lag & stuff for button presses, seems all a bit iffy to me. Guess we'll just wait & see if MS & Sony's huge bets pay off.

The Xbox One's non-gaming functions are nice & shiny, but I don't think I would use them very often. I rarely watch TV & movies as it is, so I don't believe I will ever get One. Nintendo just keeps bringing (& will continue to bring) the games I love to play, though I'm intrigued by what the One's 15 first-party exclusive games are. I may buy a PS4 way down the track when it has multiple exclusives I want, although I'm quite content with the Wii U games I have & all the last gen (& previous generations, right down to the NES) games I have yet to get through too.

Oh & nice article too by the way A great summary of current events, can't wait for E3, it's all so exciting!



Shiryu said:

I'm pretty happy with my Wii U as is, and things are looking better by the day, I can't complain. Last gen I only had a Wii, I think this gen I will stick with the Wii U only as well.



JebbyDeringer said:

The second hand market is a poor model, while I think private sales of games shouldn't be blocked stores like gamestop/EB are the leeches of the industry. They make insane profits by reselling games that the game developers see NONE of.



TromaDogg said:

What everybody seems to forget is just because Xbox One and PS4 are more powerful than Wii U, that doesn't automatically mean that the games will be better...that's down to how good the devs are at using that power and most of them won't just magically have the skills to make games that are more advanced than we have already....that's going to take a long while. Whilst I think Nintendo did balls up the Wii U launch, the single biggest thing they have in their favour is that their consoles so far always offer something the previous Nintendo console didn' it far superior graphics, a completely new controller, or both. Over the last couple of days it's been widely reported that Xbox One 'does not target high end graphics' (example here: ) so what improvement exactly is it offering Xbox 360 fans? A new way to control TV? Enforced Kinect? All games locked to a single account? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.



MitchVogel said:

Xbox One will probably come last in this generation, but Nintendo is going to need to seriously get their s*** together if they want a chance to be successful this generation. Barring a few exceptions, third party support has been absolutely abysmal and it hasn't even been out for a year. Nintendo needs to realize that they will not be successful this time around if they go the route of practically every decent game being first party.



gsnap said:

@Peach64 And nobody cares about the Xbox One either. Sure the other consoles are still threats, but after the overwhelming negative reception that Microsoft got today (yesterday), Nintendo is in a good position to sweep in and court gamers.



Williaint said:

Most of Xbox one's presentation was claims of "BOOSTED POLY COUNT/ HD 3D TEXTURES!"... you know, when they weren't talking about how Kinect 2 was going to knock your socks off. I don't think everybody has forgot that...



Rect_Pola said:

Microsoft has made no secret of their long term goals. They admitted the break into the gaming industry was a stepping stone to create a multimedia hub machine that would "control the living room". Everything I've heard suggests their holding course. I also see the issues as a sort of uncanny valley as they transition, alienating their former audience, but still needed us to hold another generation or two before they dump us for a bigger crowd.

Honestly, with the connection demands, second owner fee, "rental" BS, unchanged treatment of indies, Microsoft deserves a good hard fail.



timp29 said:

Going first always gives Nintendo an advantage.

PS4 and Xbox One are released, Nintendo floods the market with its first party offerings and lowers prices. This will always work (except for diehards and awsome exclusives like destiny) unless Nintendo has let the general public perception of its brand fall too much.

Many sales of consoles will be to parents who are buying for their children, in which case the parent would have a hard time justifying a $100-200 price difference, especially if the cheapest system has the largest library and titles like Mario that are known to all.



DreamOn said:

@WiiLovePeace the problem is that the audience watching a 10am Tuesday console reveal was an audience that did not see their next gen gaming priorities get much attention. The idea that gamers should know that Xbox means games anyway so we'll focus on what's new about our console didn't cut it.

Everyone caught on by 35 minutes into the event that the interest of MS was more customers making use of the HDMI in and not the HDMI out.



andbap said:

The whole social networking aspect of the xbox and ps4 doesn't really do anything for me. The entertainment features are also something I don't care much about. I want a console that plays games, I can watch all the movies and shows I want on my TV or connecting it to my laptop via hdmi. Right now I'm just waiting for more games to be available for the Wii U, and will probably buy one come next Christmas (hopefully there will be some good holiday deals). In the future I consider maybe buying a PS4 once the prices start to come down, to play some exclusives and high-end games later in this generation's lifetime that won't probably be playable on the wii-u's hardware. As for the One, based on what I've seen yesterday, it's an all american product for an all american audience, and I'm just not interested.



Yodelman64 said:

I think that nintendo should Still advertise the wiiu as the ultimate living room experience. I don't think by just having good games will cut it this generation. COnsoles have become more than game machines, they have become whole entire experiences and if nintendo markets it as the ultimate family living room experience it think they will start doing alot better.



bassoongoon said:

"It seems Nintendo has to do something first, before any company will attempt it.
Also, my views are that graphics aren't import etc, and it's all gameplay etc, and fun etc, and if you are complaining Nintendo has no games, well, go play an older game; You can play Wii on Wii U, and even trade games with friends."

I agree with a lot of what you said here. Nintendo seems to be the only company that has the courage to try something new. Sony has not made any big changes to its controller in 19 years. I know that PS3 has its gyroscope thing, but that is not a whole lot.
Microsoft has not really done anything with its controllers either, besides making them more ergonomic (the original x-box controllers were MASSIVE), the layout and design remain largely unchanged since the original XBOX came out in 2001.

I am not saying that Sony and M-soft have to radically change their controllers every console release, however it seems that each new console that those guys release never really offers much of a new gaming experience. They need to find ways to offer new innovative gaming experiences. So far Sony tried to capitalize on Wii's success by mimicking the Wiimote with the 'Move' controller. It also seems like they are trying to pull people away from Nintendo by copying Nintendo's second screen idea. Gosh dangit Sony, offer something unique and different from Nintendo!

Even though I am pretty much exclusively a Nintendo fan, I have good wishes for all of the console developers. The gaming industry is changing (often in ways that I do not like a whole lot) and for the traditional console industry to thrive, Sony, Microsoft, AND Nintendo must do well.



SCAR said:

It doesn't matter. PS fans will ignore Wii U, because it's 'not powerful', and will ignore Xbox One, because the name(seriously?).
WTF? Why are people judging these things so early on?



Smug43 said:


Is this the first of many "publisher apathy, apologist etc...?" You can't be serious?? So all the other stores/online places that sell used music cd's, movies, books and why not throw in cars is also a bad model? REALLY? Incredible!!!



Smug43 said:


Because mainly it's the most ANTI CONSUMER driven tech device ever created!!!!! Did you bother to actually comprehend what they are doing with used games, it needing to check in every 24 hours, forced game installs.. the list goes on and on and on.. Does anyone believe in consumer rights anymore? This is like bizzaroland!!!!!!!!



KnightRider666 said:

It's all about who has the games everybody wants that will sell a system. Look at Game Boy vs. Game Gear. Sure Game Gear had color and a back lit screen, but the games were no where near as good as the non back lit green screened Game Boy. Who won in the end? We all know the Game Boy crushed all competitors in the end because they had the games that everybody wanted to play. So if the Wii U can secure enough exclusives that everybody wants, it won't matter how much more powerful the other systems are; the Wii U may actually come out on top this time. I mean hey, stranger things have happened; right?



garfreek said:

I think wiiu will be second this console cycle, I think the wars are fought and the real fight will be playstation/wiiu for second and third place. However I think the gamepad is one of the most usefull things ever made and indie devs will flock to it in huge numbers.

Having less people buying the system usually meant great games for nintendo (lots of creativity too!) look at the gamecube catalogue and marvel at the greatness! Now look at the heap of crap that's the final wii catalogue....yhea not pretty!

We wouldn't have smash bros, paper mario, majora's mask and a lot of other stuff i can't think of if it wasn't for that shortage!



DreamOn said:

@Yodelman64 I agree with that. The immediate console fan base may want the be all end all tech in their possession, but not every family will want the OS complexity and subscription service or even what's shown as the must have software (M rated content) that comes from MS or Sony let alone their higher higher buy in.

The Wii U offers a budget version of the TV guide stuff (where avail) and alternative major game experiences



GiftedGimp said:

Next Gen Will have the Ps4 world wide in front but WiiU, Xbox One will be fairly even in terms of userbase.
although In each Territory the WiiU will be Japans Lead System, USA will have the Xbox One as its Lead console and Europe's Lead console will be the Ps4.
Just speculative guessing, but Pratcher gets paid to do the same.



