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Super Metroid (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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With the last Metroid in captivity, the galaxy is at peace. But when Space Pirates snatch the larva for their own evil purposes, bounty hunter Samus Aran must spring into action once again!

Return to the labyrinthine underworld of Planet Zebes and explore deeper than ever before, using new abilities like the Grappling Beam and X-Ray Scope, and battle massive bosses with an awesome arsenal of beams, missiles and bombs.

Super Metroid is renowned as one of the greatest 2D action games ever made, and paved the way for the Metroid Prime series with its innovative map system, diverse range of weapons and suits, and wealth of secrets to discover.

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Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Superior Metroid

It’s undeniable that 1994 was an extremely memorable year of videogame releases. Sonic 3, Earthworm Jim, Doom II, and the original Donkey Kong Country were just a few of the critically acclaimed games that had us chatting profusely on the playground...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A true classic

Metroid was very popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Despite only two games being released, players loved it for its unique atmosphere and construction: the whole game consisted of one gigantic overworld with many places to explore and items to find...

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User Comments (248)



Taulmarill said:

This game is as good as it gets. I know no other Metroid, Turican, Contra, MegaMan or any other title you would like to compare it to which can touch this. Sadly they don't make them any longer like in the old days. So don't rush through this one but embrace the fantastic graphics and the spine chilling soundtrack because there most probably will never be a better game ... ever.



Damo said:

Metroid Fusion was an all-new game for the GBA. AFAIK, Super Metroid has never been on any other machine than the SNES...until it comes to the VC, of course.



Tosky said:

This game is massive for it's day, I mapped the game out after being confined to bed for several weeks, and the maps was massive.
This game is amazing, I would love Nintendo to do another version of this, looking similar on the Wii, just how big could they make it this time.
This is a must have game for the virtual console, cant wait.



Johannes said:

I never played this game.
Now i want to play it on the Virtual Console, i hope it will come out soon.



Miguel said:

Back when I had an SNES, I as about 6 years old, so I easily missed some of it's best titles. Luckily, I decided to pick up Metroid Fusion when I got the GBA. It was one of the coolest, most exciting games I've ever played. I can't wait until this comes out so that I can play the game that started it all (because I'm sure the NES one can't compare to this).



Shawn said:

Super Metroid is THE Best Metroid. I've played all of them and Fusion is inferior compared to the massive world of Super metroid



JNoodles said:

YES! This is much better than Prime, which is really the only Metroid I've ever owned, but not the only Metroid I've ever played!



Mendez said:

The first Metroid I owned was Fusion, and I've also played Zero mission and all of the prime games. If it really is the best metroid game then it must be absolutely bloody awesome! I'm looking forward to it but I've been trying not to expect to much out of it to avoid dissapointment. I just hope it comes out soon now!



RMA said:

Apart from this there is only one other run and gun I'd buy from the SNES...Alien3. But I'm guessing they'd be licencing issues...pity. I'd guess the same would go for another great schmup...Ghostbusters on the MD. Oh well, I live in hope.



neuzd said:

Mendez, you really don't know what you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!
Liked Fusion and Zero Mission? If so, you simply NEED Super Metroid.

I want it so much I can't stop shinesparking on the walls of my room, but I'll be patient...I hope I will.

You putrid Space Pirates scum, I'm gonna blast away the whole planet if I need to...
RIIIDLEEEEYYYYYY, you are dead, do you hear me?



Phil_flipside said:

yeah, Super Metroid is easily the best metroid game, and among the top 3 games I've ever played. The Music in this game is nothing short of spectacular. So atmospheric. . . so great. There is not as much story line as in zero mission or even fusion. Well, not in the way of having it all written out for you. but you basically understand everything that is going on just by playing through and powering up samus. The end boss fight is FRIGGEN SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I won't ruin any surprises, but yeah, it's fun as hell.

My ranking of metroid games goes
1.Super Metroid
2.Metroid Prime
3.Zero Mission
4.Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
5.Metroid Fusion

ALL these games score at least a 9 out of 10 in my book, so the least of them is great. I left out Metroid because it's basically metroid zero mission, and I left out metorid II because I never actually played it!



Jaunty said:

I never completed this game (feels like a noob here). My brother endlessly taunts me about that.........having a brother who is the biggest SNES nerd is pretty bad. Can't wait for this.



Zak said:

Why is this title the best of all the metroids? It's hard to say without spoiling you, but the final confrontation is just a thriller. I know every 2D Metroid-Game and if you never played this one, you will might surprised. For a SNES-Game.

Anyway, the story's about returning to Zebes, the Planet from the Classic Metroid/Zero Mission. And yeah, it has a lot of these deja vu-moments.



Sektor said:

this is the best game ever.
end of.
anyone know when its coming to vc?



William said:

Damn it.. I want it released now (US version)! LOL Believe me.. this is my favorite game of the Metroid series! The other Metroid series were ok, though. MP and MP2 were 2 of my great games (evethough, I got the heebie-jeebies when the space pirates flew about in some areas! :-S). When I mean MP, I mean it by Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. I can't wait for the release of MP3: Corruption (I think?)! Wonder how it plays out for the Wii? Who knows?



William said:

Trust me on this one: Super Metroid (like you guys and/or gals say).. it's rated #1 of the Metroid series! I've loved this game on my SNES console and I've played it over and over and over again! Man... that's my favorite SM game EVER! Wished it was on the Wii VC as well... hopefully soon enough! MP was ok... but MP2 was better because of the multi-player game feature and new weapons from light and dark items. For me:

#1 = SM (SNES)
#2 = MP2 (GC)
#3 = MP (GC)
#4 = Metroid (NES)
#5 = Metroid (GB)*
* I didn't complete the whole game... I stopped around the metroid up to #38 (From #40)... never got a chance to finish it. Oh well.
Hopefully MP3 (Wii) would be rated somewhere on the list!



-Regii said:

I regret I never played this one. I really have to overtake that. Definitely a must-DL for everyone.



William said:

I totally agree with you, Regii! This is a must-have for any Metroid fan!



Mr_64 said:

Nintendo continued their fantastic 16-bit re-visioning of their classic NES franchises with Super Metroid. As with Super Mario World and Zelda 3, everything that made the original games great is there and much, much more.

