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Been a Nintendo fan since I recieved my SNES as a child. Since then I've owned a N64, Gameboy Color, Gameboy advanced, original Nintendo DS, Gamecube, Wii, and 3DS. The Gamecube is my favorite Nintendo console with my favorite Nintendo game, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Thu 16th Aug 2012

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Silverbullet89 commented on Talking Point: Wii U and Third-Party Inconsist...:

I know I fall into the statistic that I buy Nintendo for Nintendo exclusives, but I do. I do the same for PlayStation as well. I will be buying the PS4 for the PS exclusives more than anything else. I barely play ANY 3rd party games. The only one's I'm looking forward to are Arkham Origins and WatchDogs.



Silverbullet89 commented on Reggie Unmoved By The Threat Of $400 PlayStati...:

I'm buying a PS4 at launch, and buying a WiiU once a new Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, or Smash Brothers comes out. I'm hoping for a good limited time console design and bundle before I buy a WiiU. I honestly believe that once Nintendo's core franchises start releasing the WiiU sales will boom. Until then my 3DS is doing just fine



Silverbullet89 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

@rmeyer I take it you have never played a Naughty Dog game. They don't have to buy their reviews. I say let Nintendo keep doing what they do best, and let PlayStation keep doing what they do best. I swear, to me the only good games worth my time or money is Nintendo and PlayStation exclusive titles. There have only been a hand full of third party games I've really cared for, and those are the likes of Portal and BioShock. They're the only games that really engage me and make me care about the characters.



Silverbullet89 commented on Ian Livingstone: Nintendo Should Have Their IP...:

@Kaine_Morrison Na, lets just keep Nintendo's awesome IP's on Nintendo only, lol. If people want to play them, then buy a Nintendo console. It's as simple as that. People seem to have forgotten about buying a console for the games. I hate seeing people who bought the xbox complain every time a PS exclusive game is announced/released because they want it to. If you want to play those games so bad, get a PS and not an Xbox. Same applies any way you look at it with Nintendo, Xbox, and PS



Silverbullet89 commented on Ian Livingstone: Nintendo Should Have Their IP...:

Of course he would think that, but see, that's why consoles have exclusive titles. If not for Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Star Fox, etc., why would anyone want to buy a NIntendo console? This mindset is because of the xbox imo. Because more people are buying the Xbox in America right now people think every game should be for the Xbox and when a game is exclusive to PS or Nintendo they get upset and wonder why. Is this because Xbox has barely any exclusives? I don't know, but I know that mindset has been around for a while. People can't seem to understand that exclusive IPs is what companies offer consumers who purchase their products.



Silverbullet89 commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening Could Have Been The Swa...:

Thank the heavens. Fire Emblem is my favorite Nintendo franchise and quite honestly the reason I bought a 3DS just a couple of days ago, lol. It would hurt me if this was the last game in the franchise. Now they just need to work on a new title for the WiiU that will rival the epicness of Path of Radiance



Silverbullet89 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

Nintendo focuses on selling me Nintendo, as in their exclusive games and unique experiences while playing their games.

PlayStation 4 focuses on selling me a complete, uninterrupted gaming experience with no load screens and instant play while a game has just started downloading, ridiculously detailed and beautiful graphics powered by the Unreal Engine 4, connectivity to other players (one example being that I can remotely play someone else's game from my house who requests my help with a particular game/level/etc.), and epic gaming experiences in the form of inFAMOUS: Second Son, Deep Down, Drive Club, Destiny, etc. among other things. The controller even reads where you are in the room and adjusts the split screen based on what side of the TV you're on. People complain about PlayStation not revealing their console, but they really did. They just didn't show the box it is all wrapped up in. Not to mention it is backwards compatible AND completely supports and encourages indie developers to develop games for their conosle AND doesn't require you to be online to run the dang console. Pop a game in and play, and for older PS3 games, just prove you bought it with it's code or something and play it as you're downloading it, or just straight stream it. Newer PS3 games work on the PS4.