Williaint said:

GAMERS! The Enemy, this generation, is the smart-device. Androids, iPhones, and Ouya!

I try not to antagonize, but a lot of reasons for buying/not buying consoles are simply "it's powerfuller", I heard it only does this, or something un-knowledgable. "Just Because" isn't a reason.

Since when was there a console 'placing' system? What factors would you put in to rate these places? Is it like rating movies? Is it based on opinions, or sales?



DreamOn said:

@garfreek the game pad is the most useful thing ever made. It's the component that I bought the Wii U for. Why people hate it, dismiss it or reduce it I just don't understand myself. It's very comfy to hold and light to boot so there's no compromise there.



FiveDigitLP said:

"If they want to avoid confusion, discontinue the Wii. Repackage Wii Games as Wii U games like they did with Wii Remote Plus, and market them as "Wii Classic" games with a lower price if they want to keep selling them. Don't give people an option. If you want Nintendo games, you need a Wii U."

That's a really interesting thought and one I hadn't heard elsewhere. Though I don't think it would go over well to discontinue the Wii entirely, the idea of rebranding the original Wii games as "classics" for the Wii U is definitely an interesting proposition. I still think there would be some confusion, though, if Joe Smith saw New Super Mario Bros (a game he bought for his Wii) branded as a Wii U game and then saw ZombiU alongside it. He might automatically think that the latter will work on his Wii.



FiveDigitLP said:

Here, here! I can't understand why anyone would hate on the Gamepad unless they hadn't given it a try. It is quite comfortable and anyone who compares it with a tablet has obviously not had the chance to experience it.



Caryslan said:

Honestly, this is Sony's battle to lose. In many ways, Nintendo and Microsoft have practically handed them the next generation. They have the hardware, they have a positive reaction to what they have shown so far, they have the ability to get both solid first-party and major third-party support to their platform. The ball is in their court, and the questions remains wither Sony will do the right thing.

There seems to be a common belief that Sony is on its last legs, and while I'm not doubting the fact that the company as a whole has lost money over the past few years, their gaming division has been doing well. The PS3 has not only managed to catch-up to the 360, but if some sources are to be believed, it has passed the 360 in sales. Keep in mind, this is a system that was declared dead and was a joke back in 2006 and 2007.

If Sony plays their cards right, they could win the next generation. Now, I think Nintendo will finish the gen in a comfortable place as the Second Place system. The Wii U will become very successful on the strength of its first party offering and the odd third-party games that might land on the platform. Honestly, I don't think Nintendo is in any danger here.

The one that is in danger is Microsoft. While their system is impressive, the stupid stance on used games and other stuff might bite them in their behind. Plus, this is their third home console. If anyone loves curses, then its interesting to note that most companies have faltered with their third home console. Sega did it with the Saturn, Nintendo did it with the N64, and Sony did it with the PS3



GiftedGimp said:

Maybe retailers will start pushing the WiiU more..
Xbox One used game market will be limited, as it has been on games that require an online Pass.
Sony have said Used games wont be blocked on Ps4, but who's to say a fee system wont be in place. EA and other publishers would want the same sort of system on the consoles they consider the main.
WiiU, Used game market un-touched, meaning retailers can easily make money from trade-ins and used game market.
This Also explains why EA and other publishers have been talking down the WiiU, and are reluctant to support the WiiU. Its common knowledge that publishers hate the used game market.



Wowfunhappy said:

@ThomasBW84 When Microsoft bought Skype, they committed to continue supporting the app on other platforms.

I do think it's very, very unlikely, given Nintendo's history and the fact that MS never committed to developing for new platforms, just supporting existing ones. But I don't think you can rule it out completely.



indienapolis said:

Having no way to transfer PSN and XBLA purchases was a bad move. I own all three systems and am very disappointed by this news. And I thought having to go into Wii mode on the WiiU was a hassle! I just hope this kind of baiting people into download titles and then locking them to your old system doesn't become a trend. I think this creates an opening for the WiiU with gamers, but could also be an opening for a system that caters to people who love indies (Ouya, Gamestick, or some kind of Steam box). Or maybe a PC renaissance? All that said, if Nintendo announces a Retro made Metroid title for Christmas, they could take an early lead.




Well I'm gonna call it xbox A, for abomination

PS4 looks decent though, and if nintendo pull their finger out then Wii U could (and should) make a comeback.

did I mention I hate the xbox A



marck13 said:

After all i have seen I remain a very happy Wii U owner and I am sure sales for Wii U will pick up soon!



Midnight3DS said:


Sony confirmed PSN purchases can be honored through cloud. The ability is there.However, still no shift on the 'psn purchases will not be carried over' statement. Maybe E3?



indienapolis said:

Thanks for the info...

I think that whichever PS or MS makes an announcement first to honor download purchases will take the lead, or at least get my money. I know that it will require emulation of some sort, and maybe even cost a small fee, but I hope the market doesn't encourage this sort of abandonment. If neither, then I will happily enjoy my WiiU till they develop their consoles further. And I doubt I'm the only multi-platform gamer that feels this way.



TromaDogg said:

@garfreak Yeah, I totally agree....just look at the crappy Wii catalogue of games like Xenoblade Chronicles, Sin & Punishment 2, Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda Skyward Sword, Madworld, Wario Land: The Shake Dimension, Donkey Kong Country Returns, The Last Story, A Boy & His Blob, Excite Truck, Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Sonic Colors to name just a few.




thepitt said:


Well, I don't own any Android or IOS devices so my exposure to the offerings of "Casual Games" has been somewhat limited, but that's not to say I don't have family or friends who let me try out lots of them and frankly if there are diamonds in the ruff they weren't playing them and I couldn't find any. I just don't like "causal gamers" because the definition of a casual game has nothing to do with a traditional game or gaming system. Plus, I was bullied, beat up and harassed most of my childhood because of my lack of "casual gaming" (sports) when I rather spend my time programming, drawing or doing something with a video game system or computer. Now these same people whom spent years beating me up plus the "authorities" whom turned the other way are all now staring into these I-crap devices more then they talk to their date or family during a meal. So I have some personal problems with these types of "gamers" because they are all hypocrites.

With that said, what game(s) would you recommend that would keep a very oldskool (Atari, NES, 8088) gamer happy on those overpriced pieces of crap they call phones?



dilapulate said:

In my opinion, this is MS pulling out of gaming. XB1 is trying to be a multimedia hub for the living room. MS is preparing to compete with Apple TV - not PS4 or WiiU. Nintendo will do fine, because of its software both first AND third party (third party support will grow as with the 3ds).



andjahiam said:

power does not equal sales for games, top selling games of all time are not graphically astounding in any meaning of the world, in fact the top selling games now are not even on consoles, they are on tablets and smart phones. angry birds have sold billions, endless runners, puzzle games, and 8 - 16 bit retro type games are so amazingly popular that the top budget AAA titles are losing money to them. these games are amazing but are not selling the millions they use too, as quickly as these graphically underpowered games. i love the AAA titles but if its not CoD its not selling 10 million copies in a few weeks. most games take a while to even hit the 10 million mark in their first year and sometimes may take a consoles entire life span to msybe sell 45 million copies. why pay 40:80 $ on a game when we can get games for free or $.99 on a device nearly a 2 billion people world wide own.



zionich said:

All any of them have to do is make games I want to play. All the other bells and whistles fade fast.



thepitt said:


Nintendo has always done just "fine" because of their talent at designing games or knowing talent when they see it. I don't care how great a game looks or if it's on a 4k HDTV if the game isn't any fun. Games are supposed to be fun, am I mistaken? Plus, a gaming console isn't a social media "hub" or living room "control center". If you want one of those build yourself or buy (if you're lame) a HTPC. You can't replace one of those with some "all-in-one-wanto-be-gaming-system". "Social Media" is a fad and will pass. What has stayed through from the late 1800's and from now is Nintendo's ability to produce great games.

I actually plan to support Nintendo with purchasing a 3DS when the new "Link to the Past" game is released. I want to have fun playing games.


Just because millions of people purchased more copies of "Halo" then mostly any other game doesn't make it "fun" or a "good game". It's a pathetic FPS (as its on a console) and is far from fun. My point is just because millions of people buy a game doesn't make it any good. I don't look at sales figures when deciding if a game is good or not. Most of the time the "majority" has no clue on what makes a good game.



dilapulate said:


I agree that great games are what sell. I've had a 3DS now for a couple years and have purchased and played through more than 50 games for it (both retail titles and eshop downloads). It's just a fantastic system, and I have no doubts that Nintendo will turn the WiiU into something similar. As for XBOX vs PS... I own neither.

