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Wed 4th May 2011

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Sosa commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

They really don´t understand. Yes Kinect is innovative, but is almost uselless for videogames. The second screen is great, even if is just for watching a map. I´ve been playing Toki tori 2 and I feel a little blind playing in the gamepad and not having the extra information on the second screen. There´s not gonig back to only 1 screen.



Sosa commented on Nintendo Offering Incentives for Retail Downlo...:

Digital is the future people come on! What´s wrong with you, if you like the cover of a game you can have it on your computer. Is to much space, unless you have a really big home. Also is a lot more comfortable to play a game that´s right there in your console instead of changing the disc or the cartridge.




Sosa commented on Iwata: "Wii U Will Be At its Best at Launch":

@bahooney Right there with you.
Also I think a Mario title will be ready at launch.
It´s about time after two generations without a Mario title at launch.
I´m hoping for a 3d world Mario and not NSMB but that´s most likely. We have seen a demo already.