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Thu 11th Apr 2013

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Holyfire commented on Talking Point: Five Key Challenges Nintendo Fa...:

Reasonable article, but 2 points i think i like to contest.
Everyone drones on and on about price point, and WiiU being too expensive. Price had little to do with WiiU failure. It was EASILY the cheapest system, with no online fees, pack in game, and fully BC with controllers and peripherals.
It should have cost more and been more powerful. PS3 did ok, and XB1 and PS4 at their prices are selling fine.

Also i get tired of reading how phones and tablets took off and caught the casual market.
Phones and tablets never outshined consoles for ppls attention.
The one sole and only reason they ever took the market is because everyone is virtually forced to own a smartphone and tablet from the age of about 7 (literally). No one goes without a phone at least.
Consoles were never less interesting devices, but they are the luxury, phones and tablets are considered necessity



Holyfire commented on Talking Point: Moving To Smartphones Is Not Th...:

Probably 9 out of 10 [at very least] smartphone releases are financial failures. How its considered a smart move is mind boggling. Sony tried this with Playstation All Stars on mobile. Don't know how it did financially, but was reviewed as a failure game, citing it's obscure tether to Coke advertising as well as dismal gameplay. And its very release purely undermined its Vita version. Why would a consumer get both? Just created bad brand recognition for Sony and its All Stars IP



Holyfire commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

On a quick note. Splinter Cell on WiiU had Vsync running, which drastically hampers any extra frames. The 360/PS3 had tearing. And also WiiU version did have equivalent average frames to the alternate systems. Not to mention the WiiU is also running footage on the Gamepad, ppl seem to just miss that point that WiiU is actually pulling off much higher resolution (accomodating for that 2nd screen)
I don't see Nintendo releasing a SKU with an HDD, only because they're much bulkier than equivalent SSD memory, and would probably mean a complete overhaul of the entire WiiU chassis and shell design.
I almost can't see why installs can't be made optional on WiiU. I have a 2 Terabytes externally and the USB 2.0 connection should be fast enough to stream that data. Or better than the disc drive anyways.
A lot of these 3rd party games are still being developed with PS3/360 in mind as the common denominator. So WiiU's hardware still isn't being taken proper advantage of, like the extra 512 MB's of RAM the WiiU has onboard available for gaming (and extra 1.5 GBs if you include the OS memory).
WiiU isn't deficiant, it's only a matter of devs programming correctly for the system. More likely all the Indie devs will do good on that front.
And this article still also ignores the fact that game quality isn't defined by it's graphics, it's defined by game design and art direction. WiiU is more than capable of making titles that will rival XB1 and PS4 in terms of the fun-factor



Holyfire commented on Out Now: Pikmin 3 Finally Lands in North America:


Nah, you were alright, I was just reading it on my tiny Android screen, half tired on a work break. Missed the word "it" in your reply. Sometimes my commenting can be a bit hasty using my cumbersome phone rushing in the time constraints of work breaks.
To the topic at hand, yes Pikmin 3 is a good game (and much better yet to come from Nintendo), and quite pleased to hear you share a common form of entertainment with you baby girl
Always enjoy



Holyfire commented on Nintendo Feels That Working On Smartphones And...:

Because the moment a piece of software from Nintendo releases on another platform, ppl will assume Nintendo is cracking under pressure, and instantly ppl will stop buying their systems. Their hardware sector would diminish quickly and make life very tough for them. Who wants games on phones anyway? They're so simpleton , they can barely harnrss attention for even hours



Holyfire commented on GameCube to See New Downloadable Life on Wii U:

They're redoing Windwaker on WiiU, releasing very soon. Windwaker WiiU will be running on hardware about 20 times the performance. And it's an update. No need for Windwaker Gamecube to be released.
In face I'd call it a bad move on Nintendo to do so, as it'd detract attention away from the higher quality WiiU build.
Same goes for Metroid prime on that note, It's already got a compatible pointer control based Wii build. Gamecube version not necessary



Holyfire commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

The XBOX One reveal looked cool. But really its achieving nothing we cannot already do in todays living room. There were no new channels or net functions. There was very little new everything.
Its all just a little more seamless (hell, even had the reveal running on my TV via my WiiU while simultaneously surfing the web on gamepad. And it seems M'soft is bringing in the trojan to dominate all devices in ur living room and slowly have u depend on the cloud. Which is scary, cause who knows what profiteering M'soft will try to pull off of us once we're stuck in their clouds.
I still think come holiday 2013, WiiU will be the only affordable of the big 3, it'll have the install base, and by then, the games.
Meanwhile PS4 and XBOX One will be fighting each other and dealing with launch kinks.
Eg how does everyone in ur house control the TV while XBOX One is logged in ur account, responding to ur voice? Get the remote... Defeats the purpose lol
Im sure there will be a simple answer. But the way its looking. wiiU (and my PC have me covered 100%