And social media is not a fad that will pass. We are social beings. However, its importance in gaming may wane.



Neram said:

I don't think Nintendo has too much to worry about. For once, I actually believe that they have an advantage when it comes to their controller. What Microsoft and Sony have shown so far, in terms of controllers, is very generic and obviously isn't the focus of their products. The GamePad can basically do everything their controllers can, and even more thanks to the second screen.

When it comes to tech specs, obviously Microsoft and Sony are the clear winners, but if you really take a look at various breakdowns you may notice that the gap between Wii U and these new systems is MUCH smaller than it was with Wii and 360/PS3. The biggest difference is the RAM, whereas the CPU/GPU's are areas that the Wii U (more notably the GPU's) could actually be a contender, given some technical wizardry and the will of third-party developers to take advantage of. I'm not saying the Wii U is almost as powerful and the One /PS4 are, just saying the difference won't be as blatantly appalling.

So, Nintendo has a controller that isn't waggle-fest motion controlled focused, capable modern hardware, and online features that could always be improved via updates (who knows, maybe they will enable similar cloud services as MS and Sony.) Couple that with unique software and games which take full advantage of the awesome GamePad features, I think Nintendo's platform stands a chance against these multimedia machines coming from the competitors.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, the way I see it, I think that the PS4 and Xbox One will either do as well as Wii U, or just not as well as the Wii U. Sure, Wii U doesn't have Blu-Ray, but I'm sure people who want Blu-Ray discs probably already have either a PS3 or a Blu-Ray player anyway. That, and backwards compatibility - the Wii U is unhindered, yet PS4 and Xbox One are either limited or nonexistent. Then there's the unknown price of PS4 and Xbox One - I really don't see them being cheaper than that of a Wii U Basic model. Then there's graphics - sure, they can look fancy, but when it comes down to games, I would prefer top notch gameplay with decent graphics instead of something over-the-top in visual, but playing poorly. But, that's my opinion. We'll just have to wait and see who's gonna come out on top for this one.



bassoongoon said:

"The Enemy, this generation, is the smart-device. Androids, iPhones, and Ouya!
I try not to antagonize, but a lot of reasons for buying/not buying consoles are simply "it's powerfuller", I heard it only does this, or something un-knowledgable. "Just Because" isn't a reason.
Since when was there a console 'placing' system? What factors would you put in to rate these places? Is it like rating movies? Is it based on opinions, or sales?"

I would not go as far as to say that those platforms are the "enemy." Who are we to pass judgement just because we prefer console gaming? These platforms can provide quality, inexpensive entertainment for a variety of people.
That said, they do pose a challenge to manufacturers of traditional consoles. As a console gamer, they do have me worried to some extent. However I would not lament the decline of the home console. I think consoles will be ours to enjoy for years to come.
From what I have seen of the Ouya it actually looks pretty fun. I might consider getting one, although I probably will not.

I think people base the 'placing' primarily on sales. Talking about 'placing' (in terms of sales only) is premature speculation at best. The PS4 and X-box One have not even been released yet!
If people let any other factors into 'placing,' then objectivity is lost, because of varying opinions. For example, a Microsoft fan might say that X-box 360 one the last generation because it was more fun, even though the Wii shifted more units. Ranking based on enjoyment is obviously purely opinion. At the same time, ranking based purely on sales is a bit of an oversimplification. One has to look at a combination of how many units were sold, and how happy the average user was with the platform.
Personally, my favorite last generation console was Wii, followed by 360, followed by PS3. These are just my personal tastes based on my gaming preferences, nothing more.
I try to stay out of arguments regarding console 'rankings,' because they are polarizing and pointless. There should not be so much fanboyism and butthurt within the gaming community. There needs to be greater respect for personal preference, because gamers all share one thing in common: love of video games. It does not matter what games you like. Throughout my years as a gamer, there have been the occasional people that give me crap for being a fan of Nintendo; however I try my best to be respectful of other peoples' tastes because I would want the same respect for myself.



ramstrong said:

I so totally forgot about that. Yes,that's what I'm talking about, but with interface with 3DS so you can take your video chat with you. I guess it's true that Nintendo needs to advertise WiiU more.



aaronsullivan said:

Still, too little info to make decent predictions. I don't think any of the 3 consoles have captured the imaginations of a large audience at all. I WILL say that the XBox One is the first I've heard about on the mainstream news. So +1 to Microsoft I guess.

After E3 there will be a much clearer view. Nintendo SHOULD have the most interesting stuff as they've been cooking it for longer. Pressure is on.



Holyfire said:

The XBOX One reveal looked cool. But really its achieving nothing we cannot already do in todays living room. There were no new channels or net functions. There was very little new everything.
Its all just a little more seamless (hell, even had the reveal running on my TV via my WiiU while simultaneously surfing the web on gamepad. And it seems M'soft is bringing in the trojan to dominate all devices in ur living room and slowly have u depend on the cloud. Which is scary, cause who knows what profiteering M'soft will try to pull off of us once we're stuck in their clouds.
I still think come holiday 2013, WiiU will be the only affordable of the big 3, it'll have the install base, and by then, the games.
Meanwhile PS4 and XBOX One will be fighting each other and dealing with launch kinks.
Eg how does everyone in ur house control the TV while XBOX One is logged in ur account, responding to ur voice? Get the remote... Defeats the purpose lol
Im sure there will be a simple answer. But the way its looking. wiiU (and my PC have me covered 100%



Ren said:

I'm feeling like I understand more the challenge that MS and Sony are facing now. After the reveal, I expected to be excited and sold on it immediately but now I just feel like: why is that better than my current xbox360? I don't think I'm alone in that.
The WiiU has the benefit of the Wii being pretty crusty looking just not being HD so the WiiU is an obvious upgrade, despite it's many problems; If you're somehow 'Nintendo only' you have to get a WiiU.
The other ones, though, just aren't that big of an upgrade without some massive new innovation. the jump from SD to HD is big deal no matter what the console, after that, it takes a lot more and people are not feeling spendy right now. Then NOT being backwards compatible, AND no used games?! that's really, really dangerous.
I don't see how they thought this would be impressive. That launch basically said: it's an xbox, but better with a cooler kinect, it has skype, and a cable box, and you can't play any of your 'old' stuff at all, and even the new used stuff you have to pay extra for. Thats downright warning bells to me "do not buy!" even though I wanted to love it.
After all my hate on the WiiU its starting to look a lot more appealing now (and PS4, also). bring on Mario and Zelda and I'll cave eventually. I still think it should have launched a year earlier and there are some big problems with it (storage? no BluRay/DVD? slow loading? high DL prices?)



Oscarsome said:

The Wii U is actually in a great place now. I have a lot of hope for it. Xbox One will not allow people to play 360 games and it will make people pay to play used games (or any game not their own). The Xbox One has killed itself with many gamers, choosing to emphasize TV connectivity, which many gamers don't care as much about (and the Wii U already has it: TVii).

I think this generation will be all Sony and Nintendo. But Nintendo is gonna be doing great come this fall. They will have the upper hand, because there will be virtually NO exclusive titles for the PS4 or XboxOne. Nintendo will have A LOT to offer there. Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Smash Bros, Zelda, Wonderful 101, Sonic exclusive title, etc. I don't see how the rest can beat that. And any other titles will probably be multi-platform, so Nintendo will get them (like Rayman Legends). Don't forget that the other guys will be much more expensive. Nintendo, I see you prospering.



capitalism said:

I think the author was a little charitable to MS and Sony, especially MS. He must own a 360 lol. After MS' conference yesterday, I believe the Wii U is fine. If you want a toy for your entertainment center get a One, if you want to play some baddonkey , innovative video games that aren't all generic FPS', buy a Wii U



Lvl100Caterpie said:

Who cares about XBox and Playstation, Nintendo is a system in its own right. Nintendo Focus on making new games for the following games and you'll do fine: StarFox, Earthbound, Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Yoshi, Metroid, Pikmin, and Mario Kart. Make a remake of Sega Saturn's Panzer Dragoon!!! Super great game, I'd buy three copies just for kicks



Williaint said:

I can relate to you... I wasn't picked on, or harassed, but I was left out. Most people had a PS2, or an Xbox I had a Gamecube. Frankly, I felt like I was really "hardcore" for sticking with something that nobody else had. These proclaimed "hardcore gamers" spent only a little time playing their consoles. These are all hypocrites, I will agree. These people will claim that "Xbox one" is a way better name than "Wii U". I agree with your views on Halo, and wonder how much different the world would be if it was still JUST the Mac game... would it have sold iMacs? Would people who only bought an xbox 'cuz their friend had one buy it?

