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Fri 19th Jun 2009

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IrishCatholic commented on North American Club Nintendo Releases a Gorgeo...:

Just ordered mine!!! I have ordered every poster set from CN and once my sons move out one of their bedrooms will be converted into the Nintendo room. Then I will take the posters out of the tubes and place them in frames to be hung on the wall!!!!



IrishCatholic commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

I love the art work associated with the box and manual!!! I won't go digital unless the auction price is outrageously high. Btw, I download all my music so it's just a Nintendo thing. I love to hold the box/case in my hands. The fact that Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold and Kid Icarus Uprising had cardboard boxes was a great it of nostalgia.



IrishCatholic commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Staff Favourites - NES:

It was hard for me to choose between Metroid and Legend of Zelda. Such great memories of being in 8th grade and playing on my 13" color RCA, lol.
Btw, you guys (NL staff) incorrectly stated that Mike Tyson's name was removed due to legal trouble (rape conviction), but it actually was because the contract expired. The rape occurred a few years later. See ^ "Bulletin Board – Nintendo Classics Reissued!". Nintendo Power (18): 96. November–December 1990.