Xbox One focuses on selling me my T.V.. That and it basically tried to take everything negative about PC gaming and slap it on their console with no real positives to make up for it. So, other than trying to sell me my TV, they're trying to sell me a computer that's no were as good as a basic laptop you can buy these days. You'd be better off buying a computer. Also, the "graphic demo" it showed during it's reveal were PS3 graphics. Don't believe me? Go look up Beyond: Two Souls. That's a good game that shows the PS3's potential.

What more should I say? Why would I need anything OTHER than a PS4 and WiiU/3DS?



Silverbullet89 commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

It's about like how Sony's stock went up after the reveal and Microsoft's stock went down! lol, I mean, come on Xbox. I mean, Xbox One is the spiritual successor to the 360 in every way, but why try to sell me my tv during your conference?



Silverbullet89 commented on Rest Easy, Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC Will B...:

I could be dead wrong here considering this is just an assumption, but the reason it could be taking longer is because of the fact that the WiiU is a newer console. Xbox and PlayStation have had their DLC system working for some time now while Nintendo literally just started when the WiiU released, and the WiiU released well after Injustice was in development. Again, this is just a speculation.



Silverbullet89 commented on Precursor And Nintendo In "Constant" Contact R...:

Awesome. I'm glad to know a sequel to one of the craziest games ever is on the way. I'm hoping the Wii U will bring us Nintendo gamers back to the glory days of the Gamecube. It may not have done so well in the eyes of Nintendo, but in my opinion it was Nintendo's best console with the best selection of games.



Silverbullet89 commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

@Sony_70 Maybe so, if the Kinect was innovative at all. The PlayStation 2 had the Eye Toy, which was the first to allow controller-less gaming. Sony just decided not to focus on it any more while Microsoft decided to do the opposite. Either way, I hope we start moving away from motion gaming.



Silverbullet89 commented on Wii U Owners Shunned Again As Warner Refuses T...:

This is why, for now, I'm sticking with my PS3 for third party games, as well as first party PS games of course. I don't have a Wii U yet, but I plan on getting on whenever I see a good bundle come out soon with a game like Metroid, Zelda, Smash Brothers, or something like that. Hopefully E3 will give me some games to look forward to, or I'm just going to buy a 3DS for Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon for now.



Silverbullet89 commented on Feature: Reinventing Nintendo's Major Franchis...:

For the love of all things holy NIntendo, please do not continue with the motion control Metroid games. It was a serious downgrade in enjoyability and control for me playing Prime and Echoes on the Wii compared to the Gamecube. In fact, I utterly hated it. It's the only reason I had to literally force myself to beat Corruption. I can't be the only one who feels this way.



Silverbullet89 commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Will Run At 1080p on...:

@19Robb92 I have to admit that I never knew anything about the game and was honestly not even that interested... that is until I saw some of those screen shots you posted. The game looks awesome visually and very interesting from what I gather from the screen shots. I may have to give it a try.



Silverbullet89 commented on Nintendo Is Getting Its Hands Dirty With Bayon...:

Even more awesome. I've already decided to get this game regardless of not having played the first. What can I say? I'm a fan of DMC and I imagine I'd be a fan of this, and from what I've read about the synopsis it seems to have a good story. Like I posted on the last news related to Bayonetta 2, I would love for this to become a NIntendo exclusive franchise and have Bayonetta as a Nintendo exclusive character. People shouldn't complain, I mean Xbox got Banjo and Rare and have done absolutely nothing with it. At least Nintendo could make Bayonetta even more awesome than previously thought. Plus I would love to see her in Smash Brothers, lol



Silverbullet89 commented on Wii U Pro Controller Feels "Amateurish", Say K...:

I'll most likley get it as long as it isn't has horrible as the classic controller pro. Easily the worst controller I've ever held in my hands. I don't mind light as long as the buttons aren't messed up, but it will take a little for me to get used to having the a button on the right and the b button on the bottom. Hearing the Pro controller could be similar to the classic controller pro worries me a little because I hated it so much, however i'll most likely get it anyway just for fighting games and stuff like Bayonetta. I just want easy access to the D-pad as well as something smaller than the tablet to hold for fighting games. Hopefully the WiiU's D-pad isn't as horrid as the Xbox360's. I would hope Nintendo would be able to produce a good D-pad, lol

I just personally love the idea of owning 3 unique yet equally awesome controllers for one console: The WiiU Tablet, the WiiU Pro, and my LoZ themed Wiimote w/motion plus. It ads a nice variety of gameplay options, something no other console can offer.



