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Fri 11th January, 2013

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aronatvw commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

B- .. Honestly I love my WiiU and don't think it deserves a C- . It has some awesome games most of what fans want mario kart, smash bros, 2d mario, 3d mario, pikmin, monster hunter and more.

I think the best thing nintendo could do is go towards the competitive nature of gamers. Give people voice chat, show hardcore games how competitive you can be in mario kart and smash bros. I know smash bros has voice chat but it looks like its only with friends and after matches. I know these games are great local multiplayer but most people I talk to who have other consoles cannot fathom lack of online support with nintendo sometimes.

Lastly, if they come out with a metroid they get an A+. Plus they could add that generic first person shooter online battles that soo many gamers love with awesome mechanics like morph ball, people will buy this I think.



aronatvw commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

So excited for this game but how much do we need to beg Nintendo to do something about online chat and stuff before they will listen its ridiculous!



aronatvw commented on Video: Join Us For A Relaxing Weekend Drive Ar...:

@LastLife yes I did notice that, after thinking about it, maybe they're trying to balanced the game to be more race oriented. The only reason I thought this was the reason they added the new item that can block the blue shell, maybe less downtime when fallen is geared towards the same idea. Just a thought.



aronatvw commented on Review: CastleStorm (Wii U eShop):

This game is well worth the money. I paid 10 bucks and its just as polished as a title like trine that was 20 for a while but seems to have a lot more replay value. I have been loving the game, it's just a great idea, if you like castle defense games but get bored of them easily then this is your game for its that extra push to keep things interesting. My two gripes.

1) Only supports pro controller for multiplayer, cant tell you how much that sucks. Plus they are not taking advantage of one of WiiU's biggest advantages, the fricken wiimote!

2) I find it a pain saving your castle each time you customize it. They should have made the saving process a little more sleak and also explain the castle building process more early on in the game.



aronatvw commented on Conatus Creative Includes Wii U and 3DS Stretc...:

@hcfwesker I'm 27obviously not a kid have a family am a mature responsible adult, and I completely disagree. like finelerv I agree ppl THINK Nintendo caters to children but I have a feeling a lot of kids might be pretty challenged or too challenged by new super Mario challenges, pikmin, any metroid, any Zelda, wonderful 101, monster hunter the list goes on. And btw core gamer is the dumbest term ever, what does it mean? Explain to me.



aronatvw commented on Conatus Creative Includes Wii U and 3DS Stretc...:

They want to go to Sony before nintendo even though most people who even know the original are nintendo fans. Just don't understand how Sony is more of a prime demographic than nintendo fans, I just dont understand?



aronatvw commented on Cloudberry Kingdom Will Have Online Leaderboar...:

You can not beat buying this game for ten bucks, it has tons of modes and is a great challange. The first night me and some friends had a late night glued to the tv tearing up laughing for some reason at crouch jet packing! Lol good times



aronatvw commented on AlphaDream Currently Has No Plans For The Mari...:

It seems a lot of people prefer more rpg like titles on the portable, and there are a ton released for the 3ds, but I personally think more in depth games like this are so much better on a home console. I have very fond memories of lounging on my couch gules to the t.v. playing mario rpg, paper mario and link to the past. Idk I think the wiiu needs more games like these, they create such a richer bond then new super mario. I feel the same about animal crossing.



aronatvw commented on In Q1 2013 More Money Was Spent On iOS Games T...:

I think it is important to point out that the amount of gamers have risen as well. Aruna the last time your mom has played halo with you. I don't know about younger generations , but I've never seen my mom play a video game in my entire life basically until angry birds. lol the markets bigger, there's more money to be made. The towns big enough for.more than one sheriff.



aronatvw commented on Nintendo Accused Of Infringing Trademark With ...:

maybe they should have called it something else from the get go like "nintendo cloud", or " Nintendo meet-up", or idk " NINTENDO PLAZA" thats a good one. Idk when I heard wara wara plaza for the first time I thought it was just another silly nintendo name, and I have never used it in a sentence until now.



aronatvw commented on Mario Golf: World Tour Features Online Play An...:

I used to love hot shot golf until I played mario golf for game cube, it was so fantastic, but please nintendo voice chat, you know how pissed it makes me that I have to f'ing skype with "friends"!!!!!!! just to be able to talk. What is the god damn point of playing online with my friends if I cant talk to them, come on, break the god damn mold all ready!



aronatvw commented on U.S. February Sales Figures Make Grim Reading ...:

am i the only person who feels that sony and microsoft has not jumped on the next gen bandwagon yet that the general public are not informed or excited yet. The fact that nintendo released their system so much earlier than competitors makes me feel like they were thinking " well we have this system ready for release but the competition wont release for another year, love it lets just do it, it's just extra money before real competition comes!". Idk thats the vibe I always get.
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aronatvw commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Graphical Grunt is Laid...:

People buy consoles for a lot of.things convenience, first party games, etc. But if these nay sayers are so concerned about graphics, buy a nice pc! Console will never compete until small chips and hardware technology pretty much peak. Period.doesn't make sense to me all how useless this argument is.