The power-up functions of the original game has been expanded greatly, the different areas also vary much more than the original and make great use of the SNES hardware. The game also features some hugely memorable bosses and a fantastic, hugely atmospheric sound track.

The difficultly curve is pitched more or less right, meaning that most of the time you make a satisfactory amount of progress for the hours you put in. On the downside, there are a couple of areas where you will get stuck for absolutely ages and be banging your head against a wall, but which Metroid game doesn't have that? It's whether you have the patience to find the solution that determines whether or not you'll become a Metroid fan or not.

Whether it's as good as Metroid Prime in terms of actual gameplay. Prime added all the 'scanning' and the slowly revealed back story elements that this game lacks, but as a 16-bit game you can't really argue. Well worth a play and certainly worth downloading.



Jonno said:

Hmm... According to my source this or SMRPG will be coming out in May... "Popular SNES Game: 65% of People Will Buy This."



Dazza said:

Haha, what source is that? Do you have a crystal ball Jonno?



William said:

I might be mistaken here, but.. I don't know where I heard or got this from.. anyway, is this true that the VC might not release SM? If that was the case, I'd be very disappointed. Trust me... SM ROCKS game on!



Lockwood said:

YAY super metroid!! i'm a giant metroid fanboy and i am waiting so i can get this game Ive loved all the prime games and this game looks SWEEEEET!



420chaos said:

i think im one of the few who has actually played and beaten every single metroid game. i can honestly say super metroid IS the best. it set the standard for the series (especially in artistic direction.) all the elements that make the later games so great are being channeled from this one. i've picked this game apart. i've gotten 100% completion, i've gotten the best ending (under an hour), i've even gone through and beaten it with minimum items (relying on wall-jumps and speed boosting.) EVERY SINGLE TIME i play it i find new shortcuts and ways around areas wtihout the required items. the depth this game still has after a decade is amazing.

if you havent played this and still arn't sure... theres nothing to even be sure about, buy it.

i wont rank all the games... but i'll say this one ranks the best... and fusion ranks the worst (fusion is not a bad game, but it is also the most linear of all the metroid games, not to mention the art direction was a step away from what was established in super metroid.)



mario/zelda_fan said:

I've never played metroid games, but this one looks good. I'm so happy that the virtual console came out because now I can play all of the great games that started it all. And most games I've never played (I've only played a few n64 and a few snes games in my life ) so I might just start the Metroid series with this game. Also AMAZING graphics for the snes.



Spore said:

I recently purchased this game off Ebay (an original cartridge copy of course) along with Donkey Kong Country and I am now patiently awaiting its arrival.



Zweck36 said:

This and Earthbound are in my opinion the best games ever made. You cannot touch these games.



Tosky said:

I still can't believe it is not here, I so want to play this again on the big screen, and not my computer.
There is something special about this game that makes it great, I remember the wrecked ship and the problems it created, if you have played you will know what I mean. This is an unbelieveably great game....It so needs to arrive.
I still think they should remake a game like this on the Wii, but bigger, there is not enough scroll and blow the hell out of thing of this level anymore, they are all 1st person games, and I personnally am not a huge fan of them. So come on Nintendo, listen to your fans, get Super Metroid on the Eu VC.
Maybe we should all write to them, or e-mail them



Spore said:

Still without a Wii console of my own, I recently ordered this game off ebay. Having never played it yet playing the other installments (all top notch) I can't wait for this to ship.



James said:

Never played this one. Alongside Sonic 2 this is a definite buy! I've just heard too many great comments about this.



Choz said:

Remember having 99% found items, searching for that last %age, and just couldnt find it...! Well, one of the best snes games avaible if not the best. definatly worth spending some points on.



lil_humbug said:

Best. Game. Ever. I must have completed this a dozen times. In a word, FANTASTIC! If you haven't played it, do so, it can't be praised highly enough. The way your weapons upgrade and still keep the last upgrade as well is genius! Buy this. NOW! Come on Nintendo, feed my blood-lust and release this game..... Please!



Justin188 said:

I really like the platform metroids like metroid fusion, metroid zero mission and the NES metroid. I hope super metroid is as good I've never played super metroid, well I have but only the start of super metroid. If you have not played any platform metroid than play SUPER METROID.



Wolfman said:

This game is truly a masterpiece. Easily the finest platformer of its type.

The original NES Metroid is a good game, but not only is it much weaker than this installment, it hasn't aged as well.

Super Metroid is the most atmospheric, intense experience I think any 2-D system saw. It is to video games what Alien was to movies back in the late 70's. It just totally changed the game world.

You may laugh at me for this, but I think that the 2-dimensional Metroid games (Super, Fusion, Zero Mission, etc.) are among the most frightening games possible without 3-D. Just think about Fusion: Whenever the SA-X is nearby, it just gets freaky.

If you have never played Super Metroid, be sure to buy this one when it comes out. It is well worth the Wii points; it may be the perfect game, really. The scope and scale of it are just incredible.



lil_humbug said:

One thing that has to be mentioned about this game is also the music. It has one of the most atmospheric soundtracks of any game and really draws you in. This may be an action game, but in places, largely due to the music, it has you more tense and on the edge of your seat than most modern survival horrors! I still can't praise this game highly enough, and Nintendo NEED to release this! (I think I'm being a bit lazy though, as I have this and a SNES upstairs in a drawer and can't be bothered setting it up! Maybe if Nintendo don't release it on VC soon.... I do have some holiday coming up )



William said:

Man.. this talk from you guys make me want to DL (download) SM on my VC! Man... I can't hardly wait for it to come out! Although, Zelda II (NES) will be out tomorrow. YAHOO!!



SKTTR said:

this is the most atmospheric title on the SNES.
it's also the best action adventure in space.
everyone i know loved it, everyone can play it.
the thrills, the puzzles, the secret passages, the astounding endbosses.
after super metroid every other metroid was disappointing.
super metroid is simply super. it has not aged a day.



Shadow said:

^^Um... Yah... Nothing describes metroid like a little good poetry?^^

Actually, I have to say that in my oppinion, this game is tied for best in the series with Metoid Prime. But I really want this to be released soon, but I'm willing to bet that this will be released around the same time as MP3 or given as a preoder bonus



Ryu-mithril said:

Nourez is probably right but i hope wrong...i hope it comes before then...and this game to me is better than prime because of all of the different ways you can beat it



Spike said:

this game is probably one of the best game sup to date. of course.. its metroid...

i cant wait for it!



