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CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry Trends And Has "Lost Touch With Reality"

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Time for more gloomy predictions

Toot toot! The Doom & Gloom Express is pulling into the station, making another stop en route toward the predicted potential downfall of Nintendo! Who’s that stepping up to get their ticket punched? Why, it’s tech writer Adrian Covert at CNN Money!

In a piece entitled “Nintendo’s big problem”, Covert cites the company’s less-than-expected sales of Wii U consoles as a symptom of its failure to keep up with gaming trends.

According to Covert, Nintendo’s history of reluctance in embracing concepts such as online features and digital distribution as quickly as its rivals is hurting it today. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s openness toward microtransactions and subscription-based models is also criticized as something gamers don’t want to see in their modern consoles:

For decades now, it has been this type of thinking that has plagued Nintendo: The company is cognizant of the latest trends and shifts in gaming, but it chooses to disregard them in the name of simplicity, or family-friendly gaming. Instead, Nintendo frequently opts to develop its own warped, counterintuitive take on the latest trends.

The Wii is admitted by Covert to be a time when one of Nintendo’s “warped” ideas really took off. But where Microsoft and Sony are seen as turning their consoles into “full-blown living room computers,” the Wii U is seen as a floundering sign of Nintendo still refusing to follow trends as closely as it should:

The Wii U was Nintendo's attempt to expand on its innovative gameplay ideas. But the impact hasn't been nearly the same as the Wii. Some new Wii U features, like the touchscreen-equipped controller feel convoluted, and less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft's Kinect camera. Nintendo games that actually take proper advantage of the motion gaming tech aren't coming from third-party developers, and Nintendo's own titles — which are excellent more often than not — aren't coming anytime soon.

Covert says it’s good that Nintendo has improved its online gaming and digital distribution services, but wonders why this still isn’t being treated as paramount to its business strategy and why more attention isn’t being paid toward building its case toward indie developers (although there have been encouraging signs on this front).

Then there’s smartphones. No, not bringing smartphone games to the Wii U, but why Nintendo hasn’t started publishing its own games on other mobile devices:

It's understandable that Nintendo wouldn't want to release some of its newer games on a competing mobile platform, for fear of cannibalization, but looking at the success that companies like Square Enix have had reissuing its Final Fantasy titles on the iPhone, what real harm is there in offering games like Super Mario Brothers? Nobody is going to buy a Nintendo 3DS just to download that from the eStore.

What points of CNN Money’s article do you agree or disagree with? Let us know in the comments.


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Philip_J_Reed said:

Some new Wii U features, like the touchscreen-equipped controller feel convoluted, and less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft's Kinect camera.

Speaking as someone who has used the Kinect, this is absolutely not the gold standard to compare ANYTHING to.

Also, tapping a touch screen is "less innovative," but he brings up the rise of smartphone gaming as another obstacle for Nintendo? Which is it, pal?



Peach64 said:

I don't think the Wii U is doomed, but I agree Nintendo are quite out of touch when it comes to online. Online was a big deal when the Wii launched but they acted as if most people weren't ready and it was a fad. They've improved, but still don't get it.

The fact they claim to be making a console for hardcore gamers and then focusing all their advertising towards casuals just further adds to the impression they're not entirely sure which direct they're going in.



Mickey said:

"less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft's Kinect camera" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!



shingi_70 said:


The Wii Gamepad isn't innovative since the tech is already have been in the main stream since around 2006. Its even isn't really iterative seeing as its worse than most mainstream modern tech.

Also from a pure technology standpoint Kinect is still more innovative than the gamepad. Doesn't mean either is bad or good.



C7_ said:

They have some points, but they also have some faults.

Iwata didn't announce that it was compatible with microtransactions as a solution, so pretending he did is a joke. He was merely suggestion it was more open with different models of games.

"Some new Wii U features, like the touchscreen-equipped controller feel convoluted, and less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft's Kinect camera"

Oh, a tablet controller that people can easily use and can allow for tablet/smartphone game ports is convoluted, but a 3D motion sensor that doesn't read people correctly and is only good for dancing games isn't? I can get my family members to play Nintendoland for hours, but when given the chance to play kinect at a friends house they didn't spend more than three minutes in front of that joke. Fine, it's more innovative, but that technology will hit a wall in only a couple years when people realize that the human body has evolved to hold tools and not flail in front of a camera with no physical feedback.

"but this time around, simply pumping out its usual top notch games won't be enough."

That's funny, because if history shows anything, it's that the console with the best games and not the best hardware always sells the most.



th3r3ds0x said:

Well I agree with Nintendo in not releasing their IPs on phones etc but, I think they have done a pretty crappy job in many other areas. Don't get me wrong as I love my Wii U and Nintendo as a whole but there are so many common sense things the competition has been doing for well over half a decade that you can't but should be able to do on Nintendo platforms. The launch of the Wii U has been down right horrible. I've been around for every system launch in history and while there are always game droughts there has never been such a large scale abandonment from a 3rd party perspective. Either game companies are leaving Wii U out of the equation all together or they are screwing over customers with issues like missing DLC on Injustice. I sincerely hope things improve later this year with more good first party game releases. Right now the developers don't seem to have much respect for Nintendo.



Captain_Toad said:

"Lost touch with reality."
"Not following trends."
Depending on the situation, it's either a good thing and/or a bad thing.
Short and Sweet of it: Nintendo is a weird company.



gsnap said:

Well modern gaming trends are kinda crappy. So if Nintendo continues to ignore those trends, well then more power to them. Somebody has to do it.



GraveLordXD said:

I just read the headline and I agree and personally glad Nintendo is tone deaf to industry trends the day Nintendo starts rushing out and releasing broken games trying to implement micro transactions and half *** dlc is the day I quit gaming on Nintendo systems
With Nintendo I know what I'm getting myself into can't really say the same for the others and not sure if they even deserve my money most the time



Captain_Balko said:

@Sony_70 I wholeheartedly disagree. Never before the Wii U has the idea been set into motion to use a touch screen tablet to control a console game on a TV and on a Tablet screen. There had been variations (a DS had two screens, there was the Wii's crappy U Draw tablet, et cetera) but nothing that actually compared to the Wii U (the DS is a handheld on a small screen, the U Draw tablet had no second screen at all). Quite simply, the Wii U is a spectacular example of Nintendo innovation.

And then we've got the Kinect. Innovative? It basically copied the PS Eye Toy. It was simply Microsoft's answer to the growing need for motion controls (and I suppose I'd take it over the PS Move, but the Wii is still the original and by that standard the most innovative). You can't claim that using a camera to film movements and transferring these movements into a game is innovative. Heck, early webcam technology attempted to do the same thing. There are FLASH GAMES that did the same thing way before the Kinect came out...

It's barely even debatable. Using the actual definition of "innovation", one can conclude that the Wii U is more innovative than the Kinect.



GraveLordXD said:

@Sony_70 I have to disagree the game pad hasn't been used to its full potential if at all really
Since when were you ever able to play co-op right next to someone using two different screens one system one tv?



SuperKMx said:

@MickeyTheGreat What's so funny about that? The actual words make a lot of sense. A touchscreen controller (which practically every phone now has) isn't particularly innovative when you compare it to a device that tracks your movement via a camera (which isn't.) He didn't say "better", he said "more innovative."



indienapolis said:

Ha! "Tone deaf" and "lost touch with reality" could just as easily be applied to CNNs half-assed and wrong-headed approach to competing with Fox News and MSNBC. Holographic Will.I.Am anyone? No wonder they are so enamored with the Kinect.

Nintendo has made a lot of bad decisions with the WiiU, no doubt, but I don't trust CNNs analysis of gaming trends any more than I would trust them with news coverage. Just from this article, I wouldn't consider the Kinect a success critically or even technologically, and porting games to smartphones when the 3DS is a financial success?? How is this person qualified to provide game industry analysis?



