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Wed 22nd Aug 2012

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BigDaddysPizza commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Challenge With Super...:

In my opinion, whenever the next Super Mario Bros. game gets made, I want to see something new. I'd like to see a new art style, a few new mechanics and techniques, and a blend of new enemies and old ones.

Do what Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World did - they made some massive overhauls from what their predecessors did, and it worked flawlessly.



BigDaddysPizza commented on Mario Memories: The Creative Joy of Childhood ...:

When I had spare time in grade school, I'd draw levels in full color. I'm going to go through my old stuff and re-create some of the levels I made a long while ago.

Oh, I can't wait until this game releases... I'm going to enjoy this a ton.



BigDaddysPizza commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:


I agree. I don't believe the NX will be released before Holiday 2016. It seems they're going to unveil it at E3 2016... so a summer 2016 release sounds ridiculous.

And before more people comment about Zelda Wii U getting moved to the NX, please don't.
There is a reason why the game's current name is Zelda WII U. The game is being made specifically for the Wii U's gamepad and hardware. Why on earth would they spend all the extra time to port the game to a brand new console?! The two versions of the game would compete with itself, thus driving their sales down!



BigDaddysPizza commented on Composer Noriyuki Iwadare Returns For More Lan...:

I don't even know what this game is about, but they have a great composer working for them. Iwadare has made some great music, including Godot's Theme, the soundtrack for the Miles Edgeworth games and Dual Destinies, and not to mention he's remixed some music for Super Smash Bros including Metakinght's Revenge and Gear Getaway. Good stuff!



BigDaddysPizza commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

I can't stand some people. I even saw somebody say: "The new Zelda game is gonna be on the NX now! LOL!" Even though we already saw them SHOW OFF how the game would be used on the Wii U gamepad, so clearly they're abandoning it.

The NX is going to be shown off in 2016. Who knows if we'll actually get it then? The earliest it'll come is Nov/Dec 2016.

Nintendo is still supporting the Wii U and they're (hopefully) going to shut up their doubters with this Direct. There will be plenty of quality titles coming and the hype will be back.



BigDaddysPizza commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

Now if we could just get Rabbids in smash too....
Heh, I'm just kidding. But I'm really surprised that it appears to be a 3rd party character as DLC. You'd think if they planned for Rayman to be in the game, they'd make a cool reveal trailer and put him in the full game.
This looks like a really, really well-edited fake... or the real thing.



BigDaddysPizza commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:

Wow, a 10/10? All of my favorite games on this site are always graded 9/10, and I'm not that big of a fan of Majora's Mask. I just finished the N64 version and I'd give it a 7/10. I hate the 3 day system and long for Ocarina of Time's save system.

This remake will probably be a 8 or 9 outta 10 in my book - my goodness are the graphics sooooo much better.



BigDaddysPizza commented on Talking Point: It's Time to Salute The Nintend...:

There's a pattern going on here. "Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land helped turn around the 3DS"... "Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros helped turn around the Wii U"...
What's the lesson of the story? The answer is have a strong launch title with a few of the core games (Mario Kart/Smash/3D Mario) closely behind. You can't release a system and not supply any games for it early on.



BigDaddysPizza commented on New Pokkén Tournament Controller and Gameplay...:

I don't understand why Suicune is playable... I mean sure, Suicune is really cool, but why...? So now we know 6 Pokemon are playable (including Blazekin, who wasn't mentioned today). Charizard and Mewtwo have to be locks on the roster too. (They are super-popular and have mega-evolutions. Why wouldn't they be in this game?)



BigDaddysPizza commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Free Download Details Point...:

Man, I have been waiting for this for a long time...
But it is seriously lame with the no sharing online feature. I never saw any inappropiate material on Flipnote Hatena, and I went on there a lot. Couldn't they just implement the same system, or maybe I missed some important piece of info.
Anyways, I will be getting this. Yay!