720isback said:

I'd say its 100 times better than Prime myself.

Recently borrowed it off a friend on the Snes and got half way and the save deleted.
So decided to wait for the VC version to finish it, but i might just lose my patience and play the Snes one again.

i'd hardly say every metroid after it was disappointing, Metroid fusion was very similar but linear and guided by a computer, metroid zero mission is brilliant too.

I want a new 2D metroid on the VC and/or DS



sashaboo said:

Super metroid for the SNES was the first metroid game i had ever played and i became very addicted to it and its amazing sense of exploration and atmosphere. I have completed it several time but not in a long time so i am looking forward to downloading this gem. However i do not rate it as a better game than MP or MP2 echoes simply because the boss fights were far to easy in super metroid especially the last boss i could beat it with my eyes shut. In MP and MP2 the boss fights were a real on the edge of your seat adrenaline pumped battle to the end but still retained all the elements that made super metroid a classic.



CraftierPantz said:

Awhile back I bought Super Metroid because the Metroid series is my favorite game series and also I had heard how amazing the game was. I got pretty far in it, I think, but then I stopped playing it for some reason. I have played all of the other Metroid games, except for the one for the original Gameboy. So far Metroid Prime is my absolute favorite game of the series, but also my favorite game of all time. I think the music in the game is phenomenal and I love the story in it.

I am dying for Nintendo to release this for the Virtual Console and I cannot wait to go through it and beat it.

The only thing I can remember from the game is the menu, and watching all of it, and thinking it was freaking sweet, like it was gonna be a freaking awesome game. Can't Wait!



720isback said:

I have this feeling that on 25th June, USA gamers will get super metroid, if not then it'll be a pretty good game (ie. Yoshi's island or something)

Then again i'll probably be disappointed.



720isback said:

I gave in and started playing the Snes version, I couldn't wait any longer! unless its out tomorrow i'm just gonna plough through the SNES version.



Xenesis said:

I have to say, that while SM is indeed the shining gemstone of the Metroid series, a lot of the truly cool bits are lost if you haven't finished the original Metroid first.



ouenben said:

What makes you say that?

I've completed Zero mission so thats kinda like i've finished the original.

I guess you're referring to:

Old and New tourian, Mother brains old tank, the baby metroid from Metroid 2, re-appearing bosses, same area where you get morph ball at the start etc?

I attempted to finish this on my dads Xbox emulators but he sold it when I was half way through, then borrowed my friends SNES version and got half way through and the save deleted.
Finally last weekend I completed it for the first time, 7:12 hours, 84% which isn't too bad.

Main thing though is that I enjoyed the whole thing, except madridia but I have a deep hatred for Water in videogames, I don't think there any exceptions either! Maybe ecco, but i only like mucking about on it.

Anyway it was a very good game, I will purchase it when it comes out on the VC and complete it again, I love beating up mother brain now and again! =]

Now I look forward to a NEW 2D metroid, bigger and better than Super metroid.



William said:

Well... still no release on SM for the Wii... although, I've downloaded SMB2, and it's good. I'm not sure about downloading SF (Street Fighter) II: Turbo; although, it has rated 5 stars. Think it's worth the DL? Btw, I rate SM 5 stars! It's a believer! Ha ha.



eric said:

ive never played super metroid, but i have played fusion and zero mission for the gba, and i loved them!!! Metroid prime was ok, but i love the 2-d metroid much more than the 3-d. i wish they would make a new one for the ds. but im totally getting this for the vc when it comes out.



Robert said:

It'll be worth the wait, the greatest installment of the series.
Metroid 1 and Zero Mission are at it's tail.
In my opinion the greatest game ever made.



morphballer said:

This is a no brainer for me. My only regret was not buying it when it first came out on SNES.



HumanIce said:

@ mario/yoshi

umm.. I don't think you have even played this game before.. the last boss is the easiest boss of them all.. or.. almost.. if you could get passed the 2 golden enemies, you could easily beat the final boss..



chiefeagle02 said:

Hoo boy. I remember buying this game from Wal-Mart back in the day for only $15 (lucky, I guess). Metroid has been one of those franchises that gets better and better with each new installment. Super Metroid was the high water mark not only for the franchise, but for action/adventure games in general.

I've already beaten this game, so I don't think I'll be downloading it when it comes out August 20th. However, I will give it 5 Stars for the sake of nostalgia. I also recommend it to anyone looking for one of the best Action/Adventure titles anywhere across any generation of gaming platforms.



SKTTR said:




sco0504 said:

i want this cant wait better come soon after or before the american release

__Paul Gasca


Paul Gasca said:

First things first, I'm not a Metroid nut. I borrowed this game in 1994 and beat it. In 1999 the urge to replay it came with much force. I borrowed and beat it again. In 2002 it happened again... Then a few months back. GET THIS GAME.



Leyroy said:

I just recently played this game and let me tell you, this is the best 2d metriod game. At least I thought it was pretty awesome.



I own this game in many forms, i got the jap version and the USA version ^^ and i'm gonna buy it again when it gets out ....

That's how GOOD this game is !!!!!
it's that Good.



Inimitable said:

Never had the chance to play it on a TV (I was a Genesis kid, unfortunately), so it'll be nice to not have to play it on a computer screen.

Beats out Prime as my favorite Metroid game, and is surely one of the best of the genre.



spacehybrid said:

Super Metroid is available for download on the virtual console on August 20, so everyone get your wii points ready!!!!!!!!!! i've never played this metroid but i can tell its gonna rock



TBoneTony said:

I have enjoyed playing Matroid Fusion on the GBA and can't wait till Super Metroid on the SNES for the VC.

I have never played the Metroid Prime series because of how I have dodgy aiming with the controlls but with the Wii-mote, I think this will improve my quick aiming.

So yeah, Metroid Corruption and Super Metroid are ones I will love to play soon on my Wii.