Hunter-D said:

@Peach64 Maybe because their major 1st Party titles haven't arrived yet? The real Wii U marketing begins post-E3.

The only thing I agree with is the fact that the Wii U has performed poorly since launch, but that's it. Pretty desperate patchwork of an article if you ask me.

"The hand-held 3DS gaming device has also been a disappointment outside of Japan."


At first yes, but as the 3DS turned it around overall, the sales outside the land of the sun has been steadily improving (except the slight drop compared to the previous fiscal year) and will surely continue to do so especially with the incoming surge of quality titles in the coming months let alone 2014 and beyond.



Tailpasaran said:

What's wrong with breaking away from trends? Not everyone wants FPS clones on non-innovative consoles...



Einherjar said:

@mariobro4 I wouldnt say "weird" id rather say "unique" in that they are doing things differently than everyone else. Sure, it doesnt look that good now, but lets face it: Microsoft and Sony (their gaming departments) are almost a carbon copy of themselfes. They are so interchangeable and faceless. I like Nintendo for what they are, even if they are kinda stupid nowadays in regards to their WiiU policy



aaronsullivan said:

GamePad is awesome and has given me gameplay experiences I've never been able to have before and have loved. It only took one game, Nintendo Land, and we are just getting started.

Nintendo has some major challenges ahead but they haven't been "ignoring" industry trends they have been specifically RESISTING some of them because they feel it is devaluing games. They aren't completely wrong about that.

The launch failure is making Nintendo a good target right now, but it can change pretty easily when the games come. We'll see, I guess.



LztheQuack said:

Some of what he said has some merit to it, but his argument ultimately falls flat



Ryno said:

CNN actually has something else to say beyond Gun Control in the United States?



BigDaddysPizza said:

I agree that the Wii U has no games. None! Give us Mario 3D, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash bros, and Metriod! Once they come out everyone will shut up!



NintyMan said:

If you can, be sure to read the full editorial.

This guy sounds like he's belittling Nintendo as a cranky, old man in that he calls Nintendo's planning "brashness", "warped", and "stubborn thinking." Curiously, he wrote that Nintendo's first-party games "aren't coming anytime soon" despite the fact that Mario Kart U and likely the 3D Mario will both come out for the Wii U this year. Some people don't want a game console to be like a big living room computer, Nintendo actually cares about games and doesn't have to slavishly fall in-line with whatever the competition does.

Silly mainstream media.



DerpSandwich said:

He has a few good points, but I could argue SO many of the things he said. There's no point doing it here though, so I'm just going to say, "Keep trying, internet."



Captain_Balko said:

@SuperKMx The innovation isn't in the touchscreen. The innovation is the idea that you get a console game experience on the TV with a second screen in the form of a tablet that happens to be touchscreen. The idea behind Kinect has been used numerous times in the past, most notably in the PS Eye and, earlier, in Webcam based flash games. It's not a new idea at all, which makes it less innovative than Nintendo's idea of taking multiple established technologies and fusing them together in order to make something fresh and unprecedented.



StarDust4Ever said:

Gaahhh! Enough with the Doom and Gllom predictions. They go through the same BS every time Nintendo releases a new console.



BigBluePanda said:

Oh sod off CNN.

I for one am happy that Nintendo stick to their own stance and refuse to give into peer pressures from other companies/shareholders.

I'm still proud to be a Nintendo guy, as I have been for the past two decades, and still feel today that I get the best out of my gaming hobby with this company. 3DS was the best investment I made in recent memory.



Metal_Slugger said:

I'm telling you Nintendo has got them all SCARED. You'll see when they are dominating and they know it! The other big companies are doing everything in their power to shine negative light on Nintendo. They are doing something right we'll see. They are trying to get Nintendo to cave and put out their games on crappy smartphones to ruin their company. Go Nintendo!!!! Muuuuuhaaaaa



HawkeyeWii said:

I agree with the title of this article.
Nintendo has no idea what is going on in today's world. They are always a step or steps behind the competition and most of the big heads of Nintendo say that Online doesn't matter and that consumers aren't interested in that. Well Hello Nintendo Wake up!. It is the 21st century if you haven't noticed, maybe you should take a look into that.
I am a huge Nintendo fan, but I hate to see Nintendo get constantly left in the dust.



Gameday said:

I dont think not following treads is such a bad thing. Got to respect Nintendo for doing what they believe and not playing follow the leader. They've been put in this position a few times. Being out gunned by specs so to say and still broke the mold.

Not saying that certain things with either systems go so smoothy for each user. But i dont know Nintendo is relying on this time around. But the fact is they do need those 3rd party support.. which seems like countless games are getting skipped on the Wii U.

We'll see what happens here in the next stretch indeed.



OdnetninAges said:

I have to admit, the very beginning of this article really made me laugh. I love smart-ass writing like that.



Megumi said:

The only thing Nintendo is failing at is recent console launches. Nothing wrong with the Wii U (I'm playing it constantly due to Ultimate), but Nintendo needs to quit delaying games...I hate saying that...but, what do they have out now?...Nintendo Land...and...Mario Bros.?



Senate_Guard said:

Well, someone was payed off by Micro$oft for that laughable Kinect comparison. Wii U has just started its life; after E3 the big guns will be coming.

So shut up lamestream medias.



Godstrike said:

I admit that they where getting to me until they started comparing nintendo to kinect and square enix then I realized this was just a load of bullsh*t like seriously if nintendo starts to release their IP's on other devices what do they have then. So right now ask yourself why do you play nintendo consoles if not for nintendo games if you can play them somewhere else then why bother. When will people realize that what nintendo does is just business for example do you see playstation releasing any of their IP's on PC... no then why does nintendo have to release theirs on phones and tablets.



HeatBombastic said:

Something a company or person did in the past should not represent them in the present. Yes, the Wii U launch was bad, but probably due to the bad 3DS launch. Why? If they planned better for the 3DS, they would've had more time for Wii U games. Shows how much one or two mistakes can mess you up in the future.

Super Mario Bros. on mobile devices? How would the controls even work? Yeah, they could use digital D-pad and buttons, but wouldn't running and jumping be awkward on a touchscreen?

They seem to do Miiverse very well (I'm not looking forward to PS4's streaming facebook). Despite the fact it's almost impossible to debate with people there, you gotta give em credit for that.



shinesprite said:

@All Let it be a lesson, Do your own research, make your own conclusions.

Nuff said. . . .Oh, and CNN is COMPLETELY WRONG!!!

It's good to get that off of my chest.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

They're called exclusives for a reason and they're, admittingly, one of the only reason's Nintendo is still going today! If they start bringing their games to smartphones and such, what would be the point?



HeatBombastic said:

Poor guy, probably wants to play Mario on his smartphone very badly. He should just get an emulator if he's that desperate.

I digress. The gamepad screen isn't innovative because it's a touch screen, or becuase it's a second screen. It's the possibilities and ideas that can used with the gamepad.



Neram said:

Maybe CNN is paid by Microsoft to discredit the Wii U before they announce their shiny new Xbox on May 21st? =P

I'm kidding (ish), but this guy is seriously misguided if he thinks Kinect is innovative. Also, Nintendo has been making huge strides in the indie and digital distribution scenes, reporting otherwise just makes you look ignorant.

Oh, and Nintendo doesn't follow trends, he's right. They SET trends.



V8_Ninja said:

I would be curious to hear what Adrian Covert's opinion on the Gamecube is, as compared to other Nintendo consoles the Gamecube is the least popular yet followed the most trends.