I should probably go back and edit that comment. People need some primary target to antagonize, as this is a gaming-based place, it seems these "smart" things are the current evil. Statistics NEVER lie, you know... (based on...?)
Thanks for explaining the "Ratings" system...

I own a PSX, with two controllers and save cards, but I don't have any games. I got it all for $10, and was hoping to play FF7. I guess that'll be impossible, unless I spend $120 for it.
Social Media won't be around forever. People used to think online internet forums were the cats meow. I expect something like Futurama's eyePhone; scan somebody, and see info. Not simply posting a tweet, or on your facebook diary. Don't forget voice commanded everything.
Very well put.

NOTE: I'm not good at organizing my thoughts, and sometimes I get ahead or behind when putting them down, then tend to skim the edit.



ThreadShadow said:

I actually wouldn't count out Activision slapping Destiny on the Wii U.

Looks wise the Xbone reminds me of all those consoles that tried to start up during the 32/64 Bit generation, and failed.



GamerJunkie said:

From what is see so far, Xbox One can do everything the Wii U does, but better.

The controller for Wii U might be a lil better, but that smartglass that lets xbox one use any phone or tablet as a screen sounds nice too.

The UI is terrible on Wii U. Slow dinosaur load times, slow shop which has so many screens just to buy DLC. Just Slow machine overall to switch from doing one thing to another. Xbox one seems like it will be all smooth and load instantly from one thing to the next.

The one thing Nintendo has is 1st party games; Mario, Punchout, Mario Kart, Zelda and so on.

The actual console is pretty much the worst one in terms of power and capability. But the 1st party games will hopefully be best on Nintendo.



dilapulate said:


forums are just another form of social media. the future may not be twitter or facebook, but humans want to interact... social media will continue to exist in some form.



Dpullam said:

This is going to be a very interesting E3 for me this year. I am being very open minded as to which two consoles I'll be purchasing for this new generation of gaming. One of my future consoles will certainly be a Wii U but the other one is a big question mark as of right now. I hope E3 will answer all of the unanswered questions that I have about the Xbox One and the PS4 so I can finally put this decision to rest.



schizor said:

Where some say the Wii U is to weak for the NG. I believe the PS4 and Xbox One is too much. These to new consoles are going to cost A LOT! All the features on the new Xbox One, cool sure, but that's not why I buy a "video game console". Still about the games in my opinion and of course about the pricing of the hardware, but in my head Sony and Microsoft won't let their consoles go easy. I think Nintendo will cut the prices on the Wii U 1 or 2 months before the PS4 and Xbox One roll out into stores. Smart move imo.



biglittlejake said:

I don't see why Nintendo needs to compete with XBox 1 or PS4. Nintendo makes different kind of games, they make more family friendly while XBox 1 and PS4 should just be competing in a graphics race, with all the realistic blood and gore. Nintendo attracts more family friendly type of people that want to play games where you play Nintendo games like LOZ, Mario, and, Pikmin Sony and Microsoft specialize in violent games like COD or god of war where besides the blood and gore you hear the f bombs or any other swear word, or even sexual stuff.



Gallimastro said:

It's obvious that as long as the first party support is good, N is safe... BUT, the reality is that people like some of the third party titles beyond CoD and Madden and get other consoles (or PC) to play them.

Nintendo needs support from Capcom, Konami, and Square again. They were part of the age where Nintendo had it all... I wish they would realize there is still an audience for Mega Man, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy — remake, port, or new. We've seen these companies try too hard to capture the "Western" audience but they were already good at what they do.

GBA - DS seemed to of been a haven for Castlevania which is true, but the Wii seems to of been left out. A Metal Gear game would be a nice treat, as I'm sure Sony still has some contract agreement to keep the main franchise Sony only.

Come to think of it, I think Sony still has a grip on the Final Fantasy franchise since 7... I mean at least you guys get Dragon Quest and the odd remake or the classic titles.

Capcom... well, I don't know that to say.

Fallout and Saints Row would be nice to see on the Wii U, it's a shame the titles rely on strong GPU and they're too stubborn to even do a port.



Williaint said:

Just because There are Family friendly games, doesn't mean that's how they should be viewed. It's a trap that Nintendo has become stuck in, and most parents seem to ignore... The ESRB rating system is a joke, and basically there for legal purposes.



Tuturoopa said:

I believe xbox one will do the worst this year, Mainly because people are trashing it everywhere I go whereas with PS4 and Wii U everyones praising



GraveLordXD said:

After hearing all the nonsense about the xbox1 there is no way I can take them seriously anymore its not about games with them they're a big joke to me now. I'll stick with PC, Nintendo and PlayStation unless sony decides to make you pay extra to play a friends game then **** them too



bassoongoon said:

"Where some say the Wii U is to weak for the NG. I believe the PS4 and Xbox One is too much. These to new consoles are going to cost A LOT! All the features on the new Xbox One, cool sure, but that's not why I buy a "video game console". Still about the games in my opinion and of course about the pricing of the hardware, but in my head Sony and Microsoft won't let their consoles go easy. I think Nintendo will cut the prices on the Wii U 1 or 2 months before the PS4 and Xbox One roll out into stores. Smart move imo. "

I agree with what you have to say here. PS4 and X-box One are overkill. They are going to be EXPENSIVE. A price cut a little before those guys come out would be a brilliant plan for Nintendo. I would be surprised if the 'N' does not cut the MSRP of Wii U by $50 before the competition is released.



gohanrage said:

The Current GEN I bought all three Systems.
360 in 2005
ps3 in 2007
Wii in 2011 or 2010 I bought before Gamecube Playback was Removed. since Launch gamecube stopped reading discs.

I got Wii U in December 2012
I have no idea which of these two other systems I will get.
I have more 360 games then Wii or PS3. I only have 3 games for wii and ps3.



gohanrage said:

I want MARIO KART and ZELDA. I just hope its more like the N64 instead of Gamecube or Wii. wasn't impressed with last two mario kart games

I was so good at SNES and N64 Mario Kart

I don't like the Extra Weapons in the GC and Wii Versions



kenzo said:

@ramstrong re: I think Nintendo needs Skype for WiiU, or Skype 3D for 3DS.

There is one small problem.

Nintendo did not include two inside cameras in the 3DS for taking 3D selfies ......

Would have been good if they did. Lots of interesting possibilities.



gohanrage said:

These two Systems from Microsoft and Sony probably wont be any more expensive then their last systems. I think they will be less expensive because of how up set people were over the PS3 and 360 launch price. In canada PS3 was 650 and xbox was 499 at launch.



gohanrage said:

I bought the PS3 when the recession started since the ps3 went from 650 to 399.99 the same price as in the USA and I figured once Our dollar wasn't par with the USD that the price would go back up



Syntax said:

The game industry is dying, with a thunderous applause.

We know it's happening when the VERY game industry that Nintendo saved it's ass from becoming a victim of the crash is now trying to criticize and even attack Nintendo for avoiding as much as possible of these hideous trends (DLC's, monthly payments, overly deep social integration, freemium, hardware or brands comparison, some of the few examples). In reality, the industry is just digging a massive hole for it's grave away of the ideal gaming idea which Nintendo and others like it are still holding on to like a tree branch over a pit (IT BURNS!)



Emaan said:

Honestly, seeing the direction the Playstation 4 and especially the Xbox One have taken, I can really appreciate the fact that the Wii U- regardless of its criticisms and marketing- isn't having an identity crisis. I want a game system, not something that completely takes over the living room space and tries to do absolutely everything. I miss the days when this was a norm.



gohanrage said:

I Wish Skyrim was on Wii U I still haven't purchased it. I also still want Super Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 9



Kurtis_the_Red said:

It's a tricky situation for the Wii U, and the Xbox reveal only posed more questions and confusion. Microsoft is bull-rushing their audience by requiring Kinect, Internet connection, and bogarding used games. With all their tech 'in-box' the price will be high, higher than even the PS4 I'd wager. Are consumers going to accept this new trend? or go with the more affordable, more friendly Wii U with names like Mario that everyone recognizes? It's more difficult to say now than ever.



gohanrage said:

PS4 is going to require something similar to kinect

I'm sure it will be always needed since the controllers have those lights on the front

each controller will have a different colour light on PS4 just like MOVE



bassoongoon said:

"I don't like the Extra Weapons in the GC and Wii Versions"

This is my main problem with Mario Kart. Don't get me wrong, I love the series. However it is becoming to weapon-heavy, and less of the focus is on racing skill. One reason I really enjoyed Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed was because weapons did not play an obnoxiously integral role in the game.



biglittlejake said:

@Williaint I know elementary and younger playing COD, do you want your kid to hear all those swear words at that age, or or do you want your kid playing a game made for 18+? I know parents that say that their kid is mature at that age so he/she can play rated M games if they want. This is the reason I sold my PS3 and bought a Wii U, it because there are very few games that are family friendly on the PS3, PS3 though does have more then Xbox, while Nintendo has the most.



