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Sun 27th January, 2008

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Nigel commented on Harvest Moon:

I got this the other day and started playing without any idea what was going on or how to do anything. I'm in my second autumn now and I've got piles of money and a baby coming, 10 chickens, and a pregnant cow (nine days left!). It's a great game! Now I want to get Rune Factory for the DS.



Nigel commented on Star Soldier R:

This is what WiiWare is all about as far as I'm concerned. I love classic 2-D gameplay with modern graphical overhauls. Castlevania and Mega Man for the PSP being great examples of this. I think 2-D games will never die, you can't replicate the experience in a 3-D world. They activate different centres of the brain.



Nigel commented on WiiWare focus - Steel Penny interview:

I don't understand what he means by "substantially easier than chess". In terms of difficulty, chess depends solely on your opponent's ability. There is no certain set difficulty level in chess. Unless he means that the game is easier to learn than it is to learn chess. But chess is pretty easy to learn. Oh well. Maybe he's never played chess.



Nigel commented on Super Metroid:

I started out with Metroid Prime, then played the two GBA Metroids, which are very similar to this one. This one is the best. I have yet to try Corruption (but I'm looking forward to it).



Nigel commented on Super Mario 64:

There's better mario games out there, and there's also worse.



Nigel commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

If you don't like this game there's something wrong with you. I've downloaded it, but I haven't started playing it yet -- I'm waiting for a large chunk of time that I can sit like a zombie in front of the TV and play the piss out of this thing from start to finish (like that's possible). This is the game everyone bought their N64's for! Non-gamers bought N64's for this thing!



Nigel commented on F-Zero X:

Yeah, I like this game, but I have GX and basically have no reason to play this one.



Nigel commented on Cybernator:

Okay I beat the first stage. The second stage is a bitch!



Nigel commented on Bonk 2: Bonk's Revenge:

Fun! I remember when the TG16 came out and I played a demo of this game at Radio Shack. I could only afford one (usually used) console with my paper route money, though, and Nintendo won every time! The VC blows my mind with all these old games I wanted to play but never had the chance.



Nigel commented on Beyond Oasis:

This is fun. I got it a few months ago and played through a few levels/areas and moved on to other games. I'd like to come back and finish this in a weekend or something, I enjoyed what I did play.



Nigel commented on Alien Soldier:

I beat Gunstar Heroes in no time and yet I can't defeat the first boss in this game!



Nigel commented on Final Fantasy CC: The Little King - Media Blowout:

Okay, Nintendo HAS to be releasing an external hard drive with the arrival of WiiWare, right? ......RIGHT?

Mine is full with just VC games, and I filled it in about four months. I keep N64 games on an SD card, and right away I'll be putting all the games I don't play so often on there as well.

But I suspect Nintendo will release a hard drive that looks just like the Wii and charge a hundred bucks for it. Every one of us would buy it, and N knows it! Anyway, whatever solution they come up with it'll cost us money. There's a reason they didn't give the Wii that much memory in the first place, after all!



Nigel commented on WiiWare focus - Interview with the director of...:

That last paragraph worries me -- "much research is coming out that indicates that downloadable games are underpriced". I imagine that as (at least in the case of the VC) it has become so unexpectedly successful the next logical step is to jack up the price!



Nigel commented on Soldier Blade:

I'm not a pro with these games by any means. But this one is fantastic. I can't remember what level I'm at because I'm playing like 5 shooters at the moment, but this is cool. Is the VC awesome or what?



Nigel commented on Ordyne:

This game is okay for what it is. It's got its own kinda rythym. Actually I feel like playing right now, just thinking about it! Maybe it's better than okay. But for a cutesy sorta game it's deceptively hard! That's okay, I like it! Hopefully you guys'll get it soon!



Nigel commented on Ninja Spirit:

I find this a little less fun that Shinobi. I haven't tried Ninja Gaiden.



Nigel commented on Mario Bros.:

I have not downloaded this, but the next time my sister visits I will get it immediately. If you have memories of this game from back in the day (way back), it never gets old.