Confronting the actual issue, I think that Covert has some points...but also fails to acknowledge others. For example, Covert makes the point that Nintendo has been hypocritical in supporting a "Gameplay Over Graphics" stance by ignoring independent developers. However, if the rumors are true (and the evidence points more towards fact than fiction), Nintendo has been handing out free Wii U development kits to independent developers for a while now. There is also a throwaway comment about how Sony and Microsoft are attempting to create computers out their consoles, something I don't think many video game players actually care about as they probably already have access to a functioning computer. And if Covert was trying to say that MS and Sony are creating communities with their consoles while Nintendo is not, I would like to point the man to Miiverse, by far the most interesting and (from what I can tell) non-hostile system-wide community.



gundam00 said:

I thought this was funny lol :

Instead, Nintendo frequently opts to develop its own warped, counterintuitive take on the latest trends.

Overall, I think this article did a better job of discussing Nintendo's faults than other writers have. I know for me personally, I would have bought a Wii U already if it played BluRay discs, unfortunately, I had to drop $100 on a stand-alone BluRay player when that money could have gone towards a Wii U.

Nintendo likes to live in its own bubble, which would be fine if they kept a look outside their window to see what the rest of us are doing.



SCAR said:

This article is BS. The current trends are mobile gaming. Nintendo has adapted that, along with better tech and connectivity.
If we are really going to go into depth about which companies are stupid or not, there are more names to mention actually even more so than Nintendo.



FallinUp said:

I completely agree with almost everything CNN said on this, I've been saying this and more for years. I love Nintendo, I've been gaming on Nintendo devices for going on 20 years, but I'm just sick of their stupid stubborn ways! Especially these almost 8 past years, I'm not gonna predict any doom and gloom, because honestly as a big fan of Nintendo, I have some faith left in them, albeit it's dwindling away each passing day. I also believe that some people only look at their viewpoints on this only. if you own a Wii U, good for you, but how about the people out there that hasn't been convinced about the Wii U yet? How about the people who want a Wii U experience comparable to their love for the PS3 or their 360, but Nintendo just won't listen and wants to be different and stubborn? How about the gamers that are just left feeling unheard and ignored or even feel talked to and treated like little children in regards to almost everything Nintendo says and does? There are people that feel this way, if you don't feel this way, that's fine, but for the one's that feel and see Nintendo in this light and wish for a Nintendo system of their dreams, but just know that won't happen, Nintendo needs to listen and take them in consideration. To end this comment, the things that most upset me are the poor Online infrastructure, yeah it's improved a smidgen compared to the Wii, but it's still miles away from what it needs to be. Also the biggest thing that just is upsetting to me, is the lack of a Trophy/Achievement system for the Wii U. Over the years, collecting trophies on the PS3, (which I've collected 2,400+ trophies with 10 Platinums) but it's made gaming so much more enjoyable for me and I could just see the Wii U being a blast to play, getting say a "Star" or "Coin" or whatever kind of achievement they choose to use, say you get a "Star" titled "Plumber alert!" in the new Mario game for plugging up multiple large leaks in a world. That's just one example, but just imagine how more accomplished you would feel when beating the new Zelda game when you're rewarded for it with a trophy/achievement system? I don't know about you guys, but the feeling of accomplishment for all my PS3 trophies and the proud feeling of the accumulation of the trophies over the years is just a great feeling every gamer should have. I mean, just a small example, but when I was little I used to love collecting G.I. Joe's and Hot Rod toys, if a friend would get to visit I would show them off and be proud of them and even if noone ever came around, I still cherish them and still today display them and reminisce over them. Trophies/achievements can have that kind of effect of you, matter of fact, many of my friends have shared their stories and expressed the same about specific trophies or just trophies in general. Trophies are subject starters also, I've sat and talked about trophies for hours with friends. I mean, is it too hard to ask for a gaming profile to collect trophies/achievements, to create our own identity, customize, express, and be proud of. Sorry for going on and on, but there are tons of fans and gamers out there, like myself, desiring an experience like that on a Nintendo platform, but will we ever get it? But no, Nintendo wants us to use their dumb Miiverse to post comments about our personal accomplishments in their games, sorry Nintendo, it's not the same, not at freaking all!! I'm also sick of the majority of Nintendo fans that will not voice their dislike on things, such as this, but just accept it and have a like it or lump it attitude, same goes for the PS3 fans that will not voice their dislikes about specific things that need to be corrected. If you're a fan of your gaming console, and it's not up to snuff in categories or they never seem to listen, then voice your dislike or your advice to Nintendo. Anyways, I've always been a straight shooter, I say what I mean, and mean what I say. That's just me..haha. Please forgive me if I went on and on, but I just picked up Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS and I love it, and wish I could get some sort of trophy/achievement while playing, but alas, this is Nintendo.....



bunnyking said:

Thanks for the delivery Tim. At least it was poking fun at the trend.

It reminds me of when the US media tried to run Toyota out of the country just a few years back with their claims of faulty brakes. I remember the poor Japanese CEO crying and begging for forgiveness on all fours.

Fast forward to today: Toyota is still there and arguably the best care manufacturer in the world.



brucelebnd said:

all I have to say to this is whatever.

american analysts trying to apply an american business model to a japanese company will never work. the japanese think long term where americans and many westerners think short term.

they poo pooed the wii and it was clearly the best selling console of the past gen. basically everybody I work with kids want a wii U and come christmas time they'll get one. families usually buy consoles around holidays and this christmas will be big. it wasn't last year because they didn't really put out any ads nor did they have the titles.

the big N keeps rolling on. every time Nintendo does something it's critized but MS's HUGE mistake with the 720 is being totally over looked but hey it's mircosoft and they can do no wrong in the media's eyes



WesCash said:

There was a time when I would have scoffed at the idea of Nintendo as a software only company, but I'm now convinced that this would be the best option. Their consoles just aren't up to par anymore. I want to play Nintendo games without owning a Wii U.



SirQuincealot said:

nintendo will be fine once theyre games start coming out, i imagine the wii u will do fine when november roles around



Tenletters said:

Article writing like this makes it difficult for a company like Nintendo to continue to be perceived as a trailblazing innovator. There will always be people who see originality as a great risk or "warped", which is the price to pay for walking your own line. I have a feeling that people will change their tune after E3 and when their lineup of games get released.



IxnayontheCK said:

I will agree Nintendo is slightly outta touch. Their new graphics and hardware is usually a step behind. BUT theor creativity, a step ahead. Wii u shoulda been graphical powerhouse with a diferent name and sweet touch screen controller and fully fleshed out online system. But its only half baked. I stand nintendo 100% but I'm not gonna over look their glaring flaws...



JSuede said:

There's a reason Nintendo has been making games for 30 years. If their "warped" ideas on gaming trends were a problem at all....they would have folded a long time ago.

He also says that no one will buy a 3DS just to download Mario on the "eStore"....first of all...he's an idiot. If he can't do his research and figure out that it is called the "eShop"....terrible "journalist"....secondly....people will buy a 3DS precisely BECAUSE they can't download Mario anywhere else. I think I might go pick one up tomorrow just to shove it in his face.



DaemonSword said:

Really CNN? Did you blame it on Bush too, or the sequester? Did you call Mario racist, or Link sexist? Should Mario be made to pay his fair share of taxes for all the coins he's collected too? lol



IrishCatholic said:

Is CNN still on the air? I thought Fox News put them out of business along time ago. I prefer fair and balanced over the state sponsored media any day.



TrueWiiMaster said:

"For decades now, it has been this type of thinking that has plagued Nintendo"
I'm pretty sure a lot of companies would want to catch the kind of plague that produced successes like the SNES, Wii, and DS, not to mention the many hit games.



Jack48 said:

It's Nintendo eShop, not eStore! If you are going to write an article about Nintendo and their lack of staying with the times, you could at least get names of the services they do offer right! Same with FOX and the DS3! If these news people can't even remember the name of these services and products, they simply shouldn't talk about them as if they're a professional on the subject.



