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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Wolfman commented on Super Mario 64:

Man, I love this game... I remember playing it for hours on end as a kid.

My best friend and I played it to death. We actually figured out that you could exploit a couple of glitches to beat the game in about 20 minutes with only 16 stars, if you were good enough. I only ever managed to do it twice, though... I wonder if it's still possible on the VC, or if the glitches were fixed. If they were, i have to admit it'd be a shame.

The biggest parts of this kind of speed run were the bunny trick and the backwards long jump stairs. The bunny trick, you ask? Well, you remember that one bunny in the basement that gives you a star when you catch it? If you pick it up again, you can carry it around, and if you set it against a doorway just right, it will push Mario through doors he shouldn't technically be able to open yet.

And the backwards long jump stairs? Once you get to the 3rd floor, you can start a long jump in front of the stairs to the 4th floor, facing away from them, and then long jump backwards up the stairs and through the door. You can do the same thing up the 'never-ending' looping stairs to the Bowser in the Sky course. If you can do all this fast enough and in the right order, you can cheat the game.

Good times... How we loved abusing the mistakes of hapless programmers...



Wolfman commented on Super Mario World:

A true classic. My friends and I used to try to figure out speed runs on all of the single player games. We never did get the 'best ending' of Super Metroid... But I once beat this game in about ten minutes. Man, was I proud of myself.



Wolfman commented on The Legend of Kage:

If you're looking for some ninja action, skip Kage and go for Ninja Gaiden. Legend Of Kage is only really entertaining if you're completely and totally drunk out of your head.

Someone above named the game's never-ending style to be a highlight. It isn't. It's simply annoying, although I can't see how anyone could possibly play this long enough to really feel that. It works for Tetris; it does not work for this game. Without even an end to look forward to, either for some sense of accomplishment or just to make it stop, this game is very bleak indeed.

Another problem I have with this is purely conceptual: Your ninja is wearing what boils down to a badly colored dress with a painfully short skirt. Ninjas practice the art of invisibility. The only place Kage is going to be invisible is in a crowd of drag queens. Anywhere else, he's pretty much blown his cover in all senses of the word.



Wolfman commented on Lode Runner:

This game is really pretty useless when you have the far superior Battle Lode Runner on the TG-16/PCE. Spend 100 more points and you get better graphics and sound, not to mention the brilliant multiplayer of the TG-16 version.



Wolfman commented on Battle Lode Runner:

I must say that as a fan of the puzzle genre, I wasn't sure what this incarnation of Lode Runner could present differently.

The answer? 5 player battle. Genius.

If you like to piss off your friends, this is a great way to do so, even if they're a bit slow to pick it up at first.



Wolfman commented on Bomberman '93:

Dull in single-player-- Bomberman is basically the ultimate party game. Get 3 friends, slap controllers in their hands, and start blowing each other up. Even Halo's brilliant multiplayer pales in comparison to this retro-style blastfest.



Wolfman commented on F-Zero X:

@P.J. Gasca:

Well, you're entitled to your opinion. I had F-Zero GX for a while and ended up selling it (among many other things) in order to get the money to buy my Wii. GX was good, and the original F-Zero was good, but X was the only one in the series I've played which was really truly brilliant.

I enjoyed the campy story mode of GX, as well as the custom machine idea, but I have to say that F-Zero X gets my vote for best in series at this time. (I still want to buy back GX, by the way)



Wolfman commented on Yoshi's Story:

Oops, just saw Whoa and Bobidou's comments. Sorry guys, I promise I wasn't copying you.

I also must say that I just remembered that the subliminal "eat right so you can be healthy" undertones bugged me as a child. Go figure.



Wolfman commented on Yoshi's Story:

I'm surprised how many people loved this game. I seem to be the only one that disliked it.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't awful. However, it was ridiculously easy and short and... happy. I rented it and beat it the second day, without really exerting myself. Keep in mind that I was around 7 at the time, and I still felt like it was aimed at a younger audience. It was almost patronizing. I lost all sense of respect I had gained for Yoshi in the FAR SUPERIOR Yoshi's Island. Yoshi became so depressingly childish and has stayed that way since, even in the Smash Bros. series, much to my dismay.

This is largely a matter of opinion, so feel free to disagree with me, but in my humble opinion, the level design was subpar, the presentation was infantile, the difficulty needed to be ramped up significantly, it lacked the charm and genius of its predecessor, and it left me with an uncontrollable urge to club elephants to death with stop signs.

Perhaps I'll like it better this time around, if I can bear to drop 1000 precious Wii points on a title that so severely underwhelmed me. Yoshi's Island absolutely destroys this game in every way.



Wolfman commented on Paper Mario:

SCkkKatTTrrRrbrain: Or maybe Nintendo will throw Europe a bone for once and release them on the same day. I wish they'd hurry up and give us something we all want... Either Paper Mario or Super Metroid.

I love the Paper Mario series, but when this game first came out I was too young to really appreciate it, so I'm eagerly awaiting the point when I can get it on VC.

Also, let me tell you here that Super Paper Mario is more than a brilliant addition to the series. Despite being almost a totally separate genre, it captures the feel of the previous games quite well, and has one of the strongest stories any video game has had for some time. You come away from it cheering for the characters and missing the ones that are gone, which is very rare.

Since I wasn't old enough to get involved in the original, I hope it proves itself to be the same way. Maybe Nintendo will do something that I know they won't and release Paper Mario and Super Metroid on the same day. Kind of like praying for a Hail Mary pass, but we can dream, can't we?



Wolfman commented on Adventures of Lolo:

I absolutely love this game to death. But is it not going to come to the US? Is it a Europe-only release? Because if so, shame on Nintendo.



Wolfman commented on Super Metroid:

This game is truly a masterpiece. Easily the finest platformer of its type.

The original NES Metroid is a good game, but not only is it much weaker than this installment, it hasn't aged as well.

Super Metroid is the most atmospheric, intense experience I think any 2-D system saw. It is to video games what Alien was to movies back in the late 70's. It just totally changed the game world.

You may laugh at me for this, but I think that the 2-dimensional Metroid games (Super, Fusion, Zero Mission, etc.) are among the most frightening games possible without 3-D. Just think about Fusion: Whenever the SA-X is nearby, it just gets freaky.

If you have never played Super Metroid, be sure to buy this one when it comes out. It is well worth the Wii points; it may be the perfect game, really. The scope and scale of it are just incredible.