SteveW said:

Seriously? if I were faced with the 3 consoles I would definitely buy a Wii U. Did you forget that Nintendo makes the best games out of the three? and most of the third party games on the other two consoles I will be able to play on my PC as usual... Nintendo is the real winner.



SteveW said:

so if your preference happens to be Nintendo you must be a fanboy? wow, the state of gaming really must be sucking these days if all people care about is CPU speed and GPU, wow, very sad... I suppose if a brand new company all of the sudden announces a system that is twice the power of nextbox people would then say Microsoft sucks? of course not, why? those are the fanboys, I hope they enjoy what Microsoft is now doing to help ruin gaming, do you not realize that you will only be able to rent games for the new xbox? don't believe me? just try to play those games in 10 years and see if they work.



thanos316 said:

some bad press is hurting the xbox one right now. the reviews have been mixed and microsoft will pull no punches at e3 i think. i didn't even know that sony had an event detailing the ps4. ninty has kind of an inside track right now. the wii u isn't selling by the boat loads but its already made it out to the market already. ninty has fixed the loading times, and keep pushing out the updates. the eshop is coming along and still needs a little more work. if ninty cuts the price of the deluxe model around $300 leading into the fall months then they can see an upturn in sales. ninty just needs some hard hitting games to come out at the end of summer into the fall and they should be good. i won't sit here and bash the xbox one or ps4 until i see more from them at still on the fence with these systems. seems like everyone out there want to rule the living room, i guess its a new trend with games consoles now. well it will all come down to price by the end of this year. pockets are hurting and anything over $350 won't be attrative to consumers later this year.



thanos316 said:

@astroshamu you can't just say that one system will be the worst right now. you still haven't seen anything from e3. i think xbox and ps are competing not only with the game side but also the entertainment side also. they face steep competition from google, apple, and even the pc. but lets wait and see how this all shakes out



HawkeyeWii said:

Nintendo consoles were made for fun and Sony and MS systems were created to have fans whine back and forth at each other about stupid trivial things and not even having fun.



WaveBoy said:

You know, i too feel like the videogame industry is digging itself a grave, at least
outside of Nintendo. There's far too much focus on Apps and realistic graphics.
The fun feels like it's being sucked dry out of an almost empty Fido dido 7-up can. Anyways! Here's hoping Nintendo blows it out of the park with this years E3. Their 2010 E3 presentation(3DS Unviel, Epic Yarn, DKCR, Skyward Sword ect) hasn't been topped since!



GamerJunkie said:

@WaveBoy Yea I mean who wants realistic graphics when we can buy a 20 year old game from nintendo and play it in its 16 bit glory for $10 right?

Gimme a break. Better graphics is a good thing. Gameplay is most important, but graphics should always improve as well.

Apps are also a good thing, the more the console can do to make your time on your TV more fun is good.



Tuturoopa said:

@thanos316 I just feel it will be hard for them to regain momentum, but it's not impossible, I'm just making an assumption based on what's going on right now, It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out though



wiiucompl said:

In brief:

  • x86 architecture is vulnerable (by OS used) -viruses, trojans, botnet? - we sometimes use our credits cards with consoles, right? OS for XboxOne will be some Windows-core version with new UI i think?
  • Xbox One Kinect will not be able to detach (home monitoring ?)
  • Lack of intimacy play on the new MS console ( large room recommended, TV always ON)
  • lack of backward compatibility - games and accessories
  • the price will be probably high

For best quality games I prefer DIY version of One for now - Upgrated PC.

Future Xbox One and PS4 owners - Please just test Wii U before you spend money consciously for next-genes from Sony or Microsoft.

This is my full analysis and opinion: (Polish text with Google Translator, sorry):



thepitt said:


It's very unsocial to sit in front of a computer no matter how you justify it. "Social Media", etc ... is another catch phrase. Pick up the phone (which was considered anti-social at one point in history) or visit someone face-to-face. That's social interaction. Typing as we are now is barely considered social, but is a "norm" for now, but will pass. I find it hilarious that people like myself whom won't touch facebook or the such are somehow anti-social... Back when I was growing up I was considered antisocial because I rather play Mario Bros in the Arcade or have conversations using computers before the Internet was around then go run around throwing a ball into some basket over and over again.


I saw Nintendo make its mark in American History, the rise of computers and was around to see the Internet go public. Trust me, back then you did not want to be the "nerd" in some small backwater town.



blackside said:

I am a huge Nintendo fanboy.
Nintendo will never make another non-portable console after Wii-U.
The succeeded with the wii only because of the family/kid games and the gimmick controller.
Now they are trying to be a core gaming consolde again, they are loved. It pains me to watch Nintendo constantly shoot themselves in the foot with idiotic decisions.
Wii U is not even included in the next gen challenge. Half of it's features are not even as good as the current gens (online, third party support).

All they have now is the 3ds, and their 1st party games. Unfortunately their first party games are getting lazier by the year. Many of their new releases these days are tiny games that reuse the same levels constantly to lengthen play time.

I hope they do one day suck it up and develop games for either xbox or ps. That way we could all experience them, along with all the other great non nintendo games, in a better form than they could be experienced on the wii u.

Don't even get me started on the wii u controller.... forcing people to look away from the tv...? The only thing it is good for is remote play, but unfortunately it's resolution is a joke.



kevkeepsplaying said:

Nintendo is going to be fine. I'm serious, they're a cheaper alternative, and they're going to have a lot of great games, exclusives are saving them here. I know I'm sure I won't be having more than a Wii U and a beefy PC in my house this generation.



valcoholic said:

@blackside although I hate it when fanboys are denying that there's going so much wrong, I wouldn't say it's as bad as you say. I'm realy frustrated too, but more because for me the WiiU totally works perfectly, I'd even go that far to say it's the final destination of evolution to console greatness as it's just pure fun, as long as you got something to play. And that's why it really hurts to see Nintendo loving it up that bad. There's so much going wrong where even I could tell them how to do it ... at least less wrong.
If the WiiU would fall, which I'm actually starting to doubt, Nintendo wouldn't really understand and just try it again. They got enough money in the bank to give it another shot and I really think they would go for it.

What I personally could imagine as Performance with modern systems may allow such developments is some more mobile version of the WiiU. Like a Laptop-version of a gaming console that you can connect to your TV to play it like a WiiU, but also put it in your rucksack and play anywhere and it would be like the full-featured older brother for the 3DS. like a tablet is for a smartphone. I don't know, something in this direction, as the mobile market still grows and whether Nintendo wants to admit it or not, it still takes away customers, so as some users take their WiiU out into the train, showing that you can play homeconsolegames like black ops 2 everywhere, it would really be something outstanding to have a system that offers this as a system feature. Just a thought, I'd buy it



andreoni79 said:

All this extra stuff is ruining everything. I can't even understand the sense of Miiverse and online gaming: developers and producers are wasting time and energy with these useless extras and all go to the detriment of games.
I'm glad in the future Wii U will have updates by retail games as it happened with Wii, so I don't have to connect it anymore!



felix330 said:

I think the big advantage the WiiU has, is being a traditional console. It doesn't have any of the crippling limitations like always-on and not being able to sell used games, that the x1 has and the ps4 may have. No gamer wants this, and while the WiiU may be significantly less powerful, I still think it has a strong advantage with this.



Drewroxsox said:

As long as Nintendo has first party games, actually markets the Wii U, and a cheaper price point, I don't think they have to worry about Xbox One or PS4 this winter/year. If these console aren't expensive (which I doubt) then Nintendo is going to run into a problem.



Sean_Aaron said:

I can safely say that although I wasn't interested in having a second next-gen console anyway Microsoft could not have done more to turn me off.

I realise I'm in a minority here, but I suspect a lot of folk who have been doing migration to digital media for their display device are already using some kind of media PC. I prefer the flexibility that comes with using a more general-purpose device, so I absolutely DO NOT want a games console for anything but games and the very occasional use of a web browser.

I think the second screen functionality offers much more flexibility than many folk realise - the ability to login and kick off a download without changing what I'm doing with my tv: watching a film or browsing the web - or indeed even turning it on, has been very convenient. Regardless of specs, I think Nintendo is in a very strong position re: price and content. It has the necessary flexibility for popular media streaming services and a great web browser for those that want it and most importantly it's courting agile indie developers who will otherwise be developing for iOS/Android.