Vampire-Jekyll said:

"Some new Wii U features, like the touchscreen-equipped controller feel convoluted, and less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft's Kinect camera."

No. Using your full body to control a game/console, especially when the controller is right there, is convoluted. On top of that the Wii U's controller actually works as advertised and isn't a broken mess in 90% of the software that utilizes it.

"Nobody is going to buy a Nintendo 3DS just to download that from the eStore."

Well duh. We bought it for all the other kickass games that are exclusive to it. Since we have it already, why not download Super Mario Bros. Besides, Smartphones lack the responsive control schemes that many of these game require.



WinterWarm said:

Well, since the 3DS and Wii U sales HAVE been slowing down, maybe it's all true, BUT, for now, Nintendo is making PROFIT! So, I'm not too worried about a global Nintendo bankruptcy/shutdown.....

Seriously though, sometimes Nintendo is down right foolish, they need to have online in more of their core franchises.... Not just leader-boards, but actually online MULTIPLAYER! So few games have it, that's why the sales of the 3DS and Wii U have been falling, at first people are like "AWESOME! Touchscreen controls! 3D!" Then they're like, "Wow, this IS cool, but I hardly ever get to play with anyone "

Nintendo..... My DEAR Nintendo, WAKE UP!



Pierceton said:

@WesCash I kind of agree but I think they should stick with the handheld market that is were they dominate honestly the best way for Nintendo to go it Nintenphone.



WinterWarm said:

To add to that: Nintendo SHOULDN'T have their games on other platforms, they should keep them on only their platforms, where's the motivation to buy a Nintendo platform if you can play it on a Android/iOS device?



DreamOn said:




and I certainly don't want a Vita clone instead of 3DS.



DarkNinja9 said:

i just think someone should make a group and contact nintendo for a reality check and have them see what the fans/gamers see in all this cuz they need to realise this isnt good from a gamers point of view since im sure they know least half of it



triforcepower73 said:

I half agree but he could have said it better. In a lot of ways, their not going with the trend is what makes them so good and what I like about them. I like different. But in other ways they do things that could have been better if they had gone with the rest of the crowd. Overall, though, I like Nintendo just how they are right now.



ToxorAxiom said:

Why-- oh, why did the top brass at Nintendo decide to place "Wii" in the title of their next-gen console? Bad, bad idea. That, to me, right there is a sign that Nintendo has lost touch with reality. People out there are waiting for the next-gen systems called PS4 and 720... and don't even realize that the first one of the new generation of consoles has been released! Or maybe they've been over-saturated with Nintendo so much that they don't care about them anymore. It's possible. Even I have to admit that Mario seems ho-hum now... what did it for me then, doesn't do for me now.

That said, what is with the CNN story? Is this what passes for objective journalism nowadays? Looks more like a blog post. =/



rjejr said:

I knew we needed a doom and gloom story today to balance out Pachter saying something nice about Nintendo. The scales must be balanced.

I've been down on Nintendos handling of the WiiU but the article seems like random nonsense the guy spewed out after he heard WiiU sales were low. Nothing new or specific or researched, just blah blah blah. Which is fine for a blog, but I expect better from CNN.



Stark_Nebula said:

I didn't bother finishing this article. All I can say is that I can't fehking wait until E3 comes by and Nintendo shows off a bunch of games that use the hardware to its fullest and sales pick up. Then 90% of this BS will just stop (and move on to nit pick something else).



Vincent294 said:

@MickeyTheGreat It's not the most accurate (at least it's screw-ups are generally funny), but hey, it's innovative. Motion control also isn't new, but at least Kinect changed its method unlike the PS Move + added voice controls, which are pretty cool. In that way, it's more innovative. Cool first effort by Microsoft.



OGGamer said:

In the business of gaming Nintendo is the innovator and everyone knows it . Sony knows it , Microsoft knows it , cnn knows it , Pachter knows it , we know it.
These articles are getting annoying . If Nintendo ever went out of business the heart and soul of gaming in general would be lost . These guys act as if Nintendo is new to this .



DaveC said:

@Dev "Nintendo actually cares about games and doesn't have to slavishly fall in-line with whatever the competition does."

Ok then, where are they?



DaveC said:

@IrishCatholic "Is CNN still on the air? I thought Fox News put them out of business along time ago. I prefer fair and balanced over the state sponsored media any day."

"fair and balanced". That is a joke. I suppose they need to keep saying that otherwise people will just realize that they are the mouthpiece for the corporate billionaire elite who whant to buy the government so it completely does only their bidding. I suppose you will love the Tribune when the Kochs buy that up to propagate their pro fossil fuel adgenda (where they make their billions). Wake up man, there is no "state sponsored media", only corporate oligarch sponsored fascist media (and that is most all media including the Corporate News Network).



Spleetal said:

@Philip_J_Reed especially when sony had the eye toy for ps2, only difference is kinect is somewhat more accurate, but ya I've used the kinect and its not the best, except for fruit ninja thats pretty fun on it



bluewolf85 said:

everyone who don't have money...bec they can't afford this...too high price.. or something...



aronatvw said:

@Sony_70 are you referring to touch screens or tethering a handheld device to another system with barely any latency? This is meant to be a smart ass remark btw.



Ren said:

these are valid points mentioned here. If you're all so happy about the WiiU just be glad they even bothered to mention it, most media hasn't bothered to go that far, including Nintendo's marketing dept.
I'll give it another year to be 'great' before I consider getting it, but really part of a system taking off is just getting momentum from other satisfied consumers and how many people are freaking out about how great it is? only a few people here.. on this dedicated Nintendo site. Anyway I'll keep quiet now, I don't think I'm liked here when I flame WiiU; I'm just here for 3ds now.



KoolD said:

I just wish I would of known Nintendo were idiots, before buying the Wii U. NOT HAPPY



Zombie_Barioth said:

I partially agree with the first quote, Nintendo does seem to more often than not gimp their consoles' features in some way if for no other reason than only to do things differently. Things like console tied purchases shouldn't be a thing, an account system should have been the base of their online model and they had over five years to work things out.

Otherwise I think what Nintendo does is a good thing. They're one of the few companies left these days who seem to remember their roots and all that is good about the video game industry. They're not perfect but I wouldn't say being "tone deaf" is such a bad thing given how awful some of these trends are.



Oscarsome said:

Whatever the heck CNN is, this article IS true. They aren't saying anything crazy and controversial about Nintendo and the Wii U. It IS doing bad. Nintendo IS making the same mistakes it has made before. They seem to be completely ignoring everything, because they aren't doing anything. This is true. It pains me so much that I bought a Wii U. It has been gathering dust for a while now.

Didn't Iwata apologize for not having any games in April or something? Or the early part of the year? Well, there still aren't games. There is nothing. I guess he meant to say "Sorry, there won't be any new software for the next seven months, apologies, we just had no idea we launched a brand new console." The next Nintendo title is Pikmin in August. So, yeah, seven months later, we get ONE game.



Gregor said:

@Neram exactly. Just look at the other companies. Sony is a giant copycat!
Wii = PS Move
DS touchscreen technology = all PSP variants



Best_ said:

I think Nintendo sets trends. When the Wii came out and Sony and Microsoft saw its success, they jumped on the trend. Call it a gimmick but the fact is, Sony and Micro jumped on it.



Oscarsome said:

I do hate the fact that so many of these people think Nintendo SHOULD take their games to the mobile world too. That's ridiculous. Nintendo keeps all their franchises on their system, because it helps sales and there's nothing like high quality games versus a quick-short-attention-span iOS game.



Gregor said:

@Rei7 OHOHOHO! No. The coffin has been made and the nails are being put in place. The Vita got DESTROYED by Nitendo. And with Pokemon X and Y coming along with animal crossing and more in the future that peice of garbage is getting BURIED.