Robert said:

It's just the atmosphere in the game that is created by the surroundings and the soundtrack, hard to explain. It's a game that will create fond memories for the ones who didn't play it back then.
Metroid Prime 1 & 2 where great games, but it didn't beat the first and third Metroid.



Amber said:


You are aware that aiming in Prime 1 and 2 uses a lock on feature right? All you need to do is aim in the general vicinity of your target to lock onto it.

On Super Metroid, it is absolutely a contender for the best game ever made. I own the cart and have a perfectly functioning SNES compact model so I'll be skipping the VC release. For everyone who doesn't own this game, buy it.



GumbyX84 said:

I cannot wait till Monday. I have been wanting Super Metroid to come out for so long now and its only a day away. I should be trying to beat the original now, but I will just wait and rip open Super first.



LostHeaven said:

Best videogame ever made.

This had to be played on it's time, it was an experience like no other. The dark and futuristic visuals, the incredibly immersive music, the complexity of the maps, the bosses...

It's still a must download for the VC, just don't expect to feel the impact you would 13 years ago.



Rainbowlemon said:

Absolutely the greatest game I've ever played. It defined my childhood...what an incredible experience. Seriously, if you're actually sat here wondering whether or not to buy this game (god forbid), you should go back to primary school - nobody should be that foolish!

I simply cannot wait for this to come out on VC in England.

__Bob Emmerich


Bob Emmerich said:

Important question - how will/does this play with a GC controller as I don't have a classic controller yet?



Drake said:

If playing Metroid on Metroid Zero Mission on the Game Boy Player for GC is anything to go by - Horrible. Get a CC for this, honestly.

__Mortalis Deus


Mortalis Deus said:


Honestly maybe you should play the game before rating it? Not to sound harsh but whats the point otherwise?

Super Metroid is above and beyond anything the Metroid Zero Mission game had to offer. Give it a try.



Drake said:

I was responding to the person above me who was asking how it would play with a Classic Controller. Also, if you didn't notice, I'm the reviewer for Super Metroid.

__Mortalis Deus


Mortalis Deus said:

(Slow head turn) Waaahhh?

Thats what I get for posting when I'm not quite awake and cranky.

Now I see where my confusion is. The star by your name made me think that is what you you had given the game.

My apologies. (Removes foot from mouth)

Sorry Drake



Andy said:

Amazing game! It brings back so many memories as a kid playing it and now.. I get to play it all over again lol *clicks heels* xD



deggs said:

i only ever really got to know the first three metroid games. i liked them all to a certain degree but the first one will always be my fav... this one looks better and the music is amazing and it is extremely fun but there's just something about how amazing the first one was when compared to any other video game released before it... it was a true landmark game...

this one improves on the first one in a lot of ways. it is a little easier because of the new map feature but there still are a lot of frustrating areas. i think it's probably the best entry point into the series for anyone who is new to the 8-bit and 16-bit generation games...

though it is fun, metroid 2 is probably (by far) the worst of the series as it lacked a lot fo the creative puzzle solving of the first one and this one. also, some the items in metroid 2 are just simply annoying (the spider ball for examble).

my advice, get this game. if you like it, get the original metroid. and forget metroid 2 ever existed. i'm actually getting into zero mission right now and i'm loving it. it seems to be a good combination of all of the things i loved about this game and the original metroid...



peda said:

i missed playing this game in the past, but after all i heard of it this must be amazing! i will definitely dowload it for vc!



LostHeaven said:

It's out now, just go get it. Probably the best week of the VC's life xD

I promissed myself to only download it after I beat Metroid I (also purchased it for the VC), and I will do so. What better motivation to finish a game?



Aldonn said:

I'm scared about this game. I played Metroid Fusion, and thought it was okay, but I never beat it. I'm really bad when it comes to beating games, maybe I'm just really bad at games. Side scrollers particularly. I got the original Metroid, and haven't beat it yet...or even come close. I'm scared to get Super Metroid, because I'm afraid it'll be the same thing. I'm so bad at Side scrollers, I wish Nintendo would release some games in different genres...



andsoitgoes said:

Good heavens, I love this game. I remember it fondly when I was a teenager, and I loved it when I snagged it from a friend and I don't think I ever returned it (Sorry Kyle!!) - it has forever been my favorite game, and I've played through countless times.

The first time I replayed it after say 6 years it took me 8 hours, because of the love of everything, the weapons, the special moves, all the secrets and man - that music. It's a combination of meloncholy and uttery amazing beauty.

This has such depth, such story, but without anything ever being said. Those silent moments running from corridor to corridor, it's impossible to relate just how awesome that is.

For anyone who liked Fusion - Bleh to you. That game turned Samus into an idiot. This game, THIS game is Samus in her finest since Metroid Prime. Get it, if you don't like it - at least you know you own one of the best games ever!!



Poopface said:

To the poster not far above...are you kidding me? Metroid 2 was amazing! I'm not sure how many more puzzle elements were in either the first game or Super Metroid than this one, it was structurally a different game for sure, and I never thought the spider ball was all that annoying. If Metroid 2 did one thing flawlessly, it was how they set the ambience and the mood/tone, using creepy audio effects instead of music to fill in the cave areas, if you were ballsy enough to explore them. Metroid 2 in my opinion is vastly underrated, and the original Metroid is vastly overrated, as I think (despite being fun) the two GBA ones are as well. I find spinesharking in those games more annoying than virtually anything in any other Metroid game.

Super Metroid, however, is purely awesome.



Mob69 said:

Jonno (USA) - 23 Apr 2007, 17:26 GMT

Hmm... According to my source this or SMRPG will be coming out in May... "Popular SNES Game: 65% of People Will Buy This."

Ok, 4 months late. Not bad

Btw, gonna get this one as soon as I get home. Been waiting for this release since I got my Wii (February), Super Metroid is the awesomeness in its most pure, thrilling and addicting form. Going to try to finish it in less than 2 hours again



chadnorred said:

I agree with the majority of the posts here- SM is the all-time greatest Metroid game ever made. I still own it on my SNES, but will download anyway for sake of convenience.

I wonder when SMB3 (all-time greatest Mario game ever made) will be released-perhaps a week before Galaxy? That seems to be the trend with the franchise games on the Virtual Console so far: release the retro games before or around the same time as the next gen version to raise the hype. Pretty clever if you ask me, my VC library is proof of that!



