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Tue 26th Aug 2008

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TheVideoGamer commented on Warner Bros. Believes In Wii U, Thinks E3 Game...:

The video game industry does not begin & end with Ubisoft & EA. Why do we care that these TWO companies are crying over WII U? Who.Cares. No Madden or FIFA on Wii U? Boo Hoo. Oh no! They're SUCH innovative games, what will Nintendo owners do? No over-ambitious-but ultimately-lacking-in-some-area-or-other games from Ubisoft? OMG!! Yeah, Big. Deal. Nintendo will survive without these too-big-for-their-own-good crybaby companies. Geez! Gaming media, gamers, get over it! It's TWO companies!



TheVideoGamer commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

@Ralizah MOST media, not just tech-writers, is FULL of shills for this & that. In fact the apparent lack of it (from what I can tell) is what keeps me coming back to this site. Although I do find myself thinking "oh who cares, just tell me when the damn thing releases already, then I'll care" more & more with all these Kickstarter announcements/updates lately.....



TheVideoGamer commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

Who watches CNN anyways? This is irrelevant conjecture from old media, nothing we haven't seen time & time again. Nothing you see on the news is un-biased, just remember that. This is likely just very well disguised Microsoft PR, don't fool yourselves that this doesn't happen, it's rampant. Just enjoy your Wii U & let MS pay CNN whatever they want to say whatever they want, & we'll have all the real fun, OK?



TheVideoGamer commented on This Is What A New Streets Of Rage And ESWAT C...:

It's still criminal to me that SEGA still hasn't released Daytona USA 2 for any home console yet. That game came too close to the end of the arcade era, didn't see too many of em around. A complete Daytona USA 1 & 2 Deluxe package (with perhaps Virtua Racing as a hidden bonus!!) is SO overdue...



TheVideoGamer commented on Pachter: Nintendo Made The Right Decision In S...:

I still can't believe this guy gets any coverage. For every opinion/prediction that kinda seems to come true, there are dozens that haven't, & this guy still has a job? His job is to guess what will happen, & he's proved to fail at that time & time again, yet he's still listened to? Just what IS this guy's credibility anyways? Seriously, how many times can he be so flat out wrong and STILL have people listen to his "educated guesses"? Must have some real dirt on someone...



TheVideoGamer commented on The Secrets Of The Nintendo Power Line Experts...:

Oh man do I remember calling that ph # from time to time!! Every few months that number would show up up the phone bill a couple times & my Dad would flip! The fact that it was a long distance # would actually make me put off calling sometimes & just keep trying myself, plugging away until I actually DID it myself, something i can't really say for gamers nowadays, as hittin up the net for a FAQ or Walkthrough is just oh so super convenient for gamers these days. Hell, you can do it from your smartphone & not even go to the computer/home phone anymore! Or just pause your game & go search online right then & there on the damn GamePad now on Wii U! Easy instant access to FAQS, Codes, Guides, Videos, everything you need to hold your hand just short of playing it FOR you now! See, even though back in the day you called this number, it still was all information that had to be conveyed through conversation. Nobody was answering saying "Oh I'll email/text you a picture of what I mean", no, these guys were good! And you had to pay attention, perhaps even keep notes (as I did when calling about, oh, say, Zelda II or Lolo back in the NES days) to make sure that all this amazing gaming knowledge from on high that was pouring into your ear wasn't just flowing out the other side, as it could be a lot of info to take in! Yeah @AcesHigh , those were the days eh? I would SO SO SO love to get my hand on even ONE of those binders though!!



TheVideoGamer commented on Review: SiNG Party (Wii U):

There IS a market for this game, & it's nice Nintendo thought to include a singing game at all for launch. It's right up my wifey's alley, & my daughter's too young to read, but knows all these songs, so has no problems singing along. Good family karaoke game. We have all the sing stars on ps2, & every wii game that takes a mic (we like the karaoke you see...), & while this is not the best singing game around, it's FAR from garbage, & hopefully just the beginning of a new Nintendo franchise. We could all care less about the inclusion of music videos (we have YouTube, thanks), but the main tv presentation DOES leave a lot to be desired, yet it doesn't ruin the experience by any means. The gamepad features are really awesome for this type of game as well, & we look forward to more song availability eventually. You may now continue hating on a game you never intend or ever intended to ever play



TheVideoGamer commented on Review: Cue Sports: Snooker vs Billiards (WiiW...:

This was a very well-written review for this title, I beleive (I haven't played it yet), another example of why I find myself visiting this site more & more the last couple months. Very informative, and well laid out. Woot!

btw, as a 'poolhall junkie', I was already set on getting this before reading any review (hoping for it this monday!!) for two reasons: One is admittedly it having online - considering it gets easier to find matches. And the other being the fact this title has SNOOKER! I love snooker, and SO wished it was in Midnight Pool (which seems like its still the better pool sim). Being published by the Mighty Hudson, and being only 8 bucks are big positives too.



TheVideoGamer commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tetris Party & The Incredi...:

I was thinking those images looked waaay too bad. The game is in constant motion, so screenshots do the game NO justice at all. See what I mean, I found this video just now:

I'd play that for sure, especially w/balance board support! I loved that minigame in Wii Fit.

EDIT: It's still not a looker by any stretch of the imagination though. Just saying it looks like the gameplay might be there, so it'd be worth it.