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Mon 30th Jan 2012

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blackside commented on Review: Disney Infinity (Wii U):

A complete ripoff having to buy separate toys just to play half assed wee games that aren't any good anyway...
The game is mostly getting bad reviews across the board...
I feel sorry for parents that will be forking out insane amounts of cash for this crap.



blackside commented on Review: Rayman Legends (Wii U):

They've surpassed Nintendo's 2d platformers in almost every way. Graphics, sound, style, level design, amount of content, multiplayer the list goes on. origins/legends are the games the nsmb's should have been.
Seriously if you are skipping on this due to waiting for Donkey Kong, or because you dont like Rayman, your blowing it. Ive had my copy for 2 days and this game is incredible.



blackside commented on Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vi...:

Considering this is one of my most anticipated games of the year, and that I will be playing it in bed while my gf watches tv, I may pick up a Vita to play this one.

Much rather play on that lovely higher ppi screen than wii u's budget gamepad screen.



blackside commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

I am a huge Nintendo fanboy.
Nintendo will never make another non-portable console after Wii-U.
The succeeded with the wii only because of the family/kid games and the gimmick controller.
Now they are trying to be a core gaming consolde again, they are loved. It pains me to watch Nintendo constantly shoot themselves in the foot with idiotic decisions.
Wii U is not even included in the next gen challenge. Half of it's features are not even as good as the current gens (online, third party support).

All they have now is the 3ds, and their 1st party games. Unfortunately their first party games are getting lazier by the year. Many of their new releases these days are tiny games that reuse the same levels constantly to lengthen play time.

I hope they do one day suck it up and develop games for either xbox or ps. That way we could all experience them, along with all the other great non nintendo games, in a better form than they could be experienced on the wii u.

Don't even get me started on the wii u controller.... forcing people to look away from the tv...? The only thing it is good for is remote play, but unfortunately it's resolution is a joke.



blackside commented on Actually, New Super Mario Bros. 2 May Not Take...:

I for one am happy I wont have to bother with another useless case.

On the other hand, its annoying that i'm now gonna impulse buy a whole bunch of games I don't even want while sitting up in bed bored at 1am... can only blame myself for that I suppose...



blackside commented on Zelda and Mario Up for Multiple BAFTA Awards:

My picks:

Action: Arkham City - just an amazing game in all respects

Artistic achievement: Rayman Origins - to the people trash talking this, have you seen it in motion? It's incredible. Like watching an actual animated movie. I haven't even played it and it's easily my pick. Skyward Sword was nice, but not that nice, imo wind wakers art was better.

Audio Achievement: Can't decide. Uncharted or Dead Space 2 maybe.

Best Game: Arkham City, Skyrim or Skyward Sword - it's a hard one, all great in their own respects but I don't think Zelda will win although I'd love it too.

Debut Game: Bastion - thoroughly enjoyed that one.

Design: Portal 2 - No contest here really. Completely ingenious in every way. They really did the impossible and took a cult favorite game, made it a blockbuster and didn't ruin it. 3d land had some nice level design but imo disappointing after the wonder that was Galaxy 2.

Family: No idea. I've only played Mario Kart 7 and I don't see how that's a family game. Great online multiplayer but family?!?! wtf...

Innovation: Skyward Sword - Controls, nuff said.

Mobile: I think they should have had two categories here. It's hard for a phone game to compete with 3d land so I'll say 3d land.

Online: BF3 - No explanation necessary.

Original Music: No idea here, haven't played em all.

Story: Witcher 2 - I know it's not on the list. Actually I'm disappointed it's not on their anywhere! It had the best gfx and story of the year easily in my opinion!

Best Game: Different strokes for different folks...



blackside commented on Review: Tekken 3D Prime Edition (3DS):

How can you score this and call it a review? You haven't touched on the most important part of the game.
It's unfair to give this a score because what if the multiplayer is awesome, deep, and the best on the system and takes the game up to a 8/9?
You should call this a preview, at the very least a review in progress. If you can't play the multiplayer yet, then don't review it.... By trying to get a review out early you've just made yourself's look unprofessional.