Nathan said:

Hey, what else can be said about Super Metroid? Definitely one of the best games ever... 5 stars.

Oh yeah, and they (Nintendo) should go back and make another 2D Metroid for the Wii, using only the classic controller of course.



420chaos said:

somnos: how'd you manage to get your foot in your mouth while having your head up your *&%$ at the same time? thats some feat of contortion.

trolling aside, i already gave my opinion of this game months ago.^^^ i just wanted a chance to rate it as well. just enough time to grab a quick 100% completion on VC before prime 3 next week.



chadnorred said:

Here's another vote for a 2D Metroid for Wii!! I love the Primes, but think about how amazing a new Metroid platformer could be with the Wii's capabilities. Maybe throw in the whole 2D/3D dimensional swapping from Super Paper Mario...? It could be really cool.



michinmuri said:

Some consider this the best game ever. It's hard to disagree. Look at all the rave reviews above. This game shines even in it's age. A must have for the VC. If you don't have it, get it NOW!!!

__Mortalis Deus


Mortalis Deus said:

@420chaos: I've always considered myself flexible.

Normally I am an almost sane level headed person. This is finals week, however, and that seems to bring out the worse in me.

I sincerely do feel bad about it.



sco0504 said:

please come out on friday just got my wii back onlune just to play this game please nintendo for the british please please



Ian_Daemon said:

This is just a fun game to play. Lost or going the wrong way... it doesn't really matter. The game mechanics are just so... I don't know. The world is just easy and fun to navigate.



Shortay said:

Please let this come out tonight I've got 1200 Wii Points burning a hole on my console and I'm dying to spend them. I can't face waiting another week or 2 at least.



tank2tank said:

You lucky Americans... you get super metroid and metroid prime 3 in a few days and we have to wait until october... Please let this come out next friday PLEEEEASSSSE!



CastlevaniaTest said:

I've been playing with the GameCube controller, and as long as you make the A button Jump and the B button Fire, it isn't that bad.

I bought this game exactly 1 minute after it was released, basing my opinion only on Drake's review (I've never played the game before). Now it's probably the most-played VC game I have (second to Kirby's Adventure).

There are a few problems, like the fact that wall-jumping can be a pain with the GC controller, and that some rooms are just plain annoying (like rooms with spikes that bounce you all around), but these are nothing in comparison to the general length and fun factor of the game. I've been playing for about 8 hours so far and I've barely been bored once.

If you're interested in the platformer-shooter genre and have never played it before, buy it. It's one of the best VC games out there. If you're not into exploring, though, you might want to give it a pass, or at least print out a map.



Quiggy said:

I had never played this game before until I downloaded it last Monday, and I just finished it this Sunday. Simply put, this is the greatest Metroid game ever as well as the greatest SNES game ever. That's saying a lot, seeing as how much I love games like Metroid Prime or Link to the Past. Download it now.



El_Vampe said:

Ah, yes. This is a gem in every way: gameplay, visually and sound!
Who can forget the classic Deep Norfair theme music? The area in which you find the golden chozo statue boss and Ridley. It's the best in the game!



jg233 said:

No 10 out of five! But seriously this is a little over hyped. Not the best game ever but still good.



Boo! said:

Why can't Australia have this yet??? Plese hurry!!

GC Controller suitable?



SamuraiSonic said:

If this is out by Christmas, then I'll be CHUFFED cuz I'll get it with Corruption (and many other games) for Christmas. I've never played it before, but all metroid games (apart from 1 and 2, I can't get into them =() ROCK ASS, so 5 stars to this!



Peksu said:

The month of Metroid is gonna be probably nice and all(I assume we're gonna have one), but it's annoying to have VC releases bound to actual release dates. And we all know how fast games get to Europe.
Oh, and this really deserves the 5-star rating. The best 2-D Metroid game in the series.



Manaman said:

A decent enough game, though I do prefer some of the other Metroid games over this.



Belle said:

I first played Super Metroid when it first came out on the SNES. I really hope this gem of a game will come out on the Wii Virtual Console. The game is so much better then Metroid Prime. I am currently replaying Metroid Fusion as that game kinda remind's me of Super Metroid but maybe that's just me. One question though, when is Super Metroid coming out in England?



Gameguardian said:

Yeah, we need it to boost our Metroid flames before Metroid Prime 3 is released 26th of October! I love Super Metroid, it is an undying classic, for all time!



Delay said:

It should come soon, considering that Prime 3 will be out in this month. I wonder if the Promo Metroid chanel will arrive as well...



neuzd said:

The saga is NOT complete.
Metroid 2 is still too obscure to anyone.

But you won't hear me crying for it here, as I don't think (and find almost stupid) that there will ever be a GB emulator.

If you really miss my metroidy whining, no problem: who the hell has decided to deny the existece of Metroid Dread????



wait.. does that mean it hasn't any english subtitles?



David said:

Where's 480p? I only get 575i and it looks crappy on my tv. Looks worst than on the Snes...



deerslayer said:

yes yes yes yes and i found axelay to in the shopping channel which was the best surprise since vc opened



Jetstargamer said:

correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't Axelay come out in Australia today?

So that would make Deerslayer Australian...or with an Australian Wii



deerslayer said:

Axelay was apparently a Australia only release(sofar) and I'm Swedish but I study in Australia hence an aussie wii



Ben said:

Great game. have to say this is the most fun exploration game I've played of the 16 bit generation. and for those who are a fan of this (and Castlevania) you should check out Castlevania: Symphony of the night. It's super metroid in the castlevania universe where you get different armors/weapons.



Yatesy said:

"Belle (England) - 24 Sep 2007, 19:35 GMT

I am currently replaying Metroid Fusion as that game kinda remind's me of Super Metroid but maybe that's just me."

Yes Belle, you are the only one to have noticed that Metroid Fusion shares several key characteristics with its SNES counterpart. [/sarcasm]



Robert said:

Completed it already haha, in 4 hours, i was never this good back in the day *grin*



tank2tank said:

This really is such a brilliant game- I don't really know how it manages to be so good, but it just is. Trust me. This is the best Metroid game (though Prime 1 and Prime 3 come close) and I'd even go as far as to say its the best SNES game ever, and the best Nintendo game released before Super Mario 64!