Haxonberik said:

He had a point until he said kinect. Anyway, resistance to go with trends was one of the things that made me love Nintendo in the first place.



Rei7 said:

@Fusion14 We are talking about Vita against Wii U not the 3DS or all the Nintendo console. I have all of them anyway so I don't mind. But the one who is going to DESTROY everything is going to be the PS4. So just be on the lookout. Get your Nintendo fanboy shelter ready.



Gregor said:

@Rei7 yep. I'm sooo willing to drop 600+ dollars on a console that litterally provides nothing more than better graphics. Yeah I sooo phsyced...
How shallow do you think gamers are?!



gamereternal said:

You know, I really used to enjoy this site but I can't stand all these doom and gloom nintendo articles. I am the proud owner of a vita, 360, 3DSXL and a WiiU and I love all of my systems and have much wiiu love and very much enjoy it, can somebody pleeeeaaasse recommend an actual good pro nintendo site, that actually shows nintendo love and doesn't blatantly scream out all of the systems defects on a daily basis. I miss np greatly and just wanna find something like it online. Thank you kindly....



gamereternal said:

You know, I really used to enjoy this site but I can't stand all these doom and gloom nintendo articles. I am the proud owner of a vita, 360, 3DSXL and a WiiU and I love all of my systems and have much wiiu love and very much enjoy it, can somebody pleeeeaaasse recommend an actual good pro nintendo site, that actually shows nintendo love and doesn't blatantly scream out all of the systems defects on a daily basis. I miss np greatly and just wanna find something like it online. Thank you kindly....



DualWielding said:

The gamepad is not bad itself but the problem is that its downsides greatly outweights is upsides



nik1470 said:

Nintendo follows blue ocean strategies they go where their rivals aren't and pick up the fans they don't want.

however what CNN is doing here is educating people on the WiiU who his something Nintendo are failing to do. So I say it is a good thing and want more mainstream news stations to do the same. If you don't want an expensive hyper connectivity box by a Nintendo.



navonod18 said:

quite honestly I'm actually glad that Nintendo isn't keeping up with the "times". I honestly hate the direction that the video game industry is going. It has abandoned quality games and originality for "sales" and "numbers". If its not an fps, or a playable "movie" then its not considered a "good game". I have mad respect for Nintendo for sticking to their roots, their only problems are the serious lack of games, which is very common for a console's first year. but jus wait, smash bros will have these guys sucking on a pacifier.



armoredghor said:

"Nobody is going to buy a Nintendo 3DS just to download that from the eStore." eshop, first of all; second of all, the Wii U and 3DS sales jumped when Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate came out. We saw DS sales leap when Pokémon came out and we saw 3DS sales jump when Animal Crossing hit japan about 6 months ago roughly. It clearly does affect sales. Holiday sales are tied with Super Mario 3D land because they came out at the same time. Disregarding trends and setting its own caused the DS market, Wii market, N64 market and even NES market which all modern games are founded upon. NES came out when the trend was to give up! President Iwata even basically. stated that the latter half of the year will be packed. @navonod18 well put- I honestly think we're (the regular monitors of news and game markets) are better equipped to analyze this industry than business grad with survey understanding of the industry.



Otto-Soq said:

Nintendo is having 25+ years of high standard games. Can't find such joy elsewere on a console.



DrDingus said:

Nintendo does not ignore trends. They examine them, consider them, and kindly toss most of them aside. That is what they have always done and they have been quite successful with their own unique ideas for a long time. Being the odd one out is what Nintendo does best. I find all this chatter about how they've lost touch and are DOOOMED to be irrelevant. Wii U will inevitably catch on. It's not the wildfire the Wii was but it has many years ahead of it. Everybody relax, shut up, and let Nintendo do their imperfect, ridiculous, weird, hilarious, entertaining, brilliant thing.



retro_player_22 said:

All I hear from this article is more "Yeah we want Nintendo to be like all the rest" and less "We want Nintendo to be different." The best thing about Nintendo is because they're different, ppl just don't want to accept those differences. Also does the fact that Nintendo had their own handheld already guaranteed that they won't make games for mobile devices.



ecco6t9 said:

So Nintendo has always made money except about 2 times when they lost some money and 1 time they kind of broke even, with billions in the bank and this is a bad thing?

Apple said it best "Think Differently ".

And to be fair cable news(Fox,CNN,MSNBC,CNBC,HLN) are more about entertainment than news. All of them have zero credibility in my book.



CoAndy said:

yes the Wii U is slightly underperforming that much they got right




SanderEvers said:

I've said it before, and am going to repeat it till this stops.




Bulbousaur said:

"but looking at the success that companies like Square Enix have had reissuing its Final Fantasy titles on the iPhone"
No, I just stopped reading right there.



EaZy_T said:

haha CNN hates Nintendo...
first they report the Wii U as just a touchscreen controller peripheral for the Wii, now this?
cnn fail



Kage_88 said:

Holy crapola. There are so many stupid things this guy says, it's just not funny.

Let us begin...

1). "Covert cites the company’s less-than-expected sales of Wii U consoles as a symptom of its failure to keep up with gaming trends."

Remember when the 3DS underperformed when it first came out? Remember when it died and bought Nintendo down with it? No, me neither...

But wait! Sony are WAY ahead of the curve compared to Nintendo! That's why the Vita has been selling like hotcakes! Oh hang on...

Well, we DEFINITELY know that Microsoft are are WAY ahead of Nintendo's outdated ideals! What with the rip-roaring successes of Vista, Zune, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Surface...

I can't wait to see what the excuses are when the PS4 and Next-Xbox sell less than expected too...

2). "According to Covert, Nintendo’s history of reluctance in embracing concepts such as online features and digital distribution as quickly as its rivals is hurting it today. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s openness toward microtransactions and subscription-based models is also criticized as something gamers don’t want to see in their modern consoles"

Yeah, Nintendo have NO IDEA in regards to online gaming. That was sarcasm, by the way. I mean, they've only been experimenting with internet gaming since the NES days...In fact, every Nintendo console has been online capable in some form or another.

3). "For decades now, it has been this type of thinking that has plagued Nintendo: The company is cognizant of the latest trends and shifts in gaming, but it chooses to disregard them in the name of simplicity, or family-friendly gaming. Instead, Nintendo frequently opts to develop its own warped, counterintuitive take on the latest trends."

Exactly, And this is why they've been so successful for so many decades. They are leaders, not followers. They set their OWN trends. The amount of innovative hardware and software that has come from Nintendo has simply been unmatched, because they dare to be different.

4). "The Wii is admitted by Covert to be a time when one of Nintendo’s “warped” ideas really took off. But where Microsoft and Sony are seen as turning their consoles into “full-blown living room computers,” the Wii U is seen as a floundering sign of Nintendo still refusing to follow trends as closely as it should"

Consoles trying to emulate PC gaming is NOT the right direction for the industry. Consoles are meant to be an alternative to computer gaming rigs; to provide simpler, less-intimidating experiences that pushes gaming into new avenues. Nintendo realised this with the Wii, and they've continued this philosophy with the Wii U. What is the point of consoles becoming PC-wannabes, when one can simply use an actual PC instead? Indeed, right now I see no appeal in getting a PS4 or Next-Xbox, when I already have a powerful gaming laptop. However, I still want to use Nintendo's devices, because I know they provide experiences that I can't get anywhere else.

5). "Some new Wii U features, like the touchscreen-equipped controller feel convoluted, and less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft's Kinect camera."

Kinect is more innovative? The camera system that is often derided for being inaccurate or even flat-out broken? Right...