The kind of functionality Microsoft is putting into a set-top box is likely going to be standard on all TVs in the very near future as they start integrating more computer functionality into them. I'd be very surprised if Apple doesn't unveil a 42" iMac with iPad/iPhone remote capability with Samsung and others offering TVs running Android with connectivity for tables and mobiles running that same platform. At that point consoles will face their biggest threat: people having the ability to play a massive library of recognisable, inexpensive games without the need to purchase an additional device.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

For me, the Xbox One will sell. The reason? People have huge friends lists on Xbox Live, and up until M$ made it a huge advertising space, it was THE social hub for gamers. There's a massive amount of brand loyalty in gaming and it will continue. PS4 looks good, lots of good games and some great specs but will better graphics alone help it sell? I'm not sure.
According to console sales charts, 2009 saw the highest console sales since 2004. This was 3 to 4 years into the the last gen's lifespan. So in theory, it will be 2015/2016 before we see console sales grow. The problem with the Wii U is that the gamepad doesn't have the same "give gran a go" appeal as the Wii-mote did. I know you can still use Wii-motes but people still own Wii's.
In reality the Xbox One will sell more than Wii U and PS4, if the prices of all 3 consoles are close. That doesn't mean that it's the best consoles, Xbox owners are happy to pay silly prices for DLC and Live, so a new console without a strong pre-owned market won't put them off. The thing that worries me is M$ may have shrunk the games market. Without trade in, I can budget for about 12 full price games a year, without the Mrs cutting up my cards!!
We may see a collapse in smaller publishers and a smaller number of titles coming out this year. I think 1st party games will play a bigger role this gen, and who does them best? Ninty of course!



Monkeyofthefunk said:

@Sean_Aaron Some good points there. I love my gamepad, I can watch Netflix without the Mrs missing Corrie and download a game in the background. The off TV play for me is the biggest development this gen. Mario U off TV is a lifesaver, no more moaning about me hogging the TV.
The other big development and this is a biggie is for the first time we don't have to pause games to make selections, scan an area or even check a map. Wii U is a big jump in how we play games, well done Nintendo, now go sell some consoles!



andreoni79 said:

@Sean_Aaron "I'd be very surprised if Apple doesn't unveil a 42" iMac with iPad/iPhone remote capability with Samsung and others offering TVs running Android with connectivity for tables and mobiles running that same platform."
I hope companies realize that there's a huge economi crisis right here. We don't need more ultra expensive stuff. Btw, I'd buy a Xbox One only if it comes with a controller like this:



datamonkey said:

I still would have rather paid another £20 for my Wii U if it meant it had 4Gb RAM (£5 max at cost on top of the 2Gb existing) and a better processor (£15 again at cost price).

This way it would have been more in line with PS4One and more future proof though I appreciate Nintendo do not like to go all out with high specs these days. Personally I like having up to date technology...



Twilight_Crow said:

XBOXVCR, er I mean XBOXONE is a very interesting premise, I'm curious about the results of this move by Microsoft. I can certainly say It didn't remove MS as a competitor, but it did't get him in the competition either. We need to see more of the games. Games is what gamers want, is the games what will decide the winner of this generation. There are few things MS' machine can do that a good smart TV can't. Since controling the XBONE with kinect is most probably gonna get old after a few days, I'm just gonna count playing games, and using Skype, and Skype can be used from almost any smart phone, so, after the loyal fans buy it, only gamers will look at XBONE, and it's the games they'll see what could make them interested. Now, mybe I'm wrong and it becomes the next big thing with another audience, one that cares more about TV and sports. If that happens, would MS even care about making games for it anymore?

Me? I'm not buying that thing. I don't like gizmos that try to do it all, and anyway I'd be very surprised if they show a single game I personally get interested in.



Araknie said:

Xbox One has a fair match only with Virtual Boy.

The PS4...mmm, we'll see if they think about realism or creativity at this E3.



dumedum said:

I wonder why Xbox1 chose to appear like PS4 is three generations ahead of it. Wii U is the best name out of the three by far.



dumedum said:

@GamerJunkie I find the UI to be super fast on the Wii U. Smartglass is completely irrelevant and will not be used by any worthwhile game. Wii U Gamepad is much better and integrated and seamless and quick and easy. There is no comparison. Smartglass and PS vita are completely inconsequential because they can't do a fraction at the speed and ease that the Gamepad can.



XCWarrior said:

People are not happy with the Xbone. No used games without an extra fee might cause Gamestop not to sell the system or games. Doubtful, but it could happen.

So it's down to Wii U vs PS4. I'll take this as Sony is going to win, but Wii U can still do just fine thanks to it's 1st party support. Sure, it might sell like the Gamecube, but that's fine. Because at the same point, 3DS is and will crush Vita by 10x the amount PS4 will beat Wii U.

But I'm sticking to my guns, and holiday 2014, PS360 will still be the primary consoles 3rd parties are supporting. The Wii U, PS4 and Xbone are all going to sell really badly. PS360 will both be $200, Wii U around $300, PS4 around $500 and Xbone at $600.



dumedum said:

@Sean_Aaron Indeed. I think it is obvious for everyone that these consoles are not a threat to Nintendo. The threat is unfortunately still from tablets and phones. Nintendo will learn how to adapt with it, and they are making lots of efforts, and they already picked up with 3DS sales and Wii U will follow. But Halo or whatever Sony puts on is not even a light threat to Mario and Pokemon . These competitors are way behind Nintendo's appeal to the public.



Lassenwolf said:

Nice and straightforward point of view. I have 2 xboxes ,a 3ds and a wiiu. The wiiu is actually a great and fun system. That's why you play game . I don't need a pizza hut app or crappy patches like every ps3 game . At this point I'll be An XonewiiU



banacheck said:

I cannot for E3 especially to see which consoles has the most attention, any hardcore gamer has already written off the Wii U for the simple fact it's AI, physic etc are last gen. Nothing will improve gameplay wise on the Wii U. Unless your into mobile gaming and touch-screen, it's all about the controller with dumb AI and last gen gameplay. Not only that the Wii U is a casual gaming console for casual gamers, the PS4 doesn't have a competitor the Wii U does Xbox One.



DarkNinja9 said:

everyone keeps saying wii u will be fine yet no it wont if it isnt advertising their console another thing it still needs 3rd party support not a maybe on having some(EA) so yeah

as for xbox one lame name and i own a 360...i noticed they announced similar features as wii u which was odd the end both xbox one and ps4 will have a prob with price and making sure they have a ton of games on day one thats not even mentioning their owwn probs like backwards playavility etc



Tornado said:

In this coming next-gen, I feel like all 3 companies are losing a focus on GAMING.

In other words, I want a console to, first and foremost, PLAY GAMES. Games with an engaging story and memorable characters. Games that provide the joy of exploring an open-ended world. Games with a linear sequence of increasingly-difficult levels. Games that produce that beautiful feeling of "flow," where you lose track of time and feel immersed in a world different than our own.

Give me a system where I can affordably (that's a key word!) play games of today, AND games of the past, and I'm sold.

For me, the games of yesterday are more important than the (quite expensive) games of today. So far, the next-gen consoles have convinced me to simply hold on to my Wii and PS2. There's plenty in their back catalogs (which also includes the Gamecube and PS1, obviously) I have yet to play... which again, is what I most expect a console to do: PLAY FUN GAMES. Not manage every electronic in my house.



AJere said:

@Tornado That is the point exactly. Nintendo is staying true to gaming with their next-gen console. They have given us virtual console and much more for us to love our gaming experience. Microsoft has taken the initiative to make their console into a smartphone that you can use on your TV. They have really made it their goal to take over your TV, and your life, with their new console. Nintendo intends to pull Wii owners off of their sofas with messages to get the new Wii U, telling them about all of the new things you can do. To me, it looks as if the WiiU's virtual console game line-up will be 10x better than the Wii's if that is what you are looking for.

@Blackside I hate when people try to judge the WiiU's controller functionality without actually owning one. The gamepad actually makes gameplay more fun and interactive. If your so against it, Nintendo has developed the Pro Controller, which is compatible with most of the WiiU's titles.

I really enjoyed reading this article, lets just wish Nintendo the best!



Beta said:

@zool No, it should not be removed. The only reason I don't use it sometimes because there's no replacement so far and I don't want to tear it. Other than that, the GamePad is awesome! And it can be used to enhance the experience greatly if devs did it right!



element187 said:

SuperSah : "Hardware wise, Xbox and PS4 has blown the Wii U away, by a long shot.

