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Wed 7th Dec 2011

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hamae commented on Little Inferno Has Sold A Million But Gamers D...:

A question for all climate change believers:
What do you think of other env problem like Fukushima radiation leak or BP oil deep sea drilling leak solution (million tonnes of 'detergent' dumped into sea)? Both issue killed million of sea lives and could kill us ALL much faster than the so called climate change (if there is any change).
Why do you think the politician & media purposefully ignore the impacts of the much deadly env problems and make you believe climate change is our no.1 enemy?



hamae commented on Congo Calling's Bandi Mbubi Urges Gamers To Pr...:

Tech companies shall step up and help fighting this unfair trade. But why does this Bandi guy not campaigning directly against the weapon companies and countries that supply weapons to Congo (& other African countries)?



hamae commented on Talking Point: Pikmin 3 Shows the First Shoots...:

When PS4 & Xbox1 comes, their largest competitor will probably be PS3 & 360. I just don't see the so-called next generation will go very well, just my guess.
So Nintendo just need to continue to do their own thing, and work the way back up slowly. Unlike N64 & GC, WiiU started early and have extra time for corrections.



hamae commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

I prefer less new contents with a lower price. The main issue is: Wii U needs high profile game desperately, right now! So it is understood that Nintendo would not spend too much time on new contents for this HD remake.



hamae commented on Capcom Not Turning Its Back On Home Console De...:

Capcom and Nintendo are both weird game developers with style because:
-They both do not really listen to their fans.
-They realize smart phone gaming is not the way to go.
Maybe that's why they are my favorite game developers?



hamae commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

Same critics throw back at you CNN. You know how bad you're losing to the internet news and alternative media?
As for Wii U, it's just right for a busy adult with family. I can't really afford the time to buy and play a new game every month anyway.



hamae commented on Developers: Wii U "Less Powerful than PS3 and ...:

@Nintendoftw LOL. Nintendo tried it already (@GC+GBA), simply no developer would do game for this set up. So Nintendo didn't promote WIi+DS even with the huge install base. My 2 cents: PS3+Vita will not do well. A tablet/display that comes out the box day one is the only solution.



hamae commented on There Are How Many Mii Characters Worldwide?:

Aren't there like over 90million Wii sold worldwide? 214M seems a bit low then. I would think even casual gamers would make at least 4-5 Mii for the whole family & friends. And most of us here have a few dozens easily