6). "Nintendo games that actually take proper advantage of the motion gaming tech aren't coming from third-party developers"

A Boy and His Blob
Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories
Arc Rise Fantasia
A Shadow's Tale
Bit.Trip Complete
Blast Works
Boom Blox: Bash Party
Captain America: Super Soldier
COD: World at War, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 1 & 3
Conduit 1 & 2
Cursed Mountain
Dawn of Discovery
De Blob 1 & 2
Dead Space: Extraction
Deadly Creatures
Dewey’s Adventure
Disaster: Day of Crisis
DJ Hero
Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
EA Create
Endless Ocean 1 & 2
Epic Mickey 1 & 2
Family Ski and Snowboard
Fatal Frame IV
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
Fragile Dreams
Geometry Wars Galaxies
Ghost Squad
Godfather: Blackhand Edition
Go Vacation
Goldeneye 007
Grand Slam Tennis
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus
Guitar Hero 5 & Warriors of Rock
House of the Dead: Overkill
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
The Last Story
LEGO Batman 1 & 2
LEGO Harry Potter
LEGO Indiana Jones
LEGO Lord of the Rings
LEGO Star Wars
Little King's Story
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest
Metal Slug Anthology
Monster Hunter Tri
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Mushroom Men
MySims, Kingdom, Racing & Agents
No More Heroes 1 & 2
Order Up!
Pandora's Tower
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Project Zero 2
Rabbids Go Home
Rayman: Origins
Red Steel 2
Resident Evil 4, Umbrella Chronicles & Darkside Chronicles
Rock Band 3
Rune Factory: Frontier
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love
Samba De Amigo
Scarface: The World is Yours
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces
Sonic and the Secret Rings, Unleashed & Colo(u)rs
Spectrobes: Origins
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up
Thor: The God of Thunder
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters
Tomb Raider: Anniversary & Underworld
Trackmania: Build to Race
Trauma Team
Virtua Tennis 4
We Love Golf!
WWE '13
WWE All-Stars
Zack & Wiki

Adventure Island: The Beginning
And Yet It Moves
Art of Balance
Art Style: Light Trax
Art Style: Penta Tentacles
Bit.Trip Runner
Bomberman Blast
Bonsai Barber
Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth
Cave Story
Driift Mania
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Final Fantasy: My Life as a Darklord
Final Fantasy: My Life as King
Groovin' Blocks
Let's Catch
Lost Winds 1 & 2
Max & The Magic Marker
Mega Man 9 & 10
Muscle March
Nyxquest: Kindred Spirits
Sonic 4: Episode 1
Space Invaders Get Even
Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People
Swords & Soldiers
Tales of Monkey Island
Tetris Party
Toki Tori
World of Goo
You, Me and the Cubes

...In the words of Damien Sandow, "You're welcome!"

6). "but looking at the success that companies like Square Enix have had reissuing its Final Fantasy titles on the iPhone"

I actually had to do a double-take when I read this. Is Mr. Covert even AWARE that Square-Enix is currently in the crapper, financially? Surely he had to have seen the news about massive losses and booted presidents...right? How do these 'journalists' GET these jobs? Christ.

In closing, Nintendo rulez - Covert Droolz.



AceTrainerBean said:

I love my wii u! I wish people would just stop pre judging the consol and give it a go. By the way there is nothing innovative about the kinnect sure play station tried something like that with the eye toy on the ps2 so if anything the kinnect is just a rehash of a failed idea.



mjhopkins81 said:

So, I can't disagree with much of what he said in this screed.

What I CAN say is that I own a Wii U, and several 3DS systems, both of which I purchased on their launch dates.

To be honest, Nintendo has gotten exactly what it had coming to it with both of these releases. I can appreciate that Japanese gamers are, for some reason, so incredibly in tune with gaming that they barely need to do any advertising in order to sell something like hotcakes (just slap a Pikachu on it, and it'll sell millions) - but, America is not Japan.

I had pre-ordered the 3DS months in advance, as soon as the launch date was made public. A month prior to that date, most of the GameStop employees had no idea when it was coming out, and had to check the schedule to see if it had even been slated for release; a week prior to the launch, there were no ads in the stores, no ads on websites, and not a whole lot of info about it available - and I lived in Los Angeles, at the time.

The same happened with the Wii U.

Nintendo really needs to address their appalling lack of connectivity - accounts need to be linked across all of their platforms. It's not hard to implement. Get it together. They need to also address their refusal to advertise their products in any meaningful way, and stop blaming a lack of interest on the part of Americans on their own failure to get out information about their products.

Unfortunately, we live in a digital era, where we can have almost any type of media entertainment at the push of a button and the click of a mouse. Nintendo seems to be living in a world where they have no need to keep up any sort of a consistent release schedule in the way of games. Yes, we have their weekly updates to the eShop, but let's be honest - there're only so many times you can release the same game across three platforms and expect it to be a big seller; furthermore, who got excited about last week's releases? crickets

Sony, in that regard, has Nintendo beat; Microsoft does, if the only games you enjoy are Sports, FPS, and MMORPGs/WRPGs. Beyond that, it's just doesn't provide a very wide variety of offerings.



FantasiaWHT said:

Meh. These "news" agencies make it their business to be the wildest in their predictions because it brings viewers over.



ajcismo said:

Its amazing to me how Western media has skewered Ninty for years, wanting it to be more like Sony and MS... and yet they haven't quite figured it out that Ninty doesn't want to be like Sony and MS.
Do I agree with all of Nintendo's moves? Certainly not. But It just seems so very odd to me that companies like EA and the North American media outlets are so quick to dismiss Nintendo and crown Sony/MS king long before the friggin' prices on their new consoles are even announced. The industry is in for a huge dose of reality when its mighty and precious PS/720 systems don't sell anywhere near what they thought they would with a $500+ pricetag. Meanwhile, BIg N will drop the Wii U to the $199-249 range, release a bunch of 1st party AAA titles and chug along to its own beat while squeaking out a profit despite the hate from Corporate America. Gaming Karma, and you only thought that happened to the gamers.



SphericalCrusher said:

@miletich3 Me too. People can point their finger and bash Nintendo all they want — the 3DS had a bad launch and is now the greatest handheld out. Mobile devices will not touch the quality of games that is Nintendo. The WiiU had a great launch of games, hit a snag ,and as the year goes on, will pickup steam quick; especially with a 3D Mario, Smash Bros, and Mario Kart on the horizon.



hypercoyote said:

Wait, did they really bring up the Final Fantasy iPhone game? That game was absolute garbage....there was actually a pre-review of it on some gaming site that said (paraphrasing) "we don't have time to review this properly yet, but we wanted to warn everyone not to buy this game, it is awful".



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:


lmao the kinect was the biggest waste of money i ever got lured into spending from a gaming company it was and is prob the worst investment i have ever spend in the past 26 years of my life lol!



bonham2 said:

Everyone I know that mocked the Wii U before they eventually got to play it now love it. The gamepad is awesome. I can get why people that have never used it wouldn't get it. It is truly the best part of the console, and it's only going to get better as developers figure out the best uses for it.




TomJ said:

Say what you all will, but you all on NL are being more pessimistic than Eyore himself. Have a little faith! Come after E3, and all the good games come out, everyone with the gloom mentality will pack sand, including you guys.



AugustusOxy said:

Lol, because dominating the last generation sales and having the most successful gaming device of all time (the ds) means you've lost touch.

No, this is just classic fan angst. People with immature desires.

As far as I'm concerned, there are two types of people who write these kind of articles.

Those who want to play Legend of Zelda on xbox/playstation and those who want to play halo/killzone on nintendo.

Its not going to happen. Nintendo is a company you go to for a specific experience and pouring graphical power into a console does not make it good, and if anything its destroying the industry. No one will be able to afford to develop for the new xbox or playstation, so they'll crawl to the Wii-u to survive. Nintendo isn't stupid, people just don't have any common sense to realize what they are doing.



