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Thu 3rd Apr 2008

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garfreek commented on Rumour: Nintendo Has Plans to Localise Mother ...:

The group who did the translation worked for years on it, got an official translator (known for dragon ball z, among other things). And always promised to pull it down whenever Nintendo finally released an official version of this game!

It was a lot of work to translate because the game had so much text, and it had several trigger mechanism which made it hard to change texts to begin with!

I'm hoping they'll use the translation, these guys thought of everything. The weird jokes, road signs, every little detail!



garfreek commented on Mario Kart Month: An Outsider's View Of Super ...:

2 player gp is the best, and because 2/3 set CPU characters are always 1,2,3 it made sure that princes peach and mario are (to this day) my ultimate spin off archrivals!

I'd say double dash is probably a game that will never age, 64 was a lot of fun but feels very empty and static nowadays.snes stays fresh because of it's 16-bit charm. (the first 3 will always be the ones I had the most fun with)



garfreek commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Wii U eShop):

First time I really don't agree with a review from N-life!
The exploration was a lot of fun and the game was really chalenging. There is so much to unlock, but the map shows you where to find those treasures so the emphasis is how do I get to those treasures.

I traded the game for my warioware copy back then (it wasn't worth the 50+ bucks I had to smooch over for it). I never regretted it, the game kept me comming back for months!



garfreek commented on Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at O...:

I love the games! They're funny, nice stories with good plots (mostly). I think I'm one of the few people that loved the circus case! The only thing I didn't like about apollo justice was the change in Emma's character. And so far i'm loving dual destinies (it's a shame they dumbed it down though! halfway case 3 and I can see the ending from a mile away!)

I think apollo and Athena have a lot of stories still to tell, i just hope we get to see maya and the gang again in the next entry, I'm really curious what happened to them!



garfreek commented on UK Study Finds No Link Between Video Games And...:

I found that a lot of the special needs kids I teached loved video games. I'd really encourage those kids to play ninty games! The autism kids get a place where they can retreat to (but where rules are clear and they decide what happens). And a.d.d kids learn to focus on certain things, and pay attention.



garfreek commented on Rayman Legends:

I'm having so much fun with this! And they've added so much stuff because of the delays that i'm still recomending you to just try this game! It's the perfect game for experienced platform players (especially the later half). the level design is god-like!



garfreek commented on Review: Rayman Legends (Wii U):

@clark_quente It's really sad but I've got the same reasons! I would have bought this in the draught but have no cash for it now, but if it bombs now they'll think it's because we don't actually want their games...why did they mess up like this!



garfreek commented on Video: New Rayman Legends Wii U Stealth Stage ...:

this game is a must buy! unbelievable that they're waiting for a september release, I'd buy it now,but I'll probably won't get it in sept. because of mario kart,mario-u and whatever else nintendo plans to put out this year!



garfreek commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

I think wiiu will be second this console cycle, I think the wars are fought and the real fight will be playstation/wiiu for second and third place. However I think the gamepad is one of the most usefull things ever made and indie devs will flock to it in huge numbers.

Having less people buying the system usually meant great games for nintendo (lots of creativity too!) look at the gamecube catalogue and marvel at the greatness! Now look at the heap of crap that's the final wii catalogue....yhea not pretty!

We wouldn't have smash bros, paper mario, majora's mask and a lot of other stuff i can't think of if it wasn't for that shortage!



garfreek commented on Insomniac Not Working On Wii U, Considers It M...:

Here they go again! seriously i've been conciously following this charade since the gamecube era and there's always an excuse why they won't work with nintendo. aparantly ninty fans have been 10 year olds for about 30 years now! the succes of games like eternal darkness, resi4 and every metroid game has proven that =P

but this is just a develepor working exclusively for sony, kicking mudd in the hope everyone will run to their platform ^_^



garfreek commented on Disney Infinity:

the trailers awesome! and it's amazing that they captured jacks little manarisms so well!



garfreek commented on Talking Point: Fire Emblem: Awakening - The Bi...:

I'm really glad they put in a casual mode, i've become stuck halfway through them all because I couldn't find a way to let everyone survive (and I refuse to kill my teammates!)

Skipped the ds game, but definately getting this one ^_^



garfreek commented on Metroid Prime:

i found it for ten buck this weekend!
never played it (only the advance and snes games.

it takes a bit getting used to at first (i never played anything in first person) the tension is awesome and the puzzles can really get you thinking, reminded me a bit of the feeling 3d zelda's give me sometimes.
so absolutely get it when you can _



garfreek commented on US VC Releases - 7th April - Yoshi's Cookie:

yoshie cookie is one of my all time favourite games!
i've been desperately waiting for this one for months!!

it is definatly original and not a waste of the yoshie name!
it's addictive, it takes some time to get good at and massive fun on multiplayer!

i was really sad the game got stolen from me _
and hell yhea give me wifi for this one!