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hypercoyote commented on More Mega Evolutions Appear for Pokémon Omega...:

@Hydrone Yea, I get that, but I think they probably should've called them "Mega Forms" instead of "Mega Evolutions" since (A) It's not permanent and (B) they're technically still the same Pokemon. They never called the radical changes that many Pokemon can take on (Deoxys, for example) evolutions, they always just referred to them as forms.



hypercoyote commented on Mega Video Game Fan Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Nor...:

Wow, that is really probably cheap for what he's selling. Though it'd be tempting to buy it and flip it, I think selling all those individually would be a full time job for 2 years!

EDIT: Wait a minute, he pulled out some of the most valuable games. He's pretty slick about it too:
"Note: Stadium Events was a recalled game pulled from the store shelves and not part of this set.", "Note: Three games that I don’t consider part of the retail set (sold or store shelves) are not included. Those are Donkey Kong Competition cart, StarFox Super Weekend and Speed Racer/Mountain Bike Combo."

Looks like he pulled out the most valuable items to sell them separately.



hypercoyote commented on Nintendo Confirms Week Two Details for Super S...:

Wow, the Zelda Oracle games are lower than their initial discount. I own the carts but I think I may pick those up. Can anyone comment on if those games link through a 'virtual link cable' to each other? Seems like I had read something about that a while back. Otherwise you have to do the password system...



hypercoyote commented on These Official Wisdom Tree T-Shirts Are So Bad...:

@KodyDawg Yea, I've said the same thing. I think the dangerous part is filling in the spots where the Bible is silent. I think the human mind is so curious, that people who play those games will take the 'fillers' as being reality. For instance, the Bible only speaks a little on angels, but look how much lore there is that people have created around them, most of it originating from people's extrapolations on the Bible.



hypercoyote commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Here's a cost listing of the games:

Platinum Level Rewards

Game & Wario (Wii U - $29.99)
NES Remix (Wii U - $14.99)
Earthbound (Wii U - $9.99)
Dr. Luigi (Wii U - $14.99)
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3DS - $29.99)
Fluidity: Spin Cycle (3DS - $10.99)
Dillon's Rolling Western (3DS - $9.99)
Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (3DS - $9.99)

Gold Level Rewards

Ice Climber (Wii U - $4.99)
Kid Icarus (Wii U - $4.99)
Super Mario Bros. (Wii U - $4.99)
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (Wii U - $4.99)
Donkey Kong 3 (3DS - $4.99)
Wario Land 2 (3DS - $4.99)
Metroid (3DS - $4.99)
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3DS - $3.99)



hypercoyote commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

If this is the direction they're planning on going, I will likely stop messing with Club Nintendo. I appreciate all the rewards in the past, most of them were excellent, but I'm disappointed to see them cutting out physical rewards completely. Digital items are worthless in my eyes as they really have no collective value since they can be duplicated an endless number of times (should Nintendo decide to release them for sale) and these items cannot be sold without selling the system they're installed on. I'm with others, I will likely end up just selling the download code.



hypercoyote commented on Review: Bombing Bastards (Wii U eShop):

@C-Olimar I think that's in reverse, I think things become taboo because they are a problem. I didn't realize that no one in France struggles with alcoholism, but I'm also not a student of the culture there, so I'll take your word that they have no problems with their youth and alcohol. Also, I think if you expect your 10 year old to be that mature, you are going to be very disappointed. Prepare now.

Edit: I am now a student of French culture ->



hypercoyote commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

@Drac_Mazoku I definitely agree that this will likely cause anger with the MN9 followers, but let's be real, when are people on the Internet not easily angered? I can see the argument both ways. While they definitely could have waited until after the game was finished, does that really make sense to finish the game, release it, then ask for funding to put voice-overs in it? I realize that every decision is also backed by a business case, and naturally they want to sell more units of this game. But I still stand by my statement that I don't feel like not contributing will jeopardize the release of this game, so this additional funding request doesn't upset me at all.



hypercoyote commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

@Drac_Mazoku If it was a matter of requiring the funds to complete the game, I could understand that. But the matter of asking for the funds to add to the game, that doesn't bother me at all. I don't care if the game has voice acting, so I probably won't be adding more money. I don't feel at all obligated to donate more money than I already have and I don't feel like that decision is going to hinder the progress of the game either.



hypercoyote commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

I'd love to hear the opinion of someone who has actually worked in developing a major game and knows what costs are associated with it. Because all I see above are the opinions of gamers, and I don't think any of us know how much it costs to make a game. Also, to everyone who keeps asking if he ran out of money, he said in the article that this money is only for additional content not promised in the original Kickstarter.



hypercoyote commented on Video: Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series Gets ...:

FYI guys - from what I read, this trailer was made by the animation studio on their own dime as a sort of proof-of-concept to comcept about doing the series (unless there was another video before this one). So in other words, this is far from the final concept and I'm sure there'll be many revisions. I'm not a fan of this animation style or the overall silliness either, so I'm hoping they change direction on that.



hypercoyote commented on Interview: The Wizard Director Todd Holland On...:

Great background story for a great movie. I remember watching that movie when I was a kid, the unveiling of Super Mario 3 was amazing. I still get chills when I think about that scene. It's awesome to hear this directory had put so much of his heart into it too but sad about Universal's opinion of the movie.



hypercoyote commented on The World's Largest Video Game Collection is S...:

Ever wonder what the difference between a hoarder and a collector are? I feel like it's only organizational skills, but both will trap you when your possessions own you. I'm proud of this guy for breaking off that stuff, I can't imagine how exhausting it was to keep up that collection.



hypercoyote commented on Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is ...:

1) Cross-platform purchases (ie, buy the game, but get it on both 3DS and WiiU)
2) In relation to the above, credit for any games you have on both systems.
3) Folders on the home screen (like the 3DS allows you to create)
4) Credit for any games that are lost when merging two eShop accounts that have purchased the same game (currently the one copy of the game just disappears).

Bonus) An awesome capability would be the ability to let others "borrow" your games. For 24 hours you can let someone play the same game you own given the condition that you can't play it during that same time period. It'd be a great way to let people try something new that doesn't necessarily have a demo available. This would only apply to digital content, of course.



hypercoyote commented on Eiji Aonuma Plans To Shake Up the Puzzle Formu...:

Seems a little late in the development cycle to still be making those kinds of choices....I hope they don't rush this game, it sounds awesome, but I don't see how they would have time to make that much of an open-world design in less than 2 years.