I.E: 2GB RAM on Wii U and 8GB on PS4/Xbox."

@SuperSah The Wii U was designed with the target resolution of 720p. 2 gb of ram is far more then whats needed... Whatever the PS4/Nextbox displays at 1080p, the Wii U will do it at 720p. When resolutions increase, so does the needed amount of VRAM. So for the targetted resolution i'd say they actually did over kill here..... RAM does not equal processing power, no matter how many times sony fangirls say "teH 8gb GDDR5 is dah sXe"

The games will look just as visually impressive but in a slightly lower resolution, which from the average distance most people play console games away from the TV, most of the public wont be able to tell the difference... I believe thats what Nintendo is banking on, and i think they will be proven correct that the massive market can't tell the difference between 1080p and 720p... only the pixel counting obssessed fanboys will notice.



SuperSah said:

@element187 Yeah, but the One and PS4 has a much better graphics chip, well, at least what we saw in the real-time Forza trailer Wii U could never pump it out unless it was downscaled.

I'm no graphic whore, but Ninty does have a fight on their hands.



TreesenHauser said:

I actually wrote about something very similar to this on my Game Informer blog, which starts off with impressions of the Xbox One then later goes on to talk about what it means for PS4 and Wii U. That's found here:

And I wrote another one weeks ago about what Nintendo can do to impress the E3 crowd:



QuickSilver88 said:

Wow.....lots of strong emotions and feelings here. I think what we are seeing is the gaming world is changing and many of us shall I say 'traditional' gamers are worriedmabout the direction and trend with these new products. Casual gaming and social networking is eroding or diluting the world we (the classic gamers) built and enjoy. Honestly I think xbox1 is trying to be a pre-built consumer MPC. This would be ok but for the fact that those in the know can build an MPC for less than $500, can have anytime upgradeablitly (going with more ram, storage space, video card), have the best of media playing, pay for streaming, social networking, hdtv or multiple hdtv tuner cards, can have dvr, brd/dvd and br/dvd burning capabilty. Then the get great emulators for mame,psx,ps2.. Gc,n64, name it. Then you have Steam so you get new stuff cheap for day one get crazy sales....just got Sleeping Dogs for $12.50 you get all the mmorpg and mmsrpg and all the best od indie titles. Now listen I am primarily a console and handheld gamer, but I am also a tech guy and been on computers since the first 8bit home computer. The point is if you really want what X1 offers a properly built MPC can do it an do it better without all the silly restrictions like no used games, online always, xbl subscription fees and Kinnect being big brother. Now would be a really good time for a cheap consumer PC company like Acer to offer a nice spec media Pc with a decent TV tuner and wireless controller and keyboard/glidepad, webcam, tight little microatx case and position as a x1 compeditor. All that said whoever attempts to cater to this core 'traditional' gamer that I mentioned is still going to have a huge niche and do just fine. Honestly Nintendo is best positioned to do this so lets see if they captilize on it.



Mr_Vengeance said:

I'm a multiformat and retro gamer, but I am not convinced by either Sony or Microsoft. I actually think the Xbox One is completely off with regards to its focus on "TV". The PS4 isn't exactly innovative either. Its early days, buts I'm rather underwhelmed. Then again, the Wii U isn't great either, but I do think that it will reall excel at E3 if Ninty's track record with the 3DS is applied to the home hardware. And even if the other two are far more powerful, will people even notice? Look how great Pikmin 3 looks!!!!



hamae said:

Me don't want Microsoft to look at me & my family 24 hrs a day.
Monster Hunter on Wii U is enough to keep me busy.



Hamguar said:

@DarkAngel_17 With only half of the nonsense on Xbone it's a sure failure. I have yet to find any positive input for MS on their offering. The only Nintendo competition in mind is from Sony.



thepitt said:


I can tell the difference between 1080p and 720p just fine thank you and more system RAM, CPU speed, etc ... makes the PS4 and XBOX One much more powerful consoles then the Wii-U by a longshot. The overall architecture surpasses the Wii-U by years based on technology. So don't kid yourself. There's also a big difference between 1080p and 4k [HDTV].

With that in mind Nintendo has never been worried about the specifications battle since 16-bit was a "catch phrase". After that they focused on creating innovative hardware with a major focus on creating games that are entertaining for all ages.

I can say that Nintendo has always been able to produce games that will suite hardcore gamers and lifelong Nintendo fans while still reaching out to young kids (new blood) and recently the casual gaming market when they lucked out with the Wii's motion controller.

You see that even though the PS4 and XBOX One are far superior to the Wii-U in terms of specifications they [Microsoft & Sony] have always fell short on producing a gaming experience that only Nintendo (and none of their third parties) can produce.

Either way, I don't care what console I have to purchase to play a game I like. If the XBOX One gets a great game made for it that I can invest much time into then purchasing the console will be justified. I own almost every video game console that was ever released in the USA (excluding the XBOX 360, Wii-U and 3DS), but I have only a handful of games per each system. I like to play games and its not the consoles fault no matter how powerful it is or isn't if it has any good games for it or not.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

as a actual gamer not a site or reviewer that get paid to say one is better than another i am not scared nintendo has always done what it wants and does not care what the othet companys are doing and the fans are the same. from my pov i think the xbox one is a bad system n looks like a vcr lol ! its focusing more on social media and talking to the tv to change the channels and the games are second its not even a gaming console imo its a pc that plays games n controlles the tv



GamerJunkie said:

@Twilight_Crow If you don't like machines that try to do everything, why get a Wii U?

Wii U has amazon, netflix, youtube, a browser. It has WiiTV, it is a remote control for your TV.

Nintendo is also trying to make the console do everything music, movies, TV, and games, they just do it sloppy and clunky so far.

You people saying Xbox One is no good because its trying to do stuff with TV are hypocrites because nintendo is trying also.



WaveBoy said:


What? You do realise that Mario(Kirby, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros ect)for example will probably not go beyond the modern day pixar film(Think 'Brave' or Toy Story 3) in terms of visuals/Art direction? Graphics will hit a mute point, ESPECIALLY for most of Nintendo's franchises because they're cartoon based. If the Wii U had the power of the PS4/XBOX One that would almost basically be IT for our beloved fat little italian plumber. It's no wonder Nintendo is a step behind in console power...Aside from wanting to make a more affordable console, they probably fear the day when they can no longer improve Mario in terms of detail & animations/physics. He'll never enter the realm of real life, nor should he ever! That would be a crime against NIntenHumanity! lol

Innovation will be the driving force. Horse power at this point is no longer the giant leap like it used to be, it's going to get tinier and tinier genertaion after generation. 4k graphics(Wouldn't really matter unless you're rocking a 60" and up 4k capable HDTV) 3D and the next leap in visuals will obviously be the next 3 Big things to rock the gaming world in terms of visuals. I'm personally far more excited for 3D....Still, more horse power means that they'll beable to produce games in 120 frames per second which will translate to 60fps for a '3D' capable games since it cuts the frame rate in half.

But yeah....I just don't care really for all of these tacked on Apps, be it amazon, Netflix(I never use it on my bluray or PS3 anyways) and what have you. I'm sure it's for a lot of people out there who want an 'all in one' entertaiment system, but they are in no way a selling point for me. MiiVerse however is pretty blippin' rad!



GamerJunkie said:

@WaveBoy Listen man the games on my PC look amazing compared to anything on my Wii U so far.

The Wii U is nowhere near the point to where graphics can no longer improve to make a difference.

Graphics are still important. Mario can be a cartoon but the backgrounds and textures can improve and make the game look 100 x better still than it does right now. His animations can be even more fluid, his clothing can look realistic with the sloth moving in the air, etc.(Physics)

I'm not saying games should make all characters look like real people, but they can stay cartoony and still look way better than what Wii U has shown me up to now. So, saying more power is useless is just non-sense.

More power also allows you to have games like MMORPGs that need power to have all the people on screen at once and a huge open world, etc.

I love nintendo, but I also like to be realistic. Nintendo is lagging behind in everything right now.

Only thing keeping it worth getting a WIi U right now is 1st party titles and so far the Nintendo mario game was not even that good. I hope the Zelda and other games are a lot better.



WaveBoy said:


Again, power will eventually come to a mute point where they can no longer improve on mario without going the way of realism. Nintendo will probably start worrying about this when they hit PS5-like power. Also, i'm absolutely fine with the Wii U graphics, even certain wii games look amazing like Kirby's Epic Yarn, Wario Land Shake it!, Galaxy 1 & 2, Klonoa ect ect...just not in 16:9/Widescreen. many Wii games via Component cables or HDMI set in 4:3/Fullscreen with the right picture settings on a 32"- 42" HDTV look GREAT imo.