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

Getting this game, like I did, is a really great idea, but I wouldn't be sorry because I didn't. But this game still deserves 5 stars.



WWammy said:

I've played all the Metroid titles and since I don't like first person shooters this for me easily ranks as the best Metroid game and I was lucky to have played this version of the game first. Fusion and Zero on the GBA are alright but this one seems to have the quality of when Nintendo was releasing this game as their main game in their line up. This game was mega when it came out 70 quid plus the players guide. Now that the Prime trilogy is coming to an end I wonder if they will release a new 2d version for the Wii at some point . But I hope it isn't like the DS update New Super Mario Bros as the game just seemed way too easy and more like a side game in their lineup although a major release on the DS it just had something missing compared to other 2d Mario titles



aether said:

this is by far the greatest game ever created, ever.

I have my fondest memories playing this game.

Spectacular, utterly amazing.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I've never played a Metroid game, and I just downloaded this based on the excellent reviews. They're right. This is one of the greatest SNES games I've ever played. Very, very well-paced exploration game with some fun (and some frustrating) platforming and interesting puzzles. You'll keep returning to old areas of the map to find that one little thing you couldn't get to before.



-Regii said:

Legendary, just legendary. Everything fits PERFECTLY, the sound, the atmosphere, the gameplay, nothing feels or plays faulty. And it is addicting until the end, just great.
I love this game =D



ttfp said:

I'm torn between spending my precious points on this or Paper Mario.



Mad_Bomber said:

Ok. This is an amazing game, blah blah blah...

I think I've played far too many of the GBA Metroids to fully appreciate the awesomeness of this game. It is most certainly a 5 star game but I can't help but feel like I've done all this before.

I'm sure that's how most of you feel about the GBA games.

I just wish I had played this when it originally came out on the SNES.

Classic game. Beautiful graphics. Perfect sound and moody music.
I don't have a bad thing to say about it, but I think I liked Fusion and Zero Mission better. <Shrug>



Keith said:

Probably one of the best games of all time. Whenever I pick up a controller to play this game, I can't put it down until I beat it.



Inquisitor said:

Another game that I neverd played when it was out on the SNES back in the day. Glad its out on the VC. Classic.



Cally said:

DO NOT MISS SUPER METROID. This is my favorite SNES game, and probably my favorite VC title of the sixty or so I've downloaded.

I don't know how to give this game the praise it deserves: Level design, atmosphere, art design, music, boss fights, power-up placements . . . this game doesn't miss a beat, ever; it starts and ends with a bang, with every piece so perfectly-crafted that 2-D gaming. It's two predecessors laid some basic groundwork for this type of interconnected level-design, but the ambition level is through the roof here--I dare say the presentation is the tightest and most atmospheric ever developed by Nintendo (though in my opinion Super Mario Galaxy comes closest . . . and no, I'm not forgetting ANY of the Zelda titles), and coupled with said company's talent for setting the bar for fantastic game design, and we have something absolutely extraordinary. This is as close to perfect as electronic gaming gets. This is NOT to be ignored by anyone who plays games, period. 5/5

Eh, should I rank the Metroids? I actually sat down and decided to rank my top 20 games or so (out of between three or four hundred I've played). Metroid Prime was number 3, and this was number six. I actually feel that MP had absolutely the greatest level design in a 3-D game to this day, and even edges out Super Metroid in this area (though it falters in music). Regardless, I feel that MP and Super Metroid both are head and shoulders above all the other games in the series to the point that I don't care too much about comparing the rest, but here goes anyway:

1. Metroid Prime
2. Super Metroid
3. Metroid (1)
4. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
5. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
6. Metroid Fusion
7. Metroid 2: Return of Samus



The_shoemaker said:

I was playing it again today for 3 hours straight, and you know how much farther I got? Nowhere I'm in the same place as i was before. But I found 3 missile, 1 super missile, and 1 super bomb expansion. And I found the spazor beam thing. And I've found some new rooms, found new places to restore health. My map is looking less blue, but Nowhere closer to beating the game. I just noticed today about how good the graphics are. have you ever looked at samus and all of her details, the way she jumps, all of the movements in the air. The way she holds her gun with her other hand. same with the enemies. Such a hard game. 5/5



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

Super Metroid is without a doubt a must-own game for any action-adventure fans. As far as the SNES games go, its one of the best side-scrollers. The big thing about SM that was so wonderful is the feeling of exploration. Along with pretty much any Metroid game in the series, there are always new weapons you need to progress, which ivolves some backtracking, but just enough to keep it from being a chore.

Overall, this game definitly gets my 5 star rating. With great graphics, sounds, and gameplay there really is no big flaws in this game. Download it...play it...enjoy it.



Deadeyerobbie said:

I had never played this before, but i had heard so many great things about it i had to download it. Brillant. This game is huge and first time round if you are like me and have to collect all the power ups, you will spend 20+ hours. All time well spend. This is right up there as one of the best run & gun side scrollers. (almost as good as Turrican 2 on the amiga).



Master_Chief53 said:

First of all, yay, there is someone else in here in belgium.

Second, this is the best 2D metroid ever. If you dont have this game now, the nget it! You wont regret it.



Nigel said:

I started out with Metroid Prime, then played the two GBA Metroids, which are very similar to this one. This one is the best. I have yet to try Corruption (but I'm looking forward to it).



Capt_K said:

I love this game! Everything about it is 5 stars, playability, sounds, graphics...

Love the ending too, a must have



Marvel_Maniac said:

As fantastic as Corruption is (and it is a really sweet game) this is and I believe, always will be the high-point of the series. This is sort of the reason why I love the mythology and character so much. I played and finished Metroid II like a million times before this came out and it, but when it did, it was like eating pizza for the first time- truely sublime!



hand2097 said:

Fans of this should give Metroid II (for the game boy) a serious try. It's pretty awesome, too.



Drizzt said:

I liked this game a lot on the SNES, but how does it feel to play on the Gamecube controller?



Duff_Man said:

Best Metroid ever? YES.
Only Metroid Prime is as "magic" as this one...

My recommendation for SNES games is to use Classic Controller. The GameCube controller is only useful playing N64 games...