Nigel commented on F-Zero:

This game was crazy when it first came out. And it remains fun today. I also give it 5 stars. (and the F stands for formula -- but you knew that)



Nigel commented on Dragon's Curse:

This is a great deal of fun but after a while I just started getting lost. I can't play the original Metroid either -- I just gotta have a map screen!



Nigel commented on Donkey Kong Country:

The music and the graphics make this game so great. The gameplay is top-notch but sometimes the control just feels kind of imprecise, maybe it's because of DK's size. But I mean, it's Donkey Kong Country, this is a classic.



Nigel commented on Cybernator:

I just downloaded this and haven't beat the first stage yet, but it's a pretty neat game once you get the hang of it.



Nigel commented on Bio-Hazard Battle:

Yeah, I got this cause it looks so cool, but the gameplay turns out to be missing something. I still enjoy running through it every once in a while because some of the stages remind me a little of Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind.



Nigel commented on Axelay:

I'm still stuck at the last stage but this game is alot of fun and looks really cool, and it plays a little differently than all the others. It's a very solid game.



Nigel commented on Air Zonk:

Fun! Easy at the start, hard at the end!



Nigel commented on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja:

I don't have much experience with arcade-style games but I found this one to be pretty fun. I like the music and the general look of the game. I haven't made it very far though, someday I'll start again and just try and plough my way through it. Getting yourself positioned just right for a hit in these kind of games is always kind of tricky.



Nigel commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

This is fun. I gave it four stars to be generous. To be honest, I never really got into Sonic. I just didn't get it. I downloaded it to give it another shot and I like it now, but I still suck at it. It's hard!



Nigel commented on Super Castlevania IV:

I love Castlevania in all its incarnations, and although I give the edge to the metroidvanias such as SOTN and all the fantastic GBA and DS games, THIS GAME IS COOOOOOL. Lots of fun. Addicting. Another classic for a classic system!

5 stars for sure!



Nigel commented on Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy:

This is a cool game. I've only played it solo, but I'm assuming it's a blast with someone to play with. There aren't enough 2-player-simultaneous games out there on the VC.




Nigel commented on StarTropics:

This game's alright. I gave it 4 stars, it could have used some atmosphere, and it started getting boring after awhile. Maybe I've just played too much Zelda.



Nigel commented on Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master:

I haven't made it to the falling rocks, I've gotten as far as stage 5. This is my first ninja game -- I've never played Ninja Gaiden. I like this one alot so maybe I'll try Ninja Gaiden sometime. I'm a little afraid of it's high difficulty though.

Fun! 5 stars for sure.



Nigel commented on Blazing Lazers:

This was my first ever shooter when I downloaded it a few months ago. I used to think shooters were too hard, and now I can't stop playing them! Blazing Lazers is still one of the best, even though I can sweep through the first three levels without taking a hit. The music is great and the power-up system is fun. Once you loose your power-ups at the giant statue heads you're screwed, though.

I'm at level 7 (when I can get past those damned heads), so I've still got a little ways to go yet.

5 stars!



Nigel commented on Super Mario World:

Super Mario World is the highest peak that silly plumber's ever reached. It's the greatest Mario game ever, on the greatest console ever.

One hundred stars!!



Nigel commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

I got this game for Christmas (back in 1990), and I do believe it remains one of the greatest Christmas gifts I've ever received. All the kids were in high anticipation for this one after seeing The Wizard, and my sister and I used to quote that kid: "California, California!"

This game is classic. But please, no P wing! Play the level!



Nigel commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

This game is excellent. I don't care if it's wierd or different. It's the bees knees!



Nigel commented on Kid Icarus:

Yeah, I haven't even made it past the first level. I have to give it three stars. I suppose if I was twelve years old and only had Kid Icarus to play I'd give it the time it needs to get good at, but after dying six times I just play something else!



Nigel commented on Gradius III:

I've just started getting into shooters, and I've downloaded 8 of them, and yes, there's some slowdown on this one, but who cares? The level designs are great and it's as much fun as a game can get! I'm a little surprised by this rating, usually I agree with the reviews. Not this time! 5 stars.