Silverbullet89 commented on Platinum: Without Nintendo, There Would Be No ...:

I'm pretty excited about this. Bayonetta was a pretty good game, and it could potentially become an awesome series. Hopefully Bayonetta will become a Nintendo exclusive character... mainly because I want her to appear on Smash Brothers She could be a fresh new face to the fantastic list of NIntendo exclusive characters.



Silverbullet89 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Would Love to See GameCube Ga...:

Awesome, I was hoping for this. I don't know what happened to some of my Gamecube games unfortunately, but if they were released via virtual console you better believe I'll be buying them. Baten Kaitos, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, and Star Wars: Rogue Leader (A Fourth Rogue Squadron game needs to be released for the WiiU!), would be the first on my list of must buys.



Silverbullet89 commented on Nintendo: Wii U Basic Bundle Designed To Attra...:

I'll most likely get the Basic set, not only because the Deluxe sets are already sold out, lol, but because I like white, don't have a super amount of money to spend, want other games than Nintendo Land (although it could be a cool game to own), and already have a 500gb external hard drive that I can use if necessary although I don't plan on downloading much VC or any of that stuff.



Silverbullet89 commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

Oh Idunno, maybe HD Super Smash Brothers, HD Legend of Zelda, HD Metroid, HD Pikman, HD Fire Emblem, HD Mario everything, HD StarFox, and not to mention the new exclusives coming to the console such as Bayonetta 2, ZombiU, and The Wonderful 101. Just a taste of all the quality entertainment Nintendo offers on their own, not to mention other third party games that will be coming that will use the gamepad in a unique way. Also the fact that the gamepad acts like a second window into the game universe making the game that much more immersive. Again, just a touch of the reasons to get a Wii U. I don't care that the White is 8gb, I'll probably just get the White and use my 500gb external hard drive if necessary. Especially since all the current preorders for the Deluxe edition are all sold out, lol. The Wii let me down as a gamer. It was fine at first with cool exclusives but then Nintendo just let their loyal hard core fans down. The WiiU doesn't seem to be going that direction.



Silverbullet89 commented on Two Tribes Founder: Wii U Could Become A "Casu...:

I just wish people would understand that fps and sports games are the casual titles. You just pick them up and play and can put them down whenever. Just because casual gamers think those are hard core titles and therefore call themselves hard core gamers doesn't make that true. facepalm Not that there's anything wrong with being a casual gamer, I just wish people wouldn't associate Nintendo with the "casual" audience when it's really the Xbox that caters more to the casual gamers needs. I suppose people don't see it that way because most of the casual games on Xbox and PS are rated M, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a casual game. That's another delusion most people have these days as well, that it can't be good unless it's rated M. I think if people understood these things then they would not only stop thinking that being a casual gamer is a bad thing but also take Nintendo more seriously.

I know what these people are talking about. Nintendo does have a history of having more "family friendly" games particularly with the Wii, but there's a difference between "family friendly" and "casual". The two are not one in the same.



Silverbullet89 commented on Talking Point: Are Wii U Games Going To Be Too...:

Prices eventually drop on all games. If the rumors are true then the WiiU will be the only console capable of playing used games, which not only drops the price of the game they're paying for but also makes people more likely to buy games knowing they can trade it in if they don't like it after a certain amount of time.



Silverbullet89 commented on Bayonetta 2 Dev: Wii U Exclusivity Isn't a Snu...:

@misswliu81 Truth, and it's especially funny when you think about the fact that the Xbox360 is more of a kids console than anything. Before any Xbox fans lash out at me hear me out. What games do most casual gamers and kids play these days? First Person Shooters and Sports games. What are Xbox360's core games as advertised? First Person Shooters and Sports games. Truth is, you would expect Xbox gamers to be used to not getting any good exclusive games. Why they're still surprised that they don't get exclusives like Bayonetta really does surprise me a little.