JGMR said:

"Fans of this should give Metroid II (for the game boy) a serious try. It's pretty awesome, too."

True, very very under-rated game, Metroid II.

Super Metroid 10/10 (My fav game ever)
Metroid 9.2/10
Metroid II 9.5/10
Metroid Prime 8.0/10
Metroid Prime 2 8.7/10



motang said:

One of my all time favorite games on the SENS so naturally it was a must buy for me.



Pwnage said:

this is undeniably polished, my only complaint is that it doesent offer that much of a challenge, a few of the bosses were decently hard, but i am a pumped-up gamer my X button needs to pushed to the linits, i am a big fan of gradius that way, this awesome too though!!



redskinsfan1997 said:

this is the best metroid game behind mp3. super metroid has great graphics and sound. how many pieces of music are in later metroid games came from super metroid? i know it is a lot. 5 stars and no question a must have for vc.



Markusthe3rd said:

Has there ever been a better example of 2D game design than this? The game was dripping in so much atmosphere.



Bass_X0 said:

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? But of course, without Super Metroid then that Castlevania game wouldn't exist. I do prefer SotN to Super Metroid though.



Stu said:

I've never played this up until now, but based on the high level of acclaim it gets I think it's time I gave it a shot.



Worenx said:

Gotta love the blonde in the Power Suit. She's just so badass it's not even funny. This was the first Metroid game I've ever played, and although I sucked at it, I couldn't put it down. It was a MUST for me, especially now that I don't have to bug my friend to lend it to me anymore. xD



Hilanderous said:

The only Metroid games I've played have been Metroid Zero Mission and the original. I found them to be..."meh". They don't hold my attention for more then a couple hours then when I go back, I'm completely lost. I hear Super Metroid is one of the greatest games ever. Is Super Metroid WAY better then the other Metroid games? Given my past experiences, do you guys think I would like it?



Golgo said:

Just downloaded and starting to get into it. This game is stunning. Not sure if I prefer it to my series fave Metroid Fusion, but it certainly puts Metroid Prime Corruption to shame (my copy has now been launched back at the shop).



megacody said:

This is a good game. Like Marcel said, every sprite is greatly detailed. The gameplay is wonderful and makes up for some of the more duller parts. If your into games like Castlevania, this game is worth the 800 points.



WoRMaSTeR said:

This game is legendary, there is simply nothing that could have been done better. Nintendo pulled out all the stops in this one. Propably the best game ever made, but not the greatest experience since it is a tad short.



Dazza said:

@2hip2beskware - I would strongly advise getting yourself a Classic Controller for this. The button mapping and tiny D-pad do not make the Gamecube controller a great choice for this game.



Dokenzz said:

Actually there were 3 Metroid games released in the '80s and '90s,
the original Metroid for NES, Super Metroid of the Super Nintendo and then Metroid 2: Return of Samus on the Gameboy, which was released in probably '91 to '93.



Dokenzz said:

Actually there were 3 Metroid games released in the '80s and '90s,
the original Metroid for NES, Super Metroid of the Super Nintendo and then Metroid 2: Return of Samus on the Gameboy, which was released in probably '91 to '93.



lockelocke said:

Missed this one the first time around, but being a huge fan of Prime I gave it a shot. Easily in my top 3 SNES games, spend money now! If you've played Prime, but no classic Metroids, pick this up; its really interesting to see how nearly every detail of Super Metroid was translated into Prime.



Ricardo91 said:

@Lockelocke. Your right. Even Prime's story was practically lifted from SM's

Of all the games I was anticipating from the Virtual Console, Super Metroid took the top spot. Didn't play it when it first came out, but I loved Metroid Fusion, which was heavily inspired by this game for sure. so I had a good idea of what to expect. As soon as I got the money for it, I spent 800 points on this game without hesitation.

This game is simply amazing. Easily the best of the original metroid trilogy. It adds 2 things the series desperately needed (8-directional shooting and a frickin' map), and laid the blue print for every Metroid game to come. The graphics have aged a tad, but the music rocks and the boss fights are just awesome. who can forget that final fight w/ Mother Brain? Certainly no normal person.

I haven't played it much since I beat it, but it's still one of my favorite VC games. Anybody who has the faintest interest in classic gaming (or a Nintendo fan) should get off their computer/web browser and download this. NOW. 5/5

NOTE: I actually wrote this comment (or one similar to it.) weeks ago on my wii browser, but stupid me hit the home button by mistake and lost it. So I procrastinated on re-writing it. Whose bright idea was it to put the darn home button in the right corner of the tool bar?



Gloves said:

Did you see the pointer on the wii menu! They must have dropped the remote or something!



Modern_Legend said:

Do you guys think that this cheaper vc super metroid is better than the soon to be out wiiware megaman 9?



Epyo said:

uh well we haven't played it so how would we know? besides, they fill different video gaming roles. this game is an adventure game. mega man 9 is an arcade style challenge game.

anyway, as for Super Metroid, it's excellent while it lasts, but it probably shouldn't be the first game you buy for vc, because you'll only want to re-play it once every sixth months or longer--and never touch it once in between.



Modern_Legend said:

K thx and YO does anyone think that perhaps nintendo should make a wii shop trade in area where you trade in wiiware and vc games if you get bored of them back and redeem half the points you spent on them in return? just an idea i think wud be smart here



AlexSays said:

@ DaDun- I don't think it's a good idea..
But Nintendo would never allow it anyway.



SRPirate said:

this game is probably one of the best games on super nintendo, its freakin awesome



Beau_Skunk said:

My first Metroid game, and still my favorite in the series. Such a vast world to explore, and so many great items.
If you've never played a Metroid game before, get this NOW! It might be a better game to introduce you to the series then the original NES title. (Especially sence you can shoot diagnolly, and while ducking in this game unlike the NES game.)



puresthatred said:

A classic game. Atmospheric like no other 16 bit era game I can think of, a work of art start to finish only missing one thing from later games, an indicator of where to go next. Otherwise, practically flawless. Must have SNES Virtual Console games: Zelda Link To The Past, Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart...even if youve played it on an emulator with auto saves etc, get this and play it as it was meant to be played...5/5



Iggy said:

Yesss finally downloaded it i dunno why i waited so
long:P ive played a few Metroid games and i havent
played the best one and at my 19 VC purchase
i should of gotten this great game months ago:P



FJOJR said:

This is the one Metroid game that eluded me over the years but I finally got it and like every Metroid game I've played (yes even Prime Pinball which is great as well) I loved it. It is a masterpiece.