Platinumhobo said:

@C7_ Definitely agreed. A lot of faults from CNN. And I'm really surprised by the number of people who have apparently lost faith in Nintendo's home consoles. They're going a different path that, on average, has succeeded in bringing many gamers many hours of joy. I'd like to hear from many of you doods after E3 cuz I'm confident that Ninten's got some real showstopper to...well show.
And please can people stop with the smartphone thing. I hope Nintendo blatantly says "No we are not giving you our gold to play on those damn things." And keeps to that.



Sosa said:

They really don´t understand. Yes Kinect is innovative, but is almost uselless for videogames. The second screen is great, even if is just for watching a map. I´ve been playing Toki tori 2 and I feel a little blind playing in the gamepad and not having the extra information on the second screen. There´s not gonig back to only 1 screen.



globalisateur said:

I don't want Nintendo to lose their magic.
All those critics in CNN's article are wrong. They don't understand all the important stuff in gaming. But:
Nintendo could implement some kind of account system similar to Steam; it would make thing simpler than their hardware based account. Really this console based account is an abomination of the past, it should'nt even exist in 2013.
This is for me the real reason why I don't massively buy Nintendo games digitally.



Ambassador_Kong said:


You've been around for all the console launches and have never seen a worse case of abandonment than the WiiU? Seriously?!?

There's this little thing called the Vita that you might want to check out to see what being ignored really looks like. After all Sony, the company that makes the Vita, has even forgotten that the device exists.



th3r3ds0x said:

Yea that may be true. I actually have a Vita and think its great but frankly I really don't have the emotional ties to Sony products like I do with Nintendo and that's why I'm so disappointed in Nintendo right now. They really need to get their act together. With the Vita it's basically Sony's fault for the low attachment rate. If they would get out of the memory card business and focus on their console it would sell alot better and the support would be there. With Wii U we are always gonna have this comparison to the newer consoles and probably miss out on quite a few titles. Honestly 3rd party support doesn't really matter to me but Nintendo seems determined to make sure that serious gamers will need a second console in addition to their own in order to play most of the good third party games. Owning just a Wii U alone means missing out on alot.



mid_55 said:

"Nintendo frequently opts to develop its own warped, counterintuitive take on the latest trends."

Criticizing a company for blazing its own trail is great from a generic, sub-standard news agency like CNN.
Yes, Nintendo do things diifferently from the other companies, sometimes it's less successful, sometimes it's more successful, but it's always different. Often the ONLY difference in a very similar marketplace. That's why I play their games and love their consoles. Nothing wrong with the other consoles AT ALL, they're great too, but there's a magic in Nintendo that others can't quite emulate for me. Just look at the ropey looking DS, smashing the PSP a few years ago, on paper that would be impossible if you ignored that magic touch and just looked at tech specs. It's annoying to have to get another console to play the big multi-format stuff, but for me the Nintendo exclusives are EASILY worth it, and don't forget those special little touches on ALL their consoles that sound like nothing, but make all the difference.



hamae said:

Same critics throw back at you CNN. You know how bad you're losing to the internet news and alternative media?
As for Wii U, it's just right for a busy adult with family. I can't really afford the time to buy and play a new game every month anyway.



HeatBombastic said:

@th3r3ds0x Us Wii U owners won't miss out on a bunch exclusives. It's not as bad as the Wii. We'll only miss out if it doesn't sell. Publishers will consider the Wii U when making games if they find it to be profitable.



Ambassador_Kong said:


I have a VIta too (white AC bundle) and I think it is a very nice device that has been sabotaged by Sony's usual business plan which seems to be "throw stuff against a wall and see what sticks." If something sells, Sony supports it. If it doesn't, they let it die. Sony constantly forces their customers to do the heavy lifting of supporting their products.

It's pretty sad about the 3rd party, but not at all surprising. Nintendo apparently wasn't paying attention when PS3's unusual architecture put off third party developers. The set-up that the WiiU has basically prevented games like Metro and anything with the Frostbite Engine from coming to the WiiU because they are based around the CPU and the WIIU is designed around the CPU and the GPU.

Of course, this doesn't really bother me too much, because the industry seems to be stuck in the pew-pew-FPS-of-the-week syndrome and I am not a fan of the genre. Honestly, I played (as a function of the job) DIshonored, Far Cry 3, and Borderlands 2 and, to be honset, aside from graphical differences, they were essentially the same game.

CNN is correct in their saying that the WiiU and Nintendo aren't following the same path as the NEXTbox and PS4, but they see that as a bad thing. Personally, I believe that the industry is headed or another crash and I think Nintendo's unique approach will give them a better chance of survival.



banacheck said:

I think some people not all reading this post are a bit out of touch, first where do people get 500+ for a PS4? this is the year 2013 not 2006-07. (Consoles trying to emulate PC gaming) humm seeing as you cannot upgrade a console and remember it's got to last 5years +, technology is flying by, and if consoles didn't upgrade mobiles would out pass them. The Wii U test will comes as soon as the next consoles hit and onwards, and so far i can see the PS4 doing really well, reasons= it's tech, price point and developers support.



Ambassador_Kong said:


An interesting theory, but until a journalist actually finds out what is going on between EA and Nintendo, all we have is speculation. Amazing that there doesn't seem to be a game journalist interested in pursuing this story, it seems that it would make for an interesting read.

I suppose a better way to state what I was saying is this - the WiiU architecture is significantly unique and requires studios to rework their existing engines to run on the new platform. Up to now, very few studios (Ubisoft) seem interested in putting the effort into WiiU releases.



Rapadash6 said:

He cites Nintendo's games as "being excellent more often than not", which to me, means that the companies primary purpose is still meeting expectations. Shouldn't this be the only thing that matters for a GAMES company?

I understand his arguement here but I can't really agree with any of it. Nintendo's refusal to follow industry trends can be frustrating, but when I stand back and look at where these trends have taken the industry, I can't help but appreciate the company standing by its convictions. Companies like Sega, Capcom, Konami, Square-Enix... what has following trends done for them? More importantly, what has following trends done for their games output and the quality of those games? What I see from them is a more corporate driven, less consumer friendly attitude that, for whatever reason, continues to be patronized by jaded gamers. Then there's companies like EA and Activision... but what can be said about them that hasn't been said already?

I admit that sometimes I question whether my loyalties to the Nintendo brand are blinding me to the "bigger picture" of video games, and I've certainly been accused of that, but I can still see what Nintendo does wrong and freely critisize those mistakes. Nintendo completely botched the launches of the 3DS and Wii U, Virtual Console is a joke, and their scilence on the Wii U software front is only furthering aggressions towards the console, but I digress. The point is, when I sit down to play a Nintendo game, I'm not thinking about any of these things because I'm too busy enjoying the experience; an experience that even the toughest critics admit is "excellent more often than not."

The problem with Wii U is that Nintendo hasn't yet provided enough of these experiences, but when they do the situation will not be as dire as its made out to be at the moment, even if a Wii like success is clearly out of the question.



HeatBombastic said:

@Ambassador_Kong Yeah, but they're programmers, it's obvious that they didn't just put the raw engine in. They can easily slightly change it for the Wii U programming. It can and should still run.



banacheck said:

I think all that matters if your happy with your console or consoles who give a f what anyone else thinks, there not playing it you are.



element187 said:

this CNN article is insane... if Nintendo released their classics on smartphones, people wouldn't buy them on their 3DS/Wii U.

Why would Nintendo cannabalize their VC sales? Part of the fun of buying a Nintendo system today is playing the classics. If they were to move those games to smartphones they would lose a little bit of value of their 3DS/WIi U systems.



TheVideoGamer said:

Who watches CNN anyways? This is irrelevant conjecture from old media, nothing we haven't seen time & time again. Nothing you see on the news is un-biased, just remember that. This is likely just very well disguised Microsoft PR, don't fool yourselves that this doesn't happen, it's rampant. Just enjoy your Wii U & let MS pay CNN whatever they want to say whatever they want, & we'll have all the real fun, OK?