I find this obsession with horse power a little odd coming from somebody who has an NES controler as their avatar. Then again, the NES was Cutting edge during it's amazing glory days, hell some of those games still blow the NeoRad shades off of my GQ pretty boy Rad Racer's 8-bit high octain speed alone makes my mini mullet flap 'n Icarus in the wind.



GamerJunkie said:

@WaveBoy I agree games on Wii U can still be amazing and look good.

I just dont' agree with people saying "Xbox one has more power but Wii U doesn't need it, its no advantage..."

It is an advantage and a huge one for many gamers. For me gameplay is always over graphics, but I also am amazed by graphics when they come with good gameplay.

Same as people saying Xbox one is trying too much to use TV. Wii U is using TV in every way. WiiTV, the apps, The controller remote, youtube, browsing the net, even making Google Maps and panorama and all kinds of NON GAMING stuff.

I mean what are people on here talking about? Do they realize nintendo is also trying to make an all-in-one or they ignoring it because its so far not impressive?



Dyltheman said:

the wii u is a bit difficult to devlop for, ah well, so was the ps3 though. i heard a rumor that says, after some complated stuff, the wii u is more powerful than the xbox one!



Syntax said:

@GamerJunkie We can definitely agree that graphics are needed in games, otherwise we be playing games that looks like the Mario kart Wii intro.
But graphics can only do so much in a videogame alone without gameplay, it's like staring up close to a ultra detailed brick wall, looks good and nothing else.
That's why we need a balance between the two.
Just like mom's special fried chicken, gameplay should be the soft juicy meat and the graphics is the thin crunchy flavorful crust, when eaten together it's the perfect meal, unfortunately because of how tasty the crust is, the industry is overcooking the chicken for a crunchyer, stronger flavored crust but it also dries out the meat, causing gamers just to eat the dry crust, powerful but shallow experience.
Of course there needs to be an oven(the console) to make the chicken, we know that there's a whole range of ovens, there cheap ovens that just heats up and there others that have the most of the fanciest of the bells n whistle for a fortune, but I just want something that can cook chicken well for a reasonable price which I choose Nintendo Wii u for it new and retro features support.



Syntax said:

as for nintendo adding extra power and non gaming features like Miiverse , TVii and streetview, this was nintendo's way of saying "ok we increased the power and shoehorned the mulimedia and social features in, now will you shutup and buy our damn games!?"



GamerJunkie said:

@Syntax The problem is there are only a couple games worth buying......

Mario is one of them. Monster Hunter is another for many(i already sold it as it wasnt my taste). Lego City is very childish but decent fun, not a must have though. Nintendo land is decent but not as good as it should be for the pack in(should be a killer app that attracts everyone). Other than those the rest are on other systems or just average at best games.

I mean if you were showing me game of the year candidates I would agree they don't need power and don't need anything else, but the games are overall a letdown up to now.

If they are gonna have the slowest loading times, the crappiest tv/music/movie/social features, the weakest machine, the games need to be outstanding then right?

I already sold 4 of the games I bought and only played those 5 or less times as I was forcing myself to try to have fun in mediocre or worse games.

The only game i really have fun in and I mean fun where i cant play it on another system is Mario. I also love Zen pinball 2, but thats on many consoles. Still have Lego city, Sonic racing and nintendoland but play them very little.



Williaint said:

The ones that you still have are the ones that I'd sooner sell...
Why aren't you having fun with the Rayman Challenges?
But we wouldn't want anything that's just hearsay, now would we?



Syntax said:

@GamerJunkIe Im not giving you reasons why Wii u games are superior, I understand as to why you don't like the games or if it's on a different system you own, this is expected as we have different tastes on what we enjoy from games, for me newer Mario platform and all but one of the spinoffs are my least favorite Nintendo games right now, except for mario kart. But there other games that I still love that on this system and not on others.
your right that Wii u is a crappy console compared to Xone, ps4, and definitely PC. But that's not stopping me from purchasing the U, I don't care if others have epic hardware specs, better software and social media, I'm looking for games that interests me, not the console.



Twilight_Crow said:

@GamerJunkie I don't think you know me, or the way I use my game consoles, so you can't call me an hypocrite. I actually dislike how every console is trying to do that many things, but XBOXONE is the epitome of that, one thing is adding some apps to your console so it looks more appealing, and another is saying their new "game" console was built with the main purpose of watching TV, movies and using Internet, and then only show a handful of games I don't care about.

I am going to buy a WiiU, and I am going to use it for playing games, I seriously doubt I would ever turn it on with the prupouse of using amazon, netflix, youtube, the browser, etc. (If some need to be DLed and installed, I simply won't). Of course, if I'm playing and suddenly want to look for something online, why not use it if is there, I may not like it but I'm not stupid.



b23cdq said:

@SuperSah Real Racing 3 on iPad/iPhone is close to that trailer. I won't be impressed until I see the game running on an X1, in a racewith lots of cars on screen.



Luffymcduck said:

Nintendo has to give an option communicate (voice chat) with other players in the internet. At least with those who are on my friend list for God's Sake!!! I´m playing Luigi's Mansion 2 with Skype on my laptop, much better communication than those four words that you can use. After voice chat, there´s just no going back.



P-Gamer-C said:

Wii : 5.6 GB/s

Wii-U : 12.8 GB/s

360 : 22.4 GB/s

PS3 : 22.4 & 22.6 GB/s dual pool

PS4 is 8 gig GDDR5 with 176 GB/s max bandwidth.



Silverbullet89 said:

Nintendo focuses on selling me Nintendo, as in their exclusive games and unique experiences while playing their games.

PlayStation 4 focuses on selling me a complete, uninterrupted gaming experience with no load screens and instant play while a game has just started downloading, ridiculously detailed and beautiful graphics powered by the Unreal Engine 4, connectivity to other players (one example being that I can remotely play someone else's game from my house who requests my help with a particular game/level/etc.), and epic gaming experiences in the form of inFAMOUS: Second Son, Deep Down, Drive Club, Destiny, etc. among other things. The controller even reads where you are in the room and adjusts the split screen based on what side of the TV you're on. People complain about PlayStation not revealing their console, but they really did. They just didn't show the box it is all wrapped up in. Not to mention it is backwards compatible AND completely supports and encourages indie developers to develop games for their conosle AND doesn't require you to be online to run the dang console. Pop a game in and play, and for older PS3 games, just prove you bought it with it's code or something and play it as you're downloading it, or just straight stream it. Newer PS3 games work on the PS4.

Xbox One focuses on selling me my T.V.. That and it basically tried to take everything negative about PC gaming and slap it on their console with no real positives to make up for it. So, other than trying to sell me my TV, they're trying to sell me a computer that's no were as good as a basic laptop you can buy these days. You'd be better off buying a computer. Also, the "graphic demo" it showed during it's reveal were PS3 graphics. Don't believe me? Go look up Beyond: Two Souls. That's a good game that shows the PS3's potential.

What more should I say? Why would I need anything OTHER than a PS4 and WiiU/3DS?



Luffy said:

@SuperSah well XBOX uses 3 gigs to run the mod Windows 8 version and about 1-3 gig for Kinect sound and mic always on input. So really Ram is not big of a difference when soooo much stuff is running on the xbox. Nintendo uses 2gigs on game. remember xbox 360 or ps3 had 256mb ram. Ram not that important because all game dev's were priasing the wii U 2 gigs when it came out saying it is more then enough.



Luffy said:

BTW MS said XBOX One is called that because its the 1 thing you need in ur living room.

No other devices needed. It should replace them all. Gaming/VCR/BlueRay/PVR/DVR/TIVO etc.



Silverbullet89 said:

@Luffy I get that's their point, however the problem is that it needs a TV/DVR/TIVO/Cable/Satellite connection to work. So in other words, you still HAVE to pay for your TV services to be able to use what the Xbox One is offering. It's not just some replacement.



P-Gamer-C said:

Nintendo has remained tied to the past when things were simpler, now the nextgen is between us and makes clear the limits of nintendo engineers.
Certainly in the past we had our fill of fun, we'll probably see a few more fun game, but you have to realize that the technology goes ahead, nintendo can no longer rely on nostalgia and the glory of the past.
Do you really believe that this winter when a consumer will be faced with the three consoles, will decide to buy the WiiU?
We are realists, back on earth ..... SAD BUT TRUE

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