It's Super Metroid. Super Metroid. If you're reading this post and you haven't played it before, go do that. Shut down your computer, tell your boss you've contracted the T-Virus, light your schedule on fire, buy it off the Wii Shop, shut off your cellphone, disconnect your modem, and go play this **** game!



ZBomber said:

Besides the end boss being kind of a let down in difficulty, this is my favorite Metroid game and the first game I completed on VC. 5/5



Marvel_Maniac said:

Hey, if Mother Brain is too easy for you, try finishing her with less energy tanks, or less missles. Have you collected 100% of the items? Have you achieved the fastest time? Lots of reasons to replay it (or turn the difficulty up).

Does anyone think there is any chance of Game Boy Games coming to the VC? Has Nintendo ever issued a statement to the effect that they WON'T but up GB games, EVER? I mean, imagine $3 in order to download Metroid II? I think its just a shame that more people cannot play/finish that game due to hardware restrictions.



laconfir said:

played after the prime series and the GBA releases.
I was really hoping for this title to be re-released, since i've lost it during the snes era.
It's REALLY a great title that everyone who claims to love video games should play, i don't put it first on my personal metroid chart only because i first played MP, and the first love is never forgotten lol



Ptolemy said:

Chozo statue comes to life and attacks you! Best mind f*%$ in a game! Ever. Period.



soniczelda_dude said:

This game sounds awesome, especially after i played the Brawl demo. But is it more of a platformer or a shooter? Regardless, I plan to download Super Metroid as soon as I can.



blankshore said:

This is a great game, but it's so huge that if you get lost it can be a loooooooong time before you find your way again. I've never beaten it actually. I got lost. Have no idea where to go.



Divock said:

This game is the pure substance of greatness. I love it. It's just fun! I...don't know what else to say! IT'S JUST FUN! I mean, yeah I could comment on the controls, the music, the graphics, the weapons, the story, the difficulty, the secrets, etc...but I don't want to spoil it! Trust me, and all these people...Super Metroid, is worth the 800 points, it's not just worth it, IT NEEDS TO BE ON YOUR WII! BUY IT! It's just...kick...@$$! I'd say I can't wait to beat it, but I CAN WAIT! I can embrace this game as long as I want! AND I WILL!

But if you'll excuse me, it's time to blast some Space Pirates...heheheh



Gamer1030 said:

This is a game with so much to offer and so little to ask in return. Best game ever.

Super Metroid didn't simply fix the flaws of the original game and call it a day. It completely reimagined everything. Super Metroid took the original Metroid, broke it down, rebuilt it better, broke it down, and rebuilt it even better again



cheeseman said:

I played the Brawl demo and it is AWESOME!!! This is on my to-get-list. Along with Starfox 64. So many VC games so little cash.



Wesker said:

I've downloaded a lot of games from the VC that I've been disappointed with. But this isn't one of them! When you're playing this game (even now 2009) you realise that you're playing one of the best 2d adventures ever made.

If you're looking for a game that is actually worth your wii points, and despite the improvements in graphics and sound etc. that can still draw you in and give you a marvellous gaming experience then THIS IS IT!

A genuine 10 star games



pikmin95 said:

Well, that's your opinion. For me, Super Metroid is the one that boasted the most creepiness.



nice_shirt said:

VC = Must Buy
This game is why I love Nintendo. Metroid is the greatest franchise ever crafted with cool locations and characters and engaging game play and music.
I really envy those out there who have never played this masterpiece.



ovaLs said:

I played this as a demo on SSBB.
Next time i get some points, guess what i'm gonna get?
Clue: It's not a mario or zelda game!



ShawnAustin said:

Found a used copy of this at a flea market about a year ago. The best $20.00 I've ever spent on any game. So engrossing, great challenge and overall one of the best games ever made.

I've played the original NES version and Prime for Gamecube and this is hands down the ultimate Metroid game!



jc1305us said:

Wasn't a huge Metroid guy when I was a kid, but got this for the VC and it was very worth it. What a complete, engrossing, wonderful game. It has it all. A space RPG if you will. Wonderful.



FinalFantisiac said:

Wall-Jumping is frustratingly difficult. It took me half an hour to get up a wall to a secret entrance that leads to the second reserve tank in Norfair. DX



dsmaster said:

Super Metriod , not only the best metriod game, but the metriod game every other metriod game is compared to.



DarkMetroidJuice said:

If you think other m or fusion were good then this is twice as good as those combined! completely worth every penny of my money!



Ryno said:

The wife is out of town for a couple of nights so what better way to kill my free time then playing Super Metroid on my original SNES. Please do yourself a favor and download this game if you have not yet done so!



Scarhino89 said:

"The last Metroid is in captivity, the Galaxy is at peace". The beginning game.

Super Metroid is real masterpiece. I love it.



rockman_zero said:

only 5 good metroid games metroid metroid 2 retun of samus super metroid metroid zero mission and metroid fusion all metroid games after these 5 sucked horrible



visaman36 said:

Metroid (NES), Super Metroid (SNES), Metroid Prime (GC), and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GC) are all awesome games. Watching this series evolve has been a real pleasure. Of course, the latest installments (Other M, etc.) have been a little disappointing. I'm hoping there is another Metroid Prime game for the Wii U in the works. Personally, I would like to see a full blown 3-D remake of the original Metroid or Super Metroid. That would be a real treat.



RealPoketendoNL said:

apart from the SSB games, the only game with Samus I ever played was Metroid Prime Hunters for DS, but this one is just awesome! I love the fact that you actually have to use your brain. Just a little sad I couldn't figure out how to open the red doors without the manual xD . But still, this game is awesome!!! the mazes, the surprising enemies, everyone should know!!!



Varia01 said:

This is now on the Wii U eshop. I had a great reunion. Though, there's (I'm infuriated) no community on Miiverse even though it's out. The other virtual console games have communities and they're all out! The game is great as usual, but the lack of a Miiverse community is disappointing. >

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