DrRandle said:

I love the part where he says "Look how successful other companies have been posting on mobile devices" and then doesn't site Sony or Microsoft, who never post their games on other people's products. They don't have the luxury that companies like Square do, because they have to be seen supporting their own devices. But yeah only Nintendo's "out of touch" because of it, the other guys get a free pass because they make games about shooting people in the head all the time, I guess.

And Nintendo's not courting indie developers at all, nope. I mean it's not like 2D Boy published a game on there. Or like Bit Trip Runner 2 was on there. Or Toki Tori 2. Nah, no indie titles there. I'll just go back to the xbox indie channel and- wait. Does anybody actually know how to find that thing, again? Oh there it is, way in the back. Time to play me some Avatar Zombie Drop31523



Ralizah said:

I love how many of these "tech writers" and "industry analysts" are shills for Apple. They won't be happy until real handheld gaming is dead and every good franchise has become a microtransaction-ridden endless runner on the iPhone.

Mario, Zelda, Pokemon... these are classically Nintendo properties, and I'd rather never see a game in any of these series again then watch Nintendo whore itself out to Apple.



TheVideoGamer said:

@Ralizah MOST media, not just tech-writers, is FULL of shills for this & that. In fact the apparent lack of it (from what I can tell) is what keeps me coming back to this site. Although I do find myself thinking "oh who cares, just tell me when the damn thing releases already, then I'll care" more & more with all these Kickstarter announcements/updates lately.....



TheVideoGamer said:

@ th3r3ds0x Yeah, the Virtual Boy, now THAT was some console abandonment right there! Even the Vita can't hold a candle to that.



Ralizah said:

It strikes me how often I see big media "tech writers" getting facts wrong when writing about handheld consoles. Granted "eStore" isn't quite as bad as "DS3" or some others I've seen, but the lack of credibility is striking to me.



BestBuck15 said:

I think its Nintendo's president who is out of touch 'Satoru Iwata' because its his ship. I can understand Nintendo refusing to release their games on other platforms like smart phones and they are right not to.
My Wii U won't be arriving till tomorrow but I still think the touch screen is a bad idea and I think people don't like this BS they are coming out with.
Gamers just want a proper console with a proper pad and good games, are you listening Nintendo?



JebbyDeringer said:

It's not that the tech analysts have a thing for Apple and hate Nintendo, most of the industry speak is all to do with stock prices and the value to investors. It's not about anything else.

Nintendo is more than out of touch though, they are arrogant to the core. Much more so than Sony. Nintendo should be following trends and they should be partnering up. Their online model could have been contracted out to experts in that field, they should be hiring more developers if they can't release games fast enough. They should kill off some of the management bloat and focus more on making games. They said they were focusing more on "hardcore" gamers but that seemed to have backfired since they are really just offering less to their devoted fans and the "hardcore" are still ignoring them.



Emaan said:

While I think Nintendo needs to adjust how they're handling the Wii U, being mostly how they handle marketing, as a whole- Nintendo is fine. I find it shallow for the article to say "Nintendo has no touch with the reality in industry trends" since, Nintendo, has made the industry what it is. They may do their own thing, sometimes not the most ideal, but I'm glad they don't just "me too" everything like the rest of the industry does these days.

So yes, Nintendo doesn't follow industry trends; they set them.



Ibrahim77X said:

I agree in their saying that Nintendo always has a warped take on the latest trends. I understand they're trying to be unique, but why do they have to do EVERYTHING differently? For example, why isn't Swapnotes sent via the Internet? Why the slower process of Spotpass? I'd also like to see Nintendo put some classic games on smartphone, instead of just on console-exclusive shops.



Silverbullet89 said:

@Sony_70 Maybe so, if the Kinect was innovative at all. The PlayStation 2 had the Eye Toy, which was the first to allow controller-less gaming. Sony just decided not to focus on it any more while Microsoft decided to do the opposite. Either way, I hope we start moving away from motion gaming.



ecco6t9 said:


Eye Toy and Sing Star came out of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and supposedly Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has always resented them for that.



odd69 said:

I don't agree but im so impatient this year that I could point out all the negatives. But again, once the wii u kicks off im sure we wont see much articles like this. But until then im tapping my shoes waiting on some good stuff to hit the wii u



DarkKirby said:

I can't argue with the Wii U game drought, Nintendo's extremely sub par online, or Nintendo's crappy digital distribution system. Just copy Steam's formula, everyone has an account and when you buy a game you can download it forever (Steam does keep track of how often you are downloading a game to try and curb piracy).

However, while Nintendo selling out to smartphone games is a stock owners dream, it would kill Nintendo in the long run to no longer have exclusive games on their 1st party systems.

Also, I am still upset at Nintendo's clear intention to never have a 2nd circle pad on the 3DS forever.



wiiucompl said:

I'll write to you what it looks like from Europe - Poland.
Shops with electronics here in Poland sels well PS3, Xbox and Wii ocassionaly. WiiU practically not exist. So Picture caption of shelves full of WiiU amused me. Wii U console in Poland is a ghost. Zero promotion, no advertising, very little shops with hardware, very few Box games in stores. For example, now is the time when in Catholic Church a lot of kids take part in the first Holy Communion. Of course, beside the religious aspect, it is always a moment of big shopping - 9-old kids get the mass of gifts - watches, bicycles, tablets, computers, expensive toys and of course gaming consoles. So what? Xbox, Ps3 rules and rarely Wii or 3DS ... No one knows what is the Wii U! After 5 months ! People want to buy consoles everywhere in the world ...

I bought Wii U after European launch, I'm super-happy about it. I see great potential in it and I am just looking forward ...
I do not need a lot of games right now. On my blog I wrote that, statistically, the number of games on the Wii U is OK Just look at the chart ...

I just want know, that Nintendo will be more aggressive and visible. He has great equipment, revolutionary controller. I know- US is the most important market, but Nintendo must think globally! And simply sell it worldwide. The first step is to simply inform about it (advertising, local promotions). The second - to deliver boxes and sell it even below cost! Developers themselves will come.
The good news is - our local Nintendo disributor is chainging right now. It must be better.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

@Rei7 LOLno. It took the Vita about 1 YEAR to reach 2.2 million handhelds sold while it took the Wii U about 5 months to reach over 3 million. Problem?



TheAdrock said:

CNN is not a credible news source, and this is just an opinion piece, which makes it even less credible or interesting.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Ah, another so-called expert foretelling the future. Software is what predominantly sells the console - not necessarily the hardware. As for "not coming any time soon", well, games take freakin' time to make! I also like how this guy claims that a controller with a built in touch screen is more convoluted than a camera sensor that requires practically an 8 feet by 8feet square to use properly at the least, not to mention that you can't have anything on your back wall, because if you do, it won't recognize what you're trying to do.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@capac: You don't need a powerful system to run an excellent game. And Nintendo doesn't need to stoop down to Microsoft or Sony's levels, either.



Drewroxsox said:

@UnseatingKDawg I never once denounced the validity of his comment. I did however say no one would read it, because when people see long comments like that (in general), they tend to shy away from them (I'm just removing myself from the chopping block, so to speak) . Of course, there will be people like @LDXD and yourself, who will actually take the time to read the longer comments on here.



Lalivero said:

Don't worry, I read the numerous paragraph responses, too. Even if I miss a few days worth of pages on threads I end up reading right where I left off, even if that means 10 pages of paragraphs, haha...



KiroX777 said:

@Philip_J_Reed but the wiiu 'single touch' touch screen isnt even top notch over a smart phone's 'multi-touch' screens anyway... I mean if nintendo had some type of new upgraded touchscreen that supports multi touch as well as pressure sensitive (just off the top of my head) then yea! nintendo could dominate, but they chose to use the same ds touchscreen and we call it next gen